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  1. A little while ago I posted a little review of this device in @@Cheesegeezer's thread, I thought I might as well start a separate thread now that I've had some time to play with the unit a bit: I originally ordered the RikoMagic MK902 and MK705 AirMouse from AliExpress quite some time ago; as I stated in the other thread, this wasn't exactly a pleasant experience... After waiting 46 days for my device (!!!), it finally arrived. Woohoo! Except for one small problem: The MK902 was D.O.A. That is, the unit wouldn't turn on or anything. Didn't I feel great after waiting for so long. The remote, on the other hand; worked great! I plugged it into my PC to try it out, and it was excellent. The design makes it quite comfortable, and it's heavy enough to not feel like a piece of junk (it only cost $29 if I remember correctly). All the little goodies that came with my order The AirMouse functions much like a Wii Remote, but in my opinion, easier to aim, with smoother movement than a Wii Remote. The remote control functions work great as well. It has a decent amount of programmable buttons on it, which can be accomplished by simply holding the set button and then teaching the remote using an existing remote, much like you do with most programmable remote controls. AirMouse and Remote Control portion of the MK705 Flip the control over, and you have a full QWERTY keyboard including arrow buttons (which are handy for navigating the Android MB App). Keyboard side of the MK705 After many, many emails back and fourth with the supplier I bought my MK902 from, I eventually convinced them to ship me another unit with DHL Express, and I received my replacement unit about a week later (Why they couldn't ship that way from the beginning, I'll never know). And this one WORKS!! First off a few specs on the MK902: Comes loaded with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean RK3188 Quad-Core CPU 2GB Ram Available in 8/16GB models (I purchased the 16GB model) Ability to add an additional 64(?)GB of storage via SD Card RikoMagic MK902 Android Mini-PC with WiFi Antenna I plug the unit into my TV, and it boots up in no time. After doing some research, I managed to find and install a custom ROM which allows for 1080p playback, which is a plus, since I'm using the device on a 50" Samsung LED TV, and 720p just wasn't cutting it (I'm used to the 65" Panasonic in the living room, which has an amazing 1080p picture). MK902 Sitting on top of my TV, sitting at my Home Screen Close-up of the MK902 on top of TV As far as WIFI signal quality goes, I'd say the antenna on this unit works great. It's located in a bedroom in the basement in the North-west corner of the house, and the router is in the South-West corner of the upper-floor, and I'm getting full signal according to the little WiFi icon in my settings menu. I've played a few games, and emulators and what-not on the device, and it seems to be very snappy, so I'm very impressed with the performance of this little box so far. It even has a built in (low quality) camera, in case you're interested in Skype or anything like that. As far as playback is concerned within the MB Android app, I've had to do a bit of a workaround to get it to my liking: I found that no matter how I set up transoding, I wasn't impressed with the quality on my 50" LED TV, so initially I started using the "Remote Play" function to send it to my TV using DLNA, which gave me full quality video (Although, I wasn't able to send 1080p video without an excessive amount of buffering, which made the video unwatchable). And the fact that I have no REW/FF capabilities on my TV with the current DLNA service. Also, I'm not sure what's causing it, but I've noticed when using DLNA, the video seems to end prematurely for some reason (not sure exactly how early, but seems like it could be as much as 30 seconds or more). So far, what I've found to be the best playback method for me is to use an external player. In my case I've found MX Player to work the best, and it gives me on-screen controls for REW/FF, etc. (A little annoying that I need to use the AirMouse, and not the playback controls on the remote) but I'm sure this kind of thing will get figured out eventually. Unfortunately, installing the custom ROM was a bit of a waste of time, because I can't seem to play back 1080p video with either method with a decent loading time, so for now, I can only watch 720p video with the device anyway. I will eventually run an Ethernet cable to the device directly from my modem, and see if this helps at all. All-in-all, I'm very satisfied with this device. For $140CDN (including the remote) I think it's a great deal. Especially for someone that doesn't own a smart TV, since this adds full internet functionality to you television. That combined with the plethora of games and apps available in the Android Market, it's a really fun device, with great performance to boot. Once the 10' UI Android app is released, it'll be even better. I just hope I can get 1080p playback sorted out, I don't think it's the device itself, I think the problem is in my current setup. Here's a few more photo's of the unit hooked up: RikoMagic MK902 on top of my TV, sitting at the Android MB3 App start page Android App details screen The MK705 keyboard works very well in the Android App Same goes for the AirMouse funtion of the MK705 Feel free to let me know if anyone has any questions regarding the device! Take care, Patrick
  2. dchaosblade

