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  1. Please post a tutorial or link for setting up the android app to stream outside your local network. The app asks for the dhcp address of 192.xxx.x.xxx and I assume port forwarding on a home router for forward on that internal ip / port number or is it external ip / port number. -Looking to stream over cell network to android phone but not sure the port forwarding and ip settings for the app and home router port forwarding basically. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  2. Afternoon, Not had the need to post for a while as not had issues, until now. With the update 2.2.03 i have lost remote control to any Android device. I have tried to remote control from android to android and using the web browser on the server machine but to no avail. It would be grateful if you guys could resolve this issue, as use it allot p.s where did the auto sign-in go?
  3. MediaBrowser Server Windows: Versión 3.0.5490.2 MediaBrowser AndroidClient: Versión 2.1.38 (dispositivo:Telefono movil Samsung Galaxy) Gracias por todo el gran trabajo que esta haciendo el equipo de Media Browser. Solo llevo utilizándolo unos pocos meses y hasta la fecha ningun problema. Unicamente un pequeño inconveniente: Como veis en las imágenes que acompaño es posible seleccionar el idioma del audio de la pelicula que deseas ver. El problema es la identificacion del mismo. ¿No seria posible facilitar el nombre de cada uno de los idiomas (English, Spanish, etc.). Con ello evitariamos el tener que probar hasta que sale el idioma que deseas. Gracias por todo y un saludo para todos los usuarios de Media Brouser
  4. Hi, I have recently installed XMBC on my laptop whereby I aim to link to my TV, however is it worth investing in an Android set top box? If so, which do you recommend? Thanks
  5. Hi, Has anyone managed to grab a VidOn Box? I just wondered whether the Android MB3 App could be side loaded onto it and how well it works? For the price of just $69.99 it seems to be a bargain! More about the VidOn Box here: http://www.vidon.me/
  6. LiquidFX

    Android Remote client

    I love the Android client but i would like to see just a remote client for my tablet, right now if I exit out of the app I cant get back into the remote app to pause the movie or anything. Just an idea
  7. The books function associated with pdf's seems to be broken now. When I select a PDF book or magazine the app displays a black screen then after a few minutes it crashes. I'm not sure what has changed since the past few updates. I thought might be a problem was with calibre with recent updates but I removed the books plug in from media browser and removed the library also. then moved the books for a new folder with calibre and reinstalled the plug in and added the new library and the issue happens exactly the same way. the pdf display fine on the web browesr client but I cant download them from there so I'm assuming it must be the android app. Also Does the Books function work in the Ipad Client? Thank JIm
  8. I recently installed MediaBrowser on my Mac (which is now running Yosemite). After the installation completed, the setup wizard automatically launched in my default browser, which is Chrome. After completing the setup wizard, I went to take a look at my media, but I was greeted with a blank screen with absolutely no graphics. Even my photo that I had uploaded for my profile was missing. Thinking that the server was still processing everything, I decided to give it a while and just check back later. When I came back a few hours, I was greeted with the same blank screen devoid of any graphics. I deleted the cache and browsing history in Chrome, but still nothing showed up. For some stranger reason, I decided to try to access the server using Firefox. A few minutes later I was looking at a screen full of movie posters. Even my uploaded photo was present at the top of the screen. A quick check of Opera and Safari yielded the same result...everything looks fine in those. So I decided to move on to the mobile clients. I downloaded Mark's MediaBrowser Android Client, and was unfortunately met with the same lack of graphics that I had on my Mac when using Chrome. However when I try BubbleUPnP or MediaHouse-Pro on the same Android device, everything seems to work just fine and all of the graphics are there. I moved on to my iPhone and tried the Media Browser for iOS client, then on to my iPad where I tried the Media Browser Client and all appears to be working fine there. My frustration is that Chrome is my default browser on my computer, and my Android phone is my primary device (and I want to use Mark's MediaBrowser Android Client as my default Android app). I rarely carry my iPhone with me, and I don't want to have to take my iPad with me every time I think I might want to watch a video. I want to be able to watch movies on my Mac using Chrome and use the MediaBrowser Android Client to push my movies to Chromecast when I'm away from home. Any suggestions? I've already tried a fresh installation, following the steps listed on Page 2 of the installation faq, but I'm still getting the same issue. I'm at a loss. Hopefully one of you can shed some light on the situation. Post includes screen shots illustrating what I've described. Log files from the new install done today are located in the attached zip file. Chris ServerLogs.zip
  9. I'm testing Connect from a customers server, invited myself, and I can switch server with no trouble in the web client. When I login via connect on Android, I don't see the other server, and change server asks me to enter the ip. Is that correct? Should I be able to see the other server in android or is it not implemented yet? Not mission critical, it was a curiosity testing thing,but thought I'd post anyway.
  10. Scott84Z28

