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  1. The app plays music just fine to Chromecast, but when I click the Queue button nothing happens.
  2. I was testing a test movie file, and the web client crashes at around 32 minutes of play back. It doesn't matter if I skip through the video or watch it to the point, the video crashes. I've attached my three logs relating to playback, and it seems that FFmpeg is throwing an exception somewhere. Any tips? A little bit of extra information, it crashes in the web player AND on Chromecast. I've tried the video straight in VLC (just the video file, not DLNA) and it plays the section just fine. remux-c8cb89d2-a6f3-44a7-9364-73b75a9e4e70.txt remux-c990a73f-5972-4ea5-9633-76da4e1bc127.txt server-63598778350.txt
  3. Schimi

    ChromeCast Support

    HI, would Chromecast support be available in the Future? That would be really great...
  4. JoshuaAJones

    Emby for Chromecast updates

    Ok, I am confused as for what these updates are actually talking about or doing. I have connected to my Chromecast with my phone and laptop while using the Android app and the Web app, respectively. Is there something that I am missing? How is it a "Chromecast" update, not an Android, etc. update?
  5. hobojoker

    Chromecast Audio support?

    Would it be possible to add support for chromecast audio with local video? Where only the audio is streamed and the video continues to play locally. Currently, if you try to send the audio through, you can't view locally anymore.
  6. I have not been able to cast my emby server to my Chromecast anymore. I have already reinstalled the server. I have gone through all the settings. The Ready to cast screen shows on my TV, but when I try to cast a movie, or tv show, nothing happens. Everything plays fine on my PC. I also tried Plex to see if it was my chromecast issue. But I'm able to cast Plex, Youtube. (I hate Plex btw) I hope I uploaded the correct log. It was working fine a few weeks ago, but it's been about 2 weeks since I have been able to connect and play through my Chromecast. My source on my TV does show the Emby Server too, but when I go to it, it shows no content found. server-63590810866.txt server-63590821033.txt
  7. Hi I've both a first gen and second gen Chromecast. Neither are visible on the device list when clicking the cast button within the app, only 'My device'. Other castable apps on my phone have no problem seeing the Chromecasts. Please advise?
  8. jrmcfall

