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Found 3 results

  1. xnappo

    This isn't your Father's XBMC

    Hi All, We have reached a couple of new milestones with XBMB3C - release 0.9.0 AND a new skin repo! But before going into the details, a few words... We really would like to invite both MediaBrowser users who have previously tried XBMC and found the database capabilities lacking, and XBMC users who have tried or heard about MediaBrowser but found the hardware support lacking to give XBMB3C a shot! What we are trying to do here is take the very powerful, VERY multi-platform XBMC playback and skinning engine, and combine it with the awesome meta-data and database management capabilities of MediaBrowser3. This strips away a lot of the somewhat cobbled together XBMC back-end database scripts and makes for a much cleaner user experience, while opening MediaBrowser3 to 7-foot low-end devices powered by Android or OpenElec. So - what is new? XBMC 0.9.0 adds: Search capability Better skin integration Added Favorite Shows node Update NextUp widget on stop Check that service is running Error handling for non-UNC paths Photo widget support Better MB3->XBMC art mapping Meta-data for playback in-progress items More granular debug logs No meta-data cache for less than 25 items (helps with TV status updates) XBMB3C 0.9.0 is available in to official XBMC Video AddOns repository. In addition, we are announcing the XBMB3C skin repo - available here: http://im85288.no-ip.org/xbmc/addons/xbmb3c-repo/repository.xbmb3c-1.0.0.zip Here you will find a great, growing collection of XBMC skins modified specifically for MediaBrowser3 functionality: Aeon MQ5: Arctic: Confluence: Eminence Xperience 1080++ Aeon Nox 4.1.9 Gotham coming VERY soon! We hope you will give XBMB3C a shot - if you need ANY help feel free to ask here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/forum/99-xbmb3c/ And... we aren't stopping here. Coming soon to XBMB3C: Multiple fanart support Actor images, data and searches Theme music support xnappo
  2. THIS POST REFERS TO THE OLD VERSION OF THE ADDON, IT IS NOW RECOMMENDED TO TRY THE NEW EMBY FOR KODI ADDON INSTEAD Bellow is a description of the function of each setting for the XBMB3C AddOn: MediaBrowser Primary Server Address: The IP address of your MB3 machine. Port Number: The Port for for your MB3 server - 8096 unless you manually changed it. UserName: Your MB3 username Password: Your MB3 password. Leave blank if you do not have one set Auto enter single folder items: Skips the 'Season' level if there is only one season. Use Series Art for Episodes: Uses the Series coverart instead of the episode screenshot art - useful in some skins that distort 16:9 art. Offer Delete for Watched Episodes: Pops up a delete dialog after playback of a TV show. Useful when using NextUp/Latest Episodes Network Samba Username: Username for Samba access on your network - (Samba is the protocol used by Windows file sharing) Samba Password: Your Network access password. Play from Stream instead of SMB: Plays using a stream protocol instead of SMB. Useful for internet access, or in situations where your network prevents access via SMB. Transcode: If on, the server will use the default transcode setting to compress the video. Device Name: Name that will show up on other clients, such as the web client. Change if you have multiple XBMC devices. Show Load Process: Show progress bar in processing library. Useful for very large collections, slow connections and slow devices. Media Data Include Stream Issue: Whether to request codec information etc in server data. Include People: Whether to request Actors, Directors etc in server data Include Overview: Whether to include plot information in server data Number of recent movies to show: Number of movies in Recent Movies node Number of recent TV episodes to show: Number of Episodes in Recent Episodes node On Resume Jump Back Seconds: Number of seconds to go back when resuming playback Mark Played When Stopping Above %: Percentage played to determine item is watched. Add Item and Played Counts: Add text to folders with number of items/number of played items. Some skins already provide this and this will be redundant. Add Episode Number: Add episode text to TV shows. Some skins already provide this and this will be redundant. Add Resume Percent: Add text with percent played to in-progress items Background Art Refresh Rate: How often changes to background art are checked Show Indicators: Show things like a Watched, Unplayed Count and Percentage Played Progress on the Poster image Sort NextUp: Alter the sorting for Next Up by Show Ttile Advanced Enable debug logging: Turn on XBMB3C diagnostics. Use this to provide us with debug logs. Result in xbmc.log. Enable performance profiling: Shows us where time is going on your system. Use this to help us speed up the code. Results in addon_data. Use JSON instead of SIMPLEJSON: Uses a different data structure library. May be useful to try on slow systems (ie Pi).
  3. Hello All, A new version of XBMB3C has been released and is available in the XBMC repo! As usual, lots of exciting changes: - Added remote control from other clients (null_pointer) - Added trailer support (im85288) - Added Couch Potato trailer integration (im85288) - Updated to support server security update (xnappo) - Server path substitution support (im85288) - Added premier date and airtime to Upcoming TV (im85288) - Added in-progress Movie and Episode entry points (im85288) - Added percent text to in-progress items (null_pointer) - Aeon Nox widget mods (Recently Added Moves/Episodes, NextUp Episodes) (xnappo) - Added offer delete on episode played option (xnappo) - Added optional progress dialog for large collections (null_pointer) - Various improvements to data presentation (all) Enjoy! xnappo null_pointer and im85288
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