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  1. Latchmor

    Search Box Focus

    Hi, a small request/bug. When you click the search button in the web client, could the focus be set to the search box please? Don't how many times I've clicked it then started typing then realised nothing's happening, lol. Cheers
  2. ulrick65

    Web Client and Subtitles

    I am using Chrome Version 32.0.1700.72 m The subtitles display all the time. If I click the subtitles button, it brings up the list of sub titles available (there is only one) and it has a red check beside it. How do I turn subtitle off? I have tried selecting it (thinking it would toggle off of course), but that does nothing. Anyone see the same thing or is something with my setup? Thanks.
  3. Hi All - I have decided to give IE11 a try to keep non-Microsoft installs to a minimum while troubleshooting a few other things. Is anyone else noticing this graphic layering problem in IE11? Thanks, Tanamur
  4. Luke, just a cosmetic thing but with the latest beta server I am seeing incorrectly displayed posters and thumbs in the web client. In the "suggested" tab there are some thumbs to the right which are incorrectly displayed as posters instead of widescreen thumbs. If it helps, the movies are set as Movies in the Media Library and the thumbs (recordings of AFL Football) are set as Home Videos. Can I fix this somehow? thanks for looking.
  5. TV Playback appears to work as I can see the channels just fine in the Live TV section. The issue is when playing an item and the [Now Playing] bar that appears at the bottom if I click the "TV Channels" button no channels are being populated. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ServerWMC plugin and the ServerWMC tray app but I get the same results. Server Version: 3.0.5135.31685 ServerWMC Version: 1115 Server Log (When pressing the TV Channels button) Channels found Channels are being populated in the LiveTV section Red arrow points to the clicked TV Channels button. Yellow arrow is pointing to the channels window that only takes a peek as if it is being shy.
  6. Koleckai Silvestri

    Larger Video Window in Web Client...

    Here is a screenshot of Hulu's player in the same size browser window. A player that can be resized could work as well.
  7. Latchmor

    TV Guide Height

    Hi, just noticed something that is a bit quirky, for want of a better way of describing it! See images below, first one shows guide page with the Bookmarks Bar in chrome showing, notice how much padding/margin there is at the bottom of the page. Second image shows Bookmarks Bar off and the guide extends further down the page, further than the height of the removed Bookmarks Bar . You can see the same thing if you go full screen. Anyway, whatever screen height calculation is happening can the margin between the bottom of the guide and the bottom of the screen be smaller to allow more channels to show? Almost to the bottom would be great. Thanks Latchmor
  8. Hi Guys, fantastic how MB3's coming along!! just wanted to make you aware not sure if it's just me but since the adding of the transcoding options etc i seem to get slight tearing in the video on the web client, it doesn't skip/stutter at all and it seems to be any video extension type, it may be my setup but i have tried changing settings but still get it now and again. it's only a slight tearing just thought i'd let you know. tried all variations of transcoding server side, high cpu/low/auto and web client 720p - 1.5 upto 10Mbps. Current Versions MB3 Server: 3.0.5131.34392 Browser: Chrome 32.0.1700.95 Running on Hardware: OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials CPU: Intel i7 4770K running idle apart from mb3 streaming
  9. All my music is in FLAC format and I have been using the web client to play it quite a bit lately on various devices. Only one of them has the correct codecs installed to decode FLAC. What I am surprised at is how good the music sounds on everything. Are the LAV filters decoding the steam and then allowing it to be streamed across the network (no transcoding) at its full bitrate or is there some compression involved? Either way, I am impressed!
  10. MrLinford

