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  1. OK - this is super WEIRD!!! I've just noticed when I use Chromecast from my iphone to my TV and play a movie trailer from my movies on my EMBY library, the movie trailer does not play, but instead a video file from my music collection plays instead (an R.E.M music video). When I disconnect from my Chromecast connection and try the movie trailer again, it plays perfectly on my IPhone. This ONLY happens when I am Casting to my Chromecast device. It plays the same music video for all my movie trailer selections (any movie I choose when Casting). But when I disconnect from Chromec
  2. Hi, I recently subscribed to Emby Premiere mainly for the benefit of being able to use Cinema mode so that trailers will play before my movies. This works well in the web interface however when I attempt to play a movie in the WMC app it does nothing (i.e. when I click the 'Play' button nothing happens, I have to go turn off Cinema mode in the app settings for the movie to play at all). The trailers play fine if I play them from the 'Trailers' folder within the WMC app, its only when playing a movie does it not work. My app and server versions are below I believe are the latest. Please adv
  3. Hello Emby via I need some help please with Trailers. I'm running Emby Theatre and I have the fastest possible Fibre Connection available that is directly connected to my Emby Theatre PC via the network port. However, when I view a trailer on my movie (trailer button) I often get very jerky trailers. Around 80% of the time the trailer will freeze and then carry on. It is super annoying and I wanted to know if I have done something wrong, or if there is a way to configure EMBY Theater to play smoother trailers please. Ironically when I Chromecast the same trailer (say from Youtube) v
  4. Please pardon me if I have opened this topic in the wrong forum - I linked it with the base OS (FreeBSD / Freenas). Symptom is when I navigate to the trailer menu in the browser (tried with current versions of Chromium, Chrome and Firefox) no trailers are listed. Feature worked prior to upgrading the plugin to 3.2.70. Seems there is a security error? Log excerpt: (log attached) 2018-02-21 09:22:04.768 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager GET: https://mediabrowser.github.io/Trailers/listingswithmetadata.txt?v=66 2018-02-21 09:22:04.836 Error HttpClient: Error SecureChannelFailure
  5. I wanted to populate my library with a local trailer for each film. I was also interested in learning a bit of Python. So this resulted in the script below, if you want to run it you'll need to install Requests and PyTube (can be done using PIP): import sys import requests import urllib import json import ConfigParser import glob import os from pytube import YouTube config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser() config.read('trailers.ini') embyapi = "" embykey = "" embyusr = "" h = 0 i = 0 j = 0 k = 0 if config.has_option('emby', 'api'): embyapi = config.get('emby', 'api') else: embyerror
  6. Just started to use the trailers plugin on Emby server On my iPad (IOS11.0.3) trailers are working as it should, but on my Apple TV 4K (tvOS 11.1), trailers are not working and displays the following message: - "An error occurred loading this content." Does the server or app, needs an update, for the new profile of the Apple TV 4K with tvOS11.1 ? And is this problem somehow related to: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/52480-live-tv-not-working-apple-tv-4k-dvblink-plugin/ Attached 2 logs where my last actions on the Apple TV 4K were: - Pla
  7. Hello, I have enabled cinema mode in emby to play local trailers and I also have radeon's plugin to grab all the youtube videos for all the movies I own. Ever since I enabled this feature, it works for some, but others it fails to play and just goes back to the movie details page. I have noticed that in the logs, it is trying to grab the trailer from the wrong subdirectory. The following is my setup: Movies Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus.mkv Hocus Pokus-trailer.mp4 etc... The logs indicate that it looking for the file in the Movies directory. Can I force a refresh for trail
  8. Emby Server Windows Public: v3.0.8500 Amazon Devices Beta: v1.2.77a Trailers Add-in 1.0.6103.26386 Hi Forum - I'm having quite a bit of difficulty with the "New & Upcoming" content and function of my Trailers Plug-in. I have tried to trouble shoot it by uninstalling/re-installing to no avail and am wondering if there is a way to purge or reset the content. Problem #1 (image below): I have the sort option set to "Date Added" but it appears the trailers are sorted in numerical/alphabetical order (e.g. 13 Minutes, 20th Century Women, A Monster Calls, A Dog's Purpose, etc...) C
  9. I have a large collection of cartoons (mainly warner bros and early '40s Superman) is there a way to have these start up before a movie instead of or with trailers?
  10. Another idea/request for the nifty Trailers Plugin. This one's probably a bit more involved (potentially a lot more involved). It would be really useful if each of the three views (New and Upcoming in Theaters, New and Upcoming on DVD/Blu-ray, New and Upcoming on Netflix) would default to displaying trailers by whatever the most relevant date is for that view (eg, movie release date, DVD/Blu-ray release date, date coming to Netflix). And it would be even more useful if that information could be displayed on the detail screen somehow, and also perhaps have some visual date markers in the h
  11. How do trailers - New & upcoing selected only - work ? where is the info stored? I removed the plugin - restarted emby - then I readded the plugin - restarted emby the same 110 trailers both times 110 only they do not get updated on a regular basis they do not show the new and popular trailers Bladerunner 2049 Thor Ragnorok as just a couple examples thanks
  12. llygoden

    Local Trailers Issue

    Hi All, I like to have a local trailer stored for each of the movies in my collection. But for some films although the trailer exists in the local directory Emby refuses to acknowledge it's existence. As you can see above, "Zoolander 2 (2016).avi" exists in my movies folder as does "Zoolander 2 (2016)-trailer.mp4" which is the naming convention I have used for all my trailers for all files and seems to work for most. Although Emby shows the option of a Trailer in the web interface, when clicked YouTube is loaded with the corresponding film rather than the local file.
