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  1. bol


    IS the EMBY app free for Android TV .
  2. Hallo, I'm using Emby together with tvheadend 4.2.3 on a Debian Linux server. I've subscribed to Emby Premiere to test it before buying the lifetime pass I managed to connect these two via the Emby Plugin "TVHclient" For watching my media, I'm using the Android TV app (from the Play Store) on a Minix U9-H Android Box. My problem is: When watching TV recordings (via "Live TV" => "recordings") the recordings start, but when I want to seek forward or backwards, I only get the message "Unable to seek". The recordings are stored as H.264 + AAC files on the tvheadend server (profile "webtv-h264-aac-matroska"). As the better integration of tvheadend is my main reason for switching from Plex to Emby: How can I configure Emby and/or tvheadend to make the recordings seekable? By the way: When using the normal Android App for Emby on a Moto Z Play phone, the recording does not even start. I notice that the server starts transcoding (at least the CPU usage rises a lot), but the screen does not show anything. But as the Android TV app is more important, let's focus on this first. Thanks a lot! Kind regards Anna
  3. So right now if I choose to play in external player, it only recognize it as 'stream', makes it impossible to easily search for subtitle in MX Player. Is it possible for it to pass the filename to MX Player so it can search subtitle properly? Thanks
  4. I'm having a lot of trouble with a new Xiaomi Mi Box (Android TV) -- the app is very unstable on this device (which is weird since I rarely have issues on my Shield or Fire TV). It crashes so frequently the app isn't really usable. I have NOT submitted a crash report from within the app yet, but I did do the built-in Android "Report" that happens after a force close ("Emby isn't responding."). It was submitted around 2017-10-19 19:55 MST (Pacific Daylight) -- are you able to look at that report for debug information? I'll get a report sent from within the app in the next day or so.
  5. Blueeyiz702

