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  1. When I go to play an album on my phone, it gets pretty jittering since it's streaming it, without much of a buffer. It also doesn't buffer/sync ahead, so this makes it very internet-sensitive. I would really love it, if that when I play an album it syncs the whole album, or whole "scope" of what I told it to play. Syncs it to the phone. This way as my internet fluctuates, it buffers a-head. If there is some way we can set (on the client/phone) how far a-head it syncs based on Wifi/Cellular I think that would be rad too. Say X number of songs if you're on Cellular, Y if you're on wifi (with the option for unlimited for either). As for other forms of multimedia, this may be helpful, but I'm not 100% sure how that would translate to video content... Thoughts?
  2. EveraldoCunha2018

    Chromecast on Android 4.2

    i'm having a problem with the last version of emby app from android 4.2.2, i have a 2 gen chromecast and he don't appear on the device list...is a tablet SMT110, but on chrome browser, both desktop and android, my chromecast appear. sorry for my english, i'm brazilian.
  3. Hi Since a while the sync progress of my music library is stuck (at around 60%). Every scheduled sync I can see the notifications for the missing files, but they won't download. Here's a part of the log which shows a NullPointerException for one of the files. In the music folder there are currently 32 "Various_Artists (some number)" folders. Wed Jan 03 17:23:42 GMT+01:00 2018 Saving media to Emby_Home/Music/Various_Artists/Sucker_Punch__Original_Motion_Picture_Soundtrack/Disc_1_-_1_-_Sweet_Dreams__Are_Made_of_This_.flac Wed Jan 03 17:23:42 GMT+01:00 2018 Save file directory: /Emby_Home/Music/Various_Artists/Sucker_Punch__Original_Motion_Picture_Soundtrack Wed Jan 03 17:23:42 GMT+01:00 2018 Save file name: Disc_1_-_1_-_Sweet_Dreams__Are_Made_of_This_.flac Wed Jan 03 17:23:42 GMT+01:00 2018 Save file mimeType: audio/flac Wed Jan 03 17:23:42 GMT+01:00 2018 ensureDirectory treeUri: content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/tree/primary%3AEmbySync Wed Jan 03 17:23:42 GMT+01:00 2018 ensureDirectory: /Emby_Home Wed Jan 03 17:23:42 GMT+01:00 2018 ensureDirectory new treeUri: content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/tree/primary%3AEmbySync/document/primary%3AEmbySync%2FEmby_Home Wed Jan 03 17:23:42 GMT+01:00 2018 ensureDirectory: /Emby_Home/Music Wed Jan 03 17:23:43 GMT+01:00 2018 ensureDirectory new treeUri: content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/tree/primary%3AEmbySync/document/primary%3AEmbySync%2FEmby_Home%2FMusic Wed Jan 03 17:23:43 GMT+01:00 2018 ensureDirectory: /Emby_Home/Music/Various_Artists Wed Jan 03 17:23:44 GMT+01:00 2018 ensureDirectory createDocument tree:content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/tree/primary%3AEmbySync/document/primary%3AEmbySync%2FEmby_Home%2FMusic name:Various_Artists Wed Jan 03 17:23:44 GMT+01:00 2018 Error sending request java.lang.NullPointerException com.mb.android.sync.data.AndroidFileRepository.ensureDirectory(AndroidFileRepository.java:238) com.mb.android.sync.data.AndroidFileRepository.saveFile(AndroidFileRepository.java:148) com.mb.android.sync.data.LocalAssetManager.saveMedia(LocalAssetManager.java:77) com.mb.android.sync.server.mediasync.MediaSync$3.onResponse(MediaSync.java:259) com.mb.android.sync.server.mediasync.MediaSync$3.onResponse(MediaSync.java:245) com.mb.android.apiinteraction.RequestHelper.getResponseStreamInternal(RequestHelper.java:139) com.mb.android.apiinteraction.RequestHelper$2.run(RequestHelper.java:61) java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:764) Wed Jan 03 17:23:44 GMT+01:00 2018 Error downloading item java.lang.NullPointerException