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  1. I chose to not display my admin account, requiring manual login. However, on my Android TV (Sony Bravia 2017), selecting Manual Login brings up the Password prompt. I can then select "Next", same prompt (no changes, nor does the entry box clear), then "Done" and then nothing. There is no prompt for the username. Am I doing something wrong (not much to do wrong afaict) or is it not working correctly? Anyone else experience this?
  2. Hi everyone, I am a recent Emby user, I have configured Emby Server on windows, with a library containing movies, series, animes. Then, on my android TV (philips), I use the emby application to connect to my emby server. I have a problem when I want to choose subtitles for my series: the choice of audio and subtitles is grayed out for the series, while I have added the subtitle files to the associated video directory. For films, I don't have this problem. In the only subtitle configuration settings I found, I activated everything available for displaying and selecting subtitles. Do you have a solution for me? Please excuse me if my post is repetitive with respect to an existing post. Thank you very much, Alesk_andr
  3. Hi there, can we have a home button in the Android TV App? I love it to go threw my library by the function "similar movies" or "recommended", unfortunately isn't it possible to jump directly back to the home screen. I've to press the back button for every movie I visited due to the mentioned functioned before and while i visit a lot of them it could be a little bit bothering ;-). So thanks for considering. Mike
  4. I have been using Kodi with Embycon on my Android TV for a while now. Let me explain my setup first. TCL iFFalcon Android TV 4K 55" with 2.5 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM Android 8.0 (Google Certified, with Play Store) Sony HT-RT3 speakers connected via HDMI ARC Kodi 18.1 Embuary Skin Embycon Plugin I use Kodi to play videos from an Emby server over WiFi (on the web, not local). Videos are mostly 1080P with the occasional 4K playback as well. Everything was working fine when my setup was Kodi 17 on Android 7.0. I updated to Kodi 18 (stable) when it was officially available on Play Store. Coincidentally 2 days after that, my TV updated to Android 8.0 via OTA. Now the problem is when I am watching a video, the playback stops randomly and UI returns to Kodi library screen. Sometimes I can click the same video under "Continue Watching" section and resume playback. But occasionally that won't work and I will have to exit Kodi and start again. I am not sure if this is caused by Kodi 18 or Android 8.0 update on my TV. I thought it could be an issue with the Emby server and so I installed the official Emby app on my TV. I tried playing different videos for close to 7 hours over a span of 3 days and not once did it crash. I am attaching a link to the log I pulled from TV. You can see the error towards the end of the log. Please help me find a solution to this. https://paste.kodi.tv/uziliqerah.kodi
  5. Hi, I think there is an across-the-board change that needs to be with all Emby player apps. 1) Remove codec and channel layout info from Audio Language drop downs, only display the Language 2) Display Video and Audio codec info (including definition, channel layout and resolution) in a similar fashion to parental rating/closed captions mark. 3) Offer a setting (probably in Display settings) to display Media Info as icons (like CoverArt does) instead.
  6. The UI design on the android tv/fire tv platform is looking better and better! Thanks for giving it some attention! I especially like the ability to hide the card backgrounds on the homescreen, and the translucent gradients on the preplay screens with left justified text really lets the art shine through...it really provides a much more elegant look. Looking forward to video backdrops to really set off the overall experience. I'm THIS close to ditching kodi... Anyway, the look of the new update inspired me to create some mockups of what I'd personally love to see changed for both the "Playback/Details OSD" and "Paused OSD" screens. In my opinion, these design concepts would really tie everything together for a more unified look. They also provide a little more elegance, and even provide an option for a little extra eye candy. Nothing drastic, I'm using all the same elements found elsewhere throughout the interface - text, formatting, etc - just moving/resizing a few things a bit here and there. Here's how the options/paused OSD looks currently. See images depicting both TV and Movie media types. I've included shots of the details screen(s) as well just to show what I'm getting at in regard to consistency: https://imgur.com/a/0zxEyiK Here's my take on what I'd love to see instead: Remove the current translucent black "Playback OSD" panel in favor of an elegant gradient effect (also consistent with the preplay screens). I've changed the padding around the poster and increased the size a bit to really showcase the cool artwork treatment options that are available. Right now, the poster is butted up right to the bottom of the screen, with a sizeable gap between the poster and the edge of the screen on the left side. The current pause screen is kind of in line with this idea already- with the gradient behind the progress bar-but this takes it to the next level, providing some detail and eye candy options as well. These concepts also keep the padding between the screen edge and other onscreen elements consistent as well: https://imgur.com/a/rMiJca4 There's a few different variations here for Playback OSD/Paused OSD screens, as well as Paused OSD style variations for shown/hidden progress bar, media flags vs text, and an option to display either discart or clearart (depending on media type). Emby server already provides the options to download these types of artwork, but the client apps don't yet really provide a useful but non-intrusive way to put them on display. Put them on the pause screen! And possibly an option for it to fade away after xx seconds for those that seem to feel they need an unobstructed view of the scene while paused....ahem . You could even take it a step further and offer this styling on a per-theme basis. Windows media center, holiday, apple tv, and emby themes shown below: https://imgur.com/a/vzcyQpJ What you think @@Luke ? Any possibility of implementing a change like this? EDIT: Posted albums using link method for the time being...cannot get imgur albums embedded via media bbcode the way I intended...
