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  1. When I initially created a library for documentaries since the majority are movies I selected movies. However since also TV Shows are within this library, how is it being dealt with? Some of the TV shows are not being displayed properly even though all the meta data from MB 2.6 is present and displays correctly in MB 2.6. Do I have to go through each of them in the Metadata manager and adjust info and images or can these shows individually be changed to content type TV. Finally if changing the library content to Home videos how will it treat the mix of movies and TV shows? Thanks O2G

    Missing Episodes not showing

    Hi, Hope everybody is having a fab XMAS this year....I have a slight issue. When I go to TV Shows>Episodes and change the filter to show 'Missing Episodes', it shows nothing. I know that I am missing episodes of a few series but it comes up blank. Any clues as to what I should do or if an update is needed. P.S. After updating to V. today, the XMAS snow theme disappeared. Thanks. Server-63618009284.txt
  3. I have a guest account which I want to block some TV shows with tags ("Parental Control/Block contents with tags"), when I do so, the user can't see the show on "TV Shows/Shows" tab, but the same user can see episodes from the restricted ones on "Home/Latest Media", "TV Shows/Latest Episodes" and "TV Shows/Upcoming" and if he clicks on one of those episodes, he can see all seasons and episodes. It happens on "app.emby.media", "tv.emby.media" and iOS. On my Android TV it seems normal... I have the server's last version (3.0.5882.0), but it was the same before this one... Actually, I think this started on the database refactor version. I don't have the same issue with movies...

    Future Dates show as Yesterday

    I have noticed that in the Upcoming Episodes tab, the date for the 13/09 is showing up as yesterday.. Any way to fix this myself or is this an update fix? I have attempted to upload the log file 'Server-63606816000' but for some reason it is 10.6MB which is too large to upload. remux-918a70d8-94ba-4e7d-9ae4-269425b419ee.txt
  5. Video Playback notifications currently use {ItemName}, which works perfect for movies, but i cannot tell which TV show it is because it only gives the Episode Title not Series Title. Thanks!
  6. I had a thread last week where the problem was MOVIES. After updating my Win to Win10, using THE LATEST BETA of Emby (as of current), Movie thumbs (and Persons after scheduling Persons manually) worked. But at the same time, ever since, now I have the problem with TV Shows. See my "example" folder which, as to my knowledge has the correct filenames, in this case for Battlestar Galactica (2003) and also the correct names for the episodes. So I just (for another test) deleted the TV Shows 1 folder and readded it. There are two shows, Battlestar Galactica (2003) and Southpark, NONE of the thumbs show. Log attached. Lots of errors in the log. Please advise. I cut the log BEFORE 17:00pm today because this was the time when I re-added the folder and then had it scanning. (I had the latest Beta running for some days, TV Shows thumbs never worked). Edit: I am aware there are ALSO some errors due to over-long movie filenames, those are not my concern right now. Edit2: There are still errors where it seems as if Emby is looking for XML files which I don't have. (Is it trying to downloading those? I see an error entry where it tried to download a ZIP file from TVDB, search for "Galactica" then you will see). This download failed (404), whatever this ZIP is supposed to contain. emby-log.txt
  7. Hello, Please refer to https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming I have box sets of TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray. Ripped to folders (Video_TS and BDMV). Take for Example: Dungeons and Dragons @ TVDB http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=77129&lid=7 Dungeons and Dragons Disc 1: Season 1 episodes 1 - 9 Dungeons and Dragons Disc 2: Season 1 episodes 10 - 13 and Season 2 episodes 1 - 5 Dungeons and Dragons Disc 3: Season 2 episodes 6 - 8 and Season 3 episodes 1 - 6 I tried the following, the closest variation I could think of from the Wiki wondering if it would work, but of course it doesn't work quite right \\Server\TV Shows\Dungeons & Dragons\Dungeons & Dragons S1E01-09\Video_TS \\Server\TV Shows\Dungeons & Dragons\Dungeons & Dragons S1E10-S2E05\Video_TS \\Server\TV Shows\Dungeons & Dragons\Dungeons & Dragons S2E06-S3E06\Video_TS What is shown in Kodi is Dungeons and Dragons\Season 1\ Episode 1 'and then lists the titles of ep 1 - ep 9' Dungeons and Dragons\Season 1\ Episode 10 The Garden of Zen Dungeons and Dragons\Season 2\ Episode 6 The Last Illusion I can tidy some of this up by editing metadata, but not all of this. Is there a different variation for this scenario? Or a different recommendation (other than ripping individual episodes to video files of course) --------------------------- Related question: What if a special episode is on the same disc? Kinda the same situation as above. Extra credit question: I'm still searching on this. Apparently, Emby doesn't 'link' individual episodes to episode chapters within the disk? Just does what the first line shows above which lists all title names on one line for the one disc? -------------------------- Emby Server Windows v3.0.5724.6 Emby on Kodi 1.02 Kodi 15.2 Windows 10 Pro ------------------------ Thanks!
  8. jwbyers