    Can't change port

    Hi, Since the recent update I can't connect to my MBS server the Android App from the Internet. I have a different port than the standard 8096 setup on my firewall, which forwards to 8096 internally. Therefor I need to have two ports defined in the Android app depending on whether it connects to my local IP or my external DNS name. This was working great for a few weeks. In the logs, I can see it first try to connect to the internal ip at 8096, then it tries connecting to the external DNS name but with 8096, not the port I used to have defined. I also don't have the option anymore to edit the settings for the server. There is no edit button or anything. @@Redshirt, I can PM you the logs if you want them. Any thoughts? Anyone else notice this?
  11. Cerothen

    DLNA Control Point [BubbleUPNP]

    I have recently installed Mediabrowser 3, transferring from Serviio and the whole package seems to come together quite well and I appreciate its functionality. I have been having a few problems adjusting Mediabrowser to my network and I was hoping to try and get some help: From the android mediabrowser app I am unable to play content to my Western Digital Boxes. From BubbleUPnP (android app) I am able to watch content however if I try to push that content to the western digital box it shows up on the screen but then the content never ends up playing. * I can browse from directly on the WD box and play content without an issue. I have done some reasonable searching however have not been able to find anything explicitly useful for my problems. One person did post a profile that he said worked for him (not sure to what capacity) but it does not allow me to push content from the BubbleUPnP app to my western digital box. I have attached my log. Thanks for any help that anyone can bestow. Log.txt
  12. client 2.0.87 Gal S4 when scrolling down artists, if i hit a letter, it is registered/shows on screen, but i do not jump to the letter..i always jump to the same place towards beginning of sort order regardless of which letter i choose. anyone else seeing this? redshirt would you consider an option to show album artists rather than artists in the music view. personally its how i seek music 99% of the time.easier to find 1 in 500 rather than 1 in 7000. thanks for considering..
  13. One of my favorite features from another home theater software I use is shared libraries. My friends and I like the ability to share and stream content from each other. Are there any plans at Media Browser to add the ability to load multiple servers to your library? Here are a few suggestions: The ability to add multiple servers to Media Browser Theater The ability to add multiple servers to apps...like iPad Integrate all libraries, so they are mixed into one giant collection An indicator on the movies that would be streamed vs local An indicator on the movie from what server it came from. So you can call your friend and discuss the movie you watched from their collection Adding non-editable metadata to your local server, so you can still apply maximum allowed parental rating to users Instead of loaning my movies out to friends and trying to remember who has what, this is a much safer and easier method. I really enjoy using Media Browser and feel these features would be extremely valuable to other users. Thank you for your consideration.
  14. I'm running into an issue with HLS support and LiveTV. Using the Android client (2.0.85) on my Nexus 5 (Kitty Kat 4.4.4) I have HLS support turned off due to a nasty stuttering issue. When I attempt to view LiveTV it hangs the Android app -- I press the "View Now" button. I see the white circle (which isn't spinning) and that's it. It hangs the client app pretty hard. If I turn HLS Support back on, it exhibits the stuttering issue after viewing for a short period of time (8 to 10 minutes). Can ServerWMC and LiveTV plugin work without HLS support? I sure would be nice if Google would fix their HLS so it doesn't have the stuttering issue -- apparently affects Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.4, and I've even heard rumors Android L continues to be broken). Some details: Mediabrowser Server 3.0.5395.0 Mediabrowser ServerWMC plugin ServerWMC build 1167 Android Mediabrowser App (2.0.85) Nexus 5, running Kitty Kat 4.4.4 Thank You for all the awesome work you guys have been doing.
