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  1. anderbytes

    Disabling Trailers (for good)

    Has anyone ever successfuly disabled Trailers plugin? Every time I try to uninstall it, it comes back right after. I don't download or manage any trailers at all, and I'm not interested in seeing trailers inside Emby. And worst... I'm being "nagged" because in REPORTS, METADATA MANAGER, etc... it shows a red projector icon stating that it doesn't have local trailer. I KNOW I DON'T HAVE IT, stop showing me this :-) Is it possible to entirely disable anything related to Trailers from Emby? Thanks!!
  2. @@ebr Coverart appears to be treating the trailers plugin area with my folder treatment. Tried a few different scenarios but regardless of what I put in coverart config for the trailers section it is not using them. Am I missing something simple? Server 3.0.5865.0 Trailers 1.0.5810.30116 CoverArt Also any chance of this being looked into... http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/12565-coverart-indicator-overlay-trailers/?hl=%2Bcoverart+%2Bindicator+%2Boverlay Thanks
  3. CBers


    Are only local trailers playable, or are YouTube trailers streamable from within the app? Does the app read the trailer tag for YT trailers in the movie.xml file and play them? If there is a local trailer and a YT trailer in the movie.xml file, are both available for playback? Basic questions and I think I know the answer, but just comparing app to the Android TV app. Thanks in advance
  4. Keylonta

    Sort Trailers by date

    How do I sort the trailers by date in the Emby Theater Trailer plug-in? Why is it sorted alphabetically? This infuriates me.
  5. Hi guys, I don't know where to open Troubletickets for Emby, so I will try it in this forum. My Emby installation is running on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 64-Bit. For testing purposes I installed the Trailers Plugin, which I wanted to remove later on. I clicked the Uninstall button and the server stated to restart Emby. When I issued "sudo service mediabrowser restart" on the server console and logged back in to the web interface, the Trailers Plugin was still there. How can I remove the Trailers plugin from my installation? Am I missing something? Regards, Bondfreak
  6. I had been trying out the Trailers plugin for a couple of weeks and the trial period has expired. I do like Emby very much so I purchased a Lifetime Key. I received this key in an email and installed it in the server. The server recognizes the key. On the Help - Donate screen, it says: You have a lifetime supporter membership. You can provide additional donations on a one-time or recurring basis using the options below. Thank you for supporting Emby. The problem is that Trailers doesn't seem to recognize my key. Using the Web Client, I can click on Channels and get the Latest from Trai
  7. Hi there forum - I am using the trailers plug-in with no problem on the web client on my server but cannot get them to play on my Amazon FireTV box (not stick). I have a hardwired connection with oodles of d/l speed so no problems there. I can navigate the Trailers menus, see default cover art and descriptions show up but no streaming content. Anyone else experiencing this on AFTV? Cheers, @Tanamur
  8. the.chad

    Downloading local trailers

    Hi I'd like to start off saying I've used Emby (oringally MB3 when I started) for the past year and have found it an absolute treat to use. It's been the perfect HTPC solution that has been easy to configure & 100% non-tech savy partner approved (which was the biggest stumbling block for every other front end solution). I've had the trailers plugin downloading through to a local folder on my HTPC which has been running for the past 6 or so months. It was configured to download 'x' amount of trailers and refresh them every month. To memory, I recall setting this up in th
  9. gillmacca

    TV Trailer support?

    Is there support for TV trailers, same as movie trailers. If so, does it also support for trailers at season level? i.e. trailer for season 1, trailer for season 2, etc
  10. Hello, I've just been checking through all my movie metadata and found a large number of movies where the movie.xml file contains a trailer URL pointing to a valid URL where I can manually open my browser and view the trailer, however the trailer has not been downloaded by the trailers plugin and is never downloaded no matter how many time I run the refresh trailers scheduled task I had this problem on my old MB3 server but never bothered to research it properly. I have now moved my movie storage to a new computer so this is a 100% clean installation of MB3 server For example here
  11. jojovee

