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  1. Mozy

    video transcode help

    Hi All, I am having trouble getting my media to stream to my iOS mobile app. I can see the library, and when I hit play I only get a black screen. I've reinstalled MBT, and the codecs it comes with. My files are primarily .mp4. Thanks to anyones ideas!
  2. I think this is tagged correctly as a Server feature request, but it would require something on the clients too. We regularly go on long car journeys, and my kids and my wife like to watch films on their android tablets and windows laptops. Because our library is all very high quality, high bitrate stuff, and as there is no decent connection to stream them, I need to find out what they want before we leave, and then encode the file for them before we leave, and then copy it onto their individual devices. What would be really cool would be if, for example, my daughter wanted to watch Harry Potter on her Nexus 7, she could just navigate to it in the Media Browser app and have the option to download to her device. This would download a lower bitrate version of the film (maybe dictated by the transcoding settings on the client) suitable for her 16GB tablet, held locally on this machine. I'm not sure if this is as simple as I think it is, or if there are legal/copyright barriers but this functionality would be very useful to my family! BTW great work so far, loving Media Browser 3! *Edit* OK, not the best title! How do I change it?
  3. I noticed this when I was trying to get my subtitles to only show the non-english speaking parts of the new thor movie that when I add in subtitles (whether I am using my roku to stream or the android app) it gets laggy and stutters because it is now transcoding the video and audio which I noticed on the android app. Why does it need to transcode when simply adding subtitles? It is causing my video to load incredibly slowly and sometimes it need to reload. Thanks,
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a suggestion on building (or repurposing) a machine. Most of the ones that I've read have been general purpose machines for a lot of things. I'm really just looking for a machine that will be able to run MB3 server and transcode and stream up to a max of 8 different movies at the same time. There will be other programs running but minor ones. Is Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 preferred? Does it matter? Clients 2-3 MBT or MBC on Local LAN - Direct Play - No transcoding 2 - Local LAN Roku 3 - Local Wireless IOS 1 - Remote Roku 2 - Remote IOS I know these might not all be supported at this time but I want to take into account all of this for future overhead and not have to build again. Everything will be streamed from a NAS that is connected via gigabit ethernet. Mostly Movies and TV. Movies all 1080p source and TV is 720p source. My goal is not the break the bank but I'd like to get the best quality parts I can for the money right now as I'd rather not have to upgrade it in 2 years. Thanks for the help Josh
  5. Thought I'd make a request for this functionality. I recently heard that Plex offers this feature, where you can on the fly transcode and download a file to your portable device (and I think it does it pretty quickly), to allow for offline viewing. I think this would be an amazing feature personally, especially for anyone who doesn't want to deal with using things like Handbrake etc, so I thought I'd throw that out there.
  6. Here's a problem I've only experienced recently with the roku application, the version you can search for officially and install directly through the roku itself. Now it doesn't _always_ happen, sometimes it does at the beginning of some videos, sometimes partially into a video this happens. Sometimes it clears up itself and the video is watchable again, sometimes it isn't and I'm forced to exit the video and resume where it left off to continue seeing clear video. I know others experience this issue, and I even was able to capture a video of it playing a video goofy. I've attached the ffmpeg logs, but the video and server logs are too large hence shown below as links. server log: http://ereader.kiczek.com/server-63524131200.log video demonstrating goofy video playback, taken with my 2k13 n7, it's a bit big at 79MB: http://ereader.kiczek.com/goofyvideo.mp4 roku client version 1.16.7 mediabrowser server version 3.0.5112.40848 note: Anyone experience the same issue or the cause? O_o? ffmpeg-8b5aaeeb-2fcb-4413-a23f-28cc97675abd.txt
  7. Perfect, thanks. Now just to resign myself to the facet that my surface pro shows up as RT Cheers
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