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  1. Emby server Server backup plugin Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Client: Firefox Quantum 62.0 (64-bit) The story so far: Fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 Download and install Emby server from https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/releases/download/ Enter my Premier subscriber key Install the backup plugin Restore my backups from backups.tar.gz from old system, into /home/emby/emby-backups Launch Emby, launch backup plugin. No luck. Just in case, make sure permissions are in place, even though no specific errors in logs: sudo chmod -R 755 /home/emby/ sudo chown -R emby:emby /home/emby/ Launch Emby, launch backup plugin Browse to any backup Result: backup screen hangs with loading indicator Log files: logs indicate that plugin is reaching endpoint ok, and browsing the JSON at http://localhost:8096/emby/MBBackup/Backups correctly displays restorable content of backup files (time, date, profile, users, etc). It seems like just the UI is hanging for some reason? Most recent log attached. Additional information: previous server was Emby 3.2.x on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, same backup plugin version, and these same backups restored successfully there. Unfortunately the old server was destroyed and no longer exists, only the archived backups. embyserver.txt
  2. Hello All! I've been using Emby Server on Windows for quite a while, but decided to shift to a NAS based server. I started with the Synology DS218. I've used the Backup and Restore Plugin multiple times in the past when reloading Emby Server on both the same and new PC's and never had any issues. I've search the forum looking for the answer, but haven't been able to find anything. ** SETUP ** I ran through the tutorial for setting up Synology Folder Permissions, giving the "embsvr" user read/write access to all folders, then rebuilt the library structure and migrated the media files to the NAS. The libraries have populated and display correctly in the home page of the NAS-based Server (Multiple "(500) Internal Server Error" related to FanArt.TV, but I read on other threads that this was fairly common and may resolve itself.) Because the libraries are displayed, I am assuming my permissions are correctly set up, but I could be mistaken. Both the Windows-based Server and the NAS-based Server are running the same version of the Backup & Restore Plugin ( ** PROBLEM ** I'd like to restore the user information from my Windows-based Server. I ran a backup from the Windows-based Server, transferred the folder to the NAS, but when I click on the backup file from the plug-in page, all I get is a perpetual "thinking" circle with no options or error messages on the screen. When looking in the logs, I see a "could not find handler" error... (see attached log). ** QUESTIONS ** Why would the server not be able to find the handler for a plugin that was just installed? Is the handler different in the Windows-based Server and the NAS-based Server so the file created on the Windows-based Server is unreadable by the NAS-based Server? Did I miss something else in the server setup that would prevent the "embsvr" user from accessing some of the program files?
  3. chessplayer

    Migration question

    Hi guys, I am in the process of migrating an emby server from a cubietruck (armhf) to a TV box running Armbian for AMLOGIC devices (aarch64). I was planning on following the instructions for manual migration in the wiki. However, I was wondering whether given I have the exact same path for my media files as before, can I not just copy the library.db as well? What I am doing is, I am mounting two folders from my NAS (one for movies, the other for TV shows) using NFS to the exact same location they were on before and that is then also my media path. Cheers, chessplayer
  4. I use emby along with an rclone mounted google drive and every time it scans the library for new media, it takes a lot of time and bandwidth as well. Now, that's fine for regular use, but, I want to move my server to another computer. And, it looks like I need to re-scan everything and last time, it took 3-4 full days to do that. Is there a better way to migrate the metadata along with the server? I tried storing the metadata along with the media items. But, on testing with a few folders, it seems to be replacing the old nfo files and metadata with new ones after scanning the media again. Is it supposed to do that?
  5. I'm using Emby in a docker and just wanted to ask whether I can move the complete config folder to a new server and set up the docker in the exact same way, with the same paths for the library, user and permissions. Will that "just work"? I read about the backup and restore plugin, but I don't want to rescan my library.
  6. mklatsky

    Backup plugin fails with error

    I am currently an Emby Premiere member, and have installed the Backup plugin. Unfortunately, backups currently fail with the following error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Full errors available in this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/T8uLdNPm The expected outcome of a scheduled task with this plugin should be a valid backup. I am currently running Emby server on Raspberry Pi 3, 1Gb RAM, 16Gb local storage, 4 cores. OS is Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.3 (stretch). Thank you! Michael
  7. jasonwilliams

    Ghost Playlists?