com.mb.android.sync.data.AndroidFileRepository.ensureDirectory(AndroidFileRepository.java:238) com.mb.android.sync.data.AndroidFileRepository.saveFile(AndroidFileRepository.java:148) com.mb.android.sync.data.LocalAssetManager.saveMedia(LocalAssetManager.java:77) com.mb.android.sync.server.mediasync.MediaSync$3.onResponse(MediaSync.java:259) com.mb.android.sync.server.mediasync.MediaSync$3.onResponse(MediaSync.java:245) com.mb.android.apiinteraction.RequestHelper.getResponseStreamInternal(RequestHelper.java:139) com.mb.android.apiinteraction.RequestHelper$2.run(RequestHelper.java:61) java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:764) I've tried to create another file with the name stated in the log and I've copied the file from the share to the same location with TotalCommander, both were successfulll. My phone currently is on Android 8.0 but the issue was already there earlier. The corresponding server log doesn't seem suspicious: 2018-01-03 17:23:27.845 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 1ms. 2018-01-03 17:23:27.883 Info HttpServer: HTTP POST UserAgent: Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 8.0.0; ONEPLUS A3003 Build/OPR6.170623.013) 2018-01-03 17:23:27.946 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 62ms. 2018-01-03 17:23:27.952 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 8.0.0; ONEPLUS A3003 Build/OPR6.170623.013) 2018-01-03 17:23:28.555 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 602ms. 2018-01-03 17:23:28.683 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 8.0.0; ONEPLUS A3003 Build/OPR6.170623.013) 2018-01-03 17:23:28.862 Info HttpResultFactory: Transmit file \\synologymedien.home\musik\Musik\Various Artists\Sucker Punch - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack\Disc 1 - 1 - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).flac 2018-01-03 17:23:30.266 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.0.0; ONEPLUS A3003 Build/OPR6.170623.013; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/63.0.3239.111 Mobile Safari/537.36 All affected files seem to have Various Artists as album artist. The app (verson 2.9.76) and the server (version are on the current stable release, but the issue was already present in earlier versions. Do you have an idea how to fix this? Thanks a lot 2fc2084b-2b32-4c2e-a6d4-e7905418cdc1.log server-63650534400.txt
  4. I have 2 different android boxes and both are displaying the live tv guide the same way , only showing 5 channels and a couple hours . From what I've seen online that isn't normal however it seems to display properly on all other devices (ie. ios, html) see attached , any suggestions ?
  5. Has anyone else had the issue of Emby downloads on Android never fully completing successfully? I've been troubleshooting this on and off for almost a year now and would love to get to the bottom of it. On any 4G/LTE network or WiFi that is not my home network, Emby will constantly reset a download, never fully completing most of the time. At home, so long as I'm on my WiFi, it works like a charm. Halp!
  6. 1) Start playing a TV show or movie 2) Go to the Android home screen (ie minimize the app or switch to another app) 3) The audio continues to play (as expected) 4) Bring the Emby app back to the foreground (ie switch back to Emby) 5) The audio and playback controls are both working/playing but the video is just a black screen 6) To get the video back you must exit playback and start the show/movie again Emby Android v2.8.87 (newest Google Play) Server version v3.2.13.0 Android OS 6.0 I logs didn't look interesting, but let me know if you can't reproduce and I would be happy to provide them.
  7. I have an Emby Theater client running on Windows 10. I am using the Emby client for Android as a remote control. Video playback works, but the video position control on the Android app is broken: Videos begin at a position of 0:00 (so far, so good) Video length is incorrectly reported as --:-- The video position does not change as the video is playing When I try to change the video position using the slider, the video starts over ------------------------------- EDIT: I am running Emby server version Here is a server log file generated during playback where I used the control. (I'm not sure how helpful this is?).
  8. adam1010

