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  1. mbfan

    Movies stop playing when casting

    I am running MB server 3.0.5424.1 on a Gateway DX4840 and am running media browser 1.1.3 on my IPAD 2. The app connects to the server just fine. The problem is when I cast the movie to my TV utilizing Chromecast. It started fine, but within 20 minutes or so, the movie just stopped and returned to the start screen. I returned to the point where it left off and started playing again, but shortly thereafter, it happened (and continued to happen) again. It didn't seem to correspond to the IPAD sleeping, but if I kept toggling the "clients" menu on and off, it seems to keep it from stopping. Any ideas?
  2. Hello This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong area Media Server Version 3.0.5395.0 Chrome - Chrome 37.0.2062.124 3.0.5395.0 I'm very new to Media Browser although I have used Plex. I do prefer MB however I have a problem in that I cannot for the life of me get Media Browser web player to cast via Chrome cast. Never been an issue casting anything from my PC (windows 7) in the past I can cast from apps on my IOS devices ( Ipad , Iphone) but my PC will not have it ! I've tried reducing the quality of the cast etc etc ... no idea what I'm doing wrong!
  3. BrettM

    Chromecast not streaming

    Hi All, I have purchased the chromecast dongle and have set it up correctly. the media centre is downstairs and i have the chromecast dongle in the TV upstairs on the TV screen upstairs it say's choose media from mediabrowser to play here" But when I choose the movie to stream it just has a blue circle continually spinning. Do I need to set up anything on the server or what do I need to do to get this working correctly?? I'm using a android tablet and from the Mediabrowser app for android. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. I can cast mp4 from my PC to the TV. However, mkv does not. Is it possible to cast mkv? Thanks.
  5. First, I would like to say hi to everyone. I'm currently an old plex user and I'm proud to move to MB3. Don't get me wrong Plex is a nice software but so many feature are lock and it's getting worst with their upcoming price increase policy. I was really surprise to see many feature from MB3 that you had to be a premium feature with Plex. I prefer and I will support MB3 After playing with MB3 over the weekend I also had the chance to try the Android client and I only have one question. I noticed that the quality setting for Chromecast is limited to 6Mbps ? I know chromecast can do more than that and I was wondering if in the upcoming new android client the profile will have higher bitrate ? The reason why i'm asking is because when I cast high bitrate movie with fast scene, 6Mbps is not enough so the image is very pixelated even if my LAN/WIFI profile is up to 21Mbps. I didn't have that with plex and chromecast (only good thing lol) and i'm sure you guys are either working, aware of it or any tips ? Thank you
  6. Daimon

    Chromecast 2.0 issues

    I have tested Chromecast 2.0 for a while now and it works great as long as the video is transcoded. If i choose higher bitrate then the video is I can see in the logs that it uses streamcopy for the video and transcode the audio. When the video is streamcopyed playback almost always stops after 1-2 minutes. Sometimes it will play longer but I have never managed to play a video that is streamcopyed all the way through without stopping. When it stops the only way to start it again is rewind or fast forward. Clicking pause and play again does nothing. If I rewind it will sometime stop again at the same place but other times it will play a few more minutes and then stop again. When i fast forward it will also play a few minutes and then stop. I have no issues playing transcoded files at 10mbit/s on the chromecast but playing a 5mbit/s file that is streamcopyed will stop every time. I have also played files with as low as 3mbit bitrate that also stops. Streamcopy: stops at 1:17, tried rewinding stops again at 1:16. fast forward, stops again at around 5:40 transcode-4adcad53-1091-46e7-b8f3-ebf0a2cbf8fb.txt Transcoded: plays with no issues transcode-482fdc14-df02-4f20-b375-a5a3cdeab02b.txt Transcoded live TV HD channel 10mbit/s plays with no issues transcode-56eb2f3f-2a48-4013-8d73-61e2602c02ca.txt Server log server-63547710391.zip While testing this I also discovered that if I click stop when streaming to the chromecast it will not save a resume point. Any idea what the issue is?
  7. Just thought I would let everyone know if you haven't jumped on this software yet its going for $69 right now for PlayOn and PlayLater lifetime license and you get a free Chromecast. You can also pay an additional $15 for the HD upgrade for both products. Pretty hard to beat that when they are throwing in a Chromecast. Thanks for the PlayOn Plugin for Media Browser! @snazzy2000 http://www.playon.tv/store/buy/
  8. TheShanMan

