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  1. HI, I recently started to stream audio from the Emby server to a dlna speaker, using the web interface for selecting audio files. (Application version: Linux platform) The music is playing but the browser does not show any media player buttons. Leaving me unable to do anything like stopping the playing file or fast forward or change volume. You do not see what is playing and have no control. Playlist also do not function. You can start it, but it will play only one single file. (not the total list) I see this behavior in all my “different” browsers (laptop, phone, tablet). Is it “a work in progress” or should it function like the video playback? Regards Fire
  2. caroig

    Server fails on trancoding audio

    Hey, I'm still learning Emby, moving away from Plex. I don't seem to be able to sync any audio to my phone. Whatever the settings (bitrate), transcoding fails (whether from FLAC or MP3, whether from playlist, album or an individual song). I'm attaching a log. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, the latest emby server as of now (Version beta). There's some problem here: [NULL @ 0xff2fc0] Unable to find a suitable output format for '/var/lib/emby/sync/12/41/f9683eab-6e45-4945-ba8b-462fffdcf8dc' /var/lib/emby/sync/12/41/f9683eab-6e45-4945-ba8b-462fffdcf8dc: Invalid argument Emby-log.txt
  3. SamStarKiller

    Audio Crackle

    Hi there, Seem to be getting a strange audio crackle in 5.1 files when using the internal player. Rolling back to a version that uses LibVlc fixes the issue, so perhaps LibMpv related? Works fine on my OnePlus 3 - Custom Oreo 8.1 Horrible to listen to on my Z3 Tablet Compact - Custom Oreo 8.1 (rolling back to 2.9.76 makes it usable) Fairly new to Emby so no idea what I would need to provide to debug! Any help appreciated!
  4. On some videos I experience a very noticable variation in volume on some of the audio channels in some parts of the video (e.g. spoken dialogue from the center speaker suddenly getting very faint). The issue is not random; the variations are the same on each playback of the video. I've checked the source material, and those are fine. I've also checked the AVR settings for any dynamic processing, but those are turned off as well. The problem seems to originate from the Emby app. The videos (mkv) are not being transcoded (direct play), the audio source is Dolby AC3, 48KHz, 5.1chn nVidia Shield 2017
  5. I am having issues with playing alternate audio tracks when the video file contains TrueHD tracks. I know TrueHD will require transcoding but other tracks like commentary and alternate languages will generally Direct Play. If I select an alternate track that will direct play, it will not play the correct track. For example, if the video contains Track 1 – TrueHD Track 2 – Stereo Track 3 – Commentary 1 Track 4 – Commentary 2. If I select track 2, it will actually play Track 3. Select track 3 and it plays track 4. Select Track 4 and it plays Track 2. The attached log file shows this example where the server is correctly selecting track 2 and is allowing Direct Play. Other clients such as Web, Theater, and iPAD all correctly select the second stream but the Samsung client is off by one and selects the 3rd track. Testing with a video file with 2 TrueHD tracks shows it is off by 2. The Samsung client seems to be ignoring TrueHD tracks and counting based on allowed tracks which is not correct. I am still stuck running version 1.0.39 so am not sure if this issue has been resolved in a later version. server-63666672993.txt
  6. I've been using Emby for years now, and I really love it! But there are something that I really struggle with every day since Atmos and DTS-X was released. Emby only detects TRUEHD and DTS-MA and not the object sound formats. I know this is not an easy task and that we all have been waiting for ffdshow to make it possible. What I want while we wait (forever?) for a fix is to make Emby Server automatically add a tag "atmos or DTS-X) to the movies with "ATMOS or DTS-X) in their file name. This would make it so much easier, and would make cinema mode play Atmos & DTS-X intros based on these tags! It would save me alot of work!
  7. blckz28

    No audio on Xbox One app

    I have this app on both a PC and Xbox. The PC version works perfect but when I start any video file on the Xbox version there is no sound even though there is sound navigating through the app. I've tried movies that were encoded with different audio, changed every audio setting in the app I could find, delete the app and re-installed and also tried a different Emby server. At one time when I first installed Ember on the Xbox the audio was working fine but stopped after one of the updates. I don't use the Xbox that often so I couldn't say what update caused it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey everyone, first post here, hoping to get some help with this issue. Getting ready to pull the trigger on Emby Premier as I have been way happier with it over Plex aside from a single issue I have ran across (below). So currently for whatever reason my audio is consistently always out of sync with my video on my Emby for Android app. Although when playing back the same files on a PC through the web client it's perfectly in sync. The audio happens just before the video on the Android apps though, it's consistent, doesn't change when paused/unpaused or anything like that, it's almost exactly the same amount of out of sync. I've been browsing this topic for about 3 days now trying to find a solution and can't figure it out. Below is a list of stuff I have tried so far. Also keep in mind I haven't tried any other apps yet (don't easily have the ability too) such as Roku and the like so maybe it's an app thing and not just Android only. -Restart server (both Emby server, and the physical server) -Restart phones -Try other phones -Try local network and 4G LTE -Tried direct playback rather than transcoding Other Details: -Files are all .mp4 -Server is Windows 10 -PC Playback (which works fine) is Windows 10 -Android version is Oreo -Phones are BlackBerry Key2, and Samsung Galaxy S8+ -Files are perfectly in sync when played on the server directly (via VLC) -System specs (that matter) of the server are AMD Threadripper 1950X 16 Cores, 64GB of RAM, and SLI GTX 1080tis, so I don't think lack of power could possible be the issue -LAN is all through Google Wifi, doubt this would matter as one PC plays back through wifi fine so it's not like a wifi issue -Footage is in varying resolutions from 1080p to 4K all with the same issue If anyone here has any other ideas that would be great.
  9. Hi, I'm an Asian and I love to watch Hollywood movies but when I don't understand them most of the time, I download an audio track in my native language and play it with Hollywood and English movies simultaneously to enjoy it. I do not download dual audio movies because I find local encoders having much worse picture quality. There are my websites that provide us with audio tracks of Hollywood movies and many media player are capable of playing external audios like: VLC MPC Kodi (video and external audio file name must be same to be detected and played along) I've used Plex and found it really frustrating because it cannot perform this task, neither it has parental controls (free), so I switched to Kodi but it also has no greater features than EMBY! I installed it today and updated all my libraries, I really loved it and want to use it as my Media Server, its Combo with Kodi is really awesome, I don't like to watch movies in Web Browsers so used its Plugin for Kodi, Now everything is fine except: Emby lacking ability to play an external audio. Please please please introduce this feature. Not only for Web player but it must work with Kodi Add-on so there should be an option in Kodi to play external audio if using Emby Plugin and server in it. I shall be very very thankful too you. I really found Emby best of all but if it your team design an Emby Media Player for desktop PC, it would be really really great. Thank you.
  10. icedragonslair

    Audio Placement Mask Issues

    I am wondering if this will have any issues the audio in a theater surround system using kodi v18? It seems to be a little heavy on the audio on the right side or is it just me. These are the comparison of the two files (original vs converted) MediInfo entries, should I be concerned? ​​​​​​​ Full audio reports from mediainfo here: my newly converted hevc source: I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, please feel free to move if needed. Thanks again for all, Ice
  11. scott.freiman

    Default audio can't be changed - Apple TV

    I have videos in Emby that have multiple audio streams. When I choose Select Audio or Subtitles, I can select an alternate stream. However, the default stream always plays even when I select "Play with these selections". I have gone into settings and unchecked the "Always use Default Audio" option. That didn't help. When I restart the server, the "Always use Default Audio" option is checked again. Any idea what is going on and how I can select the desired audio stream? UPDATE: It appears to be related to a single ripped Blu-Ray. I'll check on my end.
  12. maximumentropy

    SHN audio supported?

    Is SHN (shorten) lossless audio compression format supported? I have quite a few music files in this format, and would prefer to not convert all of them to FLAC. I tried playing one in Emby without any luck. FFMPEG apparently supports this format, so I'm hoping it can be added to Emby (if not already supported). Thanks!
  13. daronthomas

    Radio Feature

    Just a thing I would like added, maybe others would also. A radio feature on a separate app that would stream like pandora randomly selecting songs based on type. I don't like setting up playlists since they play in order every time. Something random and super fast to start up and use when im in the car. All the audio streaming options for PLEX Emby and others suck for audio handling. Half the time I start the emby app to play music on my phone it just shows a black screen so I give up and go back to pandora. The fewer buttons the better. There may be ways of doing what I want with the current setup but it seems way to complicated as is and it could be a chance for emby to step past plex on cool feature design.
  14. CarlosLima

    Audio on Emby Server

    Only now I noticed that the Emby Server has no fields for audio settings. That's right, it's not possible to configure the audio, since I started to use Emby Server not only to share the collections, but as a local media player.
  15. Hi, Where can I see the audio and video formats not yet supported by Emby Server? I have in the collections several formats and some are not reproduced. Thank you
  16. minitoine

    Audio HD decoding

    Hi guys, I read a lot of topics about this, but didn't found a response explicitly. (Even if i get one by testing at home). I have a LG TV with all audio decoders except True HD. When I play a file containing one of supported codec on my Nvidia Shield TV, passthrough is ok, and direct play is ok, bla bla bla. But, as my TV can't support True HD, when faced to it, i thought that as passthrough is not available, the player itself would decode True HD to PCM to TV. Currently, Emby for Android TV uses ExoPlay 2.XX which supports audio HD decoding thanks to ffmpeg. But is that support is only for Passthrough ? or also for decoding ? I don't understand (even if I understand) why my server is transcoding passthrough if the ExoPlayer of the Shield TV can do it on its own. Please light me on ! minitoine
  17. Catsrules


    What is the best way to add audiobooks into Emby? I have looked around and it sounds like the best way is to add them as a separate Music library and call it good. This sorta works however there is no resume support at all doing it this way and it also doesn't seem to want to play the next track. Has anyone come up with a better solution? And is there any play for implementing an audio book features?
  18. arrbee99

    DVD audio / subs

    I realise this isn't really an Emby thing, but while I've been trying to replace my DVDs with Blurays, there's still quite a few to go, and some will no doubt be staying put. So, in the meantime and in order to save a bit of space, does anyone know of a program that'll remove surplus audio and video tracks from something like this... ...without actually going to the trouble of compressing / handbraking the file ? Thanks.
  19. First, sorry for my poor English I have put some audio books with different embedded image in a "Books" library,those audio books have the same "artist" metadata. But It doesn't shows me the embedded image. It used one of the audio books's embedded image as it's artist image. And all the audio books shows the same artist image. How to make a audio shows it's embedded image instead of artist image?
  20. I have notice that when I play an audio book or podcast from a resumed location, if I pause the playback then resume playback it starts back on the last resumed location. For example if I resume a podcast at 00:54:34 listen for 5 minutes and pause it so it is now at 00:59:34. When I press play again it will go back to the 00:54:34 instead of 00:59:34. To get around this I need to stop the podcast instead of pause, this way it will update the resume location and go to the correct time. This issue does not happen if there is no resumed location. When starting an audio book/podcast from the beginning play/pause works as intended. Hopefully this explanation was somewhat intelligible. Let me know if I need to explain any thing.
  21. Is it possible to passthrough DTS/TrueHD/any audio to soundbar using Emby Tizen App? My TV is Samsung KS7000 (KS8000 in US), server version, Tizen app version 1.0.25
  22. Hi, I've been noticing audio stuttering whilst using the app. I'm using AC3 5.1 ch audio with hvec codec. Also my TV support AC3 and HVEC so I'm not sure if this is a app issue or a setting I'm not aware of. No errors are displayed. For example I would be in the middle of a action scene with alot of talking and background music which has a spike of static audio for about 3 secs then resumes like normal. Then it will continue at different points through out the film. Log File: http://bit.ly/2y2Xl0J Any support or help would be great. Cheers.
  23. Emby Theater 2.8.4 does not seem to use default audio track for at least one TV series. And it is not remembering the audio track selection if I change it, quit the app, and return. I haven't explored further to see if it's just this one show on my server or throughout ET at the moment. In past version (2.8.3 and earlier) the default audio track played as expected. The show is "Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency". The MKV files have a "Stereo" and a "Dolby Digital 5.1" track. The 5.1 is flagged as Default, using MKVToolNix. But ET plays the stereo track, the first track, everytime. If I manually switch the 5.1 track that plays fine. But quitting and returning, ET reverts back to the stereo track as default. I've attached a log file from when I was playing some shows and experiencing this. Log
  24. Dex150489

    Audio/Video Sync Problems

    Evening all, I'm having audio sync problems when playing through ET's internal player (v2.5.16). I have 2 groups of media; Movies (MKVs from bluray rips) TV (MP4s from bluray/dvd rips) So far all movies have played perfectly. However every time i try to watch one of my TV shows I get 1 of a few different audio sync problems. For example; 1. when playing a Big Bang ep (mp4 from bluray) the audio either starts off perfectly or ever so slightly out but by the time the episode has finished the audio is completely out of sync. (I also had a video issue where movement was ghosting on screen but that seems to have gone after playing with the settings) 2. when playing a futurama ep (mp4 from dvd) the video instantly starts twice the speed to of the audio and continues throughout. If i play these through the web browser there is no problem. I have tried playing with all the ET audio and video settings but nothing seems to solve the problem. Currently running windows 7, my Media Centre is connected to my Onkyo AV reciever via hdmi and then to the tv. I know there are settings within the AV that can help with audio/video sync but seeing as the problem isn't consistent throughout all my media i can only leave these settings as they are. Before i go through and rebuild the whole PC from scratch can anyone shed some light if they have been able to fix this problem. Seems to be mp4 specific. Thanks Chris Before i go through and rebuild the whole PC from scratch can anyone shed some light if they have been able to fix this problem. Seems to be mp4 specific.
  25. lol

    Chromecast audio cutting out

    Hi folks, Since a few days ago we've noticed the audio sometimes cuts out on our Chromecast. I've done some testing and found the following: It only cuts out when transcoding and the audio is mapped to AAC, MP3 works fine. It will cut out within the first few minutes. Usually between 1 and 3 minutes. Stopping and restarting playback fixes the problem for a few more minutes until it cuts out again. I've rolled back the server version to a time I knew it worked OK yet the problem remains. Can anyone replicate this problem for me, just so I know I'm not going crazy? Cheers,
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