    How to refresh stale data

    Is there a way to manually refresh the Emby app home screen? Currently I have to close the app and re-open it (or open up a random movie and back out of it) If I decide to switch from my TV => phone while watching something I often find that the Emby home screen hasn't updated the progress. Many apps allow you to scroll up when you're already at the top of the page to force a refresh. I think it may be called Pull-to-Refresh (like in the Gmail app). Or if it's easier, just a simple "Refresh" button in the menu would be sufficient.
  9. Media Browser 3 Control for Unified Remote Firstly please be aware that I consider this very much a beta script and will do so until such time as MBT comes out of beta. I will however keep the scripts updated as MBT does so and provide more functionality as the MBT team gets around to mapping everything. So to start, what is Unified Remote? Unified Remote is an app that lets you control your entire Windows computer from your Android device. In short, it turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for all the programs on your computer. It is easily the most feature-filled PC remote available. With our app you can control a wide range of applications, including simple mouse and keyboard, media players, and other external hardware that can be connected to your computer. They also provide extensive capabilities to create custom remotes, which is what I have done for MB3. Now before we go any further you will need to purchase the full version of Unified Remote for your android or windows device to use custom remotes, they price is extremely reasonable at AUD$3.67 on the PlayStore and AUD$3.99 on the Windows Store, you won’t find a better remote for the price try the free version first and see what you think, although you will be unable to use this script with it, there are a few built in to try. (iOS version is in beta and not currently available for iCrap iStuff) You can find a full overview on their website here …..all good, how do I get started? Well firstly you need to download the Unified Remote Server here this needs to be installed on any PC or HTPC you wish to control. Once you have it installed run through the options, not much to do here, if on your HTPC I suggest you set it to ‘start on system start-up’ you can also click on the remotes tab and disable/enable any remotes you care to (feel free to disable that ugly cousin XBMC ) password encryption is also available. WARNING: Do NOT disable any of the Core.**** remotes or the Relmtech basic input remotes, they are action libraries required to work some functions. Once everything is configured, you can close the server window, since the application will continue to run in your system tray. IMPORTANT: make sure that Windows Firewall and/or other security software is not blocking the Unified Remote Server application nor ports (default 9512 TCP and UDP). It is recommend that you use Unified Remote on your local area network (LAN), otherwise you will need to open the ports on your router as well. Once you’re done there you need to install the actual remote to your device here for Android devices or here for Windows devices. Once the application is running, follow the in-app instructions. The dashboard offers quick access to all the main parts of the app. And you’re done. If you are just trying it out go ahead and play, if you grabbed the full version and are ready to install the Media Broswer 3 Remote, read on….. So you’ve made it this far, moving on…. By the way if you did fork out the four bucks for the app? Don’t forget about the guys who make MB3 for us and throw them a few as well, their beer fridge is empty after all these holidays. (in all seriousness though show them some love and keep MB going, donate, buy a plug-in or all of-the-above if you’re feeling giving) …now where was i? ahh the remote. As pointed out earlier this is still in early stages and will progress with MBT, not all buttons are currently working and some are but with some questionable methods lol I will list non-functioning and some minor issues shortly.This first release is also designed to give some function to WMC as well, this was necessary for me until LiveTV makes it to MBS then MBT. As you can see above I have tried to get as much in as possible without feeling crowded, the navigation area has been deliberately left clear to make it easier to avoid accidental touches. Layout was designed on a Samsung Galaxy SII which is a relatively small screen nowadays for android devices and it felt comfortable to use, I can only imagine it would be much better on a tablet or larger screen phones, unfortunately at the time of writing I do not have a tablet to test layout on, although I have a Galaxy Tab on it’s way, I also do not own a windows tablet or phone so feedback there would be nice, I will however try to get one from a friend for testing. NOTE: The full function remote scrolls if needed, the basic remote will fill to fit your device(s) screen. It has been thoroughly tested on my Galaxy SII and works like a charm, I do recommend setting Unified on your device to 'portrait lock' and 'full-screen' in options if similar in size to the SII. Remote using MBT/WMC was tested on a Desktop PC (Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC), Notebook (Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC) and a HTPC (Windows 7 Ultimate). Playback and Record Panel: Seriously, you want me to explain that? Lol Everything works as expected here, if you don’t know what to expect this is not the forum you are looking for, move along. (he says in his best Obi-wan voice) Navigation Panel: Really, again? Ok, left, no your other left, that’s it, right, no I meant right arrow doh! up and down, the round thing in the middle, press that when you get where you’re going, we’ll call it the butler, he’ll open the door for you. The Panel without a Name: I was going to call it porn, cos when you rub that little button on the right MBT gets bigger or you can use the one on the left and go back… (not finishing that!) The Panel of Many Colours: If it sang and had 2 big round buttons I would call it Dolly! The colours function as follows; Function Panel: Power Button will do a complete shutdown your pc Media Browser will launch Media Browser Theatre (if WMC is running it will end that process first) MBT can also be launched by pressing the menu button on your phone/tablet when the MB3 remote is open. A pop-up will show with ‘Launch’ above the usual ‘Share’ that is seen there in apps. (this method does not force WMC to close.) WMC will launch WMC directly to Live TV (if MBT is running, it will end that process first) Sort By opens the slide out panel for viewing by sort options (if applicable) pressing back hides it again. Screenshot will take a picture of the current screen and put it in > USERNAME/Pictures/Screenshots/screenshot(xx).jpg this is handy if needing to send an image to the MB3 team for trouble shooting or just grabbing that right pic from your favourite movie so you can use it as a backdrop. Access Panel: Keyboard opens the keyboard on your device Mouse changes your screen to touchpad mode, allowing you to control MBT via mouse in a similar manner to a notebook touchpad. Mic inputs basic commands via voice (basic functions have all been tested and working, it uses google voice so shows about the same accuracy) Quick Switch switches between MB3 and other Unified Remotes quickly (add these as you desire) Server selects the UR Server(PC or HTPC) you wish to connect your device to Get Media Browser 3 Control for Unified Remote here for x64or here for x86. The file is self-extracting and will need admin privileges as it extracts the scripts and custom icons to the unified install directory. Make sure the Unified Remote Server (URS) is installed prior to extracting these scripts. After the extraction process is complete, stop and start the URS or go to the remotes tab and click refresh. Your MB3 Remotes should then be listed on both your system and device. Rinse and repeat for each system running the URS. Current Release: beta r0.4 posted on 02/01/2014 Currently confirmed working with: MBT 3.0.5097.22952
  10. alex_wahl