  7. Hello, I searched around so I hope this is not a repetitive question. I am new to Emby (love it by the way) but this may be a Shield issue or a Android TV issue, as the same doesnt happen in Windows or in my Samsung TV. I will post pics to explain my question. When I go in the Movies section and view all my movies the thumbnails show all within the screen frame and i have to scroll down to view all the movies.....however, when I go to the Collections folder all the movie thumbnails show sideways....so in order to view the movies i have to scroll sideways.... So the question is....is there a way that the movies in the Collections folder show like they show in the Movies folder (all in the screen)? Thanks for the help.
  8. TVTunes music and video themes don't seem to be working correctly. Hitting sync theme media in the emby addon gives a success message after about 10-15 seconds, but neither video backdrops nor music themes are playing at all for movies or tv shows. My local trailers do not play either with that option enabled in TVTunes. Backdrops WILL play if I use native paths, but in order to use Cinema mode I have to use add-on paths. Play video in background is enabled. I use Arctic:Zephyr and Aura skins primarily. In the path /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.emby/library/ MOVIE folders containing tvtunes.nfo have been created- but nothing in regard to tv shows at all. Server Addon 4.0.5 Shield Android TV Kodi - Leia After addon updated to 4.0.5 I tried to repair libraries and re-sync theme media, still no love. @@Angelblue05 any idea what might be causing this?
  9. It would be very useful if users were listed in the login screen according to their last connection date. Now they appear in alphabetical order and when there are many users, this harms those who connect the most. Thanks.
  10. Windows 10 App: there is a option 'wake up' Android Smartphone: there is also an option 'wake up' Android TV app....euhh..no forced option to trigger the 'wake up' ???? Maybe it's triggerd when you push the server button (ugly server icon), but it's not working. I saw a post from 2016 here, it should be a Androin thing...but...it's working on my Android Smartphone! request 1: please add option 'wake up' in the Emby Android TV app request 2: please fix 'wake up', without this feature working I am not happy request 3: I have only 1 server.........why do you not send the WOL when I start Emby first??? and why I have to select a server.... I only have 1 server!! Could you make my live make simpler? thank you all ready ! Kind regards (Emby starter)
  11. Hi, Some time ago I paid to unlock the Live TV functionality of Emby's Android TV app. After the switch to version 3.6 and then 4.0 of the server, the Live TV functionality has been disabled in the app. I understand that the model changed and now we can't get Live TV through the web app (or any other way) if not using an Emby Premiere subscription, which I'm upset about, but can comprehend. TV guides are not available in my country, I provide the guide data through NextPVR and don't care about DVR, so the old model used to fit me fine (it just never made sense to me to subscribe to Premiere due to these limitations, and were the reason I chose Emby over Plex when implementing my tuners in Chile). However, I did pay for the unlock specifically for the Live TV functionality and now that feature has been removed. Given the above: is there a way to enable just Live TV (no DVR or guide or stuff) for use on the Android TV app, or can I ask a refund for my app purchase? I'm aware that it was a small fee and I'm not getting any richer if I got a refund, but I am upset about specifically paying for a feature as promised, that has later been removed arbitrarily. Also, are there plans for a "lite" Premiere subscription for users that cannot access the full fledged features (such as TV guide)? Thanks and regards, Darren
  12. So i keep getting issues with movies and tv either skipping forward a few seconds or doing like a catching up effect anyone else had the same issues?