    Chromecast Mirroring Webpage

    I just updated my windows Emby server to 3.0.5821.0. After the update when I cast to Chromecast it mirrors the webpage. It use to display "Ready to Cast" with the Emby logo on the screen. Then I could cast what the kids want to watch and could close the browser if I wanted or just continue doing what I need. Now if I close the browser it closes the Chromecast connection. Is there a setting I need to adjust? I am using Google Chrome 48.0.2564.103 m.
  9. Hi Team, It seems each time I have set up EMBY on my Linux Mint MATE 17 AMD64, i can stream from any browser on a computer but then it fails when trying to play from an App (Rolu, android phone, Android tablet.) Server: Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu 14.04) EMBY Version 3.0.5621.4 Roku 2: <- does not work EMBY verision 2.07 - sided loaded from this link Android phone: <- does not work Note 2 OS: CyanogenMod 12-20141220-UNOFFIXIAL-t0ltatt App: Emby for Android Works: Windows 8.1 IE 11 Chrome: version 43.0.2357.81 m Things i have tried: Fresh install of my OS each time I reinstalled EMBY Tried installed per Debian direction Tried installing per Ubuntu 14.4 direction Tried installing per docker Tried installed with my user verse using the emby user Stood up WIN7 VM, installed EMBY and confirmed both ROKU and Android phone can stream from it tried to figure out how to dongrade MONO and was unsuccessfuly tried disabling DLNA RokuTelnetLogs.txt server-63568686904.txt transcode-734416ed-7cd1-453c-8e38-1bcd0f9c8f47.txt
  10. My Sony Android TV has a built in CC, I tried it out mainly to see if it passed through DD, unfortunately it didn't, while I was playing I swapped audio to the 2 channel which worked okay, but it had launched multiple instances of ffmpeg on the server which I had to force close. I repeated the test on my old V1 CC and everything worked really well. Should I power cycle my TV? Is an internal CC the same as it's off the shelf counterpart? There is no info out there on this subject. This isn't a massive issue as I am using Emby on Android TV but would be a nice to have for speed rather than having to log in to Emby every time.
  11. I am taking home movies in 4k resolution with my windows phone and I am unable to stream it to my gen 2 Chromecast. Shouldn't the LAV filters be able to trans code on the fly and allow it to play? Thanks.
  12. Trying to play movies using the ipad app to Chromecast. All of my media is mkv. When I play a Bluray throughout the movie it will freeze at diffrent times. When I turn on my ipad it does not keep track of its play state. I have to close out of the Emby app all together and reopen it, reconnect to Chromecast and find where I left off. Sometimes it will freeze in the exact same place and I will have to move a minute or two forward to work after closing everything and reopening everything again. My DVD's will play but the video studders the entire time where the audio plays just fine. I am using the most recent Chromecast and it is up to date. I am also using the lastest iSO operating system. My server is on Windows 10. Chromecast is plugged into the back of a receiver so I can get 5.1 surround sound.
  13. I just purchased the new Microsoft Lumia 950 phone. The problem is when I go to the server and select the device I want it to play to my Chromecast does not show up. All of my other devices do, but not Chromecast. I'm using Microsoft Edge on my phone. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi all, While watching a Movie/TV-Show with at least 2 Audio Tracks on Android App (releasechannel) via Chromecast, the App-Switch to change the Audio Track is doing a new "HTTP GET", but always calling "StreamIndex=1". Other devices (Android App without casting to chromecast, or WebClient) are doing well. See the attached Logs. Is this a bug ore a misconfigurated server/app/something else? Greetings, spaeck! LOG:Chromecast 2015-12-11 10:10:48.3042 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://url.to.server:8096/videos/175d2888ca94af5c26bd328e478d3bfd/hls1/main/47.ts?DeviceId=dbe948db8cfbe27273bf84a3ae6f61c6e6fff905&MediaSourceId=175d2888ca94af5c26bd328e478d3bfd&VideoCodec=h264&AudioCodec=mp3&AudioStreamIndex=1&VideoBitrate=2872000&AudioBitrate=128000&MaxAudioChannels=2&MaxWidth=1920&MaxHeight=1080&Level=50&Profile=high&PlaySessionId=a76e5ec3f93b408fb82e77c002a0a44c&api_key=01c695c5f6d14b62b13209499c3eadc5. UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux armv7l) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.90 Safari/537.36 CrKey/1.16.44433 LOG:non_Chromecast 2015-12-11 09:54:14.8859 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://url.to.server:8096/videos/f38854a0a7d97d3a3a81fbe2bb96ca01/master.m3u8?DeviceId=7d62155bda0d9f9e7f446543fb8abbb4abacff1e&MediaSourceId=f38854a0a7d97d3a3a81fbe2bb96ca01&VideoCodec=h264&AudioCodec=aac&AudioStreamIndex=2&VideoBitrate=7221282&AudioBitrate=128000&MaxAudioChannels=6&MaxHeight=1080&Level=41&Profile=high&PlaySessionId=6615011d6db54626aff38cadff8461dc&api_key=800f466a9a9149209380c621ebfcedbe&EnableAutoStreamCopy=false. UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.80 Safari/537.36
  15. jamvids

    Chromecast Audio Question

    Hi, Rather than replace my car head unit with an android one, I was thinking of fitting my old one with a Chromecast audio and hotspotting it with my phone. Would this work? If it does would it play synced audio or would it default to playing a server copy? Would be great to be able to play flac directly in the car.
  16. MSattler

    Stopping Chromecast Playback

    When trying to stop Chromecast playback of live TV, what is the right way to do this? In the IOS app, once playback is started it seems to not be able to control the actual playback. If I choose to disconnect from the Chromecast, it asks me if I want to stop playback, I hit yes, it waits a while, but playback never stops. I end up having to power off the Chromecast to get it to stop. Thanks, Marcus
  17. c_death