    Hello Community, The drive in my server recently crashed, but thankfully I have been using the Backup plugin, so restoring my config was easy. Everything is working perfectly, but I panicked when I went to play a music playlist, and they were all missing. I created a new playlist, and suddenly all the playlists reappeared. Relevied, I deleted the playlist I just started and all the playlists disappeared again. When I create a new playlist, the others appear, but only when I navigate to Music --> Playlists. If I use the hamburger menu and navigate directly to Playlists, they do not appear. Is there a glitch here or something I can do to make them work properly? Thanks, Jason
  8. geoff511

    Asustor updates wipes data

    Hi, Can somebody please tell me why -- Every Time EMBY does an update IT WIPES EVERYTHING BACK TO A BRAND NEW INSTALLATION ?? The last update (a couple of months ago) also wiped Emby back to a new installation, and since then I have been painstakingly setting it back up AGAIN -- the TV shows, movies and for the last 3 weeks my CD library. And today App Central informs me there is an update to vers. 3.0.6020.r1 .... and I (as I have now found out) foolishly allowed the update to occur ... Emby restarts and it is BLANK !!!! JUST AS IF I JUST INSTALLED IT FOR THE FIRST TIME !!!!! I use the Plugin "Server Configuration Backup" .. So I re-installed it, restarted Emby and ran the last backup which was saved last night --- and it did ... wait for it .... Nothing ! So I restarted Emby again, re-ran the Backup and restored from the last save and waited, around 10 minutes later, noticed some things starting to appear (looks like you can't rush it). So have I got to completely re-setup EMBY EVERY TIME THERE IS AN UPDATE ? And if so - WHY ?? PLEASE HELP !!!!! (Added this morning) So the restore started last night about 8pm .. it is now 6am and the restore is still running - the scan is up to 69.2% Not sure if it is still the 1st scan from the restore last night, or the scheduled scan due 4.30am every day, but the scheduled scan usually takes about 20min ... so this is taking a lot longer. But still I do want to ask the programmers - Does Emby have to wipe itself every time there is an update on the Asustor version ??
  9. When I restored a backup created on Emby Server in Windows to an Emby Server on Linux, the watched status data for my users is there for movies & TV shows flawlessly. I keep my soccer videos separate in a Home Photos & Videos library. I noticed the watched status did not transfer. What factors could be leading to this? Is watched status tracked for this kind of library or should I be using a different type of library?
  10. jamvids

    Can't Use Backups

    Hi All, My system SSD failed on me so I have had to re install everything. I tried to use configuration backup but that is having issues so I completely removed Emby, created the Emby-Server folder in appdata/roaming and did it the old fashioned way by just copying the latest backup, but this hasn't restored anything, no users, no playlists, no libraries etc. All of my shares are exactly the same name. Any help? Windows 10 Latest beta Emby release
  11. Just set up a new server and I'm trying to restore via the server configuration backup plugin; however, I must be missing something because it doesn't appear to be doing anything when I try to restore a backup. These are the logs: https://pastebin.com/eYfg39YQ Am I just doing it wrong? I can post machine specs if needed, but this is on Windows 10. Wait, my premiere isn't linked.... Stand by. Didn't matter. Still doesn't want to back up. Same error as logs posted above. Edit: Found the other recent post about this. My computer is named the same, directories are the same. Do I need to setup my library before doing a restore? I assume paths, libraries, etc will be restored so I haven't done anything with it yet.
  12. MikeTech

    Restore from Time Machine?

    Managed to trash my server somehow in one move, made one setting change (public https port number) in the process of setting up https in advanced, saved setting, clicked restart, and it hung there without restarting. Did system reboot, etc. all the standard stuff, app would seem to run, but refused to stay open when attempting to open dashboard, could see it drop out of processes in Activity Monitor when accessed. Tried reinstall of latest package, still no joy. The only thing I could think of as a factor is the machine OS was recently updated to 10.12.5, but emby seemed to be working fine after that update until I tried the config change/restart. Tried restoring emby app and emby-server files in ~/.config using Time Machine backup from yesterday, no dice. On the theory of it being an issue with 10.12.5, I did a complete system restore from yesterday prior to the update to bring it back to 10/12.4, and that didn't work either. So, I trashed the app file and the emby-server config file again, and started an install from scratch. That seems to be working just fine, but it's going to take me several hours to get back to where I was, and will have lost track of a bunch off-air recording data, etc. What is going on here that I'm missing in terms of where files are located? And why is this config so difficult to restore from a backup?
  13. ap90033

    Server Backup

    Does Emby Server Backup backup the TV Guide Recording Schedule? I wanted to see if a disastor struck and I have to reload and restore would I have to setup all my TV Series Recordings again. Thanks.
  14. Med44

