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  1. runtimesandbox

    A few questions for emby / kodi on a PI

    Hi all, I'm new to emby but after a few days testing it am in love. So simple and the biggest plus for me was the meta data manager. I have been using xbmc / kodi on a couple of raspberry pi2 for a few years running raspbmc / OSMC. My current setup is using multiple user accounts and a mysql database to sync them all together. This is a pain as I have a separate database for each user and when a tv show or film is not detected correctly is just a unnecessary hassle trying to correct it. I want to use the kodi addon to replace the mysql database but have a few questions and things i need to get my head round first. First is user accounts. Currently I have multiple users setup. You turn the TV on and the pi is sitting there at a user selection screen. With the emby addon would I continue to use multiple users and setup the emby addon with each user on the emby server? (I believe this to be the case, just checking). Following on from this, the way I believe the plugin works is being creating a copy of the database locally and syncing all changes? As i have quite a large database this takes up a few GB/s on the emby server. Will this take up the same amount of space on the kodi device? If this is the case, is it one database per user (ie multiple copies of the synced database or one shared between the users?) Final question, after installing the plugin and looking through the settings I see that it uses smb or there is an option for http streaming. Can someone explain to me abit more about these (is http streaming for only if you are using kodi outside your network)? My emby server runs on linux and all the media is stored on a seperate NAS. Is it possible to bypass streaming it from the server and get it directly from the nas (i think I saw an option for this) but via NFS instead of samba. NFS is much much more efficient on the pi than samba. I didnt see an option in the settings at all for NFS. If it is possible, do I need to add my media folders to kodi as normal then choose use local source? Hope this all makes sense, looking forward to moving completely over the emby!
  2. I just finished building my server and getting storage pools setup, etc... Now I would like to get Emby setup the way I want and I am not sure the best way to go about it. First, a little about my setup and desired use case: My server is also going to serve as my main HTPC connected to the TV in my living room. I will be running emby server and emby classic on WMC. I will have movies, ripped TV discs (no live TV or DVR), photos, and games (for now only emulators, but potentially windows/steam games later). The server is going to run 24/7 serving up my emby server within the house as well as remotely to some family members or myself while on the road. It also serves up my data files for photography work, lightroom photo library organization, web design work, documents, etc... My wife and daughter will also be controlling the HTPC front end of the computer to watch movies and such. So, to that end, I would like the front end that they deal with to be run under a windows user without admin rights so that they are less likely to screw something up. I would also like to have the computer start up directly into the emby interface if possible so that my daughter doesn't have to find it if she wants to watch a movie after the computer has restarted. So, my question is, how should I go about installing emby server and emby classic? Say I have two windows user accounts: ADMIN with admin rights, and VIEWER without admin rights. VIEWER will be used to interact with emby classic and watch movies, play games, etc... ADMIN will be used to remote desktop into the server as needed to make adjustments, etc... (I have already made the adjustments to allow concurrent remote desktop sessions.) Should I install the server under the ADMIN user or the VIEWER user? And then, which should I install emby classic under? And, should I run emby server as a service or as a program? (What are the pros/cons to running emby server as a service vs as a program?) Second, how can I make the computer boot up and automatically start up into the emby classic interface? Thanks for the help.
  3. I like to control my user preferences as the server admin, it was brought to my attention that this prevents my users to be able to get to the one area that matters especially for web client users that may change browsers or use a different pc often. Settings for this device section is not available for them to turn off prefs for theme songs, backdrops, external vlc but most important the bandwidth. The toggle I'm using is Disable Access to User Preferences and the description reads If enabled, only administrators will be able to configure user profile images, passwords, and language preferences. Which is exactly what I'm after but I would like them to have a option in the slide out menu to get to the settings for this device area still.
  4. Cytram

    Sync Users

    Hey, I was woundering if it was possible to have to identical emby server and somehave synchronize user data (Account, Password, what they have seen) between these two. So if a user was created on one server it would also apear on the other.
  5. The reason for this request is because i have many users that connect to my mediabrowser from outside. When you create a new account for a user you can set there library access before they access the request. Now what i have noticed is that this is a hit and miss. I invited a guess, gave them only TV and movie access but once the account was created, they had access to all the content of the library. I only figured this out because the user let me know. Now maybe this is a bug or maybe i did something wrong but now i need to go through each user to make sure they dont have access to content they shouldnt. There is also the fact that when you add a new library item (like i added photo to my MB) every user gets access to it and then you have to go and remove it for each user. I have almost 15 account and having to modify each one, one by one is time consuming. So i propose that under Library there is a new tab that shows who access to what and allow you to modify access by means of checkbox next to there name. This would give a quick and clear view of who access which resource. This could also apply to the Channels, LiveTv ...Basically every section in the user property. It could even be a redesign of the user section For example: Tv Shows: User 1 X User 2 X User 3 ... Music: User 1 X User 2 User 3 X
  6. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Parental%20controls
  7. Luke

