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Found 14 results

  1. namcapa

    WOL with docker

    Hi. I am currently trying to get wake on lan working with the theater apps as my server is not running all the time anymore. My current server side setup is a docker host (Ubuntu 20.04) with the official docker container (emby server version which is running in bridge mode and is connected to two internal networks (one for the reverse proxy and another one currently for the connection with ombi). I would prefer to keep it that way to have it all separated. Capturing the traffic between the server and app with wireshark it looks like the app sends two WOL packets to the MACs of the two network interfaces of the container which is obviously not correct with my setup. It would be great if there could be an input field in the server settings to override the automatically detected MAC addresses.
  2. We have a couple of Samsung TVs in the house, which are not very "smart" out of the box. To solve that problem we have installed nVidia Shield devices for each of these TVs. This solved the problems with the built in functionality. Streaming apps are working perfectly now ... with the exception of Emby. The problem is that the Emby client for Android TV cannot manage a server that is in the Sleep State. I'm respectfully requesting for a feature that can manage the sleep/wake state of the Emby Server (in my case the host is Windows 10). This can be done by: - Sending a WOL magic packet to the server when a client requests a video to be streamed (and the server is in the sleep state). - Keeping the server awake during streaming. Really love the Emby server, as it provides many benefits over its competitors, like Plex, but the absence of this feature really limits its usability in the Android TV space.
  3. Hi My file/Emby server only wakes up on access from Emby or me start it. Via WOL locally. But will it be possible to use my PI as an man in the middle, so if I try to Emby from outside my Lan, my PI can send an WOL packet to my server? My PI act as Noip updater, torrent and some other stuff.
  4. adelphiaUK

    Wake on LAN (WoL) not available

    I have noticed that there is no WoL option on the LG Smart TV app. In order for me to watch movies on my TV I have to physically visit the machine to turn it on or use my Smartphone to WoL. Is this something that's been overlooked and is in development or are there any plans to implement this in a future release? I anticipate (and appreciate) your replies.
  5. WhiteGuyTranslating

    No Wake Button After Update

    So I was having trouble waking my server from Emby Theater on my Windows systems for the past few days. I can wake the server with no issue using magic packet and MC-WOL application I've used for years now. I thought maybe Windows Update messed something up (I know there was a big .NET patch) so I uninstalled the desktop app and the Windows Store App and reinstalled. Now, from both apps, the Wake Server option is gone. Only Connect and Delete. I've reinstalled the EMBY server software but not a fresh uninstall/reinstall. Has anyone experienced this yet? I don't mind going back to using the 3rd party application to wake the server but it's really been nice to use just one (why I finally made the switch from WMC to Win10/Emby Theater). Let me know if this is an issue or somehow (on all three of my machines) just my problem to figure out. theater-63734345566.txt
  6. unisoft


    Can we have WAKE ON LAN added to the user icon or SELECT SERVER dialogue like some of the other apps? My Apple TV is remote, and would be useful to wake up the NAS. Thanks...
  7. qazwsx10

    Nvidia Shield Wake up on LAN

    Good morning! I saw two threads discussing this, but didn't see a conclusion to them yet (for one the last reply was from over an year ago, so I'm hoping it's been updated since then). I recently transitioned my Emby server from my PC to my Nvidia Shield. I have my media on an external hard drive that is directly connected to the Shield (I don't have a NAS yet). Although I don't mind having the Shield running all the time, I didn't want my external hard drives to be continuously running, so I have it currently set for them to shut off when the Shield goes to sleep. However, I did notice when I did that, I was no longer able to access the Emby Server. I tried the Wake Server option, and I get the following message: "Wake On LAN packets were sent to your server machine, but we're unable to connect to your Emby Server. Your machine may need a little more time to wake, or Emby Server may not be actively running on the machine." Am I doing something wrong, or does Android not have a WOL option?
  8. Windows 10 App: there is a option 'wake up' Android Smartphone: there is also an option 'wake up' Android TV app....euhh..no forced option to trigger the 'wake up' ???? Maybe it's triggerd when you push the server button (ugly server icon), but it's not working. I saw a post from 2016 here, it should be a Androin thing...but...it's working on my Android Smartphone! request 1: please add option 'wake up' in the Emby Android TV app request 2: please fix 'wake up', without this feature working I am not happy request 3: I have only 1 server.........why do you not send the WOL when I start Emby first??? and why I have to select a server.... I only have 1 server!! Could you make my live make simpler? thank you all ready ! Kind regards (Emby starter)
  9. Hi Guys, I have probably found an incompatibility in the WOL protocol of the Emby Android app. Shortly to my server: - Debian 9 64Bit (OpenMediaVault 4.0) with Docker Engine - 1x 1Gbit ETH-Port (ASrock H110M-DVS with RTL8111 NIC) - Emby as an official docker container I captured the WoL packages from the Android Emby App with Wireshark. I noticed that Emby sends only one type of WOL packages. As far as I know, there are some methods which are slightly different for WAN or LAN. To create the packages I use in the example a tool from the Win10 Store (Name: MagicPacket). I do not want to post any of my MAC addresses here, so I'm just attaching a picture to it, not the pcap Green Frame: What my WOL tool sends Purple Area: The specific package that makes my server start. Red Frame: What the Emby App sends I also noticed that the Emby app sends a WOL to two MAC addresses, which are not in my network at all. Although I usually have my server on, but I would like to point out the issue, since Emby should support WoL.
  10. hi there, is it possible that Emby start up a NAS over Wake on Lan if a HTPC want to watch a file with DirectPath? The Emby Server is running 24/7, HTPC and NAS only at useage. i hope you can give me an answer about the possibility of this. MfG Benny Edit: In addition to the WakeUp over HTPC, is it possible to WakeUp the NAS over Emby by an Emby own Task (Clean Task, Search Task, .....) ?
  11. Hello Everyone, I am posting this here as kind of a poll to see how many of you would like this added to the Windows Phone Media Browser App. I contacted Scott and he suggested I post here to see how many people would like this feature added. When Launching the MB3 Windows Phone (or any mobile app really) but specifically for this poll, the Windows Phone App..I would like to have the app send a WOL or Wake on WAN to wake a sleeping PC/Server. I sleep my HTPC and the MB Server is installed on it. If my PC is asleep the Phone App won't wake the PC. I would like the ability to setup the Phone App to wake my HTPC and then connect to the MB Server. I would especially like Wake on WAN ability as I am away from home quite a bit and it would be nice to be able to wake the sleeping PC by just launching the MB Phone app instead of having to use a separate app to first wake the HTPC and then opening MB on my phone. So please post below if you would like to have this feature added. This will give Scott some idea of whether or not to look into adding this functionality. Thanks, newfiend~
  12. Moham