  13. No trailers play when I start a movie. Settings are as here: To summarize: Cinema Mode is enabled in playback for 'movies' and 'episodes'. I disabled all the internet based trailers since I have local versions. I enabled 'include trailers from movies in my library'. I set 'number of trailers' to '3' I enabled 'only play trailers from unwatched content'. emby is Version this happens for me both in the web interface, the kodi app (I've got premium) from kodi on the same machine as the emby-server, from kodi on another machine. My trailers are stored beside
  14. The Trailers Plugin is pretty nifty. However, I wish that I could prevent Trailers from being displayed in the "More Like This" section of Emby Theater (Windows Desktop). I prefer to just keep all the Trailers in the Trailers section. Thanks for considering my request!
  15. In the last couple days trailers stopped working for me. They don't play before movies (cinema mode) and when I go directly to the trailers plugin and try playing something, it just displays the loading icon forever. I didn't see anything that jumped out in the logs. I have tried reinstalling the plugin and it hasn't made any difference. Any ideas what could be going on?
  16. As you can see from my screenshot, I'm wanting 2 trailers to play before my movie, I want smart parental controls as I have immaculate mpaa metadata, I also only want trailers from unwatched movies in my collection, and all trailers are only to be sourced from local trailers only. The problem is I can play a watched movie, say like Man of Steel is watched, well my first trailer is Man of Steel. The same bug appears for a movie that I'm watching that is unwatched currently, I'll get the trailer for the movie I'm about to start first thing. Was wondering if anyone else is seeing this or
  17. Im using Emby inside WMC and cannot play any trailers at all. When I choose a trailer to play it simply doesn't play or it loads the trailer frame by frame very slowly.
  18. I purchase all my movies on discs and save them and the included trailers locally, I only have available limited expensive satellite off peak internet. My family inadvertently stream trailers if it's not a local, and there is no where I can find to prevent this within the Trailers Plugin or Emby Server.
  19. Platform: NUC i5,16GB RAM, Win10 Pro, Gigabit Wired, Internet 10mbit/s Fiber UP/DOWN Platform: AFTV-GEN1, 0S5.0.5.1, Gigabit Wired-AFTV Gen1&2 ports are only 10/100mbit ports, Internet 10mbit/s Fiber UP/DOWN Server: Version 3.0.5972.0 AFTV App: v1.2.00a 3rd Party App: IMDB IBN People Downloader V2 Hi Forum/Devs - Many of you helped me to troubleshoot my AFTV1 VolleyError problem 10 days ago. I had everything working very well and could view the Performers section in both TV and Movies. Now, with the latest update of v1.2.00a I see the Performers section has been removed from b
  20. I installed the trailers plugin and noticed double cover art. There is a clear case without any label inside one with a trailer label. I changed the trailer tab to ignore on cover art and the one with the green trailer label went away but the other remains. I went through all exceptions on cover art and set them to ignore but no change. Any ideas?
  21. I have a question/recommendation about trailers... Is there anyway to control the type of trailers played in Cinema Mode? This is not about parental control, it is about the movie types/genres/plots. In other words, if my wife enjoys movies with "Romance", when she selects such a movie, the trailers shown before the movie includes those with "Romance" as a genre or "Romance" as a plot key word. Similarly, my "Action", "Horror", "Sports", "Terrorism", or "Mafia" movies would be preceded with other movies of a similar nature. This feature may already exist, but I have not been able to
  22. When I delete movie from Emby ios app then local trailers (files with "*-trailer* in name) remain on server and what is anoying - they started treating as movies by Emby server (adding to library, creating "*-trailer.nfo" files, etc.). This forces me delete all these files and rescan library manually each time, this is not a big problem but not so convinient as it may be. So I would suggest several solutiins (starting from prefered ones): 1) Add "Delete related local trailers when movie is deleted" option somewhere in administration page (disabled by default). If enabled - then all files
  23. I noticed a problem earlier with the Apple TV app (that works now, btw) that compelled me to dig further. The original symptom was when Cinema Mode was turned on, the movie wouldn't play, at all. I traced it down to a problem with the Trailers plugin. When I initially tried trailers in ATV4, I got no response. I tried it on my iPad (beta 1.1.5 (2)) and on my iPhone 6 (general availability version) and both gave the errors: "There was an error playing the video." I tried my two android devices and web browsers and they play the trailers and cinema mode just fine. I uninstalled beta 1
  24. I'm a developer too and sometimes when you spend so much time developing on your own product you tend to need some fresh eyes. I have a couple of suggestions that will make your app a little better. These 2 suggestions focus on the trailers and collections Trailer Trailer for movies. When users download tons of movies, they tend not to see them all at once. For example, I have hundreds of obscure movies I forgot I even downloaded and would love to see the trailer for it. I get that some won't have a trailer but perhaps scrapping Youtube for a trailer for that movie would be a
  25. Hello and thanks advance for any support; it's a bit of a read, but I'm hopeful a simple fix exists... A few weeks ago, I decided to batch process hundreds of VOB files into MKV equivalents using MakeMKV and an applet program called MKV Batch Converter. The process renamed each VOB file (e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\VIDEO_TS) into an MKV file within the same parent folder (e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\25th Hour.mkv") and I manually deleted the original "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS" files. None of the other metadata/artwork appeared to be modified during these conversions, however I recently discovered
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