    Series/Episode Number Format

    Hey gents. Could you add an option to change the number format for Series/Episode? Different people like different formats, my self S01E01 is better over 1x01. Cheers, Happy Christmas & New Year
  11. I was testing a few options of saving audio books (or is it audiobooks) as music or as books. That is for another topic but as I was testing the library structure in the web client, I selected the next/previous track hyperlinks. The next track hyperlink caused it to jump several tracks, never the same, and then selecting the previous hyperlink jumped back a different number of tracks. I tested this on several music albums I have just carefully tagged including multi-disc CDs and got the same results. I will be happy to provide logs and screen shots if needed but it is pretty easy to test. Anybody else seeing this? Thanks, Tanamur Full product details in signature file below...
  12. The option to mouse right click in the web client playback window and select "Open Video in New Tab" gives a bigger web client display window. It also appears the latest version has had some improvements with the volume, full screen, and play/pause buttons working well. However, the time slider bar does not seem to be working for me. Is this coming or just my installation not responding? Thanks, Tanamur
  13. Darkstyrm

    Set fullscreen using remote

    I use the remote feature on my android using the web interface to control my TV. It makes life a little easier. But the only thing that you cant do using the remote feature is making the video full screen from the remote! Would be great if this was implemented!
  14. Strange problem that's just shown up with the Web Client. TV Episodes listings are not being displayed which prevents the user from selecting them for play back. When using the Media Browser Client connected to the same server and same media collection, everything works fine. No configuration changes have been made on my part. I noticed in the server setting notifications area that "MBServer 3.0.5083.27698 was installed 3 days ago". Any idea on how to further troubleshoot this? The Web Client had been working just a few days ago.
  15. JohnnyM

    Movie Title Sort Order

    I noticed today that movies sort by name that have a numeric title are sorted differently in the Web Client than they are sort in MBC. The web client appears to sort strictly based on alpha orders with numeric sorting before alpha characters but the Classic client sorts the numeric first but based on the numeric value. You can see an example in the attached image. All of the sort titles are correct and the theme does appear to have any impact on the sort. I tried ROC and Diamond Is there a setting that I have missed in either of the clients?? I would like for the sort to be consistent.
  16. Server Version 3.0.5061.25570 Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit Following the recommended folder structure for music is Artist\Album\Song \Music \Artist Name \Album Name 1- Song.mp3 2- Song.mp3 Summary I have decided to rerip my music collection in FLAC format while keeping the previous lossless WMA folders to compare quality for a while. I have noticed a difference in the meta data display of artist/album in the web client over the last few beta server releases and wonder if it is me or a change in XML direction for display purposes. Setup I have a single Music entry in the Media Library with both the old WMA folders and the new FLAC folders so there will be a duplication of artists and albums for the time being. I have noticed when I select a particular artist that the old folder meta data displays both the artist and album while the new folder meta data displays only the album (see image). Question Is this displaying correctly when only displaying the album title after selecting a particular artist/band? I have deleted the *.xml and *.jpg & *.png files from the new FLAC structure and re-fetched the meta data after the Server Version 3.0.5061.25570 release but notice that it is only displaying the album. Thanks in advance, Advance
  17. Yeah, pure laziness, but would it be possible to add a Save button at the top of the editing page, in addition to the already included large button at the bottom? I've been dealing with some obscure items that were named incorrectly, and the process was always, edit - change name - scroll down - save - scroll up - refresh. If there was a save button at the top, perhaps next to the refresh button, this would save a bit of time. Not a big deal, and pure laziness on my part, but thought I'd ask anyway and see if anyone else had an interest in this.
  18. Hi folks, I was just using, for the first time, the web client via my phone (SG3) to remote play TV episodes. The remote function works brilliantly to the point where I'll probably remove my MS remote from the system from here on. I only have one issue - I watched 3 episodes from different TV shows (to completion - 100%) and none of them were marked as watched anywhere. any ideas why? Server: 3.0.5061.25570 MBC: B11-3.1 ROC: 1.0.62 or Chocolate: Firefox 25.0 on server and phone
  19. Server Version 3.0.5050.37565 (latest beta) OS Win7 64-bit Home Premium SP1 Browser Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m (up to date) Filters/codec: Nothing changed other than MB3 Server install Hi All - Sorry if this is duplicated but I have searched all forums and primarily this one for a similar problem but did not find another report. For all versions of the MB3 Server/Web Client I have used, my installation fails to restart the Web Client playback if I pause it for several minutes (e.g. answer the phone, grab a cup of coffee, etc.) I have monitored the log file and haven't noticed any errors. I will prepare a full log submission if this problem has not been noted by others but if it has, is there a solution? Thanks, Tanamur
  20. As the title says, in the web client, clicking "actors" in the tv view actually shows all people. Since one can already use filters to get to Actors, Guest Stars, Writers and Directors, I propose merely changing that page to "People" to match what is used in the Movie view.
  21. Glyde62