  15. Today we're pleased to announce immediate availability of an all-new version of our Android app. Live TV Live TV has been a hotly requested feature for Android. Now you can manage and watch Live TV directly from the Android app. Among the features are: View listings per channel Manage and delete recordings both per show and per series Watch live TV Supports the Latest Server Features Your user profile audio & language preference settings WebP image delivery for faster navigation The latest transcoding API Efficient text-based delivery of subtitles Channels Channels are now fully supported, bringing Podcasts, Vimeo, and the rest of the channel lineup to Android. New Music Layouts Music has been revamped from the ground up. Some of the highlights are: A new background audio player Artist views Album views Music genre views Play all features Instant mix playback Visual Improvements Nearly every screen has been revamped. Thumbs are now used to provide an extra splash of color and character. Latest media items on the home screen are grouped appropriately by series or albums. Remote Control Now Chromecast and other Media Browser apps are managed through a common layout. Whether you play to Chromecast, DLNA, or another Media Browser app, the look and feel is the same. At the bottom you'll have a nice mini controller so the remote control is never out of reach. Playlists Server playlist support is also included in this new version. Also local media queuing has been revamped. The play queue is fully interactive, and you can drag to reorganize what's playing, or drag-right to remove items. Users will need to re-enter their connection values. Apologies, but necessary due to the changes in connectivity The app will be available on Google Play in the next few hours, and in the next few days on the Amazon store.
  16. Hi all, I'm using an android minix box connected to my TV, however it doesn't seem as compatible running on a TV as say Plex (sorry for swearing!). For example, the pause/play button on the remote does nothing - you have to "click" on the screen with the mouse remote. Also, if you change the TVs aspect ratio, say wide zoom, the progress bar along with the pause button can disappear into the screen. Plex doesn't seem to do this - be really cool if you guys could implement something! Cheers,
  17. Hey there, I just wanted to say that the new update to the android app looks great. However, it used to work beautifully for me without issue but after the update playback won't start for any media types; movies or music. I also tried the web app on my ANdroid and transcoding will begin but playback will not start. This all started after the most recent updates. I will be happy to attach any logs you need. Also a family member that access my server over the web via a roku said that they couldn't get a movie to start either. I'm not sure if the two issues are related or not. Thanks in advance for the help!
  18. Redshirt, currently im in .84 but i saw this at least in .83 as well (possibly further back) see screens below.. tracks have 0:00 in the playlist view vs current length in webclient (and others) client shot from s5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3rjg6go0230gxj/Screenshot_2014-10-08-08-48-38.png?dl=0 webclient from chrome desktop same album https://www.dropbox.com/s/jvb4dlcdc632qn1/trackdurationwebclient.jpg?dl=0
  19. Hey @@Redshirt This may a long-standing issue, I think it also happened in the previous version. While a video is playing using the internal player, I can't get the display to honor the OS screen orientation. Media only displays correctly when the device is the default side up in landscape. Will not rotate once playing. This stops me from using my case to display my screen the other way up. Thanks, my device is a Nexus 10
  20. Just wanted to give you guys some ideas to mess with. I have successfully setup my system to do the following by voice: Turn on and off all of my theater equipment. Launch and close Media browser. Turn on and off lights. Using the following: veralite controller Galaxy tab 3 7.0 with IR blaster Touchsquid universal remote app Tasker evenghost autovoice openmic+ Basically I have it setup like this. The tablet is my remote using touchsquid. Installing tasker with auto voice and openmic allows you to set your device to always listen ala the moto x In tasker you setup your profile and what commands it sends Autovoice translates voice commands to tasker. Openmic+ keeps it listening. So I say theater on, my tablet launches touchsquid and clicks the turn on all button, my theater equipment turns on. I say launch media browser and the tablet clicks the media browser shortcut (touch squid has an app that runs on the pc to control it) Eventghost watches for media browser to start and will issue a command to the veralite controller to turn off the lights. Then the reverse for turning everything off. The following to videos will give you info on setting up and using taker, autovoice, and openmic+ tasker and autovoice tasker and openmic+ That should be a good place for people to start, if I can help shoot me a message.
  21. hobointhecorner