    Xiaomi Mi Box

    Luke is there any chance of having more control over how things look on MiBox or Android Tv? it just looks plain and not a lot of options to change how it looks. Or am i asking for to much,i no you hands and plate full. thanks
  6. Hi, I don't know if this issue is related to Emby or Android TV. My TV is a Sony (KD-55X8505C) and I'm totally happy with the picture quality in general. Last week I've tried to play some HDR videos in Emby and I'm having some strange behaviour. When I play an HDR video I got perfectly black pixels within the video itself but when the video is 21:9 the black bars at the top and bottom are grey. Unfortunately it's not possible to check the picture settings as the playback stops when opening the actions menu of the Sony TV. Netflix doesn't have this issue - Amazon not tested yet. Anyone else struggling with this issue? Regards matze276
  7. Hello, I just returned from a 2 month business trip and all my syncing was done on my smaller tablet. I was curious if sync for Android TV could be implemented since these newer TV devices are pretty easy to take along and connect in rooms while traveling. My use case: I have a Shield TV and it supports SD cards and external drive attachments. During my stay the hotel wifi was great for syncing (daytime and late night) but was too slow for real time streaming. As a "road warrior" these devices can be setup and left to sync while working or sleeping but also easily connected to TV's in hotels or friends houses etc. Syncing was a great way to keep up with shows and series that my wife and I watch and discuss but it would of been great to do this with the TV and not a smaller tablet screen. I know its not a common request but for those of us that travel and stay for work, these devices, coupled with sync would be a great companion. Thanks for any feedback!
  8. I recently bought a pretty nice Android TV mini-computer. I did so with the intention of running Emby Server on it. I want to build the server here, then I plan on relocating it to a different location once it is completed and functional, along with the USB hard drives that will contain the movie files.. I am struggling to figure out how to do that... I searched the Google Playstore for "Emby Server for Android TV". It showed an app called "Emby for Android TV". I assumed it was exactly what I wanted, so I downloaded and installed the app on my new box. It installed fine, but doesn't appear to be the Emby Server, but rather an Emby client that looks for an Emby Server to connect to. Is there an actual Emby Server for Android TV application out there somewhere? I cannot find it anywhere. I also have a large Windows 10 box running Emby Server. This is my main Media PC for our home. We have 3 TV's, each with their own Kodi box accessing the Emby movie library. The actual movies are located on a NAS. I only mention this primary Emby Server because I don't want its existence to hinder the building out of the new Emby server that I'm trying to establish. Thank you for any help or guidance you can provide me...
  9. Every other platform is getting a facelift. When does Android TV get one?
  10. Sony TV has automatically updated to KODI 17. For some reason TV shows are not merging together in my kodi library on this tv although series are appearing merged in emby server and on my other android tv running kodi 16.1. In my TV library on the emby server I have a path directed to files on a mycloud and a local file path on the computer. I have reinstalled emby add on in KODI 17 but no luck. Although I can still access everything, it is annoying that a TV show is showing up twice with different episodes. Any ideas for what to do next? I'm a bit stumped.
  11. The problem appears to be remuxing but it appears to me there is no reason for it to be remuxing. It skips, it is annoying. Works fine on Windows (because no remuxing). Confirmed on: ​-Leelbox MXQ Pro (Amlogic S905) -Leelbox Master (Amlogic S905X) -NVIDIA SHIELD TV (newest version) Server: -Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 (4c/8t, 3.3 GHz) -8 GiB DDR3 -10/100/1000 NIC -RAID1 SSDs OS/transcoding temp/Emby Server install location ​-3 TB 7200 RPM HDD for recordings ​-Windows Server 2012 R2 TV Tuners: -HDHomeRun EXTEND -HDHomeRun EXTEND -HDHomeRun EXTEND Network: ​-gigabit everywhere -the entire path is wired (server, HDHomeRuns, Android TV boxes) -Only part that isn't gigabit is the HDHomeRun and Amlogic boxes (because 10/100 NIC standard) Channel: Laff 9.3 ​-Container: MPEG, I think. I attached 1 MiB of the stream downloaded via IE11 from the HDHomeRun EXTEND (stream_snippet.zip). There's no clear headers in here from what I can tell. Including this because it might be the cause of the problem. -Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 704x480 (4:3) 29.97fps [V: h264 high L4.0, yuv420p, 704x480] -Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps [A: English [eng] (ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s)] Software: -Emby Server: -Emby for Android TV: 1.3.20g I can't remember subchannels ever not being a problem with Emby for Android TV (either because of transcoding with HDHomeRun CONNECT or remuxing HDHomeRun EXTEND). I believe they work fine using the HDHomeRun beta app on the same devices. This applies to all of the subchannels, live TV or playing back a recording from a subchannel. Attached logs (remux.zip) from today showing the remuxing on NVIDIA SHIELD TV. remux.zip stream_snippet.zip
  12. It kind of sucks that this "recommendations row" can't be outright hidden but the fact it can't and the fact that Emby can use it, I think I see an opportunity. My understanding is that Emby can't give recommendations unless it has a user logged in. For personal SHIELDs, this isn't a problem but in a multi-user situation, no user is logged in by default so no recommendations are shown initially. Suggestion: If Emby for Android TV has no user logged in and therefore has no recommendations to offer, use a guest account and offer the Live TV channels as recommendations. If they back out of the Live TV channel they tuned to, give them the channel guide. If they back out of that, close Emby (assumption being they're not watching any more or a user is going to log in). Think a cable box or satellite receiver system...try to mimic that with "recommendations" being the portal to it. I could see regular users using this too due to simplicity. For example, a lot of people like turning on the news at certain times of the day. That's something that's really only viewed live and once it is over, they turn it off. Showing the news channel in recommendations would as closely mimic tuning to the TV channel normally with the added benefit of being able to pause it. I really hope this idea can be implemented. I think a lot of users I deal with (myself included) would really appreciate it.
  13. Hello, I can not seek/resume videos which require remuxing on my NVIDIA Shield using the Emby for Android TV's internal Player (exoplayer?). Whenever I try to resume, rewind or fast forward a video that is being remuxed, the video skips to the correct frame it is supposed to continue from but then stays there. According to ffmpeg logs and watching the size of the created tmp directory file transcoding works fine. If I play the video from beginning to end it works just fine. Also videos that are "direct play" or transcoded work fine including seek and resume - only "direct stream" is a problem. Workarounds are switching to use external player (vlc) or setting max bitrate low to force transcoding. What I have tried: - switching audio to "direct" and "downmix to stereo" - accessing emby server directly (8920 and 8096) - accessing emby server via nginx reverse proxy (ssl and unencrypted) - nginx: with and without http2 enabled - access emby server by hostname or ip - switching ffmpeg versions (3.1.4, 3.1.5, ffmpeg-git-20160215-64bit-static) - move transcoding temp folder to local or nfs storage This has been happening across several emby-server and emby for android tv versions. Possibly related: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43008-on-remux-android-tv-times-out-too-many-errors/ though I do not receive any errors on the client. Interestingly enough while trying various settings/configurations fast forwarding worked on one occasion yesterday though not repeatable. There is nothing in the server or ffmpeg logs which is different from attempts where it fails. I attached the logs of the attempt where the first fast forward worked (ffmpeg -ss 00:05:26.589 ...) while the second attempt on the same video with the same settings about 30 seconds later failed (ffmpeg -ss 00:11:21.392 ...). ffmpeg1.txt ffmpeg2_fast_forward_success.txt ffmpeg3_fast_forward_fail.txt server.txt
  14. This problem has been going on for a while and I upgraded the server from HDDs to SSDs to try to speed it up but it didn't help. This is an issue regardless if the device is connected via wireless or wired. It manifests in two scenarios: 1) Cold booting Android TV device, go straight to Emby, and it can take up to a minute to get the user list. How this usually presents: a) spinning dial sign in with Emby Connect screen c) back out of app (not using Emby Connect) and run Emby again so it retries with the manual data d) repeat steps 1-3 or presented with user login screen 2) The device was put to sleep with Emby running (e.g. it is sitting at TV show info screen). In this scenario, Emby is completely unresponsive with no spinning dial, error message, or anything until reconnection is established with the server. In both situations, providing the user with more information would be hugely beneficial. I propose the following stages: 1) Waiting for network connection... Do I have an IP address? 2) Network connection found... I have an IP address. 3) Attempting to reconnect with Emby Server <(address if available)>... Does an Emby Server exist at the location I've been instructed to check? 4) Logging in <username>... Yes, try logging in as the last user.* At any point in this reconnection sequence, allow "abort" which takes you back to the Emby Connect/manual login screen. If the above times out, additionally offer a "retry" button to restart the connection process. * More broadly, it would be nice if each application/device had a setting to choose between multi-user and single-user. Some devices tend to get used by more than one user so the login screen should always be shown; some devices tend to get used by one user so it should always automatically log in. I think the web UI has this feature but Emby Home Theater and Android TV do not.
  15. Playback Error When I try to play a specific movie on either my Android TV box or my OnePlus 3 I get the attached error message, the Android TV client attempts it a couple of times before failing completely... If I navigate to this file directly and play it in VLC for Android or SPMC it plays fine, I've watched the film through and it's not corrupt or anything like that so I don't understand what's going on..? The error log doesn't seem to give much away but I gather it's not transcoding for whatever reason, I have created a custom path to a temp transcoding folder in the hope that would fix it, I've also downloaded the latest version of ffmpeg and pointed Emby to use that version instead as a just in case but nothing works... So I'm here to put it to you guys :-) Attached is the screenshot from Android and the log it produces on the server... Cheers! :-) transcode-log.txt
  16. empireslayer000

