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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I was hoping to upload artist images but the images seem to be squished if the aspect ratio of it is not 1:1. Additionally, I have tried to drag and drop my images into the drag and drop area but it doesn't seem to upload my image, instead, it either brings me to the website of the image or it just shows it full screen. I have tired to upload from chrome and firefox, and to the web interface and the mac application, but none of them are working. Did I do anything wrong?
  2. I've not seen this function on the web-app - is this possible?
  3. deecemobile

    Upload Limitations

    Hi guys, here is my current scenario. Is there a bottleneck or is this realistic. I pay for a Gigabit speed internet through Bell (Canada). I have their home hub 3000 modem/router in bridge mode to my Netgear R7000. From any computer on my network I can get (according to speedtest) a maximum of 600-700 Mbps down and 300-400 Mbps up at any given time. All LAN ports are gigabit, NICs are gigabit and cables are cat 5e. With all limitations in uploading removed in Emby, the max upload speed from Emby peaks around 200 mbps. For testing, Remote friend is downloading 8 movies at a time, each transfer is maxing out at 16-24 mbps. If we do less transfers they will be faster but there is still a hard limit. Where is that limitation coming from? Computer is an older i7, plenty of memory, ssd.
  4. titoko

    Automatic upload

    Hi, I've my own emby server self-hosted ! Everything work well for years now, but since september I can't get my phone auto upload picture ! on the emby android app I have the option selected : When i re-install the app I can see the log saying write access is allowed : Sat Dec 16 12:47:01 GMT+01:00 2017 Calling MediaSyncAdapter.updateSyncPreferences. syncPath: null Sat Dec 16 12:47:01 GMT+01:00 2017 begin authorizeStorage Sat Dec 16 12:47:01 GMT+01:00 2017 authorizeStorage with requestCode 4 Sat Dec 16 12:47:01 GMT+01:00 2017 Permission for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is granted Sat Dec 16 12:47:01 GMT+01:00 2017 authorizeStorage returning true but here we can see a synPath: null , perhaps the pb come from here ? please telle me if you need more logs, thanks
  5. Hey there, my first post in here ... so ... hi community ^^ I am just starting to learn about all the features and setup of this nice software so maybe I am just blind and didnt see this option yet. I'd like to limit the the mbps globaly for all accounts on my emby server. I found an option under "streaming" and limited it to 10 mbps. When I login with a test account without any admin rights, this account can still setup the option to more then 10 mbps while playing a video. Am I doing anything wrong here? Are there any ways to globaly force a maximum mbps? Thanks in advance Soki
  6. Hi Everyone, I'd like to report what seems to be a glitch/bug. I've been trying to set up the camera upload section for our mobile devices and everything was going great until I tried to set a custom path for each of the devices. According to the Camera Upload WIKI, there should be a place in the Devices section that allows me specify a path for the camera upload for each of the devices, but that option does not exist. I've attached screenshots to show what my server is displaying, I can set the base path under Sync -> Camera Upload, but the device itself under the device settings does not have an option for a specific path. I am currently running version on Windows 8.1, and my mobile devices are running Android 6 and 7 In order to make my setup work for the moment, I edited the device.json file for the devices that have the feature enabled and changed the following line: From: "CameraUploadPath":"" To: "CameraUploadPath":"Drive:/Folder/Device1" After making the changes to the files and restarting the service, I re-checked the device in the Devices tab and all I see still is the name change option and nothing else. Camera upload is working fine so far, but there is no way to edit the specific path as described in the WIKI through the server interface nor the android app.
  7. Hi there, I enabled the camera upload this morning for my samsung galaxy s5. I was able to get it to work buy pointing it to a custom folder on the server machine itself. However that machine has limited space available due to the extensive movie library. I changed the upload path to another machine on my network and I simply cant get it to write to that folder. Sharing is enabled and the HTPC-Mb3 server has read write permissions. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance!
  8. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Camera-upload
  9. I dont know if this has been already asked...search didnt yield anything relevant. But it would be a nice to have
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