    Library Scan failing

    Some reason my Scan Media Library is failing, Tried it numerous times and no luck Anyone else experiencing this, Or have a solution?
  22. Using the Web Client Original Author: Abobaber Accessing the Web Client, Login, & Overview Customize your media collections Browsing your media Item detail page Remote Control from the item detail page Editing - Metadata and People Editing - Images Views - Movies Views - TV & Music Remote Control from the main Web Client interface Offline Shares Next Steps This thread will explain some of the Media Browser 3 Web Client features and options. You can edit your titles (metadata and images), play your titles, remotely browse and play titles to selected clients, search your titles, etc. Access your MB3 server dashboard by opening your internet browser and by providing the following: - The *hostname* or *IP* for the windows server/PC where the server is installed. - The MB3 server *port* number. - Then the word *mediabrowser* for the link address. So it will be like this if your mb3 server run at the same pc: http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser If at another Server/PC on the same network as your MB3 server, then something like this: ... using IP address, or http://ayajone:8096/mediabrowser ...using hostname (as my server host name is "ayajone"). So in this example, I am accessing my mb3 server on the server (ayajone) and I am using the port number (8096) as I setup this port in the server tools at the advanced menu. For this and how to setup your mb3 server, please see this thread: MB3 Server Setup and Configuration Please note: You need to open the MB3 server port (TCP) to the local network if you are using a third party firewall. Normally the MB3 server will do that for you if you are using the Windows firewall. If you want to also access the MB3 server over the internet (WAN), then you need as well to forward the port number MB3 server use (TCP) in your router settings. If this the first time you've accessed the web client, then you will see a window with all the user profiles (the mb3 server remembers your last log in): If the profile you select has a password, then type that password and click on *Sign in*: Now we are at the main screen of the web client, let's explain the main items there: - No 1: To return to this main screen. - No 2: Access the mb3 server tools menu. - No 3: View/Edit your profile (3A), or log out (3B). - No 4: Global search across all your collections. It will search for all titles or people containing the search term, like in our example "Home", we can see any items have that word in it, movie, tv show, music, person, etc: - No 5: View menu items. - No 6: Your collection items. Based on your internet browser or/and the screen size, the View menu could be as icons as you see: Also, the "View" menu items depend on your collection type (movies, tv series, music, etc) as well on plug-ins installed on the mb3 server as in this example, the GameBrowser3 plugin, so the items in these images may be different from what you have. But what is "View" items menu (no. 5) and "Media Collections" ? Views Well, in "View" menu, will display all the items based on it category type, let say the "Movies", no matter where it is in all of your collections, if it is a movie, then it will display it. This is based on the content type you specified when creating your collections. To make it more clear, let say I have movies in my collections "Movies", "Old Movies", and "Offline", then in the View menu for movies, I will see them all. "TV Shows" will display any tv series that I have in any media collections I have, as I have them in the collections: Animation, Doc, TV series, etc. Please note: At this time, the media types supported by Views are Movies, TV Shows, and Music items (which includes both Music and Music Videos), as determined by the Collection types you choose and the use of proper file structure as explained here. Plugins may add additional View types (for ex, GameBrowser). Media Collections These are the Collections that you set up in the server tools. So here I simply if I want to browse "Old Movie" only, I can access that media collection.
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