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  1. Hi Emby team, I would like to request that Emby Theatre for Xbox One be made snappable, so tv can be watched while playing games.
  2. Hi Emby team, I would like to request that Kinect and Cortana voice commands be added to Emby Theatre for Xbox One and Windows 10 (UWP).
  3. Hi, I am using the Emby Theatre on Xbox One S, and can not change the watched/unwatched status of any episode or season or series. I could do this fine on the web app in Microsoft Edge. Any suggestions?
  4. After updating the Emby Theater App on the Xbox One I have zero audio (Live TV, all of my Library's or the Trailers plugin). I have re-downloaded and uninstalled Emby from the Xbox store and tried several restarts but get the same results. I can confirm that everything works on Firefox, Windows 10 Theater App, and the iPhone Emby App. Log
  5. schmitty

    Playback issues

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this, as I don't know whether it is a server or client side issue. I've recently replaced a failing SSD in my Windows 8.1 server and reinstalled Windows and Emby Server, along with Media Center Master. For the last few weeks I have been encountering issues with streaming videos to Edge on Xbox One and now Chrome on MacOS 10.11.6. The video will start playing fine for a few minutes then pause, sometimes it will continue, others it will just stay paused indefinitely. Originally, I was only having this issue with playing Friends ripped from Blu-Ray, as the MKV's were a direct stream rip from the Blu-Ray at full bitrate. I started re-ripping them to a maximum bitrate of 8000-9000mbps which solved the problem, but now it is happening from downloaded TV series as well. I have pretty much given up trying to watch anything from the server now as it is too frustrating with the frequent pausing. What can I do to solve this?
  6. Hey Guys, Emby theater for xbox one is still freezing during video playback. Its random but happens at least once or twice while watching a movie. Its hard to keep selling it to my family who get frustrated every time it freezes and I have to back out and resume from last positions which usually fixes it. I will provide any logs or pics you need even a sample file of a known movie to freeze up. Please, I just want Emby for Xbox one to work.... Is anyone else having this issue?
  7. dredrizzah

    Xbox One Media Player

    For some reason Emby is not showing in the Xbox One media player. The PC that Emby server is installed on shows with no problem. My question is this on the Emby side or is it my console? I've tried different blast alive messaging timings with no avail. The only solution that works is to restart the Xbox although that is something I don't want to keep doing!!!!
  8. Hello, Running Version 3.0.5882.0 on my computer connected to RouterA. When My Xbox One is connected to RouterA, I have no problem seeing my Emby server on my Xbox (from the "Media player" app) Here the problem: I connected a new router, RouterB to RouterA. My computer continues to be connected to RouterA. However, now my Xbox One is connected to RouterB. I no longer see my Emby server on my Xbox (from the "Media player" app). Do I need to do some sort of port forwarding for RouterA/RouterB? I was able to verify that another laptop can connect to RouterB via WiFi and I can successfully see the Emby server in a web browser using the local IP address ( Any thoughts? Thanks! Rory
  9. I am totally loving the new Emby Theater accessible through the Xbox One browser. There are a lot of 1080p videos in my collection that are in WMV format. video: Windows Media Video 9 audio: Windows Media Audio 9 Professional - 640 kbps, 48 kHz, 5.1 channel 24 bit The video plays very well but it seems as if it is losing the 5.1 audio and transcoding it to just mono or something because it is only being played through my center speaker and no audio is coming from my surround speakers or subwoofer which almost makes the video unwatchable due to how bad it sounds. When I play through DLNA or do "cast to device" from my windows 10 PC it plays the audio in 5.1 without any problems. I'm also a paying Emby Premiere member and I love the Emby Theater interface and everything about it on my Xbox One but I can't use it to watch these videos with what it is doing to the audio so I have to continue streaming them to my Xbox One the way I was before via DLNA or casting it from my PC. Is there anything I can do or that can be done in a future update that won't mess up the audio like it is? Thank you. (I'm sure it will be even better once the Xbox One has universal app support and it can have its own native Emby app.)
  10. Larry SA

    Xbox One - Media Player

    How do you get media player to show Season Number and Episode Number? Or the full original name of the file. Currently only see episode name.
  11. schmitty

    Xbox One MKV transcoding

    Hi, All of my DVD's and Blu-Ray's have been ripped to MKV, using direct stream copy from the source, with no compression. The DVD rips play fine, but the Blu-Ray rips playback is stuttered. I am guessing this is because they are being transcoded, and the bit rate of the rips is a direct copy. If this is the case, how can I stop the server from transcoding and, should I consider re-ripping the Blu-Rays to a lower bit rate, or use compression?
  12. The xbox one is now my primary device to watch content on with my basement tv / excercise room. I've come across a few issues When accessing the user menu, the menu opens fine and highlights/focuses on the home button. The next navigation loses focus to the background thus not allowing the user to sign out or access settings from the menu and also really hard to get focus back to the user menu window. Searching only generates 5 items per row but this doesn't appear to be a Xbox one version limitation as the PC version of Theater does the same, hoping the results could be expanded a little. Some of the areas, especially on a 10-15ft experience are real hard to tell where the focus is. Things like watched mark, thumbs up/down, favorite, search, user menu, and icons on playing control bar. You can easily lose track of what is focused on as none of these use a green highlight or or green circle when they are focused on.
  13. schmitty

