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  1. Running the Emby beta branch (but this began about 3-4 weeks ago and we update the beta version every 1-2 weeks) Platform: SHIELD TV We have some old workout videos we ripped from DVDs in MKV format. They've worked just fine for as long as we've had Emby. Around a month ago, we started seeing a single vertical green bar on the right-hand side of these videos and only these videos. It doesn't happen if the same file is played in Chrome or on an Android phone. We've tried: - Disabling hardware acceleration (from Intel Quick Sync to nothing) - Using custom ffmpeg (the lastest ffmpeg release) - Fiddling with the handful of options available in the Android TV app (don't recall what they were, but anything relating to video playback we tried toggling) Transcoding log is attached. Any suggestions? embytranscoding.txt
  2. famadorian

    Android Playback Buffer

    Doesn't the android client keeps some kind of buffer? If I replay the song, it still takes a while, cause it wants to start streaming from the server again; is it not already buffered? Also, if I skip back to beginning, shouldn't it just start playing. It seems it's contacting the server again to get data, something it already played. The track is like 3 minutes long. It doesn't buffer anything at all?
  3. Hey guys, If i start streaming music to another device the music plays. After starting the playback, nothing happens if i want to control the playback with the emby web interface. In my user profile i have activate the remote controlling. Am I doing something wrong? Starting playback to my Sasmung mobile phone. The playback starts. After starting the Playback I can't control this. The playlist is empty in the web interface. Only on my mobile phone i see the playlist. Pixelpaule
  4. Is there a simple way to customize the colors of the status bar in android with CSS? Emby use green and I would like to change it if it's possible.
  5. speedingcheetah

    Playback error - Android app

    I am suddenly getting Playback error: There was an error processing the request. whenever i try to lay back most Live TV channels (a few SD channels stream fine). Error also appears when ever I try to stream other media files that have worked fine before. Everything was working fine late last night, then I took an hour or so break and came back and am having thirs issues ever since. I have 3 Android phones (1 is MM and the other 2 LP). All 3 phones have the same version of the app and all now show error. Stream on PC via Chrome still works fine. I have restart the phones, Emby server and the PC the server is installed upon. Still having issues. Logs attached. Log.txt Log (1).txt LogServer.txt
  6. Hi, over the last couple of weeks I have been receiving regular freezes/lagging whilst watching several TV Shows in a row with the "Play next video automatically" option enabled in the Settings -> Video -> Playback on Kodi. I have always had this setting enabled as it is useful for my kids to automatically watch a few shows in a row without needing to manually start a new episode after the previous one concluded. Up until recently this setting has worked well and as intended without any issues for months. Now randomly (albeit most of the time) after watching an episode or two, Kodi will freeze/become unrepsonsive. This occurs at the end of an episode as it tries to commence playing the next episode. Through trial and error I determined if you leave it long enough ie ~ 15 mins Kodi will eventually display an error on screen stating it failed to open the source file. Obviously this is not preferable and the only way to continue is forcefully close the frozen Kodi app, re-open and start play the next episode manually. My setup: Emby Linux Mono Version Beta (running on Asustor AS 7010T x64 running latest v2.6.2 linux firmware) Emby for Kodi Sync Queue on Emby Server version 1.0.6020.14567 (although I disabled this on the client for testing and the freezing seems to occur both with/without Fast Sync enabled) Emby for Kodi Beta 2.2.12 SPMC Jarvis 16.3.0 (based on Kodi 16.1 for Android) (running on Nvidia Shield Android TV v3.2) Vanilla SPMC install, running standard Confluence skin with only a couple of simple other addins: Oz Weather, HD Homerun & Multicam (view security cameras) plugins Wired 1Gb ethernet network (I have just tested and the problem occurs also occurs on the standard clean install of the App store version of Kodi 16.1 for Android on the same Nvidia Shield. So I am deducing that it is not a SPMC specific problem) In the below log file, the episode I watched concluded around the 21:43:31 mark. Kodi then Lagged/froze/became unresponsive for ~ 15 mins and at the 22:01:17 mark Kodi finally displayed an error onscreen saying failed to open source for next episode. Kodi/SPMC Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mwpokt5vaw856v/spmc.log?dl=0 Thanks for your help and please let me know if you require any additional information.
  7. FordGT90Concept

    Android TV recommended remote?