    Downlad does not start

    Hi there! I use emby Version on a synology disk station. So far it runs well. I purchasesd emby permiere because i need the downlad to device feature for offline listening. On my android device i tab on the download butten e.q. in a album view. The download gets prepared an after the transcoding i see the download on the server with the hin "ready for download". On my Android device i see the "ready for download" also in the download settings menu. But the download never starts. I can not find any button or whatever to start it. If i tab on the prepared ready for doenload object i get a menu with a save button at the end. If i tab that the menu closes and nothing happens. How can i start the download???? It is very sad that this feature isnt working because it is the reason why i switched to emby. Hopefully someone ot there with a solution? Greetings Alex Ah i dont know if its important but most of my music files have flac encoding.
  11. Hello, I'm having a problem casting from my Pixel XL to my Chromcast Ultra. When i hit the cast button on my Pixel XL running 8.0.0 within the Emby app, my Chromecast does not show up. If I go to a Windows 10 machine and login to the Emby Server and then hit the cast button within Chrome (on the emby webpage) i can see my Chromecast. I also tried from a Pixel that is running Android 7.1.2 and this worked. I can only think the Emby support team needs to update their App to support Android 8.0.0. I'm hoping someone else is experiencing this or has a fix for it. Below is all of my information and troubleshooting steps. Troubleshooting Steps: rebooted chromecast ultra rebooted pixel xl uninstalled and reinstalled emby for android rebooted the emby server Chromecast Ultra System Firmware Version: 92486 Cast Firmware Version: 1.26.92486 Pixel XL Running Android 8.0.0 Emby for Android version 2.9.51 Emby Server Running on Synology Version
  12. Hi, I get this message when attempting to click Sync on either my Emby for Android Mobile device or from a web browser on a PC. Here is the message & the list of devices. Is this feature not yet implemented or does it have a pre-requisite I am missing?
  13. I can't connect to my emby server via the android app or the web portal at tv.emby.media. The server is running on my Windows 10 machine. I've logged in from both the android app and web portal and provided the PIN. I've tried restarting the emby server after the PINs were provided. I've tried reloading the portal and closing the android app/reopening it. I'm still unable to connect. I am a new premier subscriber. I've added the license to my server. What else do I need to do in order to be able to connect to my server?
  14. I would like to submit a feature request. When you visit the Server Dashboard on the iOS app of Emby.. it might be nice to have a swipe down ability to refresh the dashboard. This would be similar to checking e-mail, reloading a web site in Chrome, etc. To mitigate this, I go to a different screen within Emby & come back to the Server Dashboard. Not a big pain, but it feels like it would be beneficial to have a swipe down refresh there.
  15. I noticed this a few months ago, but I receive PushBullet notifications for my Emby for Kodi & Emby for Roku clients. I also have three Emby for Android TV clients on Fire TV, Fire TV Stick & NVIDIA Shield. These do not send any PushBullet notifications. All trivial notification settings are configured correctly for it.. so I would expect it would work across the board.
  16. Hey guys, Running Emby Server on my Synology DS216j and a client on a nvidia Shield (Android TV) I am wondering why some files are having to be transcoded (see attached log) The same file seems OK when running in Emby Theater (on my PC) Anything I should be doing different? Any way you guys can help? Thanks
  17. Good Evening, I am submitting this issue as I can't seem to find a way have the chromecast maximum bit-rate respected. There is an option in the web browser and the android client to specify the max bit-rate however it doesn't seem to actually pay attention to it. Below there is a screenshot where I have specified a max bit-rate as 3mbps and the server dashboard shows that it is trans-coding at 5.6mbps, the same happens from the web app on android and from the native android app. I have attached the full server lot and some of the relevant trans-coding logs. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can submit to assist. server-63635846400.txt ffmpeg-remux-4de2156a-7532-4988-959a-f02839ad183a.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a341d09a-6f12-4705-97da-dc47265cf1dd.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ca113fd6-f9bb-4c3e-a869-6a41719c86c0.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ee51c2b7-dd04-480a-8c50-7100f4b023f6.txt
  18. raoul78