    Upgrade from 3.0.5724.6

    Hello, I use EMBY server on my Qnap (firmware 4.2.4) My Emby current version is 3.0.5724.6 with Mono I'd like to upgrade to a new version 3.2.xxx Can you tell me if i could do this update simply? Should i backup settings ans how? Can you advise me what to do to prepare this upgrade? PS: I bought Emby Premiere to get backup Plugin but i cannot register this because the 3.0.5724 does not have Premiere section! So no Backup plugin available ! Thanx
  15. This list has about everything you need to burn,rip,edit,encode and some more for your movie/dvd collection. Found this while i was looking to convert .mp4 to dvd and thought i'd share it. These packs contain all the software for the corresponding guides. Gordian Knot rippack 0.35.0 pack2 - contains basic software to do SBC, DivX5 and XviD encoding as described in my guides - contains vStrip 0.8f CSS, DGIndex 1.2.1, BeSweet 1.5b30, azidts 0.1, vsfilter, Decomb 5.2.1, fluxsmooth, Convolution3D, Deen, TomsMoComp, AviSynth 2.55, VobSub 2.23, VirtualDubMod, Nandub RC2 lumafix ecffix, chapterXtractor 0.962 and Robot4Rip 0.5. Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.9 - audio and video codecs for GKnot encoding if you don't have it already - contains DivX3.11alpha, DivX5.12 Pro trial, XviD Koepi 1.0.3, Huffyuv, AC3Filter 0.70b, mpgaudioax, Morgan Stream Switcher and ffdshow alpha 2004-10-12 DVD2SVCD 1.2.3 b1 - contains all you need for DVD2SVCD conversion (exept for SP/TMPG, but here's a CCE demo and a TMPG demo ): vStrip 0.8f, DGMPGDec 1.45, Avisynth 2.55, BeSweet 1.5b30, IVTC Plugin 2.2 for Avisynth, Decomb 5.12, Madplay 1.5, Pulldown v0.99c, SimpleResize.dll, WinSubMux, VCDImager 0.7.12, bbMPEG 1.24b18 modified. Below you can find a lot of useful software split into the following sections: Audio Tools: All you need to process audio. From AC3 extraction, over AC3 decoder to mp3 compressors and synchronizing tools Avi Editing Tools: Everything you need to edit AIVIs, cut, join, add audio tracks, etc. Calculators: Calculation programs that will calculate almost anything for you Codecs: All you need to play back MPEG-4 movies. Digital TV: All the tools you need to process captured digital TV content (DVB, HDTV) Descrambling / Ripping tools: All the good DVD Ripping programs to get your VOBs from the DVD disc to your harddisk Decoders: Programs that can decode a DVD stream (encoders then encode that data to MPEG-1/2/4). DivX / MPEG-4 encoders: programs that will encode DVDs to DivX and other MPEG-4 formats Filters: various filters to play DVDs, AC3 audio and filters for VirtualDub and Avisynth High Def Tools: Tools to deal with your HD DVD / Blu-ray collection Launchers: Autorun programs to play your AVIs upon insertion of the CD. Media Players: Media Player replacements and a Hollywood Plus player. MPEG1/2 encoders: programs that encode your DVDs to MPEG-1/2 Region free tools: 2 tools to make your Hollywood Plus & Software DVD Player region free Source codes: source codes for all the open source tools you can find on this page Subtitles: All tools needed to extract and process subtitles. Including various subtitle format converters Support Utils: useful goodies for all kinds of stuff VOB Tools: stream extractors, merger and splitter. Complements to the Rippers Audio Tools eac3to - multi purpose tool for audio on (HD)DVDs, Blu-ray discs and Transport streams. Analyzes, transcodes, extracts/demuxes tracks, removes delays, etc. Website aften 0.0.8 - open source AC3 encoder. Website. azidts 0.1 - BeSweet based CLI DTS transcoding utility Azid 1.9 - probably the best free AC3 decoder out there. Used in most of todays transcoding tools like BeSweet. BeLight 0.22 - probably the best BeSweet GUI. Website BeSplit 0.82 - simple AAC/AC3/WAV/MPx cutter. Website BeSliced 0.2 - GUI for BeSplit, creates dummy AAC/AC3/WAV/MPx files and can fix corrupt AC3 streams. Website BeSure 1.2 - direct VOB/AC3 to CD audio (regular, Dolby Digital or DTS CD) conversion. Website BeSweet 1.5 - Advanced audio transcoding tool. offers one-pass & two-pass Normalization, DRC, Equalization, Sample-Rate-Conversion, Delay Assertion & more. Website BeSweet GUI 0.7b5 - GUI for BeSweet, azid, lame, WavBooster, ssrc and toolame. Website DeDynamic 0.2 - real time dynamic range compression Direct Show filter HeadAC3he 0.23a - smart & fast AC3 -> WAV/MP3/OGG/AC3-WAV transcoding utility (contains SSE dlls. MMX/SSE2 dlls can be downloaded here) Lame 