    Nexus Player - MPEG2 Playback

    Hi all, I was just wondering if, since the nexus player (with developer preview M) has MPEG2 hardware decoding now, Live Television could be streamed (for lack of a better term) rather than being transcoded? Or am I missing something? Is .ts remuxed to MPEG2 then transcoded to h264/aac? Thanks for any responses! I know that this will not effect many individuals but it may also help those running the windows Emby app with Live TV. Just a thought! Empire
  17. Last week Marshmallow was released for the nVidia SATV and after installing and testing Emby everything worked very well. Last night my wife and I were able to watch shows and we had no problem. Today my wife went to watch a movie and it wouldn't play. We get to the login screen, go in and find a movie, select the movie, choose play, and then it comes up with a gray screen. This happens for anything I select. Where can I look for logs to help troubleshoot? I have tried connecting with Emby on my LG G4 and it played fine. I tried using the web client from a Windows 10 box and it played fine. I have tried factory resetting the Shield, reinstalled Emby, and it still does the same thing. It actually hangs the Shield so I have to go the Home screen and sometimes kill the app. I can run the HD Homerun app and Sling TV from it just fine. Any idea on where to start would help. Thanks to anyone that can offer assistance.
  18. My setup: Running on Debian Jessy under a LXC Container (not docker). It's worked great-ish so far, but now all transcodes to the Shield TV fail. Direct play still works, and transcoding to the browser works as well (it transcodes using different settings to the browser, which could be significant - that transcode log is attached as ChromeTranscodeLog.txt). When I attempt to play a video that needs transcoding, it tries 3 times and fails. The error in the log shows Error ServiceStackHost: Error occured while Processing Request: Unable to write data to the transport connection: The socket has been shut down. I recently upgraded my motherboard, as well as Emby server and mono. Attached is the server and transcode logs. I submitted an Android TV report at 1746 Eastern Time (a few minutes ago). Thank you for any insight you can provide. ServerLog.txt TranscodeLog.txt ChromeTranscodeLog.txt
  19. So these Leelboxes work great with Emby for Android TV but there's a problem: the controller/app doesn't really allow for basic DVR capability while playing back. The remote is pictured well here: https://www.amazon.com/Leelbox-android-installed-Amlogic-Android/dp/B013DONLX2 What I'd recommend during playback is: D-Pad Up/Down = change channel (disabled when playing back a recording) D-Pad Left = jump back 10 seconds D-Pad Right = jump forward 30 seconds OK = pause See the guide button to the lower left of the D-Pad? Make that button open up the on-screen display and the D-Pad behave as it does now. Better yet, and for maximum compatibility, allow users to press a key, and Emby record it, for defining the button to open the on-screen display switching the behavior of the D-Pad. This is useful for remotes that don't have that specific info button.
  20. I started a recording, let it play until a commercial started, then hit the right D-pad 4 times to make it jump past the commercial. What did it do? 0:00 + 1 jump forward. Identifying this problem, I then tried playing it from a ways in and jumped back twice. What did it do? 0:00 - 1 jump backwards = 0:00 Somehow, when jumping mid-jump, it loses context of where it is at. Jumping mid-jump either needs to be disallowed or it needs to keep track of the jumps and get the stream to the right point. The media streamed was 1080i to a Leelbox Amlogic chip on Emby for Android TV. The audio is being down-mixed (because issues if direct). It takes several seconds between pushing the button and it actually getting there so there is ample time for this bug to occur.
  21. I have both of these apps installed on some devices that only show icons and it's impossible to tell which is which without opening them. I'd be happy with just putting "TV" across the icon for the Android TV app. I attached a picture showing the problem.
  22. jeffshead