    App Purchase Cost

    So, I notice that when looking at the iOS and Android mobile apps the Android app costs $4.53 to purchase and the iOS app is free. I'm curious about a couple of things regarding these prices: Where did the $4.53 price for the Android app come from? This seems like an odd number to choose, is there a reason behind it? Why is the iOS app free but the Android app not? Any reason why they either are both free or both have a cost? I still intend to buy the Android app (my iPad doesn't support iOS 7 and I don't intend to pay the $700 for a new one any time soon), and I'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for the app regardless platform, but the price discrepancy bothers me a little...
  3. xXSagaiaXx

    Feature request

    It would be nice to be able to build a playlist with the music tracks and also be able to play a song and exit out of the player or lock the screen and the song would keep playing.
  4. I think this is tagged correctly as a Server feature request, but it would require something on the clients too. We regularly go on long car journeys, and my kids and my wife like to watch films on their android tablets and windows laptops. Because our library is all very high quality, high bitrate stuff, and as there is no decent connection to stream them, I need to find out what they want before we leave, and then encode the file for them before we leave, and then copy it onto their individual devices. What would be really cool would be if, for example, my daughter wanted to watch Harry Potter on her Nexus 7, she could just navigate to it in the Media Browser app and have the option to download to her device. This would download a lower bitrate version of the film (maybe dictated by the transcoding settings on the client) suitable for her 16GB tablet, held locally on this machine. I'm not sure if this is as simple as I think it is, or if there are legal/copyright barriers but this functionality would be very useful to my family! BTW great work so far, loving Media Browser 3! *Edit* OK, not the best title! How do I change it?
  5. If you guys haven't heard of the news yet, Chromecast SDK is public now. This means we are READY TO CAST! The devs have been working hard to bring Chromecast support to MB! We are currently in beta testing with the different platforms including Android, iOS and web. We worked very closely with the Google devs over the last few weeks to add Chromecast support to our existing client apps. Chromecast as a receiver device will seamlessly integrate with the other MB apps like MB Classic, MB-Web and MB-Roku and can support up to 1080p video playback. If you haven't gotten a Chromecast yet you can order it from Google or Amazon. Oh and this feature will be available to all our users Android: IOS: Casting:
  6. Redshirt

    Chromecast arrives on Android

    Finally!! I'm very pleased to announce that the Android MediaBrowser client now supports Chromecast. Everyone who has a device running Google Play Services 4.2 should see it in the coming days. Chromecast will behave like it does in most other clients. Select a route using the route selector and then the play actions will play on the selected Chromecast device. HAPPY CASTING! In the near future I'll be merging the Remote play and CC functionality so that it's the same interface for both.
  7. Hi All Have had a hunt on here for anyone else having this issue, with no luck so here goes. I have an upcoming trailers collection of locally downloaded trailers,(not collected by the any MB plugins, only using Metabrowser to collect). My issue is that this collection is no longer even visible in MBC and while the collection is visible through the MBS web client, MB theater or the android client, the individual items are not visible/playable, which makes me suspect the server is not recognising the media files, perhaps due to them only being up to 150Mb.... only a guess tho. I used to be able to see the collection and play via MBC, although I must confess I'm not sure when this changed. Hopefully some pics will help ... Server Library Config Web Client Collection view Clicking on a trailer show this.. with no playable file The MB Theater Views of the same MBC EHS Screen Web Client home screen for sort order comparison, as you can see the Upcoming trailers collection is not even visible between Movies and TV Shows where its sort order should show. With the recent improvements to audio/subtitles playback in MBT, I'm really keen to start using this as my primary media client on my HTPC's but as we often 'surf' through upcoming trailers, this is proving annoying at present, having to open MBC just to do this. Have tried server restarts and rebuilding the db cache, but neither have made a difference I'm just wondering if I've missed a minimum file size setting, or whether something changed on the server side, that no longer allows this type of collection to work?? More Details Server Version 3.0.5171.19958 MB Classic -, MBC Themes tested - Chocolate and Subdued Look forward to any suggestions or confirmation of this being an issue. Regards Brainfryd
  8. cristiantx

    External Subtitles Support?

