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  1. rikiwi

    Record TV not working

    For a few weeks I have set up to record a few programs but when I go to play them there is nothing but a lot of 1 minute wtv files in the TempSWMC/savedForDebug folder. I am using Media Browser Server Version 3.0.5309.26857 (Beta), ServerWMC. on a Win7 PC. During the recording times there has not been any activity on the server (I have been out of the house) I have 3 tuners in my PC/server. It's got to the stage where I am thinking of just going back to Media Center as this has worked for me for years. But I really want to use Media Browser as it's fantastic for streaming over my home network and great for streaming music over internet when I;m away from home. I still can't stream movies remotely, probably the internet speed. Sorry I'm not sure what log files you need to help me with this.
  2. kingy444

    FR - Android - Live TV

    Would it be possible to add Live TV streaming into the android app ? I only have NextPVR configured. Wasnt sure if they have a joint api you can use or it would be seperate coding for each
  3. iam4uk

    TV Listings Issues

    As I understand it, Microsoft gets program guide data from Zap2it, based on location and provider. When new channels become available, CableCARD users cannot access them until Zap2it populates their database with the relevant information for those channels. Having tried many different times to provide requests for such updates via feedback@zap2it.com -- and having all those attempts result in no updates -- I wonder if any MediaBrowser users are aware of the proper way to get new channels on our systems?
  4. We've had a bit of a discussion in the Samsung TV App forum about 3D content and how MBS identifies it. It appears that MBS only recognises 3D content if there is a tag (HSBS, FSBS, HTAB, FTAB) in the name of the content. The main question that was raised during the discussion was, how does a 3D TV decide if content was 3D so as to auto-switch to 3D mode ? Anyone know the answer ? Thanks.
  5. JoshFink

    TV Show Views

    Let me preface this by saying that I'm coming from years of using MB2. I've started playing around with MBT and movies and TV look fantastic. I've noticed though that when viewing TV that there are so many extra button clicks that I'm never going to get it past the WAF. I like the poster view. If I click a show poster, then it will open up and then I have to click Seasons at the top and then click the season (even if it's a single season) and then click the show. Is there any way to have it default into seasons (honestly, I don't need to see a synopsis of the show every single time I click on it) and directly into episodes if there is one season? I'm still learning my way around it so perhaps I missed it. Thanks Josh
  6. HappyGilmour

    Phillips Smart TV

    I recently purchased a Phillips SmartTV. I also recently upgraded my old MediaBrowser for Windows 7 Media Center to the latest server/client on the web site. My Windows Media Center looks and works great! But when I try to connect to the DLNA server via my new TV, there is a problem. I can see the server. I can browse to my movie/TV show folders. But as soon as I rest the cursor (on the TV) on a video file, the screen goes blank for about 2 seconds....and then it dumps me out to the menu. The TV is a 4000 series 32PFL4909. The server is running on a quad core processor with 8 GB of RAM. As of now, I am connected via WiFi but I plan on connecting via wired Gbit Ethernet. However, over the wireless, I am streaming HD video via NetFlix and other apps on the TV just fine. I have no problem going through the logs and such. I am an IT guy. I just thought I would post this topic first and see if this was something you folks had seen before and knew of an easy fix. Thank you in advance for the help. Happy
  7. For a TV show that I recently ripped, I get the following when I try to access the show main page in MBS. The interesting thing, is that I can access the only season that i have directly, and I can watch all episodes directly. Even more interesting, is that the iPad client and the Roku, also don't have any issues opening the folder. Only in MBS. this means that I can't change any of the metadata. I have done some re-scans, I have deleted the XML file, and it still not working. I will attach the log once I'm home.
  8. gillmacca

    Unidentified TV Episodes

    I am having an issue with 2 episodes of stargate-sg1 not being identified by MB. As you can see from the screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/ua5vx19jogaotrl/Screenshot%202014-04-22%2010.35.17.png the episode is in the correct folder and in the correct format, but in the background you can see MBS has a red cross against the title, and is missing the path to the file in the right hand side of the screen
  9. Hi all, Here's a question about TV series. Suppose you've got a TV series that has episodes that are two-part, and represented in thetvdb as separate episodes. For example, Check out Dark Skies (awesome series!) which has a two-part first episode, The Awakening (1) and The Awakening (2). Ripped from the DVD, the two-parter is actually a single file. It's easy enough to call the single file Dark Skies S01E01, but that misses out on the metadata, primarily the description, of the second of the second part. Is there any alternative handling for titles like this that allows all the metadata to be preserved and viewed in MB? Of course I could always split the file at the appropriate spot, making two files out of it. Or ignore the fact that the description doesn't exactly match the extra long file. This is clearly a very minor issue, but I figured perhaps it has already been addressed with some smart solution... Marc
  10. vidkun