    Android TV Mockups

    Hello all! As a bit of an exercise in UI design, I've been creating a UI mockup for Android TV in Photoshop, and I'd love the community's feedback. Please be gentle, though, as I'm a systems administrator by trade who is really new to the whole application design thing, but I'm hoping to someday make a career out of it. The album, with all images and descriptions can be found here. Here's a couple for starters, sorry about the size/aliasing: Thanks, guys! --edited to embed images
  22. kingy444

    FR - Android - Live TV

    Would it be possible to add Live TV streaming into the android app ? I only have NextPVR configured. Wasnt sure if they have a joint api you can use or it would be seperate coding for each
  23. jxd132

    Chromecast over WAN

    Hi everyone, I'm setting up MB to be accessible over the WAN, and it works well for everything except Chromecast. Everything functions on the LAN, both from Android clients and casting to Chromecast. In MB Server, I use UPnP to open the ports, and the router shows 8096 and 8945 forwarded properly. The Android client connects and plays video from remote locations, so this seems to confirm the ports are open. But, when I am remote and try casting to a Chromecast, the video does not play. The app triggers the Chromecast to start the receiver app, which shows the MB logo on the TV. Hitting play, however, causes the Chromecast to just show a spinning circle, and the Android client doesn't show that the video time is advancing. FWIW, I removed AdBlock from the phone, as I've seen it cause similar playback issues casting from other apps (e.g. Hulu). My first guess is that I need to forward additional ports, but I didn't see anything in the tutorials. Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to firewall logs to see if whether inbound requests are being rejected. I'm using an IP address, not DDNS. Any advice is welcome, thanks.
  24. Redshirt

    Android Summer Update Preview

    Android development has been a busy place these last few months. Behind the scenes a lot of work has been done to provide some great features. I'm going to do a series of blog posts showing off some of the progress leading up to the final availability this summer. So without further ado, here's some of the good stuff that's coming. Android in the living room The Android client will provide the mobile layout that everyone is used to. Users will be able to enable a new UI that is meant for TV's. The focus on this new UI is to make navigation as easy as possible using a remote control, rather than a touch-navigation-first design. In each view, you can press the menu button on your remote to display a list of relevant options for the current view. With a living room UI, the client will also be available for the FireTV and Ouya. Support for Live-TV A lot of people have asked for this one and I'm happy to oblige. If your Media Browser Server is configured to support live-tv, then you'll be able to enjoy a full-featured Live-TV experience. Watch last nights episode of Falling Skies, record a program, browse TV stations. All possible. Media Browser Channels Browsing and watching content from channels is now possible from your android device. Just add a channel to the Server and enjoy it on your device. And more... There have been lots of tweaks and fixes. The Android client now uses the same logic to play media as most other clients. This means the client is smarter with regards to choosing which audio track to play. The client is aware of more media types, no more transcoding for media types that Android natively supports. Support for Dolby Digital is also a feature of the improved internal media player. The device has to support Dolby and the media must contains dolby tracks.
  25. First of all congratulations for your fantastic software. I upgraded my data connection at home and so i thinked to use my multimedia files in mobility. Via browser from remote pc mediabrowser works very well, but i have some issues with mediabrowser client for android. i have a Samsung note 2 with android 4.3, and when i play a musical album and the played song ends, mediabrowser often give me "error loading next item" and skip the right track that should be played. Is it a known issue? Another issue i noticed is when i left mediabrowser opened without playing any track:When i wake up my phone from standby sometimes the app doesn't respond and i need to force closing it from task manager. Finally, when i receive a phone call and it ends, mediabrowser stops playing and i need to push the play button again but it doesn't resume but plays from beginning. Thanks in advance for your answer and sorry for my bad english. Francesco
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