  13. smc007i

    Android TV Sound gaps

    Hi @@ebr, I did a quick search and didn't find anything specific on this topic in the forum so far. Also wasn't sure where to file this as you'll see: My set up is: Emby server running on a NAS: QNAP TS-453A The media library is on the RAID5 volume on the same NAS (excuse me if my terminology on raid/volumes isn't right) I have a Sony Android TV and use the Android App to browse and view my Emby Library The TV and NAS are plugged into a local switch via LAN cables (or alternatively plugged TV in to the NAS which has a virtual switch capability) The setup works fine, the issue I am having is that the sound isn't continuous, every once and a while there is a short gap. It doesn't get out of sync, it just sticks for a fraction of a second and then carries on, the picture seems fine. This is irritating, it would happen a half dozen times during a 22min show, for example. I checked the NAS CPU usage and it's not high, I've tried the TV LAN cable into a local switch and into the back of the NAS virtual switch and this doesn't make any difference. Its as if the sounds isn't being buffered far enough into the future and then refreshes when it gets stuck. Any ideas on any settings I need to look at on the Emby server (or maybe the NAS or TV)? Thanks S
  14. I'm contemplating to switch from Plex to Emby due to the bug where Plex couldn't play any media with AC3/DTS without first transcoding it. I've tested Emby and all my media played fine. I can live with minimalistic look but the only gripe I have with Emby is that I could not control it with a normal tv remote. I understand I can use an airmouse or a mouse but my main usage is on an Android TV Box and don't like having too many remote (Harmony Elite user here). Is there plan to release a better support for remote use with Emby soon? Or maybe a TV mode for android box users?
  15. I have a library of type "Home videos & photos" that I have unchecked "Display in home screen sections such as latest media and continue watching" in the display settings. However, on my SHIELD TV, videos that I haven't completed still appear in the Continue Watching section. The setting does work for the latest video section.
  16. I just got a new Sony BRAVIA (55 inch X90F - KD-55X9000F) yesterday and want to use the Emby app on it instead of the old HTPC running WMC and Emby Classic. The TV is running Android TV 7.0 and the Emby Server is currently version on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. The audio system is an old Panasonic one with support for Dolby Digital and DTS and is connected via the optical out from the TV. The HTPC was connected to this system via optical out as well. Videos open fine from the Emby app on the new TV, but all audio is only being passed to the sound system as stereo instead of 5.1 as expected. Opening the same videos via the DLNA server from the TV has the audio pass to the audio system correctly as Dolby or DTS. Playing UHD Blu-rays from my Sony UBP-X700 passes the audio as expected as well. Most of my Blu-ray rips have been encoded as HEVC/H.265 with DTS-HD MA as MKVs, while DVD rips are the same with Dolby Digital or DTS audio. I have also tested using H.264 encoded videos. A log file from playing my rip of Avatar is attached. Any help with getting the digital audio working would be appreciated. ffmpeg-transcode-cc814e6f-523b-4cc3-b874-0d6e62ecf044.txt
  17. Enrique1980

    No collection appears

    No collection appears in the Android TV application. The server and the application are in the same LAN, in the application for Android phones they do appear, using the browser they also appear, in the Windows application they also appear. Any idea of the reason?
  18. This may be a "feature not a bug" situation as a result of me not understanding how you designed it to work... But it seems like the list of "Next Up" TV shows is actually a SUPER SET of "Continue Watching" (excluding the in progress movies)--- that is, it should contain all items that are in progress (Continue Watching) + episodes where I'm at the start of an episode (if the SHOW has been watched recently). You combine all those together into one list and take the most recent ~20 to include in the list. If this is more or less the desired outcome, then I believe I've found a bug. I generally only display the "Next Up" row on my Android TV because it always includes stuff that is in progress (ie Continue Watching just contains stuff I can find in "Up Next", so I don't display it). However, Up Next is occasionally missing items that I have to go and pull from the Continue Watching list. I'm happy to provide several examples but I first wanted to confirm this was actually a "bug" (per the design) before wasting any time filing a bug report. If this is not actually a bug, can you explain why it's necessary to have both the "Next Next TV" and the "Continue Watching" lists? (other than Continue Watching is both Movies + TV episodes).
