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  1. Happy2Play

    Local trailer Download limit

    What is the download limit on local trailers? App: Download limit has been reached for Trailers
  2. So I've searched around, but have not found the answer I'm looking for. I would like to know if there is a way to show movie trailers in Media Center via the Media Browser. I know this is possible when I look at my library via the Web Client, but not useful, as I never look at the Web Client. I like to watch my movies via Media Center, because I have it connected to my home theater. The whole point of Media Browser and Media Center for me, is to be able to navigate everything using my remote controller, and getting away from the mouse and keyboard thing. The interface is also much n
  3. jojovee

    MB Classic Questions

    Wondering if someone can help please? I use MB Classic with the diamond theme and love it. However I have two niggling issues that's driving me batty. 1. I've added the trailers plug in, and before I went and played around with the web client to get images to show up for my boxsets and trailers menu, my main menu was showing three categories that I had setup, Movies, Boxsets and Trailers. Now however, my Trailers selection menu has changed to displaying Channels and when I click into Channels, it then goes into my Trailers menu, which I don't like. But I don't know how to revert it bac
  4. I have my own folder full of trailers (I use the MetaBrowser "Current Trailers" feature). I've added this as a media folder and it works really well with MBC as my "Trailers" collection just shows up on the EHS. I'm pretty sure that a while back when I added this folder to MBS I had the option of selecting "Trailers" as a media type - this caused the trailers to show up in the trailers section of the web UI (IRC). But, it appears something had changed - there's now no "Trailers" media type, the trailers section of MBS is empty and worst of all - all my trailers appear in the movies
  5. Issue: until recently, everything was fine - MB was set up to play trailers before a movie, and I could browse channels like TwiT, Vimeo, and the Trailers channel. Then about a week ago, my Supporter license vanished from the server, and Channels and Trailers all vanished. I managed to resolve this by re-pasting my Supporter key to the server (similar to these issues), but ever since then, I've had issues of stuttering or non-loading trailers (usually the first frame loads and then it freezes, a bit similar to this issue). At first I wondered if the deactivation of the license had affected
  6. I recently updated to the latest dev version of MBC, and even though I have enabled Cinema mode, it does not play trailers before the movie. Attached is a log. MBClassic-19112014b8fcbf1f52074d3aa3bf923c596e8592.log
  7. I would really love an option for a indicator overlay for trailers, I like sapphire and diamond cases, and by adding this I would be more willing to initiate the server toggle "Display trailers with movie suggestions"
  8. I'm confused! I am running server Version 3.0.5271.29451 and have the trailers plugin installed. I also under the "Channels" section have "Enable channel content downloading for:" enabled and I have set a custom directory. I have let the "Download channel content" task run automatically and manually over the last couple of days. So, my question: Why are the trailers and channel trailers available in the web client / MBT and MBC all iTunes streaming content? If I look in the custom download folder I have a sub folder with a name that looks like some sort of GUID and then 70 mp4 files al
  9. All trailers, no matter if selected by Cinema, MB Intros, or played manually via the Trailers channel, are extremely low quality and heavily pixelated. I have tried changing all the options for quality in the Trailers channel, but the result is the same. Trailers played directly through a web browser at the Apples Trailer site on the same machine at 1080p or 720p start almost immediately, and without pixelation so I suspect it is not a connection speed issue. Any suggestions other than to download trailers locally?
  10. Hello, before the Cinema updates, I had the MB Intros plugin which worked fine to display two streaming trailers in WMC and then the main feature would play using the external player (MPC-HC). However, I recently updated to the latest version of everything (MBC, MBS, MB Intros) but with either the Cinema mode on (with MB Intros uninstalled) or MB Intros plug-in (Cinema disabled), everything plays in WMC. If I disable Cinema mode or the MB Intros plug-in entirely, then the main feature opens in the external player. Thanks!
  11. Anybody know where/how to change the folder.jpg & thumb for the trailer channel?
  12. Hi all I have around 250+ movies in our collection we have the trailer plugin v1.0.5364.36078 but for some reason we have no trailers downloading ?? I have had the trailer app for over 3months Is there something I have to do to get this working ? I am using the crystal skin v1.0.12.0 any help would be greatly appreciated.......... regards brett
  13. GrotShot

    Trailers Not Downloading

    It seems that the downloading of movie trailers into the Channels section has stopped. The last mp4 files that are in the directory are dated 24 days ago. If I run the scheduled task to download Channel content it runs and completes in 1-2 seconds. The trailers section in the web client has 26 movies but these will attempt to stream as they have not been downloaded. My internet connection is rubbish so they are not viewable when streaming. Are others seeing this behaviour?
  14. pixelapex