3.95.1 - best and free MP3 encoder Morgan stream switcher - allows 2 audio tracks in WMP TFM Audio filter - real time playback dynamic range compression Toolame 0.2k - command line based WAV -> mp2 encoding, can be used as external encoder for TMPG. Website WaveOut fix - allows you to use the SPDIF output easily with AVI/AC3 without using Graphedit Wbias 0.81 - GUI for BeSplit. Website AVI Editing tools AviDefreezer - fixes frozen frames AviDemux - codec framework independent cross platform editing and encoding tool (also supports MKV and MP4) Avifrate1.10 - framerate changer for Avis AVIMux_GUI 1.17 - simple program to multiplex multiple audio tracks and a video track to one AVI. Website Alphatv Avi Editor - adds copyright info to your AVI files DivFix 1.1 - to fix broken DivX downloads and crashed ripping sessions. NOT for frozen frames! FourCC changer - allows you to change the fourCC code of your movies Gspot 2.70a - identifies audio and video codecs in AVIs, displays length, audio and video bitrate. Website Ogg Cutter - utility to cut Ogg Media streams OggMux - ogg media stream multiplexing utility VirtualDub 1.9.0 - latest official release. Website VirtualDubMod - VirtualDub plus Nandub audio + OGM/MPEG-2/AviSynth support. Website WMV and MPEG-2 plugins for VirtualDub Calculators ABRCalc - a bitrate calculator for ABR mp3 files aspect.zip - command line utility, takes parameters and outputs a list of target resolutions Bearson's Bitrate Calculator - Bitrate calculator, what else? DVD-R calculator - to help you calculate the bitrate when using IfoEdit Framecalc - enter the lenght of the movie and your framerate and you'll get the number of frames RSC - scalefactor calculator for ReMPEG2. If the program doesn't start install the VB6 runtime package Codecs DivX 3.11 alpha - the original codec that started it all. DivX 7.0 - lastest DivX codec by DivXNetworks. The successor of DivX4. Website Huffyuv 2.1 - lossless codec, suited for capturing video XviD 1.2.1 - imho the best MPEG-4 ASP codec out there. Website - Binary download site Digital TV Cuttermaran 1.69a - frame accurate MPEG-2 cutting tool. Website DVD2AVI PVAview 1.0 - special PVA preview version, used by PVACut. Website MPEG2Cut 1.15 - special version of DVD2AVI to cut MPEG-2 videos. Website MPEG2Schnitt 0.90 - easy to use tool to cut out commercials from MPEG-2 streams. Website HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11 - extract video and audio streams from a (multi TV station) transport stream and save them to an MPG file. Website - Website 2 ProjectX 0.90 - demuxing tool for DVB streams. Website PVACut 3.50 - PVA cutting tool. Website PVAStrumento - PVA demuxing tool. Website Descrambling / Ripping tools aacskeys 0.3.6 - tool to extract all kinds of key from your BD / HD DVD discs AnyDVD (HD) - on-the-fly decryption layer for DVDs and HD DVDs / Blu-ray discs (with the HD option). Blu-ray Disc Ripper 1.5 - Blu-ray descrambling tool DumpHD 0.6 - Blu-ray / HD DVD decrambling tool. Supports BD+. DumpVID 0.4 - tool to extract the Volume ID from your high def discs (used when you cannot bypass AACS authentication) DVD Decrypter - the most versatile ripper out there. (note: doesn't work on many newer titles that use structural protection but it's still an excellent burner and ISO ripper for unprotected discs) DVDFab HD Decrypter - simple ripper that's always updated to handle copy protection by disc corruption mechanisms. Decoders DGAVCDecNV - AVC Decoder and Frameserver for nVidia GFX cards. Website DGAVCDec 1.0.9 - just like DGMPGDec, but for AVC content. Website DGMPGDec 1.5.3 - latest version of the tool formerly known as DVD2AVI. Website DGMPGDecNV - MPEG2 Decoder and Frameserver for nVidia GFX cards. Website DGVC1Dec - VC1 Decoder and Frameserver for nVidia GFX cards. Website DVD2AVI frm - special DVD2AVI version for ScenChap DVDx 2.2 - all in one DVD -> VCD/SVCD encoder. Website Xmpeg 5.03 - latest FlaskMpeg derivate. Website DivX / MPEG-4 Encoders Mov2Avi - converts Quicktime files to AVI Nandub 1.0 RC2 - SBC encoding utility Nandub 1.0 RC2 lumafix - luma calculations work properly in fast recompress mode Vidomi 469 - all in one DivX encoding utility. Website Filters AC3Filter 1.51a - AC3 playback filter for AVI/AC3 and DVDs. Website Bicubic Direct Show resize filter - allows you to dynamically change the resolution of a movie during playback Convolution3D CoreAAC filter - allows AAC playback in any direct show