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  1. Hi, I get this message when attempting to click Sync on either my Emby for Android Mobile device or from a web browser on a PC. Here is the message & the list of devices. Is this feature not yet implemented or does it have a pre-requisite I am missing?
  2. I can't connect to my emby server via the android app or the web portal at tv.emby.media. The server is running on my Windows 10 machine. I've logged in from both the android app and web portal and provided the PIN. I've tried restarting the emby server after the PINs were provided. I've tried reloading the portal and closing the android app/reopening it. I'm still unable to connect. I am a new premier subscriber. I've added the license to my server. What else do I need to do in order to be able to connect to my server?
  3. I would like to submit a feature request. When you visit the Server Dashboard on the iOS app of Emby.. it might be nice to have a swipe down ability to refresh the dashboard. This would be similar to checking e-mail, reloading a web site in Chrome, etc. To mitigate this, I go to a different screen within Emby & come back to the Server Dashboard. Not a big pain, but it feels like it would be beneficial to have a swipe down refresh there.
  4. I noticed this a few months ago, but I receive PushBullet notifications for my Emby for Kodi & Emby for Roku clients. I also have three Emby for Android TV clients on Fire TV, Fire TV Stick & NVIDIA Shield. These do not send any PushBullet notifications. All trivial notification settings are configured correctly for it.. so I would expect it would work across the board.
  5. Hey guys, Running Emby Server on my Synology DS216j and a client on a nvidia Shield (Android TV) I am wondering why some files are having to be transcoded (see attached log) The same file seems OK when running in Emby Theater (on my PC) Anything I should be doing different? Any way you guys can help? Thanks
  6. Good Evening, I am submitting this issue as I can't seem to find a way have the chromecast maximum bit-rate respected. There is an option in the web browser and the android client to specify the max bit-rate however it doesn't seem to actually pay attention to it. Below there is a screenshot where I have specified a max bit-rate as 3mbps and the server dashboard shows that it is trans-coding at 5.6mbps, the same happens from the web app on android and from the native android app. I have attached the full server lot and some of the relevant trans-coding logs. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can submit to assist. server-63635846400.txt ffmpeg-remux-4de2156a-7532-4988-959a-f02839ad183a.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a341d09a-6f12-4705-97da-dc47265cf1dd.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ca113fd6-f9bb-4c3e-a869-6a41719c86c0.txt ffmpeg-transcode-ee51c2b7-dd04-480a-8c50-7100f4b023f6.txt
  7. raoul78

    Sync stuck at 50%

    Hi! I'm trying to sync some TV shows to my phone, but the sync jobs are always stuck at 50%. I've attached the android logs (11 of them?) and the server log. Skimming through the forums suggests its maybe an issue with write permissions - I've tried to change the download path a few times to random places, and have set it now back to the default Android/data/com.mb.android/Emby Sync Any help would be appreciated! Log.txt 6cba0053-0d20-4fd1-841f-7c3b3f540125.log 43e5990a-a91f-4f89-a33b-c1f1b9a26e4d.log 72cdc1c7-cddd-44af-b426-7b9e264bdd28.log 306b7a21-4bb2-4a41-be2d-74d3ea1c8573.log 699e2412-cfa9-4136-9cd1-3ad1104d4955.log 763a529f-46d8-4e31-bac3-f3496b963e2e.log 7450475e-b594-4626-9b93-a0168361ef2f.log c90eecbf-3c19-4ad2-a9da-af4f5454fcf2.log d24de374-4299-44f6-ad82-9478533eb997.log f6de34ed-b9f2-4092-8371-c1c65eaca5d1.log f9a9c649-4c04-4345-b76f-9f5d2a87e97f.log
  8. Hi, As @@Luke asked for logs here - I'm making this thread in Synology section since I'm using server on DS916+ I have a problem with external ass subs. Tried few clients (server restart before, tested in that order - might be useful info while reading logs), and that's what I've got: Windows: Emby Theater: ASS ok, Direct Playing Chrome - ASS ok, Direct Streaming, F11 fullscreen OK Raspberry: Emby for Kodi- ASS shows, but no formating/color Kodi directly from NAS share - ASS OK - just to check, that Pi/Kodi itself can handle it Android: App: Not playing movie at all - movie not starting, som other plays ok, and once after trying others tested file started but only with English subs, and after closing it - again not starting ... Chrome: ASS OK, Direct Streaming, Fullscreen OK VLC directly from NAS share without Emby - ASS OK Ipad App - transcoding 3.2 Mbps, no subs, even embedded English are not working Chrome - Direct Streaming, ASS works, but not on fullscreen (I know, that subs in browser is some kind of hack - Luke explained me already in different thread) Safari - same as Chrome Ipad VLC directly from NAS - Video plays, I see english subs, but external ass are not available (no on list) All tests made on same video file, transcoding in server set to not using VA API - only software. Bellow I attach logs from this debug session. If this will help, I can send link to tested video/subs (it's less than 300mb) ffmpeg-remux-2b9e70bb-7c04-4f5d-8fad-b45472958b51.txt ffmpeg-remux-20af0644-03d6-47aa-9c37-51620505dd21.txt ffmpeg-remux-923d313f-12c8-4b5e-821d-633a37c9e8e1.txt ffmpeg-remux-abc20902-069f-400a-a4d9-00a13c17bd83.txt ffmpeg-remux-abf09d87-c4b6-4b74-b04f-b2c0674e7d8a.txt ffmpeg-transcode-7ed88e21-482c-4990-b358-669f78c3df2e.txt ffmpeg-transcode-1223dba0-0ba2-4da7-a12c-afa53a1a40cf.txt ffmpeg-transcode-bcb65f5a-7982-414a-8685-07aa9ef18ee7.txt server-63635074186.txt server-63635117859.txt
  9. Hi! I started using Emby a few days ago, but I'm having an issue. I'm from another country so I use subtitles (SRT) in basically all that I watch. And the font/size are just too small! Oh the phone the size is fine, but the subs are white, and when the video has a white or bright background, I can't read anything. Same thing when I mirror the video to Chromecast from the Android app, white with no shadows, and in addition, they are too small. I've already changed settings on Android app to the biggest size (Large, if I'm not mistaken).. I don't know if it made a difference on Chromecat, but still too small... I've also tried using stylized ssa/ass subs, but the ssa shows the "style text", like font, border, etc, above the sub text in each line and doesn't change the style, and the ass just shows the same old white subs. What can I do to correct this? Thank you! Gabriel
  10. speedingcheetah

