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  1. Hi guys, I've got a problem. My server (Synology) auto updated to and my Kodi clients stopped to work. In this forum i saw that the stable 3.0.34 is not working with this server version so i updated to beta 3.1.44a, now Emby works fine again. Server: (Synology) Client: 3.1.44a (Emby for Kodi) Problem: IPTV Simple Client is not working anymore. Streams sometimes don't start and if they do, after reboot, they run about 3-10 minutes before the whole system freezes. Only power switch helps to restart. First steps: I could reproduce the fail, if i deactivate emby addon, the stream instantly start to work again. Test this for about 2 hours, no fail, no freeze. 01:36:32.160 T:1180685216 NOTICE: CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled that's the last log i get before freezing/rebooting if i tail -f the .kodi/temp/kodi.log Please help, i switched my whole entertainment system to emby since i read about it in christmas holidays and it would be very nice when i can use it again. Thanks in advance! Greetz pand0ra kodi.old.log
  2. The text in English will follow. Je suis nouveau avec Emby et Synology. J'ai fait un mini test d'EMBY et je suis antousiasmé par les résultats. J'ai transmis un fichier video MKV à mon chromecast à partir d'un fichier video avec son Eac3 et en prime les sous-titres ont suivis. Voici la démarche de ce qui ne fonctionne pas bien: * J'ai installé "Emby pour android" sur mon cellulaire * J'ai bloqué spécifiquement l'application Emby pour qu'il n'utilise pas les données Internet mobile * J'ai activé les journeaux sur Synology pour obtenir la trace de ce qui accède les fichiers * J'ai bloqué la connexion WIFI et j'ai fait un test de EMBY client. Voici les résultats: * Même s'il n'a pas de droit d'accès aux données mobile Emby client continue de fournir l'accès aux films. J'ai vérifié et localement il ne semble y avoir aucun film de stoké sur le poste. De plus, la consommation Internet mobile associé à l'application augmente et ce, même accès bloqués à Internet mobile. * Lorsque je suis en Wifi ou avec les données Internet mobile débloquées je vois soit mon ip local ou soit mon ip du mobile dans les journeaux de Synology. * Lorsque le Wifi et les données Internet mobile sont bloqués aucun accