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  1. joostehost

    Chromecast Remote

    Hi, Please can I request that you implement a feature that can pause and play via the TV remote and chromecast. I know some apps like YouTube allows you to pause and play the video via your physical remote for the HDMI television. Thanks
  2. I recieved my chromecast yesterday and have it working with Netflix, seems like a great device. I then tried to cast to it from Media Browser web ui but it does not appear in the list (other devices such as Sonos show up). Is there a specific version that the functionality is in? I'm currently running 3.0.5347.22095. I also bought the IOS app for iPad and the chromecast does appear in the list, when clicking on it the screen changes and says that it is ready but when pressing play on a movie or tv show the waiting/progress icon appears and it never gets any further than that. Am i running the right versions? or is there some diagnostics i can grab? (as a side note, it would be nice if we could hide devices, as for example i don't really want to see or use my sonos devices with media browser). Thanks
  3. Hi theres, thanks for Emby im enjoy it so much since i can watch my videos with subs, im not a native english speaker (jus read the way i writte ) and i always use subs, it will be so nice if you can add this feature (at least increase font size). I know you are bussy so thanks for reading me
  4. After updating from Media Browser to Emby, Live TV playback on chromecast no longer works. When clicking the play button (from either the browser or the android app), nothing happens. Note: Chromcast playback of every other media item work fine and Live TV works fine on both web and android clients. I'm currently using the tvheadend plugin but have also tested this with the embytv plugin. Both plugins do not allow playing on the chromecast. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
  5. Richard Pruitt

    Chromecast Disconnect Option

    There seems to be an issue when switching from Chromecast to Local Render in the Android app. It does not disconnect from Chromecast. I have noticed that, unlike other Chromecast enabled apps, Emby for Android does not have the "Disconnect" option for Chromecast. When switching renderers, it still leaves the picture up on the Chromecast. My feature request is to, please, add a "Disconnect" to the Chromecast menu. Thank you, Richard
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation on what profile to use in MCEBuddy to ensure Chromecast playback without Emby have to transcode the file? I am looking for a profile to use for both Blu-ray conversions and DVR mpeg2 files.
  7. For the record, these have been reproduced with android client 2.3.13. I think it's time to start up a new thread about these issues. Changing languages in the played stream is proving to be challenging. Issues so far: Chaging or turning off subtitles doesn't work in Android client (or the chromecast receiver, but we already covered that elsewhere) Changing audio language doesn't work with chromecast (but luckily works with Android client itself) Volume buttons don't appear to have any effect on the android player Also, it would be nice if: The built in player defaulted to landscape mode, since most media is in landscape format The pause control was available in the collapsed notification area card (currently it has no controls in the collapsed card) So yeah, thats a few things for now.
  8. I have read the various Android App and Chromecast-related threads on here but can't find this particular issue. Like others, I am still having problems getting the App to link to my Chroemcast - it will, randomly, but I haven't found any common reason for success or failure. (Netflix connects to Chromecsat every time). Where I have a different issue, is that when it will Cast, it will never play any VIDEO_TS Movies. If the file format is MKV or MP4, it plays without problem. When I try to play the VIDEO_TS Movies, the Play button in the App gets its blue halo, but then freezes and that's all that happens. If I Sync the VIDEO_TS Movie to my Mobile (Samsung Galaxy S4) and try to play it, the same thing happens. Is this an issue with the Server, or the Android App, or with my S4? (the same thing happens on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet as well). Android App: latest version from Google Play Emby Server: 3.0.5641.4 Chromecast: latest Firmware The Movies in question play as expected in Emby Theater. If it's just a 'wait for it - it's in Development' situation, that's fine, I just don't want to spend any more time on it if it's something I can't fix.
  9. EduardoSantos