    New and confused

    It seems I have complicated my life but my intention was to keep things simple... What is the best setup for my needs? Background: For years, I've had movies stored on a network share and have been using Serviio Pro (DLNA) for standalone Blu-ray players that do not play all video formats. Serviio also does a fairly decent job of streaming over the Internet via it's built-in web portal. I occasionally utilize this functionality when I'm away. Next, I added a WDTV device because the standalones sometimes freeze and have problems with fast forward and reverse. The WDTV device plays videos directly from the network share and was working great up till the last couple of firmware updates. The stupid device periodically looses track of the network share and cannot find it again unless I reboot my PC's and/or server, depending on which one is designated as the master browser. This is a known issue that will probably never be resolved. Anyway, I replaced the WDTV with an Android TV box because of that issue. I'm loving the Android box (MeMoBOX MX MAX) but it has complicated matters. For example: I can no longer use a single universal remote to control the TV, standalone and streaming box. Now I have to have two separate remotes. I had to purchase a separate air mouse remote with a keyboard to utilize the features of the Android box. I could not find an all-in-one that has air mouse, keyboard and that can be programmed to control the standalone and TV. This one (MX3) comes close and it works very, very well. I just hope it holds up. The Android box came with Kodi so now there's a great deal more menus and more steps involved to navigate to and play videos. More menus and options = confused wife. I don't know what is the most efficient way to set things up. My questions and dilemma: I want robustness and simplicity. I do not want to have a complicated setup that requires administration of redundant services or multiple libraries. I want the flexibility of being able to access a single library from the LAN or WAN and be able to select whether I want to watch a transcoded movie or a direct stream. I do not want to transcode everything. Only when needed. Money is tight so I don't want to purchase Emby Premiere Lifetime unless it's needed or very beneficial. It's just not clear to me if I need Kodi on all PC's, Kodi with Emby add-on, Emby Server, Emby Premiere or Emby at all because Kodi does scraping too. Do I need Kodi on any device or PC to play movies if I install Emby server? If so, does each PC maintain it's own library? In a nutshell, why would I need Emby Premiere? Is Emby Theater a replacement for Kodi on Windows? How does it differ from Kodi? Does it automatically transcode the video or is transcoding a selectable option? If I install Emby Server, do I have to pay for the Android app on each device? If so, is it a one time purchase and does that give me the same functionality as if I purchased Premiere? Do I have to pay a fee for each phone or does the one fee cover all phones on the same google account? I'm most confused about why I need Emby since Kodi scrapes. It appears to me that each product has a different purpose but there is some functionality overlap.
  23. I am looking (for a friend) at a NAS with one function to store and serve videos to a Sony Android TV. At first I thought it was best to do this using a basic Netgear ReadyNAS's DLNA server. Then I thought about Kodi before realising that QNAP NAS's support Emby Server and would prefer that (I have a MediaPC running Emby and Emby for Windows Media Centre). My friend would like to spend as little as possible so I was looking at the TS-212P but I was not sure if this would be powerful enough to run Emby Server. Video will be mostly SD and 720P stuff. Can anyone share their experience with this? Or any advice on likely performance on this unit?
  24. I read in the App Status thread that the Amazon platform will generate transcoding from DTS to DD. But that thread says nothing about this specific feature for the Google platform. Does this occur for Android TVs? My surround sound is part of my Blu ray player that does not natively support DTS, only DD. Occasional I've had to change my app settings to downmix to stereo even though I have 5.1 capabilities... because of DTS.
  25. Please forgive me if I am just missing this, but are there plans to or already existing ability to make the Emby App for Android TV capable of acting as a source for the "Google Live Channels App" in Android TV, specifically is it applies to Live TV?
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