capable media player. Website Decomb 5.23 - IVTC plugin for Avisynth DTS / AVI Filters - allows AVI/DTS muxing and playback Elecard MPEG Video Decoder - allows you to view MPEG2 video ffdshow - general purpose audio and video decoder filter. Allows you to play back almost anything. Website Haali media splitter - one of the best featured container filters supporting MKV, MP4, AVI, OGG/OGM and TS. Website Graphedit - THE DirectShow filter manipulation tool. Allows you to control whatever uses DirectShow KernelDeInt - deinterlacer for purely interlaced material Moonlight Odia Dekoda - MP2/MP3/AC3 playback filter Ogg Vorbis Direct Show filter implementation ReClock 1.6 - gets rid of jerky AVI / MPG playback. Website SimpleResize filter for avisynth - fast resize filter STMedian - motion compensated spatial/temporal median filter Subtitle filter for Ogg media streams TomsMoComp - motion compensation based deinterlacing filter for Avisynth UnDot - removes dots, stray orphan pixels and mosquito noise UnFilter - soften/sharpen filter for Avisynth Vaguedenoiser - probably the best grain removal filter for noisy sources Yet another temporal smoother 1.3 High Def Tools BDInfo 0.5.1 - shows you a lot of properties of all your Blu-ray discs. Website BD-Rebuilder 0.20.07 - just like DVD Rebuilder, but for Blu-ray discs. Website BDSup2Sub - converts subtitles from Blu-ray / HD DVD format to VobSub (DVD) format. Website Blu-ray Region Code Remover 2.5 - removes region coding from your Blu-ray rips. Website EvoDemux 0.627 - HD DVD filte de/remuxer. MakeMKV 1.4.1 - converts (HD) DVD and Blu-ray discs to MKV files. Website - transport stream muxer supporting ES/(M2)TS/(E)VOB/MPG/MKV input and (M2)TS/Blu-ray output. Website TsRemux 0.21.2 - transport stream de and remuxer. Website Launchers Compact Disc Autolauncher 2.1 BSPLauncher - launcher for the BSPlayer MicroDVD Autorun 1.85 - DivX autolauncher for Micro DVD Player MDVDGo 1.0 - autolauncher, specially for Micro DVD Player Mini DivX Launcher - fully automated codec installation and movie launch Movie.exe 1.23 MovieLauncher Plus 1.11 - the big brother of movie.exe so to speak. Mpeg4cd DivX CD Launcher 1.5 Media Players BSPlayer 2.36 - Website DivX Player 7.0 - The official player from the DivX codec makers. Website Media Player Classic - just like WMP6.4 except that it has a lot more features. Website Media Player Classic Home Cinema - like MPC but with support for additional renderers and capable of using your GFX card's video decoder acceleration. Website RadLight 4 - contains Adware. Website smplayer - multiplatform frontent for mplayer. Website The Core Media Player - successor of PowerDivX Next Gen. Website VideoLan - standalone video player that can handle almost anything without requiring any DirectShow filters - Website Zoom Player 6.5 - WMP replacement, optimized for TV output. Website MPEG-1/2 Encoders bbMPEG 1.24b18 - latest beta, free MPEG-1/2 encoder HC 0.23 - free high quality .AVS to MPEG-1/2 encoder. Website QuEnc 0.72 - free high quality .AVS to MPEG1/2 encoder based on ffmpeg Quicktime plugin for TMPG - allows you to convert MOV to MPG/AVI in TMPG ReMPEG2 1.5.2 - MPEG2 Transcoder TMPGEnc - note: MPEG-2 support expires after 30 days unless you live in the future . Website Region Free Tools DriveInfo 2.2 - tells you all about your DVD Drive Subtitles CCParser 0.05b - parses Close Captioning DVDs DVD subtitle converter - converts Micro DVD Player files to .sup (IfoEdit) format. Webpage DVDSubEdit 1.501 - visualize subtitle editing. Webpage MaestroSBT - Converts subtitles from SSA scripts to formats readable by DVD Maestro, Scenarist,I-Author and submux. Renders the bitmaps. S3 Subtitle Converter 0.05b - converts I-author to Scenarist subtitles, tutorial included Sub2stl - converts MDVDP and SubRip files to the stl format (native Maestro format) Subadjust 1.56 - adjust subs, split subtitle files and convert subtitle files SubCreator 1.2 - create and adjust subtitles with online preview SubRip 1.30 beta 10 - the most uses subtitle ripper. Website Subripper -> Scenarist Scenarist Coverter 0.1 - converts .srt to .sst SubSynch 0.2.11 - subtitle synching helper utility Subtitle Workshop 2.51 - complete subtitle creation, editing and conversion tool supporting 40+ subtitle formats. Webpage SubToSup - convert VobSub files to sup (IfoEdit DVD authoring format) SubWizard 1.3.6 - converts srt files to Subtitle creator / StreamWeaver or DVD Fusion