    Live Tv Erratic

    I have been having problems with Live TV playback being very erratic. Many times when I start to play TV it either never starts playing, or plays for 1 second then freezes. This problem happens playing to a web browser or to a chromecast. Sometimes it will play fine. I have checked CPU usage when it does work and it never goes above 50%. I am using HDHomeRun with 3 tuners. Running on Server 2012 R2. Quad Core Processor 4.2 Ghz 8 GB Ram Emby Version 3.0.5781.3 I have 1Gbps connections to my computer and the HDHomeRun and the Server machine. The chromecast is connected to a 5Ghz wireless. The transcoding directory has it's own dedicated hard drive. I have been trying to fix this problem for weeks if not months and recently thinking that the built in tuner support would fix my problem. But I am still having the issues. I am also having general server issues that I will post in a separate thread, however will post log files in both in case there is some kind of connection with the issues. I am including the latest transcode logs from when I attempted to play Live TV. Also to note, that the most recent attempts to play Live TV generated no log files at all. If there is any other information that could be useful please let me know and I will update accordingly. Thanks in advance --- Will insert link to other post below when created --- http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/28023-emby-server-random-connection-issues/ EDIT ----- Also to note, that there is no feedback when starting a Live TV stream. Perhaps it would be a good idea to add some text "BUFFERING" or "TRANSCODING" or something with a % progress to see if it is actually doing anything. After rebooting the server, I now cannot scroll up and down the channels list. (reloading the page fixed this though. Not the first time it's happened) server-63584365503.txt transcode-19b32f4e-d21e-4617-ad3d-e1286913625f.txt transcode-e3a722fb-d1e0-49a5-9388-07c605f253bd.txt transcode-eeb46e10-7268-485a-9fa8-cee2de3545dc.txt
  18. jubbynox

    Chromecast cannot change channel

    Hello, I am unable to change live TV channels when streaming to Chromecast. I am using ServerWMC for live TV. It is possible to change live TV channels when watching within the web browser, the issue appears to be to do with the Chromecast app, regardless of whether the cast is initiated by the browser or the iOS app. The tuner is not released when the stream is stopped using the playback controls or a request to change channel is made. Manually resetting the tuner in ServerWMC allows a new channel to be streamed to Chromecast. Thanks.
  19. Hello Ladies & Gents, I have just installed the new emby app on my iphone, the app looks Excellent by the way! The only problem is my app doesnt want to play any media through chromecast e.g......Server is running, open the app on the iphone, choose a file, it will pick up the chromecast with no problem's, but as soon as i click play...nothing happens...this is on all of my media, i have tried many times. (I have also tried with the antivirus/firewall off-still the same) Now i have already done a bit of research, and i understand this is due to the supporter key/Premium Supporter. I originally purchased a lifetime membership back when it was MediaBrowser, and i still have the key in my emails. When i paste the key into the "Help/Emby Premier" it just stays in the box without actually doing anything, so i tried the obvious and loaded emby in a different browser....and tried pasting the key again...still doesnt say "You are a lifetime supporter"....so basically i cant get my key to accept, yet my plugin page still loads up? What am i doing wrong, I have attached my log file and screen shot. Cheers, Luke server-63583089627.txt
  20. So i run into an issue where any video i play through Chromecast or Dlna to this specific TV will visually stutter, Sound plays perfectly, but the video processes for a few seconds, stop then start again, jumping to sync with the audio. My only theory is that it's the TV. My first assumption was that it was the wifi, but when it plays fine on a Samsung tv, on mobile devices and another TV hooked up to Chromecast. I just don't know how to fix it.
  21. Trakman

    Spinning blue circle???

