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  1. Great job bringing built-in TV without plugins! The "Channels" tab allows filtering (favorites, likes, dislikes). That is very useful. It would be even more useful to have such filters on the "Guide" tab. I hope that is possible, even simply implemented. Thanks for the continued great work!

    Need help setting up Live TV

    Hi, I just updated to the new server update (v3.0.5713.0) and I am trying to set up Live TV. When trying to set it up it asks for either HD HomeRun or M3U. I am a bit of a noob at this but I am not using HD HomeRun and I am unsure what M3U is. I am currently using a Kaiser Baas Digital Radio TVStick. I am unsure how to set this up to work with Emby Live TV. Any instructions or a nod to an article with the instructions would be much appreciated. Also I notice that the 'Upcoming' TV episodes tab still only shows particular shows and not others. Is this something that's going to take a bit to correct on my side due to meta files? (Like the actors issue recently)
  3. gillmacca

    TV Trailer support?

    Is there support for TV trailers, same as movie trailers. If so, does it also support for trailers at season level? i.e. trailer for season 1, trailer for season 2, etc
  4. Hi, I have number of TV series on my server and they pretty much all have more than 100 episodes each. Since I do not see any other way to do this, I import the videos with no Genre (so they do not screw up Genre listings), and then import them into a collection. I give the collection a Genre Tag (Drama etc.) and then they show up in Genres. Unfortunately all episodes still show up in the movie list, and that is a problem, since there are literally thousands of them. So: · Is there a way not to show individual videos in the movies, but still show the collection of them in the Genres and Movie list? · Is it possible to somehow add a way to drag and drop movies into the Collection? Using the search is very problematic. · There is a BUG when searching a large number of Movies. For example, Magnum PI has couple of hundred episodes, but the search only returns 30-ish. If you select the ones that do show up, no more is available. My workaround is to split them by Seasons, and start video names Magnum1, Magnum2 etc, and then do multiple searches, one for each season. That works. · Is it possible to contain Collections within Collections? Finally, it occurs to me that having another entity similar to Collection would be a really great idea, and would solve all these woes. Let’s call it “Series”. It would help to bridge a gap between something like the “Alien Collection” and the 258 episodes of Hawaii Five-O. Ideally it should be File Name oriented, as often the episodes have cryptic names, with no actual title (S03E14). Some simple way of selecting number of differently named files to add to the “Series” would also be essential. I am running Server Version 3.0.5675.1 Thanks for all your help in advance! Regards, Chris
  5. first, I have looked for this for some time and have not been able to find an answer. Now then, I am a Plex user and have been since 2010. I like the latest Emby build and am running it alongside to get a feel for it and see if I want to switch over. I became a supporter to ensure I got the full functionality. However, I seem to be having a tough time on the web interface. I saw some posts online about users creating "smart views" which allowed them to have filtered views built and setup so they were always readily available without having to do it every time and I could not seem to find any documentation on it or see any option in the server or client interface to set it up. Is this possible or could it be a custom code they ran to create it? The other problem is the suggestions view. I see people talking about movies or series being suggested by the server based on what they have watched. My suggestions tab however only shows any resumable item and latest items added. I do not get any option of "because you watched..." or based on genre or anything like that. Is there a special feature or third party add-on that enables this function? This is where I am stuck now and these features seemed amazing and what drew me to Emby. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks in advance. ** I deleted all the files and reinstalled the server and went to the dev build. I noticed after the reinstall that suggestions was working and presenting different options, however, as soon as I restarted the server, they all went away and now again just shows the latest media.
  6. Latchmor

    FR: LiveTV Web Guide

    Hi, when viewing the tv guide in the web browser would it be possible to set a recording straight from the show info popup? This would be on the basis that you are going to accept your defaults for padding. It would be so quick to just hover then click record. Cheers Latchmor
  7. Yotengrit

    WDLXTV and Emby

    Dear forum! I'm planning to upgrade my WDTV Live with a custom firmware for extra features and possibilities. But before I do it, I wish to ask around if anyone tried to use it with Emby server at all? Will it cooperate with DLNA DirectPlay? Since even the official firmware is also act out with DirectPlay sometimes. Thanks in advance!
  8. jamvids

    How do I fix my TV DB

    Hi, I am actually gonna have to own up to watching Ancient aliens here, but I can never find it as it isn't seeing the root folder for this series as a series, just a folder, then looks at each season as a series. Is there any way I can get into the DB to fix this or is anyone else having the same issue? I have tried everything to fix it but can't, I know what it was that caused it...... ALIENS
  9. Sure its a quick fix, using emby inside windows media center 7. New to this but got most of it working, woundering once I have watched one of my recorded tv episodes how do I delete it ? Searched round, found something about the xml file, so edited that but still cant find a delete option within emby / windows media center. Any ideas ?
  10. Hello, Can somebody advise me of any websites where I can get ratings, airdate and network information for TV series in Australia (not specifically Australian TV series)?
  11. schmitty

