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  1. Running into an interesting problem: I want to change the images used for genres (using stills from movies that I actually own, instead of the generic art [because Eddie Murphy and a bad Dr. Seuss movie, ugh, but I digress]... I updated the images in the AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\metadata\Genre folders, copied the images (just to be sure) to the AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ImagesByName\Genre folders (even going as far as adding a copy of "poster.jpg" and naming it "folder.jpg"), but to no avail. The Web Client displays the added/changed images as expected, but the Classic interface in WMC stubbornly refuses to display the new images. I updated the Metadata through the web client, restarted the server (several times), re-scanned the library (several times), updated the library from within the WMC Classic interface... but I'm still not seeing the right images in WMC (see screenshot below, WMC/Classic in front of the web client view). The Mediabrowser-Classic folder contains no data, except for two config files in the Configurations subfolder. I could not find any other location to place the files. Using Emby Classic version and Emby Server version 3.0.5572.0, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Media Center. So, what's the trick to get this to work in Emby Classic? (And just to head off the obvious question: WMC/Emby Classic shows the exact same thing on the actual TV screen as it does in the RDP view, natch.)
  2. Steverido

    External Player

    Hi Guys, I have installed just Lav codecs because I found that trying to configure Shark codecs for Mediabrowser within Media Center too difficult to maintain for all types of TV & Movie files. The main issue for me is that unless you use AC3 filter, the volume is extremely low within Media Center. I want to use Windows Media Player as an external player but not sure where I find the command lines for it to shutdown Media Player once a file has played. Do you still have to input command lines for this to work? I know when I had this setup on Mediabrowser before 3 was developed there were a few commands.
  3. have a server installed my MBS on my desktop computer I minahs access music via MBT and MMWeb but WMC play does not say that the file was not found or is that...
  4. bsockel

    HTPC Setup question

    Hey Guys, Have a configuration question that has been bugging me for a while now. Currently i am running WMC as my main setup, but more recently have been looking into Kodi as my main user interface. WMC records all shows into a single folder(E:\Recorded TV), Auto organize and MCE Buddy move the recordings around to Show folders (E:\Recorded TV\<Show Name>. Not all shows always get organized. Media browser does not see the shows that live in the root of the recorded TV folder. It would nice to be able see the shows before they get organized through Media Browser. Is this normal or do i need to adjust something? I would like to eventually get away from WMC completely and use Media Browser/Kodi/Live TV plugin if at all possible, but need to make sure everything works as expected.
  5. Hi, I have MB3 installed on my Win 8 laptop (i5, 8gb Ram, 500 gb Samsung ssd) and for the last few months have noticed slow login times for MBC, alwasy taking at least 20 secs from MB entry point, to auto login. MB server is ver 3.05464.4000 MBC is I have uploaded the most recent log at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_6qLrpWrZlFRGZtY2JxU203VTQ/view?usp=sharing can anyone tell me if I have something working incorrectly or a setting that is not optimal. IIRC this began about 3-4 months ago and I have ignored it but am slightly curious why it is so different to my HTPC and Office PC (they both run Win 7, and load in 1-2 secs with similar specs ie SSD's and i5's) Thanks server 2 jan 18.55 Log.txt
  6. I used Relaunch to add MBT to the WMC Extras Library. I have never had any issues launching programs this way before but for some reason MBT will not launch the first time, e.g. I select MBT from the Extras Library, WMC minimizes but MBT does not launch. I then select the menu button to relaunch WMC, select MBT again from the Extras Library, and this time MBT launches. This happens whenever I restart my PC or haven't launched MBT for a while while loged on. A moderator mentions Relaunch in this topic I'm using C:\Users\_______\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Theater\System\MediaBrowser.UI.exe for the path What is unique about the MBT exe file that would stop it from launching the first time? Any ideas what might be causing this? I was thinking of trying MBC but I don't want it in the WMC main menu. Can MBC be launched from the Extras Library? Can both MBT and MBC be installed together on the same PC?
  7. Hi, hoping someone on first forum can help me. I'm have installed both the MB server and the MBC on my HTPC. And generelly it's working great, but now I stubbled over a problem, I can't figure out. I have ripped some dvd's to the normal folder layout - you know audio_ts and video_ts. I have only ripped the mail movie, but with both English and Danish audio and subtitles. The problem is when I play the movie through WMC and MBC in Win8.1, I only get the English audio and subtitles, and I can't change to at least the Danish audio, or even remove the subtitles. I can't remember this was a problem in MB2, but I'm not sure. What can I have done wrong, and how do I correct it? Regards Mhystique
  8. Hi All - I have a two video card setup in my HTPC since my receiver can't pass 3D. So, one card supplies the audio (HDMI to receiver) and the other card does the video (HDMI to projector). W7 is setup to extend the displays, so that I can play 3D Blu-Rays. TMT starts on the right primary monitor (projector), but WMC always starts maximized on the secondary "display" (receiver). Obviously, this is a problem since there is no easy way to drag and drop WMC onto the right screen. Currently, the clunky workaround is to disable the secondary, so WMC pops up on the screen, and then re-enable it. Is there a way to force WMC to open on the right primary display? I tried closing WMC on the primary display a few times but it won't stick. Thanks for your input!
  9. swhitmore

    MBT loses focus after using WMC

    Does anyone else use the WMC launcher app to load WMC from MBT? I'm having an issue when I try and close WMC to go back to MBT. Since I'm only using a remote (no keyboard), I can see MBT, but it doesn't have focus in Windows and I can't alt-tab.
  10. @@ebr, I noticed a couple days ago that all of my movies/tv shows were being zoomed in. I had time this morning so I thought I'd get to the bottom of it. I tried everything, toggled all themes, even uninstalled MBC. Finally with MBC uninstalled, I played a video on the stock player and found the zoom function to work properly. It took me quite some time :/ Anyway, here's the deal, if you change the aspect ratio while watching a video with the stock WMC player(either by viewing a theme video full screen, or disabling the new player interface), WMC remembers this zoom. Then, if you enable the new player interface, the WMC zoom you previously set is defaulted, and cannot be undone using the new player interface. In fact, using the new interface results in zooming in on an already zoomed in video, which naturally gave off really crappy quality Is there anything that can be done about this? I doubt it will really affect many people, and if it cant be changed, then this thread can help those that cant figure this issue out.
  11. Is there a wiki, or something somewhere that shows the best Theme/Options to get MBC to look as close to WMC as possible? I'm loving MB so far, but am overwhelmed by the options/plugins/themes, and am also trying to keep the WAF as high as possible (so simple and stable). I'm wondering if there's a step by step somewhere, that I can get something like: How to replace the "Movies" in WMC so it goes to the "Movies" in MB How to change the MB list of Movies so it looks more like the WMC list of movies (just a simple list, no favorites, same blue'ish' background, and just one long list of movies) Thanks! Great software!
  12. Hello Everyone, I know there are plenty of questions around this topic that may have been answered. However I think mine may be a bit different. I have two PCs, my 1st PC is doing the ripping with WMC with Auto Rip N Compress and hosting my Media Browser Server. My second is my HTPC which I am using the Media Browser Client on. After I rip my movies and put them in a file share which my HTPC has access to. In WMC I have the mapped drive added to my libraries. I can play the ripped .mkv movies in Media Player as well as from the WMC Movie Library however I cannot play them through the Media Browser Client. One thing is I can play only one moive, all others do not play in MB. THe old version of Media Browser did work. I can even see the metadata of all my movies. I just get a "cannot ope the file" message when I attempt to play through Media Browser. Any suggestions? I believe I have all the codecs and everything since my .mkvs are playing in WMC and Windows Media Player. Thanks...
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to Live TV (I forgot I've had a tuner card sitting in a box for years, and just hooked it up a couple days ago lol). I've got it set up and working properly through WMC, and it seems to be working great so far. I just have a few questions I'm hoping someone could answer. My tuner card is a Hauppage WinTV-HVR-1800 I've got coax running from the TV-OUT on my satellite receiver to the ANALOG IN on my tuner card, and an IR blaster to send commands to my satellite receiver. This seems to be the only way to watch satellite on this card, as it seems they are designed more for digital cable than satellite TV. 1. For some reason I've got a slight "hissing" sound in the background, almost like the audio gain is set too high or something, and I can't seem to find much info on what it's from, or how to get rid of it. 2. Since I've got an SD stream playing on a 65" plasma, the quality is obviously lacking from the HD quality video I'm used to watching in MB3, is there a way to implement MadVr in WMC for LiveTV, or another program I could use that will allow me to use MadVr? (I can't wait for LiveTv to come to MBT ) 3. It seems like the brightness is set way too high for the LiveTv, as well as colors looking washed out, and I can't find any way to customize these settings aside from on my TV itself, which I don't want to do, since I've had my TV calibrated properly. This is something else I'd like to be able to implement MadVr for. Thanks, Patrick
  14. Hi all, I'm pretty new to the HTPC arena and WMC/MB as a whole. I'm in the process of building my HTPC and have been testing various set ups etc. on my main PC. I'm a big fan of seamless integration and hate seeing any signs that windows is running in the background so have been working towards finding ways to have all the things I need integrated into WMC so thought I would post what I have so far and see how others have theirs and maybe get ideas on better ways of doing things. First off, I still use WMC as my main interface with the desktop background set to match, just in case the desktop does appear for the odd second. Whilst I love MBT its obviously still in beta and doesn't do everything I need for the time being. I therefore mainly use MBC at the moment with my favourite theme, ROC and MPC-HC as the external video player. I was a big fan of Pearl in MB2 for the simplicity and style and think ROC is the closest to this whilst bringing various improvements. Due to this I use the Unity theme for WMC to make the whole thing look/feel seamless and familiar. Here's a few pics of the main page. As you can see I have setup various entry points for TV streaming, steam, XBMC etc. These are all created through a mix of Re-Launch and MCE Reset Toolbox. The streaming pages link to websites which are chome-based opening up in full screen and Youtube opens the 'TV' version as you would see any any Smart TV app. All are set to close on the green button and kicks you straight back into WMC. The only bit I dislike is the need to open chrome at all so suggestions on better integration options are welcome! You may also have noticed that I use Total Media Theatre 6 as my DVD/BluRay player. This again is all integrated nicely and plays with no issues that I have noticed. The only way you notice its there is by the 'Play Disc' icon being that of TMT6. The apps such as steam, MBT and XBMC are all set up in the same way so exiting any of these kicks you back to the screens above. You might wonder why I have XBMC as well? The main reason is due to its plugins such as Navi-X for streaming as this is something that MB doesnt offer right now. I'm not the biggest fan of XBMC to be honest as I find it clunky and not particularly pleasing to the eye especially compared with MB however I do have XBMB3C setup to pull my collections from MBS as below: Clicking 'Media' opens XBMB3C. I also have various other links: Again, I rarely use XBMC but I like to keep an eye on progress for various applications and always helps to have a backup I guess. Also, I rarely play games these days but I do occasionally so have setup steam in big picture mode which again is seamless and exits back to MCE: As said above, I use ROC so looks something like this: So anyway, that's how its looking at the moment. Please feel free to comment or suggest improvements. Always looking for new suggestions on how to improve the integration and please feel free to post pics etc. of your own set ups. Thanks
  15. Hi, I'm wondering if MB3 (either the plugin version or the theater version) is able to organize, grab metadata for and playback the video files recorded by WMC. I don't really need live TV playback, but I'd like to switch to the Theater version on my HTPC if i can. Recorded TV playback is an absolute for me, though? Is this possible?
  16. sablade

    newbie with wmc

    sorry if this has been asked before... Currently I use WMC 7 with two xbox 360 extenders is mb3 and add on or can it replace wmc? what extras does it bring to the table other than enhanced listings and multi platform viewing lan and wan? I would like to replace my wmc but cannot see a better system, I mostly use it for recording UK freeview TV many thanks
  17. This started in a separate thread, but it started going off topic, so I'm starting a new one here. The quotes contain some relevant information from the original thread. I'm not sure of all the details of Marc's problem, but here's what mine are: I was having some issues with one of my HTPC's, so I reloaded Windows 7 (64bit) from scratch, did all the Windows updates, installed LAV filters using this guide, and installed MB Classic. My HTPC outputs via HDMI to my Onkyo HT-S5500 stereo. The stereo supports all of the Btistreaming formats below, so I have them all checked. Almost all of my media plays correctly. However, I do have a few files that have problems if I have the Dolby Digital (AC-3) box checked. One movie in particular, The Last Exorcism, refuses to play at all through MB Classic via WMC (or WMC directly). It WILL, however, play in Windows Media Player. If I uncheck the Dolby Digital (AC-3) box, it plays fine. This is not the only file that does it; there are a few others. I am just using this one as an example. Another movie, Dragonslayer, will play but the sound is delayed by 1 - 2 seconds if I have the box checked. So the simple solution, it sounds like, would be just to leave this unchecked. But if I do that, other media files, like Life After People, have really low audio levels, and I need to really crank up the stereo to hear them. Life After People - S01E01: Does anyone have any suggestions about where to go from here? What can I do to help determine what is causing the issue? Any help would be appreciated!
  18. I don't know whether this is a settings/configuration/file structure issue on my end, but how does MBC (currently on B10-17.2) pass album art to the Windows Media Center player? Indeed, does it even need to pass album art. All my music is structured Artist/Album/Track, and all tracks have embedded artwork. But this is what I'm seeing: Playing a track from Media Browser Classic: And playing the same track directly from Windows Media Center: All art shows OK when browsing the MB server (3.0.5031.21343) via the web interface. What am I doing wrong/missing? EDIT - apologies for the language on the background waterfall images
  19. I'm just curious about something. How long does it take for your computer to complete the MCUpdate task? You can find out by going to Event Viewer, then Application and Services Logs > Media Center and look for the MCUpdate entries. The time of the task in the top pane is when it finished; and the "general" tab in the lower pane will show you when the task started as well as a log of each item the task runs. Mine seems to be all over the place and I can't tell if it's my system or because it's sometimes waiting on a server response.
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