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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Would it be possible to add the 'watched status' style tick to Audio Books and EPublications ? I have a extensive library of Movies & TV Shows, and once I've watched them, they can then be given a green tick to remind me of the watched status. I also have an extensive library of Audio Books, however, I can't at a glance see what I've listen to or not as there is no way to add a 'Listened To' tick to Fanart Icon/pic on the Audio Book page or a 'Read' tick to EPubs. Thanks
  2. rango3221

    Emby API Watched Status

    Hello everyone, iam trying to create a script which will allow me to backup the watched statuses of multiple users in my household. I have the following code to get the movies list from my current installation. The issue is when i query the movie list that is returned, i do not see the watched status of the movies. Can anyone please point me in the right direction. Thanks Jay $embyServerUrl = "http://localhost:8096" $embyUsername = "dummy" $embyPassword = "xxxxxx" $embyClientName = "PowerShellScript" $embyDeviceName = "PowerShellScriptEpisodeFiller" $embyDeviceId = "1" $embyApplicationVersion = "1.0.0"; $authUrl = "{0}/Users/AuthenticateByName?format=json" -f $embyServerUrl Function Get-StringHash([string] $String,$HashName = "MD5") { $StringBuilder = New-Object System.Text.StringBuilder [system.Security.Cryptography.HashAlgorithm]::Create($HashName).ComputeHash([system.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($String))|%{ [Void]$StringBuilder.Append($_.ToString("x2")) } $StringBuilder.ToString() } function Get-EmbyAccessToken { [CmdletBinding()] param ($username, $password) $authUrl = "{0}/Users/AuthenticateByName?format=json" -f $embyServerUrl $sha1Pass = Get-StringHash -String $password -HashName "SHA1" $md5Pass = Get-StringHash -String $password $postParams = (@{Username="$username";password="$sha1Pass";passwordMd5="$md5Pass"} | ConvertTo-Json) $headers = @{"Authorization"="MediaBrowser Client=`"$embyClientName`", Device=`"$embyDeviceName`", DeviceId=`"$embyDeviceId`", Version=`"$embyApplicationVersion`""} Write-Verbose ("authUrl={0},Username={1},sha1Pass={2},md5Pass={3},params={4}" -f $authUrl, $Username,$sha1Pass,$md5Pass,$postParams) return (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $authUrl -Method POST -Body $postParams -ContentType "application/json" -Headers $headers) } function Get-EmbyMovieList { [CmdletBinding()] param ($AccessToken) $url = "{0}/Items/UserData?format=json&recursive=true&IncludeItemTypes=Movie" -f $embyServerUrl $embyHeaderWithAccessToken = @{"X-MediaBrowser-Token"=$user.AccessToken} Write-Verbose ("authUrl={0},Header={1}" -f $url, $embyHeaderWithAccessToken) return (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -Method GET -ContentType "application/json" -Headers $embyHeaderWithAccessToken) } function Write-Feedback() { param ( [Parameter(Position=0,ValueFromPipeline=$true)] [string]$msg, [string]$BackgroundColor = "Yellow", [string]$ForegroundColor = "Black" ) Write-Host -BackgroundColor $BackgroundColor -ForegroundColor $ForegroundColor $msg; $msg | Out-File "c:\Users\kodi-client\Desktop\movielist.json"; # <<< or add a param to location } $authResult = Get-EmbyAccessToken -Username $embyUsername -Password $embyPassword $user = $authResult.Content | ConvertFrom-Json $userAccessToken = $user.AccessToken $movieList = Get-EmbyMovieList -AccessToken $userAccessToken Write-Feedback $movieList #Write-Host ($movieList)
  3. Hello People, First, I would like to thank the emby team for continuing to upgrade and improve emby software... Keep up the good work. Off course, with change (even for the better), there is always pain, and I have one of those currently i think... I have just noticed that majority of Watched Status are missing... but some are still there... in short, Watched Status has gone pear shaped. This is very important for me and my users, but especially for me, as my memory is not very good, and I am now ending up starting a movie, and finding out 10 minutes later "i have seen this already.. :-)" I am sure there is technical reason for it, and someone is working on solving it... but for now i have the following question: Will this be fixed in a way were all the watched status will come back?? or Do i have to restore an earlier backup of emby server??. I have it backed up every week, just in case things like this happens. Thanks for all your effort.
  4. Kornflex

    watched status not keeping

    Hi, I'm using emby on Synology with the wiki installation procedure, no Docker or something else. I have added trakt and use Emby for Kodi plugin. Emby server is : 3.0.5781.5 I watched a TvShow, It's marked as watched ( in webUI and Kodi ) and Trakt is informed. Great. But, next day, Tvshow loose the watched status and it's the same thing in webUI or Kodi :/ This is happening with previous releases of emby server too, updates doesn't change... An ideas to find what's wrong ? logs or something ? Thanks
  5. Hi there, I've searched through the forum, but could not find a post that definitively answers with for MB3 Server. Are there any plans to synchronise the Watched Status of Metabrowser with Mediabrowser? Metabrowser saves the watched status in the Movies.xml file as follows: <Watched>True/False</Watched> Even a manual synchronisation would feature would be useful, as it is much easier to manage watched status within Metabroswer. Anyway, keep up the great work on MediaBrowser, I've been a long time user of MB2.6 and only recently upgraded to MB3, and am absolutely loving it. Cheers.
  6. Hi folks, I was just using, for the first time, the web client via my phone (SG3) to remote play TV episodes. The remote function works brilliantly to the point where I'll probably remove my MS remote from the system from here on. I only have one issue - I watched 3 episodes from different TV shows (to completion - 100%) and none of them were marked as watched anywhere. any ideas why? Server: 3.0.5061.25570 MBC: B11-3.1 ROC: 1.0.62 or Chocolate: Firefox 25.0 on server and phone
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