    Sync stuck at 50%

    Hi! I'm trying to sync some TV shows to my phone, but the sync jobs are always stuck at 50%. I've attached the android logs (11 of them?) and the server log. Skimming through the forums suggests its maybe an issue with write permissions - I've tried to change the download path a few times to random places, and have set it now back to the default Android/data/com.mb.android/Emby Sync Any help would be appreciated! Log.txt 6cba0053-0d20-4fd1-841f-7c3b3f540125.log 43e5990a-a91f-4f89-a33b-c1f1b9a26e4d.log 72cdc1c7-cddd-44af-b426-7b9e264bdd28.log 306b7a21-4bb2-4a41-be2d-74d3ea1c8573.log 699e2412-cfa9-4136-9cd1-3ad1104d4955.log 763a529f-46d8-4e31-bac3-f3496b963e2e.log 7450475e-b594-4626-9b93-a0168361ef2f.log c90eecbf-3c19-4ad2-a9da-af4f5454fcf2.log d24de374-4299-44f6-ad82-9478533eb997.log f6de34ed-b9f2-4092-8371-c1c65eaca5d1.log f9a9c649-4c04-4345-b76f-9f5d2a87e97f.log
  19. Hi, As @@Luke asked for logs here - I'm making this thread in Synology section since I'm using server on DS916+ I have a problem with external ass subs. Tried few clients (server restart before, tested in that order - might be useful info while reading logs), and that's what I've got: Windows: Emby Theater: ASS ok, Direct Playing Chrome - ASS ok, Direct Streaming, F11 fullscreen OK Raspberry: Emby for Kodi- ASS shows, but no formating/color Kodi directly from NAS share - ASS OK - just to check, that Pi/Kodi itself can handle it Android: App: Not playing movie at all - movie not starting, som other plays ok, and once after trying others tested file started but only with English subs, and after closing it - again not starting ... Chrome: ASS OK, Direct Streaming, Fullscreen OK VLC directly from NAS share without Emby - ASS OK Ipad App - transcoding 3.2 Mbps, no subs, even embedded English are not working Chrome - Direct Streaming, ASS works, but not on fullscreen (I know, that subs in browser is some kind of hack - Luke explained me already in different thread) Safari - same as Chrome Ipad VLC directly from NAS - Video plays, I see english subs, but external ass are not available (no on list) All tests made on same video file, transcoding in server set to not using VA API - only software. Bellow I attach logs from this debug session. If this will help, I can send link to tested video/subs (it's less than 300mb) ffmpeg-remux-2b9e70bb-7c04-4f5d-8fad-b45472958b51.txt ffmpeg-remux-20af0644-03d6-47aa-9c37-51620505dd21.txt ffmpeg-remux-923d313f-12c8-4b5e-821d-633a37c9e8e1.txt ffmpeg-remux-abc20902-069f-400a-a4d9-00a13c17bd83.txt ffmpeg-remux-abf09d87-c4b6-4b74-b04f-b2c0674e7d8a.txt ffmpeg-transcode-7ed88e21-482c-4990-b358-669f78c3df2e.txt ffmpeg-transcode-1223dba0-0ba2-4da7-a12c-afa53a1a40cf.txt ffmpeg-transcode-bcb65f5a-7982-414a-8685-07aa9ef18ee7.txt server-63635074186.txt server-63635117859.txt
  20. Hi! I started using Emby a few days ago, but I'm having an issue. I'm from another country so I use subtitles (SRT) in basically all that I watch. And the font/size are just too small! Oh the phone the size is fine, but the subs are white, and when the video has a white or bright background, I can't read anything. Same thing when I mirror the video to Chromecast from the Android app, white with no shadows, and in addition, they are too small. I've already changed settings on Android app to the biggest size (Large, if I'm not mistaken).. I don't know if it made a difference on Chromecat, but still too small... I've also tried using stylized ssa/ass subs, but the ssa shows the "style text", like font, border, etc, above the sub text in each line and doesn't change the style, and the ass just shows the same old white subs. What can I do to correct this? Thank you! Gabriel
  21. speedingcheetah