    Green bar on SD channels

    I have noticed when playing back standard definition channels with Emby for Android, their is a green bar on the side of the screen. Both in portrait and landscape mode. Does not do it on HD channels. Attached image. Also, the touch swipe option to adjust brightness and volume is still way too sensitive and pretty much not usable. (been that way for some time now)....
  11. Title pretty much says it all. If I select to sync an album it works fine till it hits a track that has an & in the filename, then it hangs for a long time on that and tries to resume the entire sync job till it hits the file again entering a endless loop. Info: Android version: 5.1 (also occurs on 7.1) App version: 2.9.07 Server: FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE Server Version: 3.2.19 Emby log included emby-log.txt
  12. Hello, I just decided to go Premiere, and tried to use the Android App. It turns out the Live TV, that was working using the HTML5 in the browser, is not working on the APP. I tried both SD and HD channels. The logs show that the transcoding happens and the ffmpeg is run in both cases, but the screen stays black on the app. PC based browser streaming for the very same channel works flawlessly at the same time. I'm using TVH as backend for the tuner. Thanks for any help/hint. BR/ Andrea
  13. Defeli

    Chromecast Issue

    Dear All I know that this is a well trodden path but I would like to ask some advice on this one. I've got Emby Android installed on four devices. Google Pixel C Huawei P9 Huawei P10 Plus Huawei Media Pad 8 All the various settings are identical in all the devices and the permissions are the same. The Google, P9 and P10 all work perfectly and find the Chromecast and play seamlessly. The Media Pad simply does not find the Chromecast. I've checked everything I can think of but has anyone got any other ideas that I could try? The server OS is up-to-date etc. Any help with this would be very much appreciated. Defeli
  14. sstt671