    TV Show Logos Not Showing

    I am using the latest stable version of XBMB3C in the repo with XBMC 12.2 and the latest stable Aeon Nox 4 release connected to the latest stable version of MB3 Server. I'm having issues with images being displayed properly for TV Shows (haven't even started checking/testing the movies side yet). I started with trying to use the Episode view to display them as banners, but that never worked anywhere near correctly. So now, I am trying to use the Landscape view to display them as Logo. However, all I get is text of the show name with the episode counts in parenthesis. I have verified that the show does have the correct image in MB3S for the logo image type and have stayed on a single show name for at least 5 minutes just to be extra extra extra sure that it wasn't an issue of just needing to d/l the image and cache it first. Nothing ever shows up. Any ideas on why some of the image types have issues loading? Any testing/info I can do/provide to troubleshoot this? On a separate (lower priority) note, I've also noticed issues with watched statuses not always syncing up between what is shown in XBMB3C and MB3S sometimes. Figured I'd mention it in case that was a known issue with a fix coming. Otherwise, the image issue more important to me at the moment.
  11. Already posted this in the MBT section, however, I supposed I should have placed it here, so here goes again: Hi, I would realy like to see a next button on the details page of TV episodes. This buttoin is available in MBS webbrowser, but not in MBT. When watching a TV series it would be nice when an episode has played to directly go to the next episode whithout having to go back to the seasons page. To be honest I am surprised no one has asked for this yet (unless I missed it of course). Thanks in advance.
  12. Anyone else with the following problem: TVDB has the first episode - 2 hours as a single episode http://thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid=76733&seasonid=573373&lid=7 MediaBrowser is showing the two hour episode as episode 1 & 2, so now Episode 3 & 4 are incorrect. Media Browser finally fixed itself with Episode 5 to match TVDB, however, I'm missing the real episode 4. Has anyone see this with other shows? Anyone have a fix? Thanks in advance!
  13. A lot of people have been asking how they can contribute to the theme video collections recently and with the recent host change to mediafire, this has all become a lot easier. There are a few things that are required but the process is now fairly simple! Firstly, make sure the resolution is 720 or above (the preferred format is mp4 but I can probably work with anything), then all you have to do is name the TV or Movie Theme in the following format: TV Shows T - {tvdbid} – {showname}.ext Or Movies M - {tmdbid} – {moviename}.ext Where tvdbid and tmdbid are the ids which can be found on either thetvdb.com for tv shows and themoviedb.org for movies. Examples being: T - 79349 – Dexter.mp4 M - 4147 - Road to Perdition.mp4 Once you have the files named as above, simply head to this link and upload! Theme Uploads! Once the upload completes, I will get an email notification and perform the necessary to get the theme added to the database. All of you that are using the previous method of upload, please keep doing so. The older method is definitely the preferred, this one will hopefully enable an easier way to make the collection even bigger for everyone! :-D Any questions, please post below!
  14. Hello Originally made by Starkadius http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/14346/separate-tvgenre-folder-under-ibn As requested, I have created this topic to gauge the demand for such a feature. For the longest time I have been using different genre names for my TV shows, for example for Action I use “TV Action”, Comedy I use “TV Comedy” etc. The reason for this is that I do not like to use the same Movie genre icons for the TV genres. As it is I keep two separate sets of genres for both movies and tv shows. This would put it more in line with how games and music have their own genre folders now; MusicGenre and GameGenre. A MovieGenre or TVGenre folder would work either way. If TV had its own TVGenre folder then we could simply assign “Action” for its genre instead of “TV Action” or “ActionTV” and it would use the new icon. ps. For anyone interested in using these icons go here. This is from Starkadius Thank you very much in advance
  15. TV Theme Songs Downloads Theme Songs for TV Shows Theme Songs for TV Shows The TV Theme Songs Plugin will download TV Show Songs where available to your local media library in the correct format and location required by the MediaBrowser 3 Server. Once installed and the theme intro songs downloaded,they will be played whilst browsing your collections. As Theme Songs are supported by the Media Browser server, any client/theme can make use of them if they choose to. Current Supported Clients & Themes Media Browser Theatre Media Browser Classic - All themes (with ThemeVideo Backdrops for MediaBrowser Classic - FREE plugin installed) Roku Client Android Client Due to the nature of this plugin, a trial is offered which only downloads shows beginning with the letter A. Registering will give complete download of all available Support For support, please post HERE Revision History (Release)Updated some lookups in prep for new source & changed licence message in log to stop Cbers stressing (Release)Skip theme songs downloaded that are less than 25kb in size to prevent "we are sorry but this song has been removed message" (Release)Cleanup of temp files on fail (Release)Trial facility added (Release)Config Page Implemented
  16. I've done a little testing so I think the answer to this question is "Yes" but I want to be sure before I change my backdrops around. When browsing a TV "Season" (not the series level), does MB3 use the backdrops from the Series folder if there are no backdrops in the Season folder? If so, then I assume if I put just one backdrop in the Season folder it will only display that one or will it cycle through the ones in the Series folder too? (I have not tested this out...guess I can give that a shot). Thanks.
  17. Hey all, I would like to know if its possible to change the TV Shows view to Poster instead of Thumb permanently like how it was before the last server update? If possible could I do this globally so that all the accounts on the server default to Poster? I am referring to the web browser version of MediaBrowser.
  18. It appears http://www.themoviedb.org/ is adding TV support according to the support forum and this beta website: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv
  19. New Release ( In the latest release of the TV and Movie Theme Video/Song Plugins, a new filter has been added to prevent the download of a theme if its not wanted it in your collection. When the plugin downloads a theme in the future, a new filter item will automatically be added to the plugins configuration page. If that theme is then deleted from your collection, the theme will never be downloaded again. If you change your mind, simply enter the plugins configuration page and delete the filter from the list, and run the scheduled task again. You can also add filters manually by clicking the + icon and entering the Movie/TV Show name in the box (this must be written exactly the same was as displayed in the items details screen)
  20. veshant

