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  1. Hi, I'm a big fan for emby server, and I love to fill my metadata with useful information about the content using Tags; I feel it will be much more powerful if Tags can be auto-completed based on previous tag entries. a drop down list also will do a good job. thanks, DaN
  2. I have spent hours and hours to perfectly organize my music library. (Files/Dirs & Metadata) But When I browse my Music Lib, MB display the artist name like it is in the filenname- and not as it is in the "Artist"-Tag. Is this intentional? Anyone can confirm this or let me know if this can be changed? Cheers
  3. In Plex if you have artists show up as (for example) Adam Ant; Adam & The Ants; Adam and the Ants; and Ant, Adam--you can go into the web interface and change the artist names on the fly so all of the associated albums get grouped together. In Emby if you try anything like that the album associated with the artist you changed completely disappears. There's also no easy way to change the artist info once Emby has it. Changing the metadata tags and doing a new scan doesn't result in the item being picked up correctly. I don't understand why the information can't simply be changed in the
  4. Hi, Since upgrading to 3.0.7100.0 the genres, studios and tags buttons do not work when editing or in the metadata editor. Clicking on them has no effect. I am using Firefox 48.0.2, but it is the same with Safari. I have tried it on my other computer before updating to 3.0.7100.0 the buttons are green and work fine, after updated to 3.0.7100.0 and they are grey in colour and do not do anything when you click on them, People button works OK but is also grey. Is this a known problem or is it something my end. Any help would be great, Thanks, for such a great bit of so
  5. Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to set up my first media server. I've been doing a lot of reading and appreciate all the info available on these forums. I have a massive collection of home videos and photos which I'd like to organize and make it easy to go back and watch them with my family, and this seems like a great option. I have a vision of what I'd like this to be and I'd be grateful for some feedback about the best way to implement this. I've played around with Emby a bit but I definitely don't feel like I have a good grasp on it just yet. Ideally, I'd love to be able to search f
  6. I've started using tags to help fine tune my parental control for kid's account, and it doesn't look like tags applied to series/seasons of television are inherited by seasons/episodes. Is this the correct behavior? If so, I believe it should change. Adding a tag to a series should propogate to child items of the series. Same goes for collections, although collections are way less important since there aren't nearly as many child files to manually add tags to.
  7. Using Version 3.0.5911.0. When I go to the Metadata Manager, open up my 'Movies' media folder, select a movie, then scroll down to the 'Tags' element, I click on the "Add" button which pops up a small dialog. A add my tag in the "Value" textfield, click OK, and I am immediately taken clear back to the dashboard screen...! I've edited other settings on this page and clicked 'Save' ok (like 'Parental Rating', 'Custom Rating'), but not with my tags. I also tried to go about the same thing through the main screen, going to my 'Movies' collection, selecting the movie, clicking the 3 vertic
  8. Running Emby Server Beta (Version 3.0.5910.0) I use parental ratings filtering, and tags to filter for accounts (Kids mostly). The filtering works great to filter Movies and TV Shows when going into those sections, however, when viewing the Latest Media, items show up that are tagged not to. Those same items do not show in TV --> Shows. Example: Workaholics (Rated TV-MA, Tags: DIRTYHUMOR, ADULT) Should be filtered from User1 account because of the Tags.. **It is filtered correctly undert "TV, Shows" view... But it shows under the Home screen, Latest Media se
  9. I have a guest account which I want to block some TV shows with tags ("Parental Control/Block contents with tags"), when I do so, the user can't see the show on "TV Shows/Shows" tab, but the same user can see episodes from the restricted ones on "Home/Latest Media", "TV Shows/Latest Episodes" and "TV Shows/Upcoming" and if he clicks on one of those episodes, he can see all seasons and episodes. It happens on "app.emby.media", "tv.emby.media" and iOS. On my Android TV it seems normal... I have the server's last version (3.0.5882.0), but it was the same before this one... Actually, I thi
  10. Good Day, Could external player setup in EMC configuration be based also on tags and not just file-type? I currently have my 3D MVC movies named with the .mk3d extension and external player set to use MPC-BE to play those files (which works great) but have a tendency sometimes to forget to rename the extension from .mkv to .mk3d. With external playback based on tags I won't need to do that anymore and can just merge my 3D movies into my main movie collection instead of separating them out. Possible to implement? Thanks.
  11. allanmobile313

    Artist vs Album Artist

    Is there a way to get the Android TV app to use the ARTIST tag for browsing instead of the ALBUM ARTIST tag? This is a feature that works remarkably well on the web app, and on the Android phone/tablet apps. For some reason however, I am not able to get the Android TV app to allow browsing by the artist tag. I understand that for many casual listeners out there this may seem like a trivial matter, but for music buffs (or in my case....music junkies), the difference between using an artist tag vs album artist tag can be pretty huge; especially, if you listen to genres of music where co
  12. So I created a couple collections to play with in Emby as best I understand per this post: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/20300-emby-for-kodi-tags-smart-playlists/ Which makes me think it must be really simple, however, here are my collections in Emby: And here are the tags available in Kodi: I'm currently using master playlists in Kodi to create other smart playlists, but I'd like to move the master playlists over to Emby just to clean things up if you will and make most of my administration happen in Emby. Am I missing a setting somewhere that tells
  13. I am using Emby for Kodi 1.1.53, and in my music library, when I sort music albums after "Tracks", multidisc albums don't get split up into their individual albums. The titles are ordered like 01 - foo 01 - foobar 02 - foofoo 02 - foofoobar ... This same thing worked without problems when scanning the same audiofiles directly to kodi. Music is properly tagged, either MP3 or FLAC, with the disc tag set.
  14. spicypixel