    Sleeping Windows 10 PC

    This is a general question regarding how EMBY handles a sleeping PC. I have noticed that when my PC is in sleep mode and I try to access EMBY thru my ROKU device, it does not see the server. I have to wake the PC by touching the mouse or keyboard and it starts working again. Also, scheduled recordings don't record if the PC is asleep. If I turn off sleep mode, it works fine. Is it possible for EMBY to wake a PC before attempting to perform a task? Regards, Sam.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the great Roku client and MB3 in general. I'm having an issue with WOL and the Roku client and have a few questions. 1) Is WOL coded into the Roku client (I'm using v 1.78 now)? I read conflicting statements about WOL support in the Roku client in other forum posts 2) If it is, what should I see in the logs generated by the client relative to WOL? 3) WOL works using Media Browser Theater (MBT) running on a laptop waking the MB3 server running as service on a desktop on the same LAN. WOL also works from many other apps and scripts I use all the time, so I'm sure the MB3 server is capable and configured correctly to wake from a WOL magic packet. 4) I assume your sending a magic packet for WOL, is that correct? As opposed to ping or some other "pattern match" packet 5) Am I missing some configuration step to get WOL working? I have sideloaded the app to generate logs and an example of the issue is below (I don't see anything relative to WOL in the log): ------ Running ------ --1.78 Anamorphic support: true Server.info: listening on Using broadcast address Send To Address: / Cancel UDP Broadcast Found 0 servers Connect returned 0 servers Creating server data cache Found string in the registry: {"a1d90fbe6f7400e5d7663049cd848bd0":{"AccessToken":"bba7f6b930b74a3986875b76ec6a4aa8","UserId":"0130cfdac20bb8c7147cfed6ffaf0e39","RemoteAddress":"http://xxx.yyyy.com:8096","LastAccess":"1421039815","Name":"PC-C","LocalAddress":"","id":"a1d90fbe6f7400e5d7663049cd848bd0"}} Parsed as: roAssociativeArray connectionManagerGetServers returning 1 servers connectToServers called with 1 servers Attempting to connect to Failed Response with Error: -7 Failed to get Server Info Attempting to connect to http://xxx.yyyy.com:8096/mediabrowser/system/info/public?format=json Failed Response with Error: -7 Failed to get Server Info connectInitial returned State of ConnectSignIn connectInitial returned ConnectionMode of Manual Processing ConnectionResult State of ConnectSignIn Entered CreateScreenForItem Not sure what to do with breadcrumbs on screen type: roCodeRegistrationScreen Pushing screen 1 onto view controller stack - ConnectSignIn Sending pin poll request to https://connect.mediabrowser.tv/service/pin?pin=73098&deviceId=1GU451103739 Poll result: {"Id":"51108","Pin":"73098","DeviceId":"1GU451103739","IsExpired":false,"IsConfirmed":false,"AccessToken":""} Sending pin poll request to https://connect.mediabrowser.tv/service/pin?pin=73098&deviceId=1GU451103739 Poll result: {"Id":"51108","Pin":"73098","DeviceId":"1GU451103739","IsExpired":false,"IsConfirmed":false,"AccessToken":""} Sending pin poll request to https://connect.mediabrowser.tv/service/pin?pin=73098&deviceId=1GU451103739 Poll result: {"Id":"51108","Pin":"73098","DeviceId":"1GU451103739","IsExpired":false,"IsConfirmed":false,"AccessToken":""}
  14. So, side-loaded the Mediabrowser Roku client on my nice new NowTV box. Very impressed with the app and with the Now TV box, initial impressions are this performs very well. However, I have one problem. The PC running the MB3 server is set to sleep, and I could not see how the Roku client can wake up the server - I ended up using an app on my android phone to wake the pc before reloading the app. The new box is mainly for my missus, and she can't be expected to run WOL apps on her iphone just to get the TV working. How can the Roku client wake up the server? Or would a software update be required? I believe the MBC client can do WOL, would it be too tough to introduce WOL as standard on all clients? As a side point I have the same problem with the android app. thanks in advance
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