format. VirtualDub subtitle plugin - to add ssa subs to an AVI VobSub 2.23 - another subtitle plugin for VirtualDub & Avisynth and DS filter for subtitle overlay during playback. VobSubStrip 0.11 - strips unwated subtitle streams from VobSub files. Website WinSubMux - adds subtitles to an SVCD stream. Support Utils ASPI checker - checks if you have a working ASPI layer on your system ATI Macrovision remover - removes macrovision from the TV input of your ATI card Avisynth 2.57 - probably the most powerful video editing tool based on scripting. Website AviResetAll - resets all AVI settings for Windows, try that if the above doesn't help AVISplitCalc 3.42 - calculates split points in your AVIs BatchCCEWS - automates .avs encoding using CCE. To be used together with DIF4U. Website BtWinCap Switcher - allows BtWinCap to work properly with DScaler, MoreTV, borgTV, etc DirectX 8.1 YUV colorspace conversion fix - can help you capture using huffyuv DGSplit 1.1 - the only file splitter you ever needed (very useful to extract sample for problem analysis). DGPulldown 1.0.11 - MPEG2 Flagging and Timecode Utility for 3:2 pulldown and PAL to NTSC conversion. Website DoCCE4U - - automates .avs encoding using CCE. To be used together with DIF4U. Website ForceAspi 1.7 - if you get ASPI errors install this IsoPuzzle 1.7 - recover damaged DVDs. Website Mode2 CD Maker 1.5a - create Mode 2 CDs that offer more space QTReader - VFP plugin for TMPG allowing it to read QuickTime files ReStream 0.9.0 - changes almost all MPEG-2 header options. Website Robot4Rip 0.6 - automates preprocessing of DVD sources for Gordian Knot & other tools Scenchap 1.28 - adds chapter points to a Scenarist project VFAPI - includes VFAPI Reader Codec and VFAPI Converter VOB Tools ChapterXtractor - extracts chapters from an ifo for MDVDP ChopperXP 2.7 - VOB cutting utility with preview facilities. Website DVDPatcher 1.06 - change various flags in an MPEG2 stream DVD Shrink 3.2 - extremely fast DVD transcoding utility. Website DVD Rebuilder 0.98 - one click DVD transcoding tool using CCE/Rejig/QuEnc for video encoding. Full installer. Website (also for Pro version) DoItFast4U 1.4.0 - re-authoring made easy. Website (currently offline) FixVTS 1.603 - adjust DVD files for better compliance with various one click software IfoEdit 0.971 - edit IFO files, create IFO files, stream processing for DVDs, DVD image and burning capabilities included. Website IfoUpdate 0.78 - merges PGC/Cell structures between .ifo files ImgBurn - Continues DVD Decrypter's burning engine. Website MuxMan 0.16.6 - freeware DVD muxer with features that rival Scenarist. Website (also for Pro version) MenuShrink 2.41 - Shrinks a DVD's menus. PgcDemux 1205 - demuxes a PGC/VID/Cell to its elementary streams. Website PgcEdit - The Swiss Army knive of DVD editing. Website ReAuthorist 1.0.0 - putting DoItFast4U & DoCCE4U output together to a fully working Scenarist project ready for compilation. Website VobBlanker - A tool to blank, replace and cut PGCs in a DVD. Website VobEdit 0.6 - VOB editing utility, can split, demux, remux and join VOB files. Website Source Codes for all the Programs on this Page: Source codes for all you coders out there. Bicubic DirectShow Resize filter source code bbMPEG 1.24b18 source code bbTools 1.9 source code ChapterXtractor source code CSSMonitor source code Convolution3d source code Decomb source code DeCSS plus source code DeCSS plus 2pre3 source code DivX 4 Windows 4a50 WFW and DS filter source. DivFix source code Filemerger source code FixVTS source code HDTVtoMPEG2 source code Huffyuv 2.2 source code IFOParser source code MenuShrink source code Micro DVD Player Menu Maker source code MPEG2Cut 1.15 source code mpeg2enc source code Nandub 1.0 RC2 source code Normalize 0.24.1 source code Normalize GUI source code OggMux source code Pulldown.exe source code Mode2 CD Maker source code MS MPEG-4 source code - not DivX or any of the release codecs, keep that in mind. SmartRipper source code SimpleResize source code SSRC source code STMedianFilter source code SubMist source code SubRip source code TomsMoComp source code Undot filter source code Unfilter source code Vaguedenoiser source code VirtualDub 1.3c source code VirtualDub subtitler plugin source code vStrip 0.8 including sources VobBlanker source codes VobDec 0.3 including sources VobSub including sources Wave Length adjust source code Yet another temporal smoother source code
  16. jasonwilliams