    Xbox One DLNA CoverArt

    Hello, What is the size of the CoverArt Xbox One displays in Media Player? Also, is there a way to change the size of the CoverArt, so the whole cover displays. Currently, only the top two thirds or three quarters of the image is actually displayed.
  14. Hi Luke. I was playing with ET on my Xbox One over the weekend and it looks very nice. Do you want feedback on Xbox One usage, or is it still a WIP ?? Should ET work OK with the Official Xbox One Media Remote ?? Thanks.
  15. Hardware Setup QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G QMono Emby Server v3.0.5781.2 (v1.51119) Xbox One Client: Android App The Issues After a fresh boot of the Emby server and Android app, I can select my Xbox One as a DLNA device, and play a movie. Shortly after the movie starts, it no longer shows as "Currently Playing", and my Xbox is no longer listed as an available DLNA device. The movie keeps playing, but I lose my remote controls. The Chrome client also shows that nothing is playing, and there is no Xbox One DLNA device. When I'm done watching my movie I have to reboot the Emby Server on the QNAP to get my Xbox back. I bought this QNAP specifically for my Emby Server. Over the last couple days I have been really happy with how Emby works, aside from this issue. If we can get this worked out I'll be happy to become a lifetime Emby Premier supporter. PS - I'm also using Media Center Master which seems like a really great pair with Emby. I hope these products continue to play nicely together.
  16. LqHnyBear

    Xbox One DLNA Transcoding

    How can I tell why something is transcoding when playing to my Xbox One? I have an mkv file with ac3 audio and for some reason it's being transcoded instead of playing directly. It's never had to transcode mkv with ac3 audio before when playing to the Xbox One. I tried looking in the transcode log but can't make heads or tails of what it's talking about. I'm on server Version 3.0.5781.4 log.txt
  17. Guys after some urgent help please! I'm expecting the arrival of a new Xbox One today and want to get the heads up on how I get EMBY running on it before I remove my Xbox 360. I've never used an Xbox One so what do I need to download if I'm already running the server on my PC? Is there a guide somewhere as I know at least a dozen other people that are getting one this week and will be asking me the very same question ever since I put them on to EMBY on WMC for the 360. Please guys, any help would be really appreciated as I have no idea where to start! Thanks and seasons greeting to you all
  18. I've been testing Emby, and I'm happy with everything about it, everything works very well for me. I use a 32 inch tv (1366x768) on a xbox one, but the subtitles are small for me, is there any way to change it or maybe the font?
  19. JavaJoeUK

    Xbox one can't see dlna server

    Hi everyone just new to Emby from plex and I must say its looking good so far. The problem is the xb1 can't see the server through dlna, it is in devices but that's it. Is there any setting I should try to get it to work. Thanks
  20. kingy444

    Xbox App - Achievements

    Thought it may be a good idea to start a new topic so the dev team can have all our input in one area. With unified windows apps the dev team appear to be making some progress for xbox one and i for one couldnt be keener. As a community i thought we could chip in and provide some input on achievements to go with the app. Similar to what netflix has but lets get creative with some new ones. In the end these will obviously come to the dev team to decide on but lets put together some ideas for them. For starters some easy ones. * "Where did the week go?" - Watch an entire season of any TV series in a week. * "The Collectors Edition" - Watch an entire box set from start to finish * "I can't wait" - Watch a video within 30 minutes of it being added to your library * "There's More?" - Play a Song or open a photo from EMBY
  21. Emby Version 3.0.5621.4 I've noticed that any of my MKV/MP4/AVI files that have AAC audio seem to be transcoding when I play them on my xbox one. I find this odd because it's an AAC codec being transcoded back into AAC but with out 5.1 output. I thought the xbox one handles aac audio. I'm using default profiles for the server. Is this just a bug or is there something I need to fix? These shouldn't need transcoding, right? I've attached two of my logs from transcodes I don't believe should be transcoding at all. The second is of an MP4 file not an MKV however if I put it into an MKV container and attempt to play it on the xbox one, it will transcode it. avi file.txt mp4 file.txt
  22. Emby Server Version 3.0.5621.4 Windows 8.1 Please correct me if I am wrong but having watched a couple of youtube videos that Emby Server should appear as a DLNA device in my XB1 media player, which it does not. so assuming I have everything setup correctly should it? I am able to see my PC in XB1 as a DLNA device (which is running the emby server). I can also use my android phone to connect to my emby server. A DLNA profile exists for XB1 in emby (the default one) I did add a user account to it which is the same as the default account. On my PC I have both an XB1 and an EMBY media device in the devices and printers view. However the Emby device constantly goes greyed out (disconnected) after a period of time. Removing the disconnected device and then adding it seems to be the only way I can get it reconnected. however this does not cause the device to appear in XB1 mediaplayer. I am able to right click a video on my PC and play to XB1. I have read a heap of posts that I could find and I have enabled blast messages enabled remote control If log files would of any use please let me know and how/where to get them from my emby server I am already Nutts but I was hoping to get better this is not helping any thoughts?
  23. I unfortunately have this issue quit frequently. While watching a movie all is going well, and then the movie just ends. It is as if it thinks it has reached the end of the movie, as the progress is lost. I can then just go to the scene's and continue watching the rest of the movie with no issue, so not a problem with the files as far as I can tell. Server ver: 3.0.5464.40000 Watching in web client on Xbox one.
  24. schmitty

    .sub Subtitle support

    Hi, Does Emby support reading .sub subtitles? I stream to Xbox One and it does not seem to be reading them.
  25. jamvids

    Is there a guide to xbox one?

    As above, I have added the profile and given it a user name. Nothing finding anything. How do you set it up?
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