    Casting stopped working

    I wiped my Galaxy S4 and installed android 4.4.2 (rooted phone), and then I restored MediaBrowser from backup using Titanium Backup. I've since tried chromecasting without success. It may have been a problem before upgrading my phone though - it's been a while since I've tried chromecasting. What happens is I can connect to the chromecast just fine. When I play something though, it just plays on my phone. But what's interesting is after connecting if I change screens on my phone (move to a different tv show, different episode, etc), the play options disappear (no play button, no shuffle button). If I disconnect and change screens, I get the play options back. Youtube casts just fine. Any idea what the problem is?
  9. jxd132

    Chromecast over WAN

    Hi everyone, I'm setting up MB to be accessible over the WAN, and it works well for everything except Chromecast. Everything functions on the LAN, both from Android clients and casting to Chromecast. In MB Server, I use UPnP to open the ports, and the router shows 8096 and 8945 forwarded properly. The Android client connects and plays video from remote locations, so this seems to confirm the ports are open. But, when I am remote and try casting to a Chromecast, the video does not play. The app triggers the Chromecast to start the receiver app, which shows the MB logo on the TV. Hitting play, however, causes the Chromecast to just show a spinning circle, and the Android client doesn't show that the video time is advancing. FWIW, I removed AdBlock from the phone, as I've seen it cause similar playback issues casting from other apps (e.g. Hulu). My first guess is that I need to forward additional ports, but I didn't see anything in the tutorials. Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to firewall logs to see if whether inbound requests are being rejected. I'm using an IP address, not DDNS. Any advice is welcome, thanks.
  10. I have been trying to get media browser to stream to my chromecast. It connects to the chromecast but when i start a movie it does not stream. I had it working before i updated to the beta version. I could not find the posting that help me the last time so I was hoping for some help. Thank you.
  11. Hi Community - I would appreciate some hardware advice to purchase during my upcoming trip to the USA. I live in Asia and can't fully use (or order from Amazon) streaming devices like Roku, FireTV, Samsung Smart Media Player, etc. By this I mean that all of the features like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon video are blocked through a standard internet connection in my country. I have had a taste of the ease of using my Android app to stream to my old DLNA compliant HP Mediasmart Media Center extender. I love the convenience of not loading the media center client, dealing with overscan settings and codec support by treating it as just a DLNA client. However, it is old and on its way out. I should mention that I had a look around in the shops for one of the Android mini-PC's but nothing is sold here other than some overpriced US$250 clunky settop boxes catering to Mandarin characters which I don't read. So, it appears the logical and positive choice is a Chromecast device. I would appreciate if anyone could verify if this is working well enough with the Android MB3 app and an HDMI & USB slot on the TV. Thanks in advance, Tanamur
  12. Hey there! So I recently discovered Media Browser for Chromecast. Now while this is great, I did my research and found that I would be able to stream media, from my computer, using Media Browser server, to Chromecast, via Chrome.... Sadly, I haven't been able to find out exactly HOW! How do I go about streaming to chromecast from chrome using Media Browser? as you can see from the photo I have attached...Chromecast Doesn't show up...
  13. gutterpunk13

    Chromecast Via Browser

    So I have been having some issues with the Android client where it would play some files but not others. And the Web client would play the files fine, so I did a little research and found that in Google Chrome Beta Google is working on a chrome cast extension that allows any HTML5 Video to be cast to the device. So I downloaded it, installed the extension, and went to my server. Sure enough when I play a video there is a Chromecast Icon in the upper left corner. And it works! Sometimes. Some files will play some wont when it does not play it says "unable to cast video due to site restrictions" I have noticed that the ones that do work are encoded with H264 codec. Has anyone else played around with this and got it to work consistently? Most of my files are AVI. Thanks!
  14. During playback almost 100% of the time, Mediabrowser freezes and really just locks up either my phone or tablet to the point where I have to shut the device off and restart. I'll start the movie and everything will be fine. Then maybe I'll try to go and try and pause it and then I get a black screen and the entire device is not functional. Its gotten to the point that I just don't use the app anymore so I was hoping someone could help. I see by the reviews from the android play store that I am not the only one has this issue. Both my devices are Android 4.4.2. One is the a Galaxy S4 and the other is Nexus 7 (2013). Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Daimon

