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  1. I have notice my phone client is reporting as still active but the I have killed the app on the phone. Is the a way to kick a client from emby server end?
  2. Just curious if there is already a feature for server side volume leveling (I assume this would require transcoding) or a feature request exists and if it is possible
  3. PrincessClevage

    Possible Netflix Plugin

    I know this is a weird suggestion but the driver would be to have access to all media in one interface and also use mpv player and link into home automation (similar to other media Libraries in Emby)
  4. PrincessClevage

    Volume returns to 100%

    When ever I play a new video file ET volume always returns to 100% even if I just turned it to 50% in the previously place video. Audio pass through is not enabled for these video/audio types and ET client controls the volume level. This even occurs when playing a tv series and finishing one episode then auto starting next episode volume is 100%
  5. As the title states I have observed that after a minute into each movie the movie restarts from the beginning when trailer intros are enabled in cinema mode
  6. PrincessClevage

    Playback problem

    Has there been a recent update to ET again? I was met with login prompt this evening and even after a reboot my system is having issues playing files with high cpu, seems to be ffmpeg.exe going nuts
  7. PrincessClevage

    Increase buffer for .m3u streams

    Hi There, Is it possible to Increase buffer for .m3u streams?
  8. PrincessClevage

    Sci-fi and documentaries IPTV provider

    Can anyone suggest a good IPTV provider for Sci-fi and documentary preferably with guide and icon data?
  9. PrincessClevage

    ET loads a Black Screen

    Hi there, I have manually changed nothing and today ET loads only a black screen. I have noticed that Emby server has performed an auto update, could this be related? So far I have tried a reboot, tried redownloading ET but it just threw an error after about 15mins, “Error downloading package. There may be a problem communicating with the update server. System.net.webexception
  10. PrincessClevage

    ET 3.0.8

    Have there been a recent change to ET ? I seem to have trouble playing live tv, just get a spinning wheel and ET then locks up. I have tested live tv from IOS device and play normally. Even resuming some media hangs
  11. I am a new to Emby. I come from plex where you could use this feature without setting up a SSL Certificate. I am needing some help with this. I have a free domain name through no-ip. Anyone who can help I thank you in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. bretswinney

    Iptv issue

    Having an issue using when I set iptv to only allow one stream. Once it is back to 0 it works fine but then I have issues with having too many streams. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. bretswinney

    Tuner access

    Ability to customize access to specific tuners for different users Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. bretswinney

    Iptv guide help

    Just subscribed iptv & need help getting the guide working in Emby. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. bretswinney

    Theme Videos

    Instead of playing in the background like in the web version they pop up as a video over top of the app. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. bretswinney

    Cancel Library Scans

    Ability to cancel individual library scans Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hi there, I am attempting to setup wail2ban for multiple failed attempts to log into emby server. Wail2ban looks for failed attempts in Windows security log, is it possible to configure emby server to log failed attempts in a similar manner?
  18. PrincessClevage

    Auto WOL for default server

    IMO it would make a much more polished app and better customer experience if you could set a default server (if you use multiple) and enable auto WOL attempt if the app can not immediately contact the default server when on the LAN
  19. After a Kodi database sync, I notice music and audiobooks are combined into one library. Viewing the genres tab, my music and audiobook genres are combined. Is this a limitation of Emby for Kodi or could something be wrong with my setup? I created separate libraries which display as separate in browser view. Also, I don't see music or audiobooks as library "folders" in Emby for Kodi settings. When I go to add a library (same place you update/reset libraries), I only see ALL, yet music and audiobooks clearly don't have folder entries. Did I explain the issue in a clear manner?
  20. Hi there, I have poor internet connection speed and some times it can take 10seconds+ to load show images etc for the LiveTV view in ET. I am using nextpvr plugin as it seems to give the most image bling (auto fetch from the internet and creates a local cache of images) , is it possible to have a setting in ET for caching ahead +xyz hours of metadata and images based on guide data provided at the time? I believe guide data from icetv is only updated once daily around 5pm
  21. PrincessClevage

    Emby News

    I see Plex has a supported “News” function that combines several different local and internet sources to provide a News section. This might be an attractive alternative to some that don’t want to be lead like sheep and solely consume the mainstream news media. Any consideration been given to supporting a Emby News section?
  22. PrincessClevage

    Roll back Emby Server

    Is it possible to roll back EMby Server version to pre .net core version and get all the previous plugins back? Two main reason: Some plugins are not available Handling of live tv metadata after resume from sleep state is failing I perceive no end user improvement in performance with .net core (although there may be in the back end).
  23. When Emby deletes a file there is a 5+ second delay before the entry in Kodi is removed. This throws off anybody who doesn't understand they're waiting for the file to actually be deleted and a response to come back from the server. A better user experience would be to delete the Kodi entry immediately and let the user go on their way while Emby does it's thing in the background. Thoughts?
  24. Andy777

    Music library external access

    (there is going to be a whole bunch of questions issues from me now that I'm preparing my new setup including Emby) Only way I can make external access to work with music library is to do the initial sync from a external network. In plugin Beta 2.2.30 on Jarvis 16.1 I have the following settings: * Playback Mode: Addon * Enable Music library: On * Direct stream music library: On * Play from HTTP instead of SMB: On Movies and videos are fine whether on local LAN or external access. If I do a full reset and resync of the local database, the MyMusic56.db gets populated with paths using my LAN internal emby-server ip address like: These URLs are correct and I can successfully use my music library when inside my home LAN. However when outside my home network, emby for kodi fails to change the path to external IP of my server. Therefore the file fails to play. On the other hand, if I do a full reset and resync of the local database when outside my home LAN (but connected to the emby server), the MyMusic56.db gets populated with paths using the external ip like: https://my.dynamicdns.something:8920/emby/Audio/e6c86.... After that, the music library works regardless whether the Kodi device is in my local LAN or using external access. The biggest hassle is that in order to get the music to work both ways, I need to do the reset/full sync from a external network. With thousands of songs and slow connection this can take (unbearably) long time. In plugin 2.2.14 there was a workaround which consisted of not using "direct stream", but local paths, and the automatic failover to http direct streaming. At least I think that was what made it work back then. The library sync could be made within the home LAN and the music would still be playable when connected from external networks. A quick fix would be another option in music library sync settings like: Enable Music Libtrary: ON -Direct stream music library: ON -Use external https paths for musicl library: ON On the other hand, if I unclick "Play from HTTP instead of SMB", I can see (in the Kodi log) that Emby provides the direct SMB path even in the case when the MyMusic database is populated with http or https URLs. So optimally (and without additional manual option) Emby for Kodi should convert the internal network http://192....-adresses on the fly to https://my.dynamicdns.something:8920/..... when it detects that the client is not in the same network as the server. Just reporting. The current workaround is to do a full database reset from an external network. There is a SSL problem with the mono/ubuntu server (I'll report it in the appropriate section separately) which makes this unreliable. You people are doing a superb job with this Emby-Kodi combination! Andy777
  25. If a new item is added to the database, currently I have to run the syncing theme media process manually after the Kodi sync completed. Is there a possibility to implement an auto trigger after syncing, during syncing or once a day?
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