    It's about the first time I'm using MB3 and just bought the Android app since all the apps seems amazing. But I can't get the subtitles to work. When I do an "Advanced Playback" and select the subtitle (which is detected)... I receive the transcoded video (instead of direct streaming) but the subtitles still missing. Is there something that I need to do on the server ? I've already setted my pref language for subtitles also installed LAV Filters. Lastly, the entire point for me of all this setup is to play this on my Chromecast, but seems like when select the Advanced Play option the Cast button get disabled. Any ideas if this is expected or not? Thanks, keep the good work!
  9. steelgear

    Kindle Chromecast

    Hi All, I'm trying to set up chromecast on my kindle and managed to get the chromecast app on there via sideload however the kindle store version of the andriod client hasn't been updated in a while so the chromecast functionality isn't available. Is it possible to update the kindle store version of the android client
  10. I am enjoying the functionality of MB Server, MB Classic and MB for Android -- many thanks to all developers! I have re-ripped my DVDs and Blu-Rays into MKV containers with the original CODECs for video and audio (some MPG2, some AVC, some VC1, some Dolby TrueHD, some DTS-MA, etcetera). When playing on my CinemaPC media center computers (Win7x64) with all the necessary CODECs available, performance is of course flawless and not a burden on any of the processors. When streaming to Android, the burden on the MB Server's CPU is about 90% throughout the streaming, and responsiveness of the Android client is very slow if I attempt to advance along the timeline. I can surely adjust the bitrates in the Android client, but do not want to bump it up above the level where pauses will occur while streaming over non-wifi connection (Verizon 4G typically). I'm posting my MB Server specs below, and ask anyone's help in understanding the parameters, variables, or factors that I might consider as I try to improve Android client performance. Intel i5-2500k at 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM, nvidia 430 MB Server 3.0.5171.19958 MB Classic 2-12.2 MB Android 1.0.19
  11. Dr. Doctor

    ETA for Chromecast?

    Long-time Plex user here. I set up the server on my PC and downloaded the app, since the blog noted Chromecast availability. However, it is nowhere to be found. Is there some sort of beta I have to enroll in?
  12. Just wanted to share this awesome app I just came across, Unified Remote. http://www.unifiedremote.com/ It easily gives you remote control access (over wifi or BT) to many media and windows programs, and mouse control, with NO LAG! I was about to buy an IR receiver and WMC remote to make my MB experience better, but this is better than that ever could be! Check it out! Unified Remote -site / server download Google Play Store For Android 1.5 or later -app Windows Phone Store For Windows Phone 7.5 & 8 -app
  13. I would like to see a DELETE option available to ADMIN users only in the Android client. I use this in the MBC client and would find it useful in the Android client as well.
  14. Vidman

    Ouya Store

    I just tried side-loading the android app on my Ouya and it seems to work quite well. Im not sure what the requirements for the ouya store are but the only few issues I found were overscan and controller related Ie could do with better support for the ouya gamepad buttons and maybe a confirmation dialog before exiting. I think this would work great with the ouya especially if game/emulator support is added eventually. I also think it would be a success if a mediabrowser app could get into the ouya store while xbmc still has many issues on the platform. Attn Redshirt do you know what would be required to submit your app to Ouya's store?
  15. Good news for all you kindle owners. The Android client has been approved for distribution on the Kindle store. Now let's see what awesome features I can add as we go forward from here.
  16. IvoryJazzMan

    Android Client n00b question

    I've successfully installed the mb3 server, classic (xbox360) and roku versions, but am stuck trying to get the Android client (beta 14, or RC2.1) to log in. I keep getting "Could not connect to library." I've typed in the name of the pc, and the router IP address, and port 8096 seems to be open, and there seem to be rules for the mb3 server in the firewall. Have I missed something obvious? Perhaps a detailed set-up tutorial would help? Do changes to the firewall rules need to be made? Why doesn't the android client "see" the LAN automatically, especially since the phone is already logged into wifi? Do I need to change a setting in server to look for the android client? Running mb3 server on Win7 Pro x64. Running mb3 android on Verizon Moto Droid Razr android 4.1.2.
  17. I have been side-loading the media browser android app for the last month or so. I see the app is now for purchase. I just confirmed my purchase but I notice the streaming still buffers quite a bit or stops to buffer. I am a bit disappointed I see the cellular bit rate is set by default to 850 kb/s and LAN/WIFI is set to 6.0 kb/s.... Here is my phone: http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=4102 Q: What can I do to make the app stream without buffering so much? I really want to make use of this feature
  18. Redshirt

    MediaBrowser for Android Released

    Today I'm pleased to announce that the MediaBrowser client for Android has been released to the Google Play store. The app is available for all devices running Android OS 4.0 (ICS) or newer. Application Features: Browse your entire MediaBrowser library Stream Music, movies and TV from your library Remote play to other MediaBrowser clients Open Books (Requires MB Bookshelf server plugin and document readers installed)
  19. Is there a new version of the Android App available? I currently have side-loaded Beta 13, but the app is mentioning a new version available? Yup - spoke to soon - just found it here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/807-android-client/?hl=android
  20. I am looking for a small tutorial or where to download the apk for the android app to sideload it? I didn't see it in the download section. Many thanks for whom can assist.
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