    Transcoding Issue

    Hello, Whenever I try to play a video that needs to be transcoded , I get blank screen with circles or progress bar that won't complete (Roku 4) or app will close the playback. QNAP TS-251+ (FW v 4.3.3) QMono 4.8.1 Emby v 3.2.15 iOS - iphone 6s (iOS v10.3) Andoid - Samsung S8 (Emby app v 2.8.97) Roku 4 - Beta app and regular app both seems to have the same problem. Logs are attached. Let me know if you need more information. server-63630177405.txt ffmpeg-transcode-eebaedc5-9ad2-4869-9c2b-97345f959759.txt
  15. I have been trying to get Emby to run on an android device running Kodi. Every time I have installed it, I get an error within a minute of Kodi loading. The error ends up saying "ImportError: cannot import name SNIMissingWarning". For the setup: Server: I have Emby server running on a windows 10 machine and it works fine except that I can not get the settings right to load when I boot. I have the 'Run server on startup' set under settings of the dashboard. Client1: On my laptop, I can go to "http://app.emby.media/dashboardgeneral.html"under chrome and everything works fine. Client2: Android device (cheap box to run Kodi; originally set up with all the programs to run a lot of stuff from tv.addons; still trying to get all this removed) running Android 5.1.1 API level 22; Kodi 16.1. For Emby, I have tried both repositories at 'http://kodi.emby.media/'. In going through the forum, I did find a similar problem from a windows box having the SNIMissingWarning posted by user kro on 24 February 2016 - 04:47 AM. AngelBlue05 seemed to find a solution but I could not figure it out from the forum posts. It seemed as if by changing this setting fixed it: In the add-on settings > Emby > HTTPS, do you have verify host ssl enabled? I do not see an HTTPS setting under Emby's settings on my version. Under settings, I have "General, Sync options, Video Playback, Extras and Advanced". I do not see anything about HTTPS under any unless they show up by changing something from the default. I have tried both connect methods of Manual and Emby Connect. I have also turned off Enable fast startup(I don't remember installing a plugin for this). When either I boot Kodi or try to start Emby, I get an error on the screen saying "Emby error: Check the log for more information". I have gone through the log and found that the problem is that the emby cannot find a version of urllib3 that contains SNIMissingWarning. Here is an excerpt from kodi.log(https://paste.ubuntu.com/24398876/) 01:40:42 T:18446744072342938800 DEBUG: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<-- 01:40:42 T:18446744072342938800 DEBUG: CPythonInvoker(26, /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.openweathermap.maps/default.py): the source file to load is "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.openweathermap.maps/default.py" 01:40:42 T:18446744072342938800 DEBUG: CPythonInvoker(26, /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.openweathermap.maps/default.py): setting the Python path to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.openweathermap.maps:/data/data/org.xbmc.kodi/cache/apk/assets/addons/script.module.pil/lib:/:/data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-1/base.apk/assets/python2.6/lib/python26.zip:/data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-1/base.apk/assets/python2.6/lib/python2.6:/data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-1/base.apk/assets/python2.6/lib/python2.6/plat-linux3:/data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-1/base.apk/assets/python2.6/lib/python2.6/lib-tk:/data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-1/base.apk/assets/python2.6/lib/python2.6/lib-old:/data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-1/base.apk/assets/python2.6/lib/python2.6/lib-dynload 01:40:42 T:18446744072342938800 DEBUG: CPythonInvoker(26, /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.openweathermap.maps/default.py): entering source directory /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.openweathermap.maps 01:40:42 T:18446744072342938800 DEBUG: CPythonInvoker(26, /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.openweathermap.maps/default.py): instantiating addon using automatically obtained id of "script.openweathermap.maps" dependent on version 2.20.0 of the xbmc.python api 01:40:42 T:18446744072326974200 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'> Error Contents: cannot import name SNIMissingWarning Traceback (most recent call last): File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/service.py", line 22, in <module> from service_entry import Service File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/service_entry.py", line 14, in <module> import userclient File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/userclient.py", line 12, in <module> import artwork File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/artwork.py", line 17, in <module> from database import DatabaseConn File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/database.py", line 15, in <module> from views import Playlist, VideoNodes File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/views.py", line 15, in <module> import read_embyserver as embyserver File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/read_embyserver.py", line 12, in <module> import downloadutils File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/downloadutils.py", line 12, in <module> import connect.connectionmanager as connectionmanager File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/connect/connectionmanager.py", line 18, in <module> from requests.packages.urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning, InsecurePlatformWarning, SNIMissingWarning ImportError: cannot import name SNIMissingWarning -->End of Python script error report<-- 01:40:42 T:18446744072283713896 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogKaiToast.xml) ------ 01:40:42 T:18446744072283713896 DEBUG: Window DialogKaiToast.xml was already loaded 01:40:42 T:18446744072283713896 DEBUG: Alloc resources: 0.00ms 01:40:42 T:18446744072328978960 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'> Error Contents: cannot import name SNIMissingWarning Traceback (most recent call last): File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/default.py", line 22, in <module> import entrypoint File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/entrypoint.py", line 19, in <module> import artwork File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/artwork.py", line 17, in <module> from database import DatabaseConn File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/database.py", line 15, in <module> from views import Playlist, VideoNodes File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/views.py", line 15, in <module> import read_embyserver as embyserver File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/read_embyserver.py", line 12, in <module> import downloadutils File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/downloadutils.py", line 12, in <module> import connect.connectionmanager as connectionmanager File "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/resources/lib/connect/connectionmanager.py", line 18, in <module> from requests.packages.urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning, InsecurePlatformWarning, SNIMissingWarning ImportError: cannot import name SNIMissingWarning -->End of Python script error report<-- I know that there are still some unregistered apps which I have been working to remove, but this problem started before I removed anything. I have been banging my head on the wall as to what might be the problem. I can not see a way to add the urllib3 into the python path. I hope I just have some setting wrong here. Thanks for any assistance.
  16. spider85

    Strange kodi/emby smb bug?