    Chromecast subtitles

    Hi, I am running Emby Server version 3.0.5621.4. It casts to Chromecast nicefully controling pause skip and almost all aspects of the session. Problem is with subtitles. 1) Subtitle stream selection When playing MKVs with both embedded subtitles and external srt files server chooses the external srt file and does not allow changing to the embedded one. 2) Special chars Though special chars (e.g.: á, é, õ and ç) on ansi srt files are rendered ok on web client, Roku and Android clients, chromecast does not render subtitles containing these chars. If srt file is converted to UTF-8 chromecast render all subtitles. I can grab any log file and attach it to this post, just tell me what would be of use.
  10. Hi, I am really new to Chromecast but I think I configured it all well. It plays nicely music and youtube videos. Problem is that when using Emby I cannot pause or change volume. Skiping to other track is ok but not inside the track. Is it a commom problem? Thanks in advance.
  11. Question about Chromecast. I just installed the server on my Windows machine last night to test out the features. So far all non-chromecast related features are working. Streaming to Android Devices, Web Client, etc. I can get Chromecast playback to start but with a MKV DVD rip of a movie the playback starts to studder massively. Sometimes the audio will keep playing with the video just freezing on a screen and catching up for peroids of time. I can tell from the server dashboard that it's not an encoding problem as it seems that the encoding process is way ahead of it's current point in the movie. My initial thought was that it was a chromecast connection issue. But I've been able to play 1080p video though Plex and Youtube on this Chromecast without any issues. Could someone offer some additional ideas to debug this or perhaps a setting I don't know?
  12. Title pretty much says it all. If I start watching a new show on the chromecast as far as other devices are concerned it has never been watched. Doesn't seem to matter whether i turn the TV off or stop it from android Server can see it playing, and trakt can see the progress. Server version (windows) 3.0.5597.1 latest android. Thanks
  13. So, I have previously used XBMC for a year and have been using Plex for a few months. This week I installed Emby. Server is running on Ubuntu 15.04 64 bit. Android app connects and can browse media and send to Chromecast without difficulty. Unfortunately search facility in android app doesn't seem to work at all. I get no response, no results, no progress bar or error notice whether I click on enter or on the magnifier icon. Clearly something is happening though because sometimes a previous search from several occasions ago will show up briefly when i try to do a new search and artists I have searched for get added to the live mix list. Search via web browser is almost instantaneous with results. What gives?
  14. jamvids

    Chromecast Question

    Hi, I haven't looked into this for a bit but have just read that chromecast will pass through e-ac3 5.1 audio. Is this supported/transcoded by Emby?
  15. Hi what clients are posible that access to an external server and connect and watch it on tv With cromecast it can be posible? Thankyou
  16. ronnietucker

    Photo casting?

    I'm a n00b at Media Browser, so maybe I'm just missing a setting or something, but is it possible to send photos from the (Ubuntu) server, via the Android app, to a Chromecast? Same as I can do with video files. If it can cast photos them I'm sold and will become a life member as I'm fed up with Plex not finding some of my media. Thanks!
  17. soeasy

    The Best Media Streamer?

    Hey Guys! I am having a difficulty in choosing a media streamer... My friend recommended 3 ones, Roku 3, Apple TV and Google Chromecast. I want to enjoy more videos(including the local videos) on my HDTV with the new coming streamer. Which one is the best? Thanks a lot for your help!!!
  18. Mfgiuliano

    Why No Chromecast support?

    First off I am just an end user and don't know what is involved, but I don't understand why Chromecast is not supported for windows 8.1 or windows phone. There are several apps that cast to chromecast. Just don't understand why the ability is absent for Media Browser or Plex for that matter. Thanks
  19. Where does the icon on the Chromecast screen come from? I couldn't find it anywhere in the mediabrowser files.
  20. Cerothen