    Trailers in XBMC3C

    Last couple weeks I was on a quest to find perfect software to handle my movie and music collection... I tried everything... After I saw MediaBrowser Server in action I was hooked... It is the solution! But... MediaBrowser Theater is miles away form meeting my needs... It needs at least some kind of music collection support. Anyway... So far, XBMC front end looks very promising. I never used it before, so maybe I just missed something. There some themes that don't really support mouse.. I figured out that "I" open Information screen. I really like Dark version of Arctic theme for ex... Do
  15. thefirstofthe300

    Trailers Plugin not downloading

    I have noticed that the trailers plugin is no longer downloading the trailers anymore. If I clear the cache/channels cache/temp cache/transcoding-temp and the place to which the plugin moves the downloaded trailers (which is on a different set of drives) and refire the channel downloading task, it will download the trailers the first time around but the plugin seems to lose them in the shuffle to the different drives. Then the plugin starts spewing errors about how the file path already exists when it attempts to redownload the trailers. I am running Linux server 3.0.5326 and the latest
  16. This is a very minor feature enhancement request. When clicking on the "Trailer" button (for any Movie) using the builtin webclient... instead of opening up a whole new Web browser tab with the orignal Youtube video URL, to open in an embedded video Window instead; with the option to go fullscreen. This would give it more of a seamless look and feel for Trailers.
  17. Recently I enabled the "Enable channel content downloading for: Trailers" option and set the download path to a 8 TB server. No problem there. I then noticed that my 120 GB SSD (with the regular MBS cache completely filled up, causing my system to throw "out of memory errors". The culprit was a "TEMP directory created inside the normal MBS cache directory. I decided to move the MBS cache to a striped Hard disc with about 160 GB space left. It too got filled up I did some testing and here is what I found: If you enable the "Enable channel content downloading for: Trailers" and s
  18. I've noticed over the last couple weeks that the trailers channel has not been getting the most recent trailers. The last couple trailers it got where available from the itunes trailers site on the 15th. Nothing since then has made it to me. I reinstalled the channel in the case that something had no gotten updated (or whatever) and still no dice. Running server Version 3.0.5309.26857.
  19. Hi All, I started a topic in the Media Browser Classic forum as I have been having issues with the Trailers not playing, or if they do, really odd behaviour (such as how they were buffering, would play fine once, play them again straight away and there would be stuttering. I think I fixed the stuttering by increasing the Remote MBPS to 30 in the MBC3 config. However, there seems to be a bigger issue and it was suggested I create a topic here, so I am. The issue is that after 4-5 trailers (viewing in a row) and subsequent trailers when viewed (when the PLAY is clicked/selected) prod
  20. The function to download trailers locally for movies in my collection almost always downloads the wrong trailer unless the movie is very new. The strange thing is that it keeps downloading the same wrong trailer over and over and over--The Double starring Richard Gere. Why is it downloading bad trailers and why is it always the same trailer?
  21. DGMayor

    CoverArt & Trailers

    So one of the recent updates started putting the trailers treatment on the channel version of trailers which is great, only problem is that it didn't seem to remove the previous treatment (which I can't figure out where it's coming from, there doesn't appear to be a setting to match it).
  22. breezytm

    Channels Not Working

    I've been trying to get some channels working on my HTPC and they haven't really been working. I knew my HTPC was low powered so I decided to install MB in my home computer to rule out performance possibility and I am getting the same behavior. Home computer has 6GB of ram and Quad core CPU. Here's are my findings. When I play a trailer from Trailers or a video from Revision, the log shows that the transcode is starting. I go to the transcode-tmp folder and there is a video being transcoded there and also I see the transcode log being created. When I play a video from Vevo and ITV
  23. Hi ebr, I was wondering if treatment for trailers in the new Trailers channel has changed somehow? Previously, with the old plugin, I had a Diamond treatment applied. However, with trailers in the new channel, there seems to be a default treatment applied (generic with black bar across the top). Could you please let me know how to apply the Diamond treatment again, or if it will be addressed in a future release? Thanks!
  24. Tanamur

    Channel Trailers: No Synopsis

    Hi All - Is there a way to get the synopsis call out for trailers displayed in thumb view (as opposed to individual detail view)? I have looked at the settings but don't see it there. Edit: Forgot to mention this is in the Media Browser Beta channel installation. Thanks, Tanamur
  25. I have road tested Media Browser with a sample of my media collection and I must say I am very happy with it. I am now looking to take the plunge and trust it with my entire media collection.... There are a couple of small thing stopping me however, Currently I use Ember Media Manager (EMM) to grab images, metadata, Actor info and trailers for my films. This has been working perfectly with XBMC, however the file naming is different to that of Media Browser. A tipical Film folder after EMM Films >Red (2010) >.actors
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