    I have a Leelbox with Amlogic S905 chip and it came with a remote that isn't satisfactory (doesn't even have a play button!). It has Emby Android TV installed and works great. Any recommendations for a third party remote to use? Specifically, I would like play, record, jump forward, jump backward, fast forward, and fast backward working. I was thinking a Logitech Harmony 650 for my main home theater then something cheaper for the other TVs (open to suggestions).
  8. Anybody out there with experience with Android Widgets? I've done some work on widgets before, and if my schedule lightens up, I'd love to help develop widgets for Emby Android Mobile. Capabilities would include (but not be limited to) list of recent episodes in favorited series (rss style) and list of favorite movies (also rss style). Capabilities for admins would include server stats: storage quotas, cpu and memory usage, temperatures could be integrated with a future hwmonitor plugin, number of current users, number of current streams. All these items should be clickable directly to their location inside the app, but looking for feedback from any other devs with Android widget experience.
  9. Here's a humble screenshot of a re-designed Emby icon that follows Google's material design principles. If you're interested in incorporating it into the App builds, let me know what file format you'd like. These were made with Adobe Illustrator and are vector files, so I can export pretty much whatever filetype you need. Two samples, adding a little more virtual depth to the logo.
  10. Hey guys, Work recently gave me an Android phone to use. I've been travelling a lot lately, and was wondering if the Android App would work with a Chromecast when not connected to the server. Is it possible to just mirror, or cast from the phone while offline using videos I've synced to the phone? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I'm trying the web client on an android and can't find a way to choose subtitles. Is there a way to a) choose subtitles from the ones that exist on the server download a new file from the player page on the browser for content for which there are no subtitles on the server ? Thanks, Gonçalo
  12. Recently I've noticed that in Live TV, "New" episodes aren't showing in the guide, under channel, or when you select the show that is "New". It appears to be only affecting mobile as when I use a computer to browse I see the "New" tag, thus ruling out an issue with Schedules Direct. I'm having this issue on my Nexus 6P running Android N build NPD35K. I understand that Android N might not be support as it's a beta Android, I'll check on my Nexus 7 later today that's on Android M. Screenshots attached.
  13. http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/feature/2455041/the-inquirers-guide-to-iptv-in-the-uk
  14. I have installed Kodi + Emby on a Sony Bravia TV (Android TV OS) The problem is, the Incremental Sync only runs when the app is first started. When an AndroidTV device is turned off, the system stays "awake" for 5 minutes - after this time, the network is turned off and the device goes to full sleep. Kodi is still running, but unable to receive new content broadcasts from the Emby server. So then when the TV is turned back on, the library remains out of date unless you fully restart the Kodi app or go to the Emby addon and select Manually Sync (but this is slower than restarting, and not 'incremental'). I don't know if the Emby addon can detect when the device leaves sleep mode or when the Network connection becomes active again - so the only solution I can think of, is to be able to manually trigger an incremental sync via hotkey. So I just need to know if there is a command in the Emby addon to trigger the incremental sync. I've done similar things with other addons, such as "<a mod="shift,ctrl">RunScript(script.audio.profiles,0)</a>", so it should be possible. Does a command already exist, or can one be added? It's the only inconvenient thing about this setup. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I am modifying the custom CSS in a server and i can see these changes in the web browser. But, the emby app for android doesn't respect the custom CSS which I had modified in a server. There any way to modify the custom css for the android app? Thanks.
  16. meatrack