    I have read a few posts in the past about this but I still cannot find the answer to my problem. I am trying to use Chromecast with the ISO Version of media browser to stream video. All devices seem to be on the same network - not sure if this is my problem or not (Chromecast is on 192,168,2,15, IPAD is on and Emby server latest version is on I have connected the Ipad media browser directly to the local address of port 8096) My chromecast can stream YOUTUBE with no problems and the ipad can see everything in my library - when I connect to chromecast then select the video the control window pops up - chromecast start and the blue circle keeps going and going. Help!!
  22. Bonjour, Lorsque que j'écoute des films via ma Chromecast V1 j'entends tres fort un genre "claque" qui peut etre plusieurs fois dans une minute. Il ne devrait pas avoir un profile DNLA pour chromecast ? ( Je n'avais aucun probleme avec Plex.
  23. Well, the title says it all really. I've been using the Emby ATV app on my NP since beta days without too much incident, and I've managed to cast to it from the BBC iplayer app using multiple android devices and an ipad (amazing!) with ease. I've also used the chromecast app for screen mirroring to watch the Rugby World Cup using ITV player. So I was thinking of getting a chromecast stick for the bedroom TV, as the missus hates the NowTV box we have right now, so she can cast from her ipad. But The web client cannot find the NP as a cast target. Why would this be? I've tried to cast from android device, ipad and even my pc, nothing can find it. Its particularly galling as I think I tried to cast to the device a couple of months ago when I bought the NP and it worked, so why would it not work now? Not sure what logs if any I would need to provide for this one, please let me know. TIA
  24. I'm having a weird problem. When I try to connect to Chromecast the button shows up, I can tap it and then my Chromecast device shows up. If I then tap my Chromecast device nothing happens. If I go into another app (I've been using Plex) and connect that with Chromecast, I can then go back and connect Emby to my Chromecast with no problem. I cleared my logs on my phone and then tried to connect once. Here are the logs from that: 19:35:20.009 [main] DEBUG App - AndroidSyncFileRepository started. syncPath: /storage/emulated/0/emby/sync 19:35:20.013 [main] DEBUG App - Calling MediaSyncAdapter.updateSyncPreferences with null 19:35:22.610 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Begin MediaBrowser.ConnectionManager constructor 19:35:22.616 [JavaBridge] INFO App - credentials initialized with: {"Servers":[{"Id":"819c3c8c50174e0e89f2911e6c8583fa","LocalAddress":"","Name":"Emby","ManualAddress":null,"DateLastLocalConnection":1443908403857,"LastConnectionMode":0,"DateLastAccessed":1443908421447,"ExchangeToken":null,"RemoteAddress":"http://EXTERNAL-IP-REMOVED:8096","ConnectServerId":"f232293bd9b509217c5f9a9932bae6c2","UserId":"4845fa04ed5f4104bf3475424c834c06","AccessToken":"b1505e8389b044bfb08644c1edca4301","WakeOnLanInfos":[{"MacAddress":"6C-62-6D-3E-DA-7A"}],"Users":[{"Id":"4845fa04ed5f4104bf3475424c834c06","IsSignedInOffline":true},{"Id":"466a277c898349f59512c0d2db8ef53e","IsSignedInOffline":false},{"Id":"f1cae19018cf41fb8a5b21dbc1d71b8b","IsSignedInOffline":false},{"Id":"944ce5739cd143c8b647312721f9cecc","IsSignedInOffline":false}]}],"ConnectAccessToken":null,"ConnectUserId":null} 19:35:22.620 [JavaBridge] INFO App - testing connection mode 0 with server Emby 19:35:22.621 [JavaBridge] INFO App - tryConnect url: 19:35:22.668 [JavaBridge] INFO App - calling onSuccessfulConnection with connection mode 0 with server Emby 19:35:22.715 [JavaBridge] INFO App - event.trigger localusersignedin 19:35:22.725 [JavaBridge] INFO App - event.trigger credentialsupdated 19:35:22.738 [JavaBridge] INFO App - ApiClient serverAddress: 19:35:22.739 [JavaBridge] INFO App - ApiClient clientName: Emby for Android 19:35:22.740 [JavaBridge] INFO App - ApiClient applicationVersion: 2.4.30 19:35:22.741 [JavaBridge] INFO App - ApiClient deviceName: XT1254 19:35:22.742 [JavaBridge] INFO App - ApiClient deviceId: e2f1fa04-0e04-a3a3-9900-051184688438 19:35:22.745 [JavaBridge] INFO App - event.trigger apiclientcreated 19:35:22.748 [JavaBridge] INFO App - returning instance from getOrAddApiClient 19:35:22.750 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Begin updateServerInfo. connectionMode: 0 19:35:22.750 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Setting server address to 19:35:22.753 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Requesting url without automatic networking: 19:35:22.761 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Entering Globalize.ensure 19:35:22.763 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Calling navigator.globalization.getLocaleName 19:35:22.777 [JavaBridge] INFO App - event.trigger connected 19:35:22.780 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Device culture is en-US 19:35:22.782 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Setting culture to en-US 19:35:23.234 [JavaBridge] INFO App - sending updated credentials to ApiClientBridge 19:35:23.244 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Received instruction to updateCredentials 19:35:23.253 [JavaBridge] INFO App - initNativeConnectionManager 19:35:23.255 [JavaBridge] INFO App - ApiClientBridge.init 19:35:23.529 [JavaBridge] INFO App - event.trigger headercreated 19:35:23.545 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Requesting 19:35:23.570 [JavaBridge] INFO App - event.trigger pageshowready 19:35:23.600 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Active player: {"name":"My Device","id":"e2f1fa04-0e04-a3a3-9900-051184688438","playerName":"Html5 Player","playableMediaTypes":["Audio","Video"],"isLocalPlayer":true,"supportedCommands":["GoHome","GoToSettings","VolumeUp","VolumeDown","Mute","Unmute","ToggleMute","SetVolume","SetAudioStreamIndex","SetSubtitleStreamIndex","DisplayContent","GoToSearch","DisplayMessage","SetRepeatMode"]} 19:35:23.844 [JavaBridge] INFO App - binding fullscreen to MediaController 19:35:23.847 [JavaBridge] INFO App - binding remotecontrols to MediaController 19:35:23.902 [JavaBridge] INFO App - web socket connection opened 19:35:23.948 [JavaBridge] INFO App - selected tab is null, checking query string 19:35:23.954 [JavaBridge] INFO App - selected tab will be 0 19:35:24.027 [JavaBridge] INFO App - event.trigger websocketopen 19:35:24.050 [JavaBridge] INFO App - isPurchased: com.mb.android.unlock 19:35:24.132 [main] INFO App - Sending url to webView: window.IapManager.updateProduct("com.mb.android.unlock", false) 19:35:24.154 [JavaBridge] INFO App - event.trigger productupdated 19:35:24.556 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Requesting 19:35:24.655 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Requesting 19:35:24.672 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Requesting 19:35:24.681 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Requesting 19:35:24.690 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Requesting 19:35:29.135 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Requesting 19:35:30.517 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Will attempt to connect to Chromecast 19:35:30.527 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Binding device ready handler 19:35:30.529 [JavaBridge] INFO App - Calling device.connect 19:35:30.541 [JavaBridge] INFO App - device.ready fired 19:35:30.544 [JavaBridge] INFO App - creating webAppSession 19:35:30.545 [JavaBridge] INFO App - calling joinWebApp 19:35:30.557 [JavaBridge] INFO App - joinWebApp error: {"message":"Exception calling joinWebApp: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.connectsdk.service.capability.WebAppLauncher.joinWebApp(java.lang.String, com.connectsdk.service.sessions.WebAppSession$LaunchListener)' on a null object reference","detail":"com.connectsdk.cordova.JSCommandDispatcher$DispatcherException: Exception calling joinWebApp: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.connectsdk.service.capability.WebAppLauncher.joinWebApp(java.lang.String, com.connectsdk.service.sessions.WebAppSession$LaunchListener)' on a null object reference"} 19:35:30.558 [JavaBridge] INFO App - calling joinWebApp 19:35:30.565 [JavaBridge] INFO App - joinWebApp error: {"message":"Exception calling joinWebApp: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.connectsdk.service.capability.WebAppLauncher.joinWebApp(java.lang.String, com.connectsdk.service.sessions.WebAppSession$LaunchListener)' on a null object reference","detail":"com.connectsdk.cordova.JSCommandDispatcher$DispatcherException: Exception calling joinWebApp: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.connectsdk.service.capability.WebAppLauncher.joinWebApp(java.lang.String, com.connectsdk.service.sessions.WebAppSession$LaunchListener)' on a null object reference"} 19:35:30.566 [JavaBridge] INFO App - calling launchWebApp 19:35:30.567 [JavaBridge] INFO App - calling launchWebApp 19:35:30.572 [JavaBridge] INFO App - launchWebApp error:{"message":"Exception calling launchWebApp: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.connectsdk.service.capability.WebAppLauncher.launchWebApp(java.lang.String, com.connectsdk.service.sessions.WebAppSession$LaunchListener)' on a null object reference","detail":"com.connectsdk.cordova.JSCommandDispatcher$DispatcherException: Exception calling launchWebApp: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.connectsdk.service.capability.WebAppLauncher.launchWebApp(java.lang.String, com.connectsdk.service.sessions.WebAppSession$LaunchListener)' on a null object reference"} 19:35:53.946 [JavaBridge] INFO App - keyCode
  25. madkaz