    Hiding empty TV series

    Hello, I have a few TV series I've added to my library, but at the moment, have no media in them. Is there a way to hide these items in the library until I have media to put into them, or am I best to just delete them until I have the media?
  12. Yotengrit

    Direct Play to WD TV Live

    Greetings! I recently swtiched from Plex to Emby because of some technical problems and I really satisfied with the software! However, I have a small problem with one of the media players in our house. We have two Asus O!Play and one WD TV Live players. And the WD one wont play .mkv files from the server, only .avis. If I try to play a .mkv files, it loads a bit, than its says that is cannot be played, etc. I checked around in the forum for some information about it, and I found this one. So I edited my WD TV Live .xml file according to this topic but my problem still persist. Can somebody please help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance. PS: I attached the server log file. server-63567557812.txt
  13. Server Version 3.0.5588.1 I have selected the Display Setting to "Display missing episodes within seasons" I added an episode that was previously flagged as missing. Now both the missing episode and the added episode are shown. I waited for a day and a half in case a scheduled task (e.g., library scan) needed to update. However, the missing episode flag remains. I also "Refreshed" the season a couple of times. Still no joy. Thanks
  14. smailpouri

    Where do I find the trakt.tv settings ?

    Hello, New to Emby (long time plex user), I've been looking for the trakt.tv settings but I can't find them anywhere. Do i have to download a plugin ? if yes where ? I didn't find the plugin in the plugin section either. What Am I missing ? OSX server, the EMBY version is from yesterday so I'm assuming is the latest one. Cheers.
  15. I'm having a new issue where TV episodes added to my library since April 5th are taking around 5 minutes to start playing when using DLNA play-to with the Xbox One. This is all episodes added since then. About 5 shows and 5 episodes. All episodes added before then still play perfectly fine. There is also the added difference that these newly added episodes are also not displaying the sync icon in Emby. Screenshots attached. They also don't have chapters available for selection or a run-time calculated. Currently using version 3.0.5574.28668 Thanks! server-63564006013.txt
  16. I couldn't find the thread about this, but I don't seem to just go to the next episode when playing a TV show. I did a thread that it was the Chocolate theme that prevented this, but I just tried it within the Xenon theme and I'm having the same problem. IIRC, I was able to continue to the next episode in some other theme which I don't think is available anymore. Is there anyway to just go to the next episode automatically, the way Netflix and Hulu do? This is only in WMC; oddly enough if using saying Playlists in the web browser, they immediately just go to the next one. *On a psuedo related/unrelated topic - how do I make the audio for a show the default? I downloaded a show that's both in Russian and English; I've managed to set it correctly everywhere except in the web browser. Even when I switch it to the English track, the Russian just plays, with the English version playing on top of it. Anyway of correcting that?
  17. I usually bring up the Latest to see what tv shows have been newly added to the library. While those shows are at the top of the list, ALL tv shows are showing up. They have a green number showing how many episodes there are, and if they've ALL been watched I get a red check mark when I hover. Maybe this is a new design feature, but seems to me that ought to be the format for Shows or Episodes, and Latest should go back to only showing those Series that have a new episode, and the number should reflect how many new episodes (unwatched) are in that series. I originally thought it was because when the database updated it lost whether or not the episodes were watched, hence all the episodes were appearing, but it does know which ones were watched because I get the red checkmark. If I were fixing it, I'd try to do two things: 1. Only show series that have unwatched shows. 2. Change the green number in the upper right hand corner to only show how many episodes were unwatched. Or change it to unwatched/total, like 3/10 meaning 3 of the 10 episodes have not been watched.
  18. Damstas