  19. Summary: Add 240p and 144p options to Max Streaming Bitrate on Android TV I have an interesting use case: The back-seat entertainment in my car (~6in TV with HDMI) is using a Fire Stick running Emby. I use the Wifi hotspot from my phone and have the Max Streaming Bitrate set as low as it will go (420Kbps). That quality actually looks really good on the tiny screen. When traveling through places with weak cell signal the video will cut out or buffer. So I'd much rather run them at 144p (like the mobile version of the app allows) so that the video works in more cases. I'm guessing it was just excluded because most people are running Android TV on large TVs. So I'm hoping it's an easy fix to just add the extra options for those of us with cell-phone-sized TVs :-)
  20. I'm in the process of trying to shift from Plex to Emby. On the Nvidia Shield Emby client there appears to be a limit of displaying favorites to just 50 TV shows. You can add as many as you want, but only scroll through the first 50. This seems arbitrary ... is there any way to eliminate the 50-show limit? I would think an app that can stream 100GB 4k videos could probably handle a tagged list of >50 ... say, 50,000 ... easily? I'd be delighted if I'm just missing a simple way to display more favorites.
  21. Hallo, I'm using the Android TV app (latest version from Play Store) on a Minix U9-H Android box using a Bluetooth remote control (cursor keys, enter, esc, Play/Pause ...). I configured a Library for my tvheadend recording files (as someone in the forum has suggested) - and my problem is: When using the Android TV app, I only get to see thumbnails for my recordings and I have to move over every single item to see the titles of these recordings. My question is: Is it possible to add a "list view" option to the Android TV app, kind of like the list view in the web app? Or better just a list of recording titles and next to it the picture + details only for the active title. That would be great! Thank you in advance! Regards, Anna
  22. Hello I need old versions of emby for android 4.4.2 Where can I download? I use on android TV Beelink X2 Thank you
  23. Is there a possibility of the emby app to filter by network under tv shows. I see this functionality on the web browser but not the app. Thank You, Naimesh
  24. Hi y'all! First of all, i have to say thank you for the last big update in the app and your hard work. It is a big step. Awesome job! However, the look and feel looks cheapy in some parts, and maybe can be worked with little touches to get a better professional look. Emby is becoming in one of the most important developments in the XMBC category. Transparency: What i ask is main transparency option. This is with the intenttion that nevermind the theme you choose, you can have the option to choose transparency in the box sets and movie/series primary posters. I now this can be applied on Android environment , what i don't know if it is a lot of work. I'm not professional designer of profession but i'm working for many years with images for web design, logos, etc. Everybody wants can do your pesonal touch at the movie collection/series, with their own main posters, backdrops, etc. In fact, Emby give us to the premier users access to plugins how Cover Art. It comes with different type of "masks" for the main posters. The problem is that if you choose some rounded cover it keep the color background of the theme, depends of the theme can be random color or one color only. I have my personal box sets in my collection made by me in .png format to get that transparency, the problem is that they look bad because the background used by any theme for the primary poster or box set collection. Collections: In this section, on the Android TV APP, when you click over the collection, all information about that collection is not showed. Primary poster, description, tittle collection,etc. Nothing. The only thing that you can get is the movie list. For me, this has no sense, since when you create the collection in the web environment on the server, he pull the Primary art, backdrop and, in some cases the logo art for that collection, and in the worst scenario you can add whatever art you want. In the server/web environment, if you click over any collection, you can see all details of any collection with the artwork that you choose. That not happend in the Android TV APP. That's all for the moment, i appreciate if the team address this request. Thank you very much in advance. Regards.
  25. I have a lot of episodes the same show - different episodes, but they are not in the format "name s02e12". I have the ones for one show in a single folder - just not the right format. The mobile version - under Folders - shows the sub-folders. That makes it easy to find the show and episode I want. The TV version has a folder listing, but does not show any sub folders. Is there any way to get this feature in the TV version?
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