    Live TV in MB3 comming?

    Hey guys, I was going through the media browser server web code and noticed 3 files: livetvchannels.html, livetvguide.html, and livetvrecordings.html as well as 3 javascript files which link to that. All in the appdata-> MB server-> system -> dashbord-ui folder. if you go to http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/dashboard/livetvchannels.html you will be able to see the page. I have also posted the files below. livetvchannels.html livetvguide.html livetvrecordings.html
  21. piers

    Past TV shows

    So, there's the upcoming calendar view which is useful in that it's quicker for me to get to than my trakt calendar, but is there a view to see, say, the last week and a half's aired episodes so I can see what was on recently and instantly start playback?
  22. I noticed tonight that my TV series have started showing seasons and episodes that I do not have in my collection. One example is Duck Dynasty. I have season 1 only. But it shows 1-4 and when I try to play one It states it is not in my collection. Why is it doing this and how do I turn it off. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi. I recently upgraded from MB2 & am enjoying learning my way around and much improved performance. What is the correct structure for TV Specials? I looked in the Library structure info but there's no mention of specials for TV there, only specials for movies. In MB2 I used to create a 'Season 00' folder and MB would pick up the specials from there. This doesn't seem to be working in MB3 so I'm now trying using a 'specials' folder in the Series folder. I'm running MB3 Server Version 3.0.5031.21343 Example: Path: \\Server\3tb\Max's TV Shows\Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness\Specials contains four *.avi files. The path \\Server\3tb\Max's TV Shows\ is mapped in a user media collection of type "TV Shows". MB3 is assigning: the series 'Display type" as "Folder" The season "Display type" as "Folder"; and the episodes "Display type"s as "Video" And MB3 is not downloading meta data for the series. I can't manually add the external references because the 'external ID' section on the metadata page contains no fields, probably because of the assignments above. I tried manually changing the "Display type" to what I think are the correct values: Series, Season & Episode respectively, but this made no apparent difference. I'm a bit puzzled as to the purpose of this field. It would make more sense to me if it was a drop list and the value dictated the fields that appear on the meta-data page. Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Help and advice most appreciated. Cheers. Edit: added version info
  24. Luke

    Starkadius TV Fanart

    Well done.
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