    Amazon Fire TV

    Amazon has released the Fire TV. I see that Plex is already listed there. Will the Fire TV be able to control the Mediabrowser app in the Amazon store? I already have, and use, this on my Kindle Fire HDX. This would make the Fire TV a killer box. Will there be a way to keep it from transcoding? This box has a lot of horses under the hood. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CX5P8FC?ref_=sr_tr_1&qid=1396454562&sr=8-1&keywords=kindle&pldnSite=1
  17. lurch9366

    Not grouping collections

    I have my user set to group collections together. This works when using emby for wmc but when using the android app it does not respect the setting. I have verified the setting in the app as well.
  18. Hello, I changed my Android Wifi IP address subnet and now the Android asks to re-register for Premiere (I am using Live-TV) but I have purchased 1yr!? Is this normal? I think this a real odd behaviour...and I don't want to have this thing poping up when changind some network settings...
  19. studio-jurdan

    ANDROID tél, web client

    QUelqu'n sait il depuis quelle version ou pour quelles raison Emby ne fonctionne plus sur les tél android avec le navigateur internet? testé en local, distant, avec le navigateur du tel, avec chrome et avec opera. TOUJOURS le même résultat . ECRAN désepérement noir avec la petite icone emby dans le coin qui demontre bien qu'il est connecte. A mon avis c'est encore une histoire de CSS et de version de serveur car il y a 6 mois ca marchait.
  20. I have a ton of FLAC that I'd like Emby to stream to my Android device and it's unclear how it's transcoding it. I'd like to be able to: Specify the audio codec used to stream audio to my device. E.g. if I have a tablet with a beefy battery, I'd like to stream Opus, which is a more efficient codec but unsupported by my device's hardware codec. If I'm on my phone I'd like to stick to a safe codec supported by my hardware like AAC or MP3. Specify the bitrate. E.g. if I'm on WiFi, send me the original. If I'm not, cut it down to 128kbps.
  21. Hi I've both a first gen and second gen Chromecast. Neither are visible on the device list when clicking the cast button within the app, only 'My device'. Other castable apps on my phone have no problem seeing the Chromecasts. Please advise?
  22. gebhard

    User Interface Issues

    Hi, I've some UI issues with the Emby Android app: Android: 5.1.1 (on OnePlus 2) and 5.1.1 (on Xoom, OmiROM) Emby: 3.0.5821.0 The naitve UI of the app fails to display many kind of content. But when using the web display option (within the app (manage server -> click the URL "Local Access"), not a browser), everthing works fine. channel view native: channel view web: my plugins native: my plugins web: plugin catalog native: plugin catalog web: App log: abeff4e2-2990-47cc-877a-d09bd691bcdd.log Any ideas? Thanks, Gebhard
  23. Hello all, I'm having an issue with the android app. When I try to connect to my server over HTTPS I get a connection failure error. If i switch to HTTP it works. HTTPS was working fine three-four days ago, when I installed the certificate on the phone. I've tried with the domain and the IP, both don't work. How should I proceed? App version: 2.5.55 Server version: 3.0.5781.5 Server OS: Ubuntu
  24. Hello everyone, Has anyone succeded in using Android app (Emby Connect) to connect to Emby via HTTPS port (internal network or internet)? I got my ports configured in a way that only HTTPS work, and HTTP is blocked to everyone, for security reasons. I can connect to Emby via WebClient (browsers) or Emby Theater (Windows) with no problem via HTTPS, using the 8920 port locally or some other port-forwarded to 8920. But when I try to use Android Emby Connect, using the same parameters, it never works. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  25. eglorioso

    No Playback on Any Device

    I can not get Emby Server to playback on any device, here's my config - log file attached: Windows 7 Professional Emby Server 3.0.5786 ServerWMC Clients; Roku, Android Mobile, Local Chrome Browser, Remote Chrome Browser, Remote Microsoft Edge Browser, Theater Roku Client Crashes, All Browsers and Android app continually spins as if it's trying to load the channel, Theater No Guide and Spins Clicking "Now Playing". Server was reinstalled, and initially played on "Now Playing" from local server but quit after ServerWMC was installed and configured. server-63588664929.txt
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