    Filtering in Emby

    So Radio DVB stations don't work on emby but they work on NextPVR on my desktop so I'd like to keep them in the channel list but hide them in Emby. By extension I'd like to tag channels as HD and hide them in emby too, they're too CPU intensive to transcode. If I made a group in NextPVR called Emby or similar would it be possible to only show those?
  15. Green_Trousers

    Tags instead of Parental Controls

    Good evening all, hopefully I have a simple problem using Tags in place of Parental Controls. Simply put, I can’t guarantee the ratings are correct or indeed in the correct format. So I thought Tags might be the answer. I have cleaned the library to simplify matters and now have 2 movies. One with "XXXXX" in the tags metadata the other without. When I log in with the kids account I can see neither movie. Their account has no maximum allowed parental rating set but does have block content with tags set to "XXXXX". I remove it and they’re visible again. Any Ideas or pointers please?
  16. imadunatic

    Grouping Content with Tags

    Hello, Is it possible to group tv shows or movies by tags? I currently use tags inside of Kodi to create user collections, but I think it would be more efficient for me to create tags in Emby and hopefully the plugin could pass these on to Kodi, if this is even possible. Still trying to learn the ropes. Thanks for any and all help.
  17. I use Mp3Tag to tag my Music Videos and would like for the tags to automatically update into the metadata when added to the server. This would be great and I would not have to enter the data manually. Plus it would put the music videos into the artist folder. Below is an image of my tagged media properties. Notice the bottom with the media properties. Thanks
  18. fuzzy11287

    Music Artist Tag Error

    Does anyone else have an issue with artist names that end with a period? Examples: - O.A.R. - fun. - R.E.M. Windows seems to have problems ending a folder name with a period (it truncates the name, so O.A.R. becomes O.A.R) and this has an effect on how MB organizes the tracks even though the internal ID3 tags specify the correct artist name.
  19. In Media Browser Theater we have the ability to tag trailers, and quality of the movie such as 720p and 1080p, but it would be helpful to have a way to tag Extended Cut vs Theatrical release. I maintain multiple versions of the same movie in the same folder, such as the Hobbit 1080p Theatrical Release, as well as the Hobbit 1080p Extended Release. It would be nice if Media Browser Theater would display this as another option as it does with trailers.
  20. Happy2Play

    MBS-Boxsets Tags

    Current Metadata Manager will not allow you to add/save "Tags" to Boxsets via edit. But you can manually add them. Can this edit option be added to the Server? This would allow for better filtering and be able to block boxsets per user. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/15307-auto-box-sets-plugin/?p=157252 Edit Metadata Manager can delete them.
  21. It's been asked a lot; can you hide specific media from a users library access? Also, at time of writing this, if you remove a portion of your library from a users access list, 18/Restricted movies for instance, the user may still be able to access that media via Collections (if a movie is part of a collection, and a user doesn't have access to that movie, that can still get to it via the Collection). This guide will show you how to manually hide a collection (or other media) from a specific user via metadata tags and the parental control system built into MediaBrowser 3. 1) Find t
  22. Version 3.0.5271.29451 Is it intentional that the album artist 'Various Artists' as read from music tag '%album artist%' does not display under 'album artists' in dashboard and in clients eg roku under album artists; making it harder to find content under this album artist. The artist does show up under 'artists', and its entry when opened showing content where 'various artists' is not the value of the tag %artist%..This seems to be the wrong way around.
  23. Hey, I wanted to tag some actors, but it doesn't save the tags anymore. In an earlier version of the server (i don't remember which one) this would work. I know tags aren't having a lot of uses right now, but i wanted to try something
  24. Some of the albums in my music artist folders don't show up. I click on the artist and there will be a bio and picture but it shows no albums available even though there are one or more albums in the artist folder. Sometimes when I re-do the tags with MP3 tag the album will show up--other times it makes no difference and I still can't access the music through Media Browser. Is there something specific I need to do so my music files will show up where I want and I can play them?
  25. I am trying to add a custom intro tag to my root level movie folder through the web client, and I can not get it to save. I have no problem adding the same tag to an individual movie folder and it works as it should when I play the movie, I was just hoping to be able to have the same intro for all movies in the same folder without having to add a tag for every movie individually (I am using the movie intro plugin). I am wondering if it is not possible to add tags to a root level folder? or I missing something simple. I tried adding the tag through the web client in chrome and ie, neither work
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