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  1. everdark81

    A few feature ideas.

    1. I love the sync feature, and am hopeful that someone will come up with a "Sync to OneDrive", similar to the "Sync to Google Drive". 2.I'd like to have an option to "Sync All", whether that be Movies, Television or Music. This would be similar to the Sync option included for "Latest Movies", "Latest Episodes", "Next Up", etc., but available under "Shows" for TV, or "Movies" for movies. Effectively, this would simply monitor the "Television" and "Movie" folders and sync everything to the Sync location. This would allow for persistent backups of all media with only two Sync jobs. (Three, if you also have Music, which I do not.) My intent with this configuration is to create a second local copy, then copy that "backup" copy to an external drive, and another machine which has a different, much faster internet connection for uploading to OneDrive. I've found this to be more efficient than having a separate Sync job for each location, mostly due to the fact that the Emby Server machine has a dedicated internet connection requiring it to be in a different subnet than the rest of the devices in the house. There is a second NIC with no gateway to allow communication with the "main" subnet. 3. Despite the complexity of my network, Emby has been very easy to work with, though being able to manually set the "internal" address of the Emby Server would be wonderful. To better explain, the machine on which Emby Server runs has one NIC with a 10.18.x.x IP and gateway connected to it's dedicated router and internet connection. There is also a second NIC with a 10.81.x.x IP, but no gateway. Emby Server is automatically setting the 10.18.x.x IP address as the internal "Local Access" address, presumably because that is the subnet where it was able to resolve the "Remote Access" public IP. Being able to manually configure the "Local Access" address for the 10.81.x.x subnet would greatly simplify connection of the various Emby clients my family uses. I absolutely love your product. I was previously using Serviio, which I thought was great. Emby has completely redefined "great" for me as far as media library capabilities are concerned. VERY well done.
  2. perezbalen

    Database Location

    Hi I just got a catastrophic sistem failure, and lost my media HDDs, but managed to save the HDD where the MediaBrowser was installed. Is there a way to get the file names that the Media Browser had on it´s database (so I can track down the media I lost)? Is there a way to get that info without acces to the installed system (just the file structrue)? Thanks
  3. According to my insurance advisor, I should have a back up option for the information that is stored by my staff on the computers on a daily basis. It seems that the data about the clients projects should be stored and backed up at one place where surety of retrieval is high. My insurance advisor has recommended Ahsay backup software as one of the best solutions since there are varied options and discounts. Can anyone tell me about other inexpensive options for cloud back up in the region? I really don’t want to spend that much and my need is of 10 TB only as of now.
  4. Hey!!!! I'm looking for a backup software that is compatible for managed service providers. Can you let me know if its free or if i have to pay for the software too. I heard Ahsay Software was good, but I wanted some suggestions. Any help would be great. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am new to the Linux environment and still learning but I have to say I love it! One thing I am not sure about is I have setup a computer running Linux. Now i want software that will serve as backup for another windows machine. The thing is i have tried using CloudBacko Backup Software but i just get confused although from what i have read it would be the perfect backup solution. Does anybody know of software i can use and is there a how to guide lol. Please provide links if possible. Thanks
  6. nhall