    Got Myself into Trouble

    Hello All, The hard disk in my server went bad on me, and I've just discovered that the backup plugin hasn't run in over 2 months. I was able to retrieve all the data from the bad disk, so I have all the files and I've tried rebuilding Emby server using the instructions here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/10427-how-to-migrate-emby-server/ I found the source files in the Roaming folder (Emby-Server), but some of the paths don't seem to match the guide exactly. I also used SQL to move the users over, but the users don't show. Also, I can see the playlists in the folder, but they do not appear inside Emby. Is there any hope, or should I just start from scratch? The main things I care about are the playlists and the watch history. Thanks in advance. Jason
  17. skurvy_pirate

    Can't restore using backup plugin

    I had some serious issues after changing some recording settings for Live TV. I tried pointing the directory to my normal TV directory and point movies into my normal movie directory. After doing this and saving, Emby got into some infinite loop of library scanning and kept adding "Recording" folders like Recording1, Recording11, Recording111, Recording1111, etc. I had to shut down the server because it would start up and become unresponsive and I couldn't even access settings to change it back. I have been using the backup plugin, so I just decided to reinstall Emby and restore from yesterdays backup. Well after reinstalling and configuring the backup plugin, I see my 5 most recent backups, but clicking on them does nothing. Am I missing something on how to restore? For now I have tried manually putting files back onto the NAS in (what I think is) the proper locations. I have noticed my users didn't come back (even though there are users backed up and I think I put them back in the correct location, ProgramData-Server/Config/Users). There are also user folders under "userdata" in the backup that I can't find a corresponding folder on in the NAS. Long story short, is there a way to restore the backups using the plugin so that it "just works"?
  18. I'm a premium supporter and have the Server Configuration backup. Due to some previous issues with Emby, and also for some other reasons, I decided to stop fighting with all the legacy crap on my media server, and did a fresh reinstall. I reinstalled onto a new drive, so I still have full access to the old system. However, restoring my backup via Server Config backup plugin didn't work. Steps taken: Clean install of Windows 7 Clean install of latest Emby Server ( Fresh backup made on old Emby (3.0.6050.0) Install the backup plugin on new Emby Browse the backup - all users are seen, migration options are to create same-named users, options for plugin restore etc are all checked Press the restore button, accept the warnings Page refreshes and puts me on the Dashboard Check the Users and Plugins sections, nada I've done this with Chrome but also tried in Firefox (after reading a similar thread). I also followed the migration guide for manual migration, but I was getting Syntax error at or near INSERT from DB Browser for SQLite, so I could get my plugins restored manually, but still no user accounts or media browsing data. The only thing I can think is that there's some issue with paths (the old install is at Mediabrowser-Server unser %appdata%, while the new one is at Emby-Server) but it doesn't seem likely. Or then some weird permissions issue. Or the previously linked thread where user plasmon mentions that: I'll look into this a little further but it's doubtful. I'm out of ideas otherwise. Any help would be much appreciated. Log.txt
  19. chiefnerd