    IIS Reverse Proxy HLS

    I have been using the reverse proxy setup for a while now using IIS with ARR and its been working pretty well. I have however been having a heck of a time using the chromecast with this particular setup. The issue that I have is whenever I do anything (browse around the web client or try to play a video to it) there is a popup indicating that the URI scheme is not valid. In my internet travels it appears that this could be relating to the host header that is sent to the mediabrowser client from IIS when it writes the HLS list for the client (chromecast) however I am not certain. I have tried to do a few things that I saw in hopes it would solve the issue including: Turn on preserve host in IIS: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14841986/iis-aar-url-rewrite-for-reverse-proxy-how-to-send-http-host I have tried using ARR helper: http://forums.iis.net/t/1214989.aspx?ARR+Helper+for+IIS8+ And tried setting a server variable: http://tiku.io/questions/2950025/does-iis-with-arr-support-fully-transparent-reverse-proxy This is the rewrite rules that are applied: <rule name="Redirect to HTTPS" enabled="true" stopProcessing="true"> <match url="(.*)" /> <conditions logicalGrouping="MatchAll" trackAllCaptures="false"> <add input="{HTTPS}" pattern="^OFF$" /> </conditions> <action type="Redirect" url="https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:1}" redirectType="SeeOther" /> </rule> <rule name="RewriteRemoteAddr"> <match url="(.*)" /> <conditions> <add input="{HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR}" pattern="([_0-9a-zA-Z]+)" /> </conditions> <serverVariables> <set name="{REMOTE_ADDR}" value="{HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR}" /> </serverVariables> <action type="None" /> </rule> <rule name="Mediabrowser 1" enabled="true" stopProcessing="true"> <match url="mediabrowser(.*)" /> <conditions logicalGrouping="MatchAll" trackAllCaptures="false" /> <action type="Rewrite" url="http://localhost:8096/{R:0}" /> </rule> The typical error in mediabrowser: 2015-02-13 13:14:49.0142 Error - HttpServer: Error processing request for /mediabrowser/System/Endpoint *** Error Report *** Version: 3.0.5518.3 Command line: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\system\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe -service Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 Processor count: 8 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: False Program data path: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server Application Path: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\system\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid. ServiceStack.HttpError No Stack Trace Available 2015-02-13 13:14:49.0142 Error - DtoUtils: ServiceBase<TRequest>::Service Exception *** Error Report *** Version: 3.0.5518.3 Command line: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\system\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe -service Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 Processor count: 8 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: False Program data path: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server Application Path: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\system\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid. System.UriFormatException at System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind) at System.Uri..ctor(String uriString) at MediaBrowser.Common.Implementations.Networking.BaseNetworkManager.IsInLocalNetworkInternal(String endpoint, Boolean resolveHost) at MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.Networking.NetworkManager.MediaBrowser.Common.Net.INetworkManager.IsInLocalNetwork(String ) at MediaBrowser.Api.System.SystemService.Get(GetEndpointInfo request) at lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object ) at ServiceStack.Host.ServiceRunner`1.Execute(IRequest request, Object instance, TRequest requestDto) I am trying to stick with IIS since I am using the remote desktop gateway feature and Apache doesn't support it. Any advise that experienced users can bestow unto me would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Problem: Using the Media Browser Android client app: Sometimes the Chromecast cast icon simply doesn't display at all (this is currently the case for me) When the Chromecast cast icon does display neither of my Chromecast devices appear, instead it shows the following as the only device: "Chrome 39.0.2171.95" which I think is refering to my Chrome browser who's version is almost the same, it ends in .93 instead of .95 according to App Info - I don't have any detail as to what makes it appear when it does. My configuration: Media Browser version: 2.1.38 Chromecast App version 1.9.7 Chromecast firmware version 22062 Android version: 4.4.2 Google Play services version 6.5.99 (1642632-038) Phone: HTC One (M7) Details: Currently the Chromecast (CC) icon is not displaying so I'll go by memory as to what happens when it does display. I get to the CC icon by going to Live TV, for example I'll go to my recordings and press the Chromecast cast icon. At that point there is an option but I forget what it says but it's neither of my 2 Chromecasts and if I remember correctly, when I select it and press the play button to play one of my recordings, nothing happens (literally), it's as though I didn't press the play button at all. Other related information: YouTube's Android client app has the cast icon and I can see my Chromecasts and cast to them with no problemMaybe it works better because Google owns YouTube and can test YouTube before releasing any updates to Chromecast firmware and dependencies NetFlix (version 3.9.1 build 4105)Their Android app, like Media Browser, doesn't display the Chromecast icon at all Their iOS app sees my Chromecasts and cast to them with no problem (iPhone 4s & 6 Plus) After messaging with NetFlix they had a tech support rep call me and wasn't able to resolve but I gave them the same configuration info as above and they said they'd use that information to help resolve it - I have not ID to reflect the call, they just said it would start working when they fixed it... Based on the above and the research I've done I can only make guesses but I'm thinking it's related to the Google Play services (6.5.99 1642632-038) and Chromecast firmware (22062) version as related to the 3rd party client (Media Browser, NetFlix), i.e. Google made changes in these 2 products and made sure their YouTube app worked with these changes but somethign didn't convey to 3rd party client developers (Media Browser, NetFlix). My hope is that this information will help those working on the clients I'm using be aware of the issue and help reproduce it in order to solve it. Please let me know if there's any more information I can provide. Any help/insight would be appreciated. ------------------- 1/12 - UPDATE - The cast icon now shows up on my Android phone but it still doesn't find my Chromecasts, it only shows "This device" and "XboxOne" (which I do have) for options - In the Android MB app the Chromecast cast icon is now displaying for me but neither of my Chromecast devices appears, instead it shows the following as the only device: "Chrome 39.0.2171.95" which I think is refering to my Chrome browser who's version is almost the same, it ends in .93 instead of .95 according to App Info - I don't have any detail as to what makes it appear when it does.
  22. ClassH