    Media Browser 3 backup

    Hi, Will there soon be a backup feature to backup all settings and users etc. Many thanks Nathaniel
  7. My current MBS is version 3.0.5192.19560. My media library is on a ReadyNAS NVX and I use the ReadyNAS built-in backup engine to shoot the files to an external drive. Since I started using MB Server incremental backups take hours even when no new files have been added. The files that the backup has processed have time stamps from before the last backup so they don't appear to have changed. Does MBS periodically "touch" the files somehow in a way that might make the backup engine think they are altered? Partial ReadyNAS log file below. Any thoughts on this mystery appreciated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INCREMENTAL Backup started. Mon Apr 7 06:53:30 HKT 2014 Job: 004 Protocol: local Source: [Stuff]/Movies/Feature Films Destination: [USB_HDD_14]/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films `./Clueless/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Clueless/folder.jpg' `./Clueless/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Clueless/backdrop8.jpg' `./Clueless/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Clueless/backdrop4.jpg' `./Clueless/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Clueless/movie.xml' `./Fast Five/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Fast Five/backdrop10.jpg' `./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/disc.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/disc.png' `./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop8.jpg' `./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop3.jpg' `./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop10.jpg' `./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows.avi' `./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop6.jpg' `./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop3.jpg' `./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop7.jpg' `./Hellboy/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy/backdrop1.jpg' `./Hellboy/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy/backdrop6.jpg' `./Hellboy/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy/banner.jpg' `./Hellboy/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy/backdrop5.jpg' `./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/backdrop1.jpg' `./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/Hellboy II - The Golden Army.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/Hellboy II - The Golden Army.mkv' `./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/backdrop9.jpg' `./Dodgeball/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/folder.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop5.jpg' `./Dodgeball/Dodgeball-trailer.mp4' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/Dodgeball-trailer.mp4' `./Dodgeball/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/logo.png' `./Dodgeball/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop8.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop4.jpg' `./Dodgeball/Thumbs.db' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/Thumbs.db' `./Dodgeball/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop3.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop10.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop9.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop11.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop11.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop7.jpg' `./Zoolander/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/backdrop1.jpg' `./Zoolander/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/backdrop2.jpg' `./Zoolander/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/clearart.png' `./Zoolander/Zoolander.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/Zoolander.mkv' `./Zoolander/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/movie.xml' `./Jerry Maguire/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Jerry Maguire/logo.png' `./John Carter/John Carter-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./John Carter/John Carter-trailer.mov' `./John Carter/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./John Carter/backdrop6.jpg' `./John Carter/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./John Carter/logo.png' `./John Carter/Thumbs.db' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./John Carter/Thumbs.db' `./Real Steel/backdrop12.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop12.jpg' `./Real Steel/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/banner.jpg' `./Real Steel/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/folder.jpg' `./Real Steel/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop.jpg' `./Real Steel/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop4.jpg' `./Real Steel/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop3.jpg' `./Real Steel/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop9.jpg' `./Real Steel/Real Steel.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/Real Steel.avi' `./Real Steel/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop7.jpg' `./The Cannonball Run/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./The Cannonball Run/backdrop1.jpg' `./The Cannonball Run/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./The Cannonball Run/backdrop8.jpg' `./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop6.jpg' `./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop.jpg' `./Drillbit Taylor/Drillbit Taylor.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Drillbit Taylor/Drillbit Taylor.avi' `./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop4.jpg' `./L.A. Story/L.A. Story.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/L.A. Story.mkv' `./L.A. Story/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/folder.jpg' `./L.A. Story/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/logo.png' `./L.A. Story/Thumbs.db' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/Thumbs.db' `./L.A. Story/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/movie.xml' `./Black Rain/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/backdrop2.jpg' `./Black Rain/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/folder.jpg' `./Black Rain/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/backdrop.jpg' `./Black Rain/Thumbs.db' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/Thumbs.db' `./Black Rain/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/movie.xml' `./Minority Report/Minority Report.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/Minority Report.avi' `./Minority Report/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop1.jpg' `./Minority Report/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop2.jpg' `./Minority Report/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/clearart.png' `./Minority Report/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/banner.jpg' `./Minority Report/thumb.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/thumb.jpg' `./Minority Report/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop5.jpg' `./Minority Report/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/logo.png' `./Minority Report/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop8.jpg' `./Minority Report/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop4.jpg' `./Minority Report/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/movie.xml' `./Minority Report/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop3.jpg' `./Minority Report/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop7.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/backdrop6.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/backdrop2.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/Basic Instinct-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/Basic Instinct-trailer.mov' `./Basic Instinct/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/folder.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/backdrop.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/backdrop3.jpg' `./Fatal Attraction/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Fatal Attraction/backdrop1.jpg' `./Fatal Attraction/Fatal Attraction.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Fatal Attraction/Fatal Attraction.mkv' `./Romancing the Stone/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Romancing the Stone/backdrop.jpg' `./Falling Down/Falling Down.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/Falling Down.mkv' `./Falling Down/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/backdrop.jpg' `./Falling Down/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/backdrop8.jpg' `./Falling Down/backdrop13.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/backdrop13.jpg' `./Falling Down/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/backdrop7.jpg' `./G.I. Jane/G.I. Jane.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/G.I. Jane.avi' `./G.I. Jane/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/backdrop5.jpg' `./G.I. Jane/disc.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/disc.png' `./G.I. Jane/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/logo.png' `./G.I. Jane/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/backdrop3.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop1.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop2.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/clearart.png' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop4.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/movie.xml' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop3.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop11.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop11.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop7.jpg' `./American Reunion/backdrop12.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/backdrop12.jpg' `./American Reunion/American Reunion-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/American Reunion-trailer.mov' `./American Reunion/American Reunion.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/American Reunion.avi' `./American Reunion/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/clearart.png' `./American Reunion/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/banner.jpg' `./American Reunion/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/folder.jpg' `./American Reunion/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/backdrop5.jpg' `./American Reunion/disc.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/disc.png' `./American Reunion/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/logo.png' `./American Reunion/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/backdrop8.jpg' `./American Reunion/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/backdrop7.jpg' `./Chocolat/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/backdrop2.jpg' `./Chocolat/thumb.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/thumb.jpg' `./Chocolat/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/folder.jpg' `./Chocolat/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/backdrop5.jpg' `./Chocolat/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/backdrop8.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/Edward Scissorhands-trailer.mp4' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/Edward Scissorhands-trailer.mp4' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop6.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop2.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/clearart.png' `./Edward Scissorhands/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/banner.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop5.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop4.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/Edward Scissorhands.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/Edward Scissorhands.avi' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop10.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop9.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop6.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/folder.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop5.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/logo.png' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop4.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop10.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/Donnie Brasco.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/Donnie Brasco.avi' `./Erin Brockovich/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Erin Brockovich/backdrop1.jpg' `./Erin Brockovich/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Erin Brockovich/backdrop2.jpg' `./Erin Brockovich/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Erin Brockovich/banner.jpg' `./Erin Brockovich/Erin Brockovich-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Erin Brockovich/Erin Brockovich-trailer.mov' `./Titanic/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop1.jpg' `./Titanic/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop6.jpg' `./Titanic/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/logo.png' `./Titanic/Titanic-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/Titanic-trailer.mov' `./Titanic/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop8.jpg' `./Titanic/backdrop13.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop13.jpg' `./Titanic/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop9
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