    Hi all, Yesterday i installed emby server and configed it as i wanted, after that i connected my android Shield (SPMC) with the emby server, after some tweaks i had no problems playing all of the content thru the native mode. Today i tried to connect a second kodi machine (intel Nuc + Libreelec 8.01) to the server, made the same settings and tried to sync, then a strange problem appeard. the message was Kodi cant locate file smb://SERVER/SERIES/MOVIESsmb://MOVIENAME.mkv The normal path would be: smb://SERVER/SERIES/MOVIES/MOVIENAME.mkv So for some strange reason there is a "smb://" in the middle of the file name, the shield doest have this problem, so it looks like there is a bug or something in libreelec / emby for kodi ? or iam i missing something? In the Log files i cant find anything thats giving me a hint or something The problem only exists with movies, series (same settings other path) work directly Hope somebody can shine a light. Kind Regards
  17. Hi, I was under the impression that all of the client apps were supposed to have the same layout. My request is that a setting be added to all apps to allow users to view the apps either by Web, Theatre, Android, iOS or other app layouts. I use Emby Theatre for Xbox One and sometimes the web app in Chrome, but prefer the layout of the Xbox One app... and can not stand the layout of the Android TV app, which I use when visiting my parents.
  18. zigzagtshirt

    Bug in LiveTV guide on Android

    I have attached two screenshots of the Live TV guide. One screen shot is from the web app, the other is from Android app. You will see on the web app screenshot that the guide data is visible for channels 590 and 592. However, when you look at the guide in the Android app, the guide data is not visible for these two channels. The guide data is in fact there, but you have to scroll to the left (backwards in time) all the way until the time that particular program started. In this example, you have to scroll through several hours worth of guide data to see it. The guide data in Android doesn't get "pushed" to the current time block like what happens in the web app.
  19. So I have installed Emby inside docker on FreeNAS 10, everything works fine, but problem start when I try to change the resolution of the video, when I test on a web browser, everything works fine, but on a mobile application ( latest Android app ) or Windows theater (latest version ) app, another resolution just not work ... Emby transcode video correctly but nothing show on theater app or mobile app Logs are in Attached Files emby_serer_log.txt emby_transcode_log.txt
  20. Hello guys! I experienced an issue. I can't use external player anymore, it only comes some popup that reloads the activity after clicking on it (screenshot). I have downloaded 2.8.40 and I got the same issue. After that I have installed an older version: 2.8.39 -> now it works again. I am using a Galaxy S7 edge and the server runs on Windows 10. Greetings, Jan
  21. AdilMahboob

    Offline Mode

    Hi all, I have just started to use the synchronisation functionality available within Emby and noted a couple of points that render it almost unusable as a solution for my scenario! I use the Android app on my tablet and, as expected, the items that have been marked for synchronisation do copy down to the device correctly. The first problem is that they can only be copied to internal storage which means there is a severe handicap on the space that can be used. I tried to change it to SD card; however, it would seem the app is not requesting the appropriate permission (an example of an app that does do this correctly is Solid Explorer). The next problem comes when trying to use the app in a location where there is no network connectivity available. I currently have to browse to the file using a file explorer app and also use a video player app. On top of all this, I am required to manually mark the item as watched the next time I use Emby with network connectivity. Please enable an offline mode which will queue the watched and resume statuses for local items to the server on the next available connection! Thanks, Adil
  22. Hi, the problem is the same as described here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/44223-some-files-not-playing-in-emby-for-android/ I've updated to the latest ffmpeg, made no difference... These files were played fine a few weeks ago, but since then no android device can play them (except with external player). Server log attached, You can see the error near the end. Thanks! Log.txt
  23. Hi guys, I'd love to see a feature that asks Chromecast users if they're still watching after 3 episodes or so. (Like Netflix, Hulu, etc.) Another timeout that would be helpful is if the app is open on the Chromecast for 10 or 15 minutes without content playing, it should close itself. Most other Chromecast apps seem to have some sort of similar timeout. My Chromecast users sometimes disconnect from their Chromecast without closing the client app, or they turn their TV off without stopping videos. This means they can end up streaming through hundreds of episodes before the playlist runs out. It would help prevent bandwidth/CPU waste. Thanks!
  24. seriados


    Hello! The github link no longer exists, please where can I get it? Https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser.Mobile
  25. Hi there, I'm having a problem trying to play videos on my Android tablet using Chrome. My (older) Android phone plays them fine using the same browser. When I try to play a video, I can only see the fanart and the video window never appears. I'm attaching my server log and ffmpeg log, I hope I'm doing this correctly but let me know if you need any more information. ffmpeglog.txt serverlog.txt
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