    Iphone Chromecast bitrate

    The iphone app seems to be missing a setting to set the bitrate for chromecast. I was at family house for the holidays and streaming but it was stuck at the default 6mb which doesn't work remotely. I did manage to get it working with an android tablet that had the setting but this should be added to the Iphone app.
  23. Pulling from a windows server, I can play on a Nexus 5 with subtitles (SRT), via selecting "Audio and Subtitle Settings" from the movie details page on the Android app. But if I chose to use MB connect to chromecast, chromecast doesn't show the subtitles. If I cast the Android screen, with subtitles, via the chromecast (not MB) app, I get the subtitles (to be expected, since I am casting a screen with subtitles). I understand that the chromecast MB client can only do WebVTT subs, according to: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/blog/1/entry-99-introducing-the-new-chromecast-for-media-browser/ So I converted the subtitles to WebVTT, and placed it in the same folder as the movie file, with the same file name (different extension of course). My problems: A) Only the SRT sub shows up as an option in MB. I already hit "rescan library" on the server. Bottom line: I cannot watch with WebVTT subs on the chromecast. All versions of MB are up to date. Thank you
  24. I am trying to use the chrome cast while at a different house than my server. It works fine from the iOS app except it seems to be an extremely high bitrate (6mb?) Which my upload cannot sustain (5mb). The iPhone I am casting from is set at 650k and I have tried changing it but it does not seem to take the bit rate change. Is there a way to change the bit rate from the mediabroswer app? I also tested from my android tablet and it does the same thing.
  25. thaBadfish

    iPad to Chromecast Bugs

    I have been using the media browser app (1.1.3) for awhile now both by itself and streaming to my TV via Chromecast. I haven't had any problems with playback on my iPad air itself, but recently I have been having many issues with streaming to Chromecast. Typically, I would have Chromecast started and waiting, open the app, connect to Chromecast, hit the refresh button on the app which changes the TV to media browser, and select content to play. This has, in the past few weeks, worked flawlessly. In the past week or so, the content will play for a few minutes and stop, or not play at all. I then proceed to disconnect, restart Chromecast, restart my iPad, restart the app, restart the server, and even restart my wifi in my attempt to fix the problem. It then might work for one episode of a show, but then not work for the next episode. Last night a stream to Chromecast froze as I described above, but instead of trying to troubleshoot it I just tried playing back on the app itself without even restarting anything. It worked flawlessly, leading me to believe the issue is not with the server, or my network, but with the app streaming to Chromecast. Please let me know how I can help resolve what I believe is a bug. If you tell me how, I can send whatever logs the server generates, or I can post a video of the issue so you can see exactly what my workflow is.
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