    Green bar on SD channels

    I have noticed when playing back standard definition channels with Emby for Android, their is a green bar on the side of the screen. Both in portrait and landscape mode. Does not do it on HD channels. Attached image. Also, the touch swipe option to adjust brightness and volume is still way too sensitive and pretty much not usable. (been that way for some time now)....
  22. Title pretty much says it all. If I select to sync an album it works fine till it hits a track that has an & in the filename, then it hangs for a long time on that and tries to resume the entire sync job till it hits the file again entering a endless loop. Info: Android version: 5.1 (also occurs on 7.1) App version: 2.9.07 Server: FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE Server Version: 3.2.19 Emby log included emby-log.txt
  23. Hello, I just decided to go Premiere, and tried to use the Android App. It turns out the Live TV, that was working using the HTML5 in the browser, is not working on the APP. I tried both SD and HD channels. The logs show that the transcoding happens and the ffmpeg is run in both cases, but the screen stays black on the app. PC based browser streaming for the very same channel works flawlessly at the same time. I'm using TVH as backend for the tuner. Thanks for any help/hint. BR/ Andrea
  24. Defeli

    Chromecast Issue

    Dear All I know that this is a well trodden path but I would like to ask some advice on this one. I've got Emby Android installed on four devices. Google Pixel C Huawei P9 Huawei P10 Plus Huawei Media Pad 8 All the various settings are identical in all the devices and the permissions are the same. The Google, P9 and P10 all work perfectly and find the Chromecast and play seamlessly. The Media Pad simply does not find the Chromecast. I've checked everything I can think of but has anyone got any other ideas that I could try? The server OS is up-to-date etc. Any help with this would be very much appreciated. Defeli
  25. sstt671

    Transcoding Issue

    Hello, Whenever I try to play a video that needs to be transcoded , I get blank screen with circles or progress bar that won't complete (Roku 4) or app will close the playback. QNAP TS-251+ (FW v 4.3.3) QMono 4.8.1 Emby v 3.2.15 iOS - iphone 6s (iOS v10.3) Andoid - Samsung S8 (Emby app v 2.8.97) Roku 4 - Beta app and regular app both seems to have the same problem. Logs are attached. Let me know if you need more information. server-63630177405.txt ffmpeg-transcode-eebaedc5-9ad2-4869-9c2b-97345f959759.txt
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