    Chromecast 5.1 audio

    Have tested streaming to chromecast for a couple of days now and it works great. But I was wondering if 5.1 audio is supposed to work on files that have dts and dolby digital soundtracks? I got 5.1 audio on one file that had dts soundtrack with chromecast and that was the only file that didn't have mediainfo listed. I only got stereo on files that had mediainfo listed.(see logfiles) Is it supposed to stream 5.1 audio or if not will it be an option later? ffmpeg-03b97744-8ffd-4373-aac5-904edd8bec11(5.1 audio).txt ffmpeg-e65a685a-270c-47ad-b4a5-05af4899fed6(2.0 audio).txt
  16. youngmcse

    Chromecast using MBT?

    Where is the option to use Chromecast from the MBT interface?
  17. I got a Chromecast last week and have been testing it to maybe take the job as a media player in the living room. First thing I notice is transcoding was needed for most my media, a bummer, but not a big deal. However I've had mixed results. My server is a 3.2ghz xeon sandy bridge WHS2011. I did a test and cpu use on the 4 cores are 80-90%, ~50%, ~40%, ~30% - total about 50% when transcoding. But the result is not very good, picture quality is ok, but video is not smooth. Now I know it's a issue with Chromecast only doing 60hz but it's not that. So, since my Freenas has plex as plugin I did a test there, it's also transcoding, cpu use is about the same (same cpu), but quality and smoothness is excellent, very close to original. As far as I can tell it's as good as the original and only the judder from not running native hz a issue. My MB3 transcoding is set to Max Quality. Is it possible to tweak transcoding ? I've tried several different bitrate settings in the app for chromecast but videosmoothness is allways the same (not smooth) only picture quality is different.
  18. If you guys haven't heard of the news yet, Chromecast SDK is public now. This means we are READY TO CAST! The devs have been working hard to bring Chromecast support to MB! We are currently in beta testing with the different platforms including Android, iOS and web. We worked very closely with the Google devs over the last few weeks to add Chromecast support to our existing client apps. Chromecast as a receiver device will seamlessly integrate with the other MB apps like MB Classic, MB-Web and MB-Roku and can support up to 1080p video playback. If you haven't gotten a Chromecast yet you can order it from Google or Amazon. Oh and this feature will be available to all our users Android: IOS: Casting:
  19. Redshirt

    Chromecast arrives on Android

    Finally!! I'm very pleased to announce that the Android MediaBrowser client now supports Chromecast. Everyone who has a device running Google Play Services 4.2 should see it in the coming days. Chromecast will behave like it does in most other clients. Select a route using the route selector and then the play actions will play on the selected Chromecast device. HAPPY CASTING! In the near future I'll be merging the Remote play and CC functionality so that it's the same interface for both.
  20. cristiantx

    External Subtitles Support?

    It's about the first time I'm using MB3 and just bought the Android app since all the apps seems amazing. But I can't get the subtitles to work. When I do an "Advanced Playback" and select the subtitle (which is detected)... I receive the transcoded video (instead of direct streaming) but the subtitles still missing. Is there something that I need to do on the server ? I've already setted my pref language for subtitles also installed LAV Filters. Lastly, the entire point for me of all this setup is to play this on my Chromecast, but seems like when select the Advanced Play option the Cast button get disabled. Any ideas if this is expected or not? Thanks, keep the good work!
  21. steelgear

    Kindle Chromecast

    Hi All, I'm trying to set up chromecast on my kindle and managed to get the chromecast app on there via sideload however the kindle store version of the andriod client hasn't been updated in a while so the chromecast functionality isn't available. Is it possible to update the kindle store version of the android client
  22. Dr. Doctor

    ETA for Chromecast?

    Long-time Plex user here. I set up the server on my PC and downloaded the app, since the blog noted Chromecast availability. However, it is nowhere to be found. Is there some sort of beta I have to enroll in?
  23. Hi Any news if MB3 will be in Chromecast ?? I just tested Chromecast with plex app in iphone and it worked but make me wonder when MB3 will join the club or if their is any updates on this http://gigaom.com/2013/12/10/chromecast-gets-plex-vevo-realplayer-viki-and-more-with-massive-app-update/
  24. Kilroy30

    Chromecast on MB3

    I just logged into Plex and noticed the Chromecast tab. Very cool to see this is developing and changing. Gives me hope for MB3 and Chromecast. Any news as to when this might happen?
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