    Trailers Plug-in

    I have two issues with the trailers plug-in. First issue, I'm trying to understand how the sorting for the trailers plug-in works in Emby for WMC. I have only selected New and Upcoming in Theaters as I don't really care about the other two categories. In Emby webclient I have my trailers sorted by date added and in ascending order. In the emby wmc client there isn't the same options as the webclient so I have it sorted by date. The two don't seem to be the same however. In the webclient I can see the latest trailers have been added at the top, but in the wmc client it always only shows tr
  12. I am having a strange issue when trying to use random intros. Windows version: 8.1 x64 Both standard Cinema Mode and Advanced Intros exhibits the following behaviour: Works perfectly for random trailers from local library. Works perfectly for specific intro file. Does not work when asking it to get a random file from a directory, this goes for audio intros and random trailers. So basically any time you just put in a directory, not a specific file, it will not work. Says null item.
  13. I installed MB today and in many hours trying to configuring I have not managed to get cinema mode/trailers before a movie to work. I configured the Cinema Mode on the server so it gets "Internet Trailers", no local trailers are configured. The description is confusing since it says this feature requires a membership (I installed the channel trailer plugin), but then the plugin says it's in trial mode. So does this mean cinema mode is supposed to work, at least for the 14 days or does it mean cinema mode with internet trailers would not work AT ALL without a supporter membership? I am
  14. colinsteadman

    Trailers for supporters

    Hi I'm a new user who bought the lifetime supporter key (its an amazing bit of software). I seem to automatically have trailers when I view the details of a movie, before playing it. I presume this is standard behavior for Emby. But I also see a trailer plugin for supporters [developer - luke]. Is this what I have by default, or does it do something more? I noticed it said HD trailers so I'm wondering if SD trailers is built in, and HD trailers are reserved for supporters? I guess what I'm asking is, should I install the Trailers plugin. I actually paid for the Movie Theme Videos
  15. ElLoboSolitario

    Trailers For Movies ONLY

    I am using the Custom Intros plug in to run trailers before screening a movie. The problem is that I also have concerts and stand up comedy acts in my collection which are treated by Emby as a movie just the same. I tried categorizing the concerts and stand up comedy as Unset (mixed content), but Emby still treats those items as movies and generates trailers which I don't want. How do I force Emby to treat those items as not requiring trailers??
  16. Running WMC Emby v3.0.264.0. Trailers do not appear to play before MKV movies but works with Blu-Ray folders. I tested this with two MKV movies, the first with just rotating static backgrounds while the second had a video background. The relevant snippet from the log is attached. If any additional information is required, please let me know. Any suggestions? Thanks! Emby.txt
  17. I would like for Gamebrowser to be updated so that it can again auto play trailers as it once did. Thanks Tester
  18. MBC with MPC-HC as external player. Enter a film with a trailer, trailer plays as background. Press play, and movie starts in external player but the trailer continues to play in the background MBC. Is there any way to get MBC to send a stop command to stop playing the trailer before it sends the play command to mpc-hc? Or is there another way around this?
  19. Hi, Recently I have experienced a problem with the playback priority of trailers. I usually download all trailers locally to the movie folder and this is the trailer being played back in MBC. However lately I noticed the quality of the trailer being poor and buffering going on, so I started investigating. It seems that when I select to playback trailer, it will first stream the trailer(s) defined in the trailer URL tag(s), and then it will playback my local trailer. Could you please change this back, so if a local trailer exist - then only playback this or at least playback first.
  20. Is there a way to not have trailers (either from the channel folder or before a movie in cinema mode) to not launch an external player (mpc-hc)? My current setup uses the external player feature in MBC for all my movies (which are in .mp4 format), and now it seems the Internet trailers are streaming in .mp4. So the external player loads the stream and plays it. This process takes a little while (about 30 seconds or so) for every streaming trailer, so it would be nice if the trailers could just be played by the internal player and not trigger the external one to fire up. I was looking in the s
  21. I have just configured Cinema Mode and it appears to work fine - I haven't actually watched a movie since configuring it. I say it works fine because when I go to my Trailers Folder (I have another tool that downloads/updates my trailers and I use MB to monitor it). It plays the trailer and the Intro Movie and then the trailer I selected. Is there anyway to configure MB so Cinema Mode doesn't kick in on a Trailers folder. The folder is configured as Mixed Movie and Episodes. There doesn't appear to be a option for Trailers. If I configure the folder as anything else. Will the Meta
  22. Luke

    Trailer Guide

  23. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Cinema-Intros
  24. Happy2Play

    Object reference not set

    When I play trailer via Trailers menu or Channels in FF 34, I get "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." strobing while playing the trailer. But this does not happen while playing in IE 11. Local trailer play fine in both browsers.
  25. Actually I'm not asking something complex just could' t find any other topic title. I'm getting "Playback started" pushover and desktop notifications for trailers and my pre-roll videos before the movie starts. This means I got 4 notification per movie playback start-up. This is kind a annoying. I think notifications must be disabled for these types of titles. Or at least it can be a user preference/option.
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