    Ubuntu 14.04 Configuration Backup Fail

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I couldn't find a dedicated forum for it. Simply cannot get the Server Configuration Backup Plugin to work, get an error trying to create a profile and immediate fail when trying to run it. I'm guessing it's a permission error of some description but the backup path is owned by emby user and group so I'm at a bit of a loss. Any help appreciated as I need to upgrade Emby but very reluctant to without a working backup of all userdata and config.
  20. Hello, recently I had to reinstall my server. For continuity, I installed Emby on another server and copied the whole Emby-direcotry C:\Users\mediacenter\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server to the new server. After that, - changed ports - changed display name and both server where running. Great! However, I noticed when tried to connect from outside my network, I could reach both servers, but there were always issues with connecting: showing wrong displayname, connecting to wrong server etc... I think that (internally) there is some ID that identifies the server, and that this has to be changed. Therefore my question: - is above supported (thus not migrating to other server, but copying config to new server and have both servers up and running, i.e. for disaster recovery procedures) - should I change this ID somewhere kind regards, Bart
  21. jamvids

    Backup Restore / Playlists

    Hello, I have just refreshed my server OS and emby, I have used backup and everything seems to have gone quite well. Just to report the small problems with the restore, The homescreen settings haven't copied over Playlists haven't copied into the profile, they are there in the cache but not on my user profile. Is there any way that I can import playlists, and would it possible in future to share playlists with other users, would be a great little feature.
  22. psubsee2002

    Play state not restored from backup

    I am migrating my server from 1 computer to another. I installed the Server Configuration Backup plugin and made a backup that included everything, including user data. When I restored from the backup, I see the backup did contain this info and the checkboxes were selected when I restored from the backup. But when I view my collections, both from the web interface, and from the android app, the play state was not synched. Did I do something incorrect, or is there another step somewhere?
  23. It would be nice to have a function to backup our Collections or maybe even our entire Libraries and the ability to Restore them. This is why: 1. I have some Collections that I have had to create manually. Examples are Jeane-Claude Van Damme Movies. He made allot of movies and I like to keep them all together. I have 22 movies in this collection. Abbott and Costello 34 movies. Vincent Price over 20 movies. Collections of various kid movies. 2. In my Movie Library, there always seem to be a few movies that do not pull the correct meta data or images. I have to manually straighten these out by entering the data directly and uploading my own images. 3. When ever there is an issue with Emby and I either have to reload my Libraries or reinstall Emby, it is very time consuming to get everything back the way it was. 4. I used to run all the latest beta's but have lately found that if there is a problem with the latest build, it is too time consuming to get my libraries and collections back the way they were. I have over 1500 movies, 153 collections of movies, 97 TV Shows with all Seasons, and over 1500 music albums. After getting everything the way I like it, it would be nice that if something does happen I can restore my libraries and meta data back the way it was. I love using Emby and think this would be a great feature to have, at least for users running the latest beta's.
  24. whitestrat13

    A Humble Thank You

    I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to @@ebr for the phenomenal work he did with the Server Configuration Backup plugin. I had to reinstall Windows on my server as I was upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I was unable to do an in place upgrade as I was moving from an Enterprise copy I had from college, to a retail version of Windows 10 pro. The backup plugin worked flawlessly. After I reconfigured my file shares and permissions, Emby was good to go. I just had to wait for a full rescan of my library. Totally impressed. Whole down time including Backup, OS and software install, and library rebuild was about 2 hours. This is a testament to all the hard work you guys did to make the server so stable and well written. Its the little things like this that make your product far superior to your competitors. I'm now off to write a few powershell scripts to help automatically setup my file shares and permissions. That way next time it will be even faster. Thanks, Whitestrat13
  25. I don't know if it has been requested, but at this stage of the game, I think it would be quite important to be able to backup and restore a good portion of the server. My thought is the following should be able to be exported and then imported in the case where a server "restore" is necessary: Users Library Server configuration Watched status/Playstates (you knew it was coming) Installed plugins with configuration for each I would think those would be the most basic and necessary areas that would be the most difficult to get back in the case of disaster. Metadata and images would be nice, but can be re-scraped. I just know that at some point, my server will need to be replaced and while I do keep a full backup of all necessary MB3 directories, an integrated recovery solution would probably be much easier for the majority of users. I know of the backup and restore post here, but I just think it's time for an integrated solution - or even a plugin. I run a daily Windows Server backup job on mine and am confident in restoring it, but I've been in IT for 20 years. General Joe isn't doing that.
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