    Fragen und Anregungen

    Hallo zusammen, seit einiger Zeit nutze ich Emby, auf einem PC als Server, mit Windows 10, Gbit Lan, viele TB an Filmen, TV Serien, Musik und Musikvideos dieser PC hat keinen eigenen Monitor und ist auch nicht der Schnellste (DuoCore mit 1.8 ghz). Ich habe einen weiteren PC mit Win 10 als Client, mit dem ich die Datenbanken pflege, auf diesem läuft auch Kodi. Weiter nutze ich in einem Heimkino einen Raspberry pi 2, mit OSMC und dem Emby Plugin, in meinem Wohn- und Schlafzimmer hängt jeweils ein Chromecast am TV. Die Chromecasts habe ich mir extra wegen Emby gekauft, und dachte anfangs, dass alles gut laufen würde. Leider erwies sich das als Trugschluss. Bei mkv Dateien 1080p ruckelt die Wiedergabe, bzw bricht sehr oft ab, und ich weiß nicht, ob es mein Fehler ist. Ich denke mal, dass mein Server einfach zu schwach ist, einen 1080p Film zu transkodieren und über das Netzwerk an den Chromecast zu schicken, ich frage mich aber, ob der Chromecast nicht stark genug ist einen solchen Film selbst abzuspielen, ohne das er transkodiert wird. wenn ja habe ich noch keine Möglichkeit entdeckt, dies zu tun. Gibt es eine spezielle Chromecast App, die ich auf das Gerät selbst laden kann, oder muss ich die Android App nutzen, kann ich dort das Transkodieren ausschalten? Mein Handy hat beim Abspielen von FullHD Material so gut wie nie Aussetzer oder Ruckler. Musik habe ich auch auf dem Server, ebenso Musikvideos. Während Emby die Interpreten Datenbank für Musik gut von selbst befüllt, muss ich dass bei den Musikvideos fast komplett von Hand machen. Sind überhaupt zwei Datenbanken notwendig ? U2 bleibt doch U2, egal ob als Song, als Konzert oder Clip. An meinen Raspberry pi habe ich eine Festplatte mit Musik angeschlossen, die ich ums verrecken nicht mit dem Emby Server verbinden kann. Sobald ich versuche in der Medienbibliothek diese Festplatte einzubinden bin ich wieder im Login Bildschirm. Von meinem Desktop PC kann ich jede Festplatte in Emby einbinden. Oftmals fehlen einzelne Fotos der Schauspieler bei Filmen und Serien, gibt es eine Möglichkeit diese nachladen zu lassen, ohne dies einzeln von Hand zu tun? Überhaupt ist die Datenbank oft ziemlich träge, das kann allerdings an der Masse meiner Filme und Serien liegen, vielleicht hat aber auch jemand einen Tipp für mich. Den Server aufzurüsten, mit einer SSD z.B. ist zwar geplant, aber zur Zeit habe ich genug andere Ausgaben und so muss das bis zum nächsten Jahr warten. Was mir bei Emby noch fehlt ist zum Beispiel, wenn ich die Seite eines Films aufrufe, dann sehe ich das Cover, ein Hintergrundbild, eine Inhaltsangabe, die Darsteller u.s.w, sogar Vorschläge, was ich mir noch angucken könnte, aber keinen Hinweis zu einem eventuell vorhandenen Soundtrack. So etwas fände ich total gut, das Cover eines OST Album, vielleicht mit der Möglichkeit, die Musik mit einem Klick sofort abzuspielen. Was mich noch freuen würde wäre, meine DVDs und BluRay's in die Sammlung zu integrieren, auch CD's und sogar Schallplatten, halt Sachen, die ich nicht auf Festplatte habe, würde sich noch jemand darüber freuen? Eine Frage hätte ich noch, wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe (mit meinem mangelhaften englisch) habe ich die Möglichkeit, Emby auch offline zu nutzen. Heißt das, ich habe dann meine Datenbanken zB. auf meinem Handy oder dem Desktop, ohne dass der Server eingeschaltet ist, und wenn ja, wie kriege ich das hin? Jedenfalls wünsche ich allen einen guten Start in die Woche Peter
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