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  1. When logging into Emby today, I saw a popup I have never seen before. It was saying "Thanks for being part of the Emby Beta" or something to that extent. This was followed by a bunch of change notes. I am not sure how I got into the beta. My auto-update settings are for official channel only. Emby shows me as being on build 3.0.5946.22772 with 3.0.5913 being the last blogged about official build. Without uninstalling and reinstalling, will my having set Official channel eventually bring me back to the official channel release? How did I get a beta build installed in the first place? I
  2. davidbgeek

    3.0.5860 Beta

    My Emby is stuck with Clean databases at 0.0%, Download missing subtitiles & Scan media library are stuck at failed and don't work when pressing run, and nothing's loading on the home page. Is there a way to restart the upgrade process? How do I fix this???
  3. Hi, it seems with the last couple of betas of Emby for Kodi my Kodi library now no longer auto/background updates/syncs. My Nvidia Shield is always left on with Kodi running (sleep/shutdown disabled). My NAS is also always on and media files are regularly auto copied to the monitored Library folders within Emby. It was previously working in the past with the Kodi library updating almost instantly when Emby was updated with new content. The Emby web interface does appear to update in real time whenever new files are added, but Kodi now no longer auto/background updates/syncs the library - u
  4. Ok, so saw the beta update and decided to try it b/c of ipv6 & a few other tweaks. So on my debian 8 system did apt-get update && apt-get install emby-server-beta. (server is headless, so 'localhost' doesn't work well) Easy. But when I went to try it out, couldn't get to my server from emby.media, or from ipv4:8096. Tried [ipv6]:8096 and gave a 400 error. If I do netstat -tuln I get tcp :::8096 with -beta, but nothing on the ipv4 side. With stable I get tcp 0, but of course nothing on the ipv6 side. Anything else I can provide to hel
  5. cmcg

    1.0.0 Beta Thread

    The previous thread looked like it might go forever. Better if we break it up a bit I think. The current BETA release is available to install from the following IP address… For full instructions, please see the Install Instructions thread. Currently, Samsung Smart TVs, Blu-ray Disk players and Home Theatre Systems series D, E, F and H are supported. D series devices will likely not be supported in a future release due to a planned increase in the smart hub resolution. The normal rules of running beta software apply. It might not work! If you do find a bug, ple
  6. gillmacca

    No music tabs

    In the latest beta version 3.0.5641.1, if I go into the web client and then music, I do not have any options to view by albums, genre, artists, etc. Has this been temporarily removed? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ulaznnn4w4pga7/Screenshot%202015-06-12%2009.00.02.png?dl=0
  7. leebo

    Dropbox Cloud Sync Comments

    I'm interested in the new Cloud sync plugin just announced. The developer asks for feedback, but no link is given to provide it, and the announcement thread is closed to comments. Is there already a thread for this topic? My first question about this plugin would be regarding copyrights. I thought if a user uploads a movie, TV show, or album, each of the cloud providers would either remove it, or demand proof of purchase. This could become a hassle if one makes frequent use of this plugin. Am I incorrect? Otherwise, this could be the solution for those of us who use a VPN service. I ha
  8. I could be wrong, maybe it's just been moved, but I can't find the button to clear the auto-organize log anymore since the beta update. It's not a huge deal, I just like to keep things tidy
  9. I realize the download capabilities are still only in server beta, but games seem to be the only content type that will not download. I'm assuming this is an issue on the GameBrowser side of the equation, but I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts anyone has about whether this is something that is likely to get fixed or if there is anything I should be looking at on my end as a possible culprit. Error Example: Snapshot of GetDownload generated by ServiceStack on 2/15/2015 4:31:10 AM view json datasource from original url: http://localhost:8096/Items/f25260d3f7570f57eee03af005910ba
  10. Sarithz

    Updating Woes

    I run Mediabrowser 3 on a Server 2012 Essentials box, and have for over a year or so. I use the service side of Mediabrowser, as the Windows server does not autologon. I am running the Dev builds of Mediabrowser (just updated before posting this to v3.0.5509.223), which may be the cause of the issue I am having. This is also an issue I had in the past, it cleared automagically, but has now been back for at least the last month or so. Basically what happens is I cannot shut down the MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe process. In the past, I believe it may have been related to a plugin. Th
  11. Hi Team, I am always keen to help out with feedback etc for MB to help you guys with what I can to create the best media player experience, but I find myself short on time to always create a thread, post logs, provide screenshots etc. I've been involved in many betas for games and the like and many of them had built in mechanisms to automatically report the logs and bugs back. I was wondering if there could be an opt in feature for beta users to automatically send you guys logs, allow us to provide some context to the issue via a text field we can add to the log being sent. Per
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