    Shortcut for TV Shows weird behavior

    Hi, I'm running Kodi 15.1 on Windows 7 with Emby 1.1.39 addon installed. I've been using this for a while now and have a basic setup for my homescreen shortcuts where one is pointed to my movies directory and one is pointed to the tv shows directly. I like the shortcuts to go directly to my list of shows/movies so I have it pointed to Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows\TV Shows. This has worked great for months now, but a couple days ago I began experiencing behavior where clicking the tv shows shortcut would pull up the list of shows as usual, but when I hit enter on any of them, nothing happens. Normally this would bring up the seasons listing and I could select an episode to play, but now it just does nothing. I played around with the shortcuts and found that if I create a shortcut to the base level of TV shows (i.e. Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows) the shortcut works and if I select TV shows from that menu, the same list of shows appears but now I can select them and see seasons and episodes and play them. I created 2 shortcuts, one for Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows and one for Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows\TV Shows and ran a log (attached). The shortcut to Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows is at 12:10:40 and you can see the log getting the directories for a couple of specific tv show titles and then me backing out of the menu at 12:10:54. The shortcut to Addon\Program\Emby\TV Shows\TV Shows is at 12:11:01 and you can see that each time I tried to select a show I got a NOTICE: Thread BackgroundLoader start, auto delete: false -> DEBUG: Thread BackgroundLoader 7120 terminating. Any ideas of what might have caused this change in behavior. I have not changed skins or Kodi versions since this behavior began so I'm at a loss. I can use the workaround by going to the base folder, but that isn't nearly as clean an experience as being able to jump right into the shows list. Thank you! (let me know if any more information is needed) Kodi Log.txt
  9. Hello! I am pretty new with Emby, and so far I have loved everything about it. Well, I have set everything up to go, and I have got someone to make me a little program to automate downloads. When I download a movie, or a TV Show, both of them will download in the same folder, and then everything will just hump up in emby, both movies and tv shows will show in Movies category and same with the TV Shows. What I have been looking for quite a while now is a way to automate emby, or some sort of addon/Program to use the metadata to automatically move either TV Shows or Movies to another location itself. I have been googling and searching, downloaded some tools, but with no luck. They just made things worse for me. I may have followed some instructions wrong or anything could have happened, but I have been taking very much time with this. Is there anyone who knows what I can do to automate this, and then give me a path to walk on? And maybe just give me some informative instructions? I would be very happy, so I can become even more lazy! Thank you, hope for any answers! Regards, Markus.
  10. The TV shows on my MB will skip or start buffering at the last minute of the showing. The whole show will play fine, but once it reaches the last minute it will pause for a few seconds as if it is buffering, then it will play for a few seconds, then pause again. I checked to see if my movies were doing this, but no, only the TV Shows I have in my media. I played it on a regular media player and it played through just fine without any problems. I also tried it on my Roku and they worked fine. It's just through the Media Browser through Chromecast. But like I said, all the movies and everything else works fine without a problem. Server Version 3.0.5518.7 server-63562060802.txt server-63562233600.txt transcode-0cc1da87-e1df-4cb9-abca-e5620b73ec13.txt transcode-5b0c7fcd-98e9-49fe-86a4-36aa2e2a47d5.txt transcode-eb8ff1e9-635d-4412-b36d-bab9307d5a35.txt
  11. Greetings, So, I have a folder that houses my documentries and other non-fiction content. They are all in the same folder, it is a Mixed movies & tv folder as there are both movies and TV content in there. Now, none of these films or TV are shows are shown under the Genre views, either for Movies or Television, in the Web Viewer. Would I be correct in saying that the reason for this is due to the Folder Type being used? If so, is there a solution other than putting the content into 2 seperate folders, one for TV Shows and one for Movies, in order for the content to be listed under 'Documentary', in Genres, for example? By the way, I don't believe it an XML related issue. I double checked a number of the xml files, the Documentary genre is listed in the meta data. Cheers, Andy
  12. xXSagaiaXx


    Okay, why does it take so long for MBS to get metadata for video games. I had to delete all the box art for everything I had and that was 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't gotten all the box art. Thanks, S.
  13. It looks like the the axe fell pretty hard this year. There are some shows here I really liked. The Crazy Ones, Almost Human, and Hostages I thought were really entertaining. The Tomorrow People, Rake, and Intelligence I enjoyed, but I can understand why they aren't returning. My wife and I are enjoying The 100, so I'm glad to see that grab a second season. Super Fun Night, Rake axed in US television bloodbath Axed shows: The Carrie Diaries Star-Crossed The Tomorrow People The Neighbours Bad Teacher The Crazy Ones Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Suburgatory Super Fun Night Surviving Jack Hostages Ironside The Michael J. Fox Show Revolution Sean Saves the World Welcome to the Family Intelligence The Assets Back in the Game The X Factor Believe Community Crisis Betrayal Killer Women Lucky 7 Mind Games Trophy Wife Almost Human Dads Enlisted Raising Hope Rake Mixology We Are Men Dracula Growing Up Fisher Friends with Better Lives
  14. There is a way for enabling "list view" for tv shows that have only one season? I noticed that when entering a tv show with only one season, and then going to Episodes the episode show by default in Poster Strip view. I personally prefer the "list view" for episodes browsing. This is not a problem with multiple season shows, since i can enter to a season and then set the view to list mode, it would be great if we can set this only for single season shows and thus keep multi season shows with poster strip view. Alternatively a option to show all tv shows (even single season ones) episodes inside their own season folder
  15. Hi, I have a problem with MediaBrowser 3. After a crash of my SSD I must setup my system new and installed MediaBrowser 3. It works great, but I have a little problem. My added Movies get the right metadatas, but my TV Shows get only english metadatas, I have tried to refresh the metadatas by remove the downloaded informations, but it didn't helped. I have set my metadata settings to Deutsch (German) and my country to Deutschland (Germany) - see attached pictures. How I said, for my movies it works perfectly, but for the TV Shows not. Is there any chance to get the right metadatas, with MediaBrowser 2.x it works without problems, but I don't want back to MB 2.x Greetz Cumpy
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