    Cover images

    What should I do in this situation?
  19. ytwatcher

    How to see list of Show episodes

    Hi, New here, so please bear with me. I couldn't figure out which is the right forum to post in. I don't know what the difference between MB Theatre and MB Classic is; which one(s) I have or don't. I installed MB Server on Windows 7 and I point my browser at that to watch media, usually from Windows machines. How does a person get the list of episodes available for a TV Show when looking at the show's page? With a navigation path of "Home > TV > Shows > {click show}" I see a backdrop picture, some buttons to vote up/down and favourite the show, and 3 buttons beneath that for [play] [sync] [:]. Pushing [play] allows me to "play" of "shuffle", but doesn't give a chance to select _what_ to play, it just starts playing an episode. I expected a list to play from. Scroll down the page and there's a list of cast and crew, links to imdb etc. sites and a list of "if you like this you might also like...". All of which can be interesting, but is not important when all one wants to do is watch! ;-) There's a couple of older forum threads asking a similar question, but I don't see how to adapt the answers there to what I see. Here's the closes matching thread, http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/3943-mbc-request-tv-series-episode-list-view-in-season/, from which the pertinent line seems to be "I think all themes at least have a "List" view. It may also be called "Details".", but I don't see any item like that to click on. Please, what am I missing? I've been at this for an hour now. Thanks.
  20. Hi All, I have thought about this one for a while now and with a recent hardware upgrade, I have had to go through my TV Series again and un-tick the "Display specials within seasons they aired in" option again manually as I don't like the specials showing in each season and it's time for me to request a feature. Would it be possible to have a global setting for this within the server to enable/disable this option so if I add new content and forget to un-tick or for whatever reason need to rebuild my library you don't have to go through each season and do this manually. Thanks, Edd.
  21. http://www.operasoftware.com/products/tv-store I saw Opera TV today on my TVs apps, and I know it's a long shot, but I think a wide enough range of TVs use the Opera TV apps and it might be beneficial to have a dedicated app for the TV to browse media in, instead of an ever failing DLNA link which keeps dropping in and out. currently DLNA between my sony kd-55x8500b, and windows 7 PC Media Browser Server, keeps dropping out. it annoys me, and I think if an app can connect (android app never fails), it would be better. any ideas? Thanks http://www.operasoftware.com/products/tv-store
  22. photocb

    LG TV Media Browser App?

    Good afternoon, I downloaded the Media Browser server last night and i have to say it is a lot better then the Plex server i have previously been using. It actually finds my files and downloads the proper artwork for them, and not some random program. What i was wondering was, is there a program you can either side-load on to your LG Tv or download, instead of using the normal network connection, and not being able to see the thumbnails? Plex was ok at showing thumbnails (albeit the complete wrong ones), but has since stopped showing any whatsoever! Thank you for your help in advance Carl
  23. 3.0.5502.3522 Specials (S00E01 tested in particular) have a propensity to appear too soon in the next up calculation. Assuming, for testing, saved changes to the attributes - airs before/after season/episode, are reread after a library scan I have an S00E01 which i can not get to NOT appear 1st for a completely unwatched show under next up...The correct location should be at end of season 1. But S00E01 stubbornly shows up in next up. Possibly related to this http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/13324-special-watched-status-is-affecting-series-next-up-presence/?hl=%2Bspecials+%2Bnext&do=findComment&comment=150785 From TVDB Wiki FWIW my expectations as a user would be Specials with [airs before season]=blank,[airs after season]=blank, [airs before episode]=blank - would never appear on next up...they are special interest episodes that dont form part of the flow of watching eg. making of show type specials, as opposed to a Christmas Special which should be marked to appear in the order of watching...as it forms part of the story. Specials with either [airs before season] or [airs after season] - would appear on next up in the order of [Airs after Season]=1 would Come before [Airs Before Season]=2 so Season 1 Episodes < Airs After Season 1 Episodes < Airs Before Season 2 Episodes Airs before episode is a bit of a mystery as to what is being referenced to..to avoid ambiguity it presumably means for eg Airs Before Season=2, Airs Before Episode=5.... of all the specials that are tagged as such ( [air before season]=2), the position of this special is AFTER those specials with [Airs Before Season]=2 and with [Airs Before Episode]<5, and BEFORE specials with [Airs Before Season]=2 and with [Airs Before Episode]>5. It should not be allowed for two episodes to have the same Airs Before Season/Episode Pair. It also shouldnt be possible for Airs before Episode to be populated and Airs before Season to not be populated, but if this was the case, then I think MB3 should not consider the episode part of next up in any case (The metadata needs correcting on tvdb).
  24. talon454

    New inherit field

    This new inherit field sucks. It screws up my TV ID fields and it has no useful purpose other than to complicate what was a simple procedure. For example, Empire a 2015 series is not recognized properly by the server. I have been to themoviedb, imdb, and thetvdb. I've entered the correct id # and it still sees it as an older mini series. Now I can't add an ID field at all! So now when I go to see what's upcoming, guess what? EMPIRE ISN'T THERE! I follow over 30 current TV shows and I and I have over 1.5 TB of data to maintain. I need the upcoming feature to work properly. Now I have to check each and every TV show in my TV folder to insure that I catch every other show. C'mon guys, KISS!
  25. I am trying to download and install the Samsung Smart TV app but am having no success. I have successfully logged in as developer with pwd 000000 and set the IP address to When hitting User App sync it connects and begins to download the mediabrowser3 app. A progress bar is shown and when it progresses to the end, it just hangs and nothing happens. I am using smart hub on my home theatre system not sure if that is an issue, home theatre model is Samsung HT-E5550. Any advice?
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