    Guests Guide

  8. Luke

    Users Guide

  9. dethknite

    Stale video info on profile switch

    I have an Adult user account in MB3 and a Kids account. I setup the XBMB3C Addon to use the Adult account/password in the Master XBMC profile, and setup the Kids XBMC profile, configured the XBMB3C Addon to use the Kids account/password. The problem is when logging into the Kids Profile in XBMC, it shows all the Movies and Shows from my Adult account. If I disable the addon, and re-enable it, it only shows the Kids TV/Movies. But then if I logoff the Kids XBMC account, and into the Master one, it now only shows the Kids TV/Movies. Somewhere along the lines it is not refreshing the info for the configured MB3 user... on profile loading in XBMC. * I am on the Beta Repo, but I also tested in the stable and the issue is there.
  10. Hi, Is there a way to prevent users from changing my preferences or removing this icon and allowing the administrator only to set these preferences in the users (edit this users personal preferences), as this is being rolled out across a school to 1500 students, children will play with settings and cause alot of work.
  11. nhall

    Media Browser 3 backup

    Hi, Will there soon be a backup feature to backup all settings and users etc. Many thanks Nathaniel
  12. Issue: I can create a new user but cannot set a password, I get a "Invalid user or password entered" message on screen and in the logs. This occurs with any new user I create. 2014-08-21 18:32:42.1673 Error - DtoUtils: ServiceBase<TRequest>::Service Exception Invalid user or password entered. System.ArgumentException at MediaBrowser.Api.UserService.<PostAsync>d__16.MoveNext() Version 3.0.5346.22797 I've never had this issue before, this just started today. This was occuring today before I did the upgrade to the latest version and also after the upgrade to 3.0.5346.22797. server-63544242388.zip
  13. We've been using MB Classic for years now (probably since your first launch) - it's great and I can't thank you enough!! But... our little girl is growing up - and now frequently using the computer. So I'd like to protect her from accessing age-inappropriate films/tv. User control is "ok" and very beneficial for access from remote computers - I often stream on my Windows Phone on the train, or to my laptop when away. On a local network you know who will be using the machines and so can now allow local access without a password (great addition, with caveats...). However, what many parents (I'm sure?) will want/use users for is to prevent their kids (of whatever age) accessing age-inappropriate material, therefore disabling passwords is not very helpful as they could simply select a different user. Would it be possible to add a basic, optional, "PIN entry" feature for content that is above an age-rating that you specify in the configuration? There could be a toggle for this in the top "options" (?) menu (that is shown in the top-right corner of all front-end pages)... e.g. by default a specified PIN must be entered to view any content rated above the set age rating. You can enter the PIN and enable all media until you then toggle the "parental access" back off again. Ideally, a time-out could be attached to this - so, once the kids have gone to bed, you enter the PIN once and have access to all content for the rest of the evening - but, after say 3 hours/overnight, the PIN times out and content is limited again. This would just be a much simpler (and much faster) option than logging out and in as a different user. It also means that you can simply leave your HTPC on and everything works - with no fear that your children can access 24, True Blood or a violent film for example.
  14. tired dad

    No users showing in app

    Hello, I've installed the app on an ipad after purchasing it in the store. I can configure the server, but after that, nothing happens. I cannot select a user from hte menu as none appear, and pressing refresh does not work. Has anyone else experienced this? I am runing server version 3.0.5309.26857
  15. AaronG85

    SR: View Only User

    I have alot of friends that don't want to watch my media just look through it and see what I have and I was wondering if there was a way we could create a new 'User' that was for looking only not for watching?
  16. AdrianW

    "User" collections?

    When we set up collections we have the option of making it a combination of multiple folders from different locations. I'm wondering if it would be possible to do a similar thing when assigning collections to users. I think it would be very useful at the user level to be able to combine one or more collections into a single user collection giving it a name. e.g. If I have an animated movie collection, an Asian movie collection and a regular movie collection. I'd like to be able to assign just the animated movie collection to my daughter, a combination of the animated movies and regular movies to my son, and a combination of all three for me. And in each case I could name this user collection "Movies".
  17. I'd really like to see a feature that would allow us to restrict users to certain hours. For example, I'd like to set hours that our kids are allowed to watch MB3 in their rooms, like 7am - 10pm during school nights or 7am - 12pm on weekend nights. I have a "work around" now where I set tasks using Windows to make their computers sleep, but they can just turn them back on. If it was limited by MBServer, then they wouldn't be able to do this. Thanks!
  18. I'm trying to allow another family member access to one particular show. I have created a user account and added the media collection with the following path: \\TOWER\MediaVault\Shows\Show Title However, when I access that through the web client, it shows no content. When I add the directory above (\\TOWER\MediaVault\Shows), it works fine. Is this a problem with not understanding how the directory structure works? I'm not sure how to go about addressing this.
  19. Oh that would work, however we both use the HTPC with MBC (and that is our most used device) and the Roku so auto-login would be quite a hinderance there.
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