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  1. When viewing my music in the Albums view it appears that I have a bunch of albums for which the artist is not displayed. The album artist is also not considered when the albums are sorted. My albums view is front-loaded with all the albums that don't display the artist (I suppose the sort puts them up front). Then all of my albums that DO show the artist come after that. You can see a picture below where the two sections meet. The three albums on the left don't show the album artist underneath the album cover. The are sorted purely by the album name. The two 311 albums have the artist n
  2. #mickaus

    New movies- images not displaying

    I've just upgraded to Ubuntu 15.10, and am running emby 3.0.5785.0 New movies I'm adding do not display the images. I've run a Metadata refresh - which this appears to hang, with no noticeable difference after 24hours, - stuck on waiting circle. If I view the details of the movie, then select edit and identify, and replace image, I get no result. For that same movie, I can see that the IMDB data is correct. I can see the cast and crew images. I can see recommendations. Just not displaying artwork for the movie. If I try and examine the logs, the browser page hangs as the log files are 3
  3. I guess this picture pretty much explains the situation I'm having. Happened for a few albums, Emby correctly identifies them, but doesn't replace the artwork for all songs.
  4. First of all, let me say that I searched the forum and haven't found anything that covers this topic. I have a few questions regarding the setup of Emby together with Kodi when they are running on the same machine, to be precise, a headless Ubuntu-based HTPC. I scanned my video files to Emby, they show up just fine on the server side. Emby fetches all the artwork properly, including extrafanart and extrathumbs. I use the Kodi addon (1.1.53) and want to get direct playback running as smooth as possible. As said, Kodi runs on the same device with the same user and same filesystem access
  5. I just noticed that some of the albums in my Music library have a red exclamation mark on the top-left corner of the artwork: Does anyone know what's the meaning of this indication and what should I do to get rid of it? I also noticed that the albums with this mark, are albums that I manually refreshed with the "Refresh" option in the 3_vertical_dot menu on the webclient after for example renaming a music file. I'm running Emby server 3.0.7624.6 on CentOS 7. Thanks
  6. Damstas

    Cover images

    What should I do in this situation?
  7. BAS

    PlayOn Missing Tile Artwork

    All of the sudden my Playon is now a blank tile in every client including the web client. I tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling with no luck. Is there a way to get the plugin to regenerate these logo tile images on my server?
  8. Hi everyone, First of all, forgive me, if I'm reposting something that was already addressed. I could not find it myself. Second of all, I must say; I do love the new Media Browser - it really does kick ass! Now, onto a little bit of nuisance imo. Whenever I pause a video, I get this big ugly pause icon in the middle of my screen. Not only that. I also get to see the cover art, as well as the title of the movie. As if I didn't know what I was watching. LOL. My question is, and if at all possible. Can I get this pause icon in a smaller format? Can I remove the cover
  9. Say for example you discovered this awesome artwork package like @@shaefurr s Disparity, and you want to add it to your MB server. It would be awesome if you could choose to implement the whole package (I believe each of the images would have to have pre-recognized naming patterns) with just a few clicks of the mouse. And to also be able to implement say, a gaming genre package, or change it if you decide there is something you like more. Or to change to something you want to try out, but decide you don't like it, but it is so easy to change back, because you can just load the genre pack you h
  10. I often dont use the Collection artwork proposed on TMDB for my boxsets and have create an extensive artwork collection for my boxsets over time. - In autoboxset after the set has been created we can manually go and change the artwork but it would be cool if we could setup in the options section of the plugin a optional location for autoboxset to retrieve the proper primary poster from a local location where we have stored our artwork. All the artwork can be in the same folder and autoboxset could choose the right one based on the file name being the same as the the collection name on TMDB
  11. I am starting a poll to get an idea of how many MediaBrowser users actually populate their genres with icons for their collections. I have noticed that some MB clients (MBC, MBT excluded) don't pull the genre icons from the server and instead just use the label. So really what I want to know is there a demand for genre icons to be pulled to other clients as well or do most of you simply not use genre icons and could care less. Thanks.
  12. I upgrade to MB3 Media Browers Classic from an older Media Browser. Mostly having problems with T.V. shows like the The Office (American), it has never downloaded the artwork. But with MB3, it still didn't download artwork or most but did downloaded a lot of incorrect episode names, artwork and descriptions for some. I manually deleted files out of the folder where the movie resides but that didn't change anything. Where can I fix this and how can I set it to grab the correct metadata and artwork. I label all episodes in this fashion - Show/Seasons/S01E01. Any help would be appreci
  13. I wrote this guide up to try and help @@t^2 understand the images and their place(s) and thought it might also be helpful to anyone new to this and scratching their head. So here we go: Movies Movie Art - are images of a movie logo/name including characters of the movie with a transparent background Movie Backdrops – are high quality backdrops of the Movie Movie Banner - are images containing the movie characters including the movie logo/title Movie Disc - are original movie disc images with a transparent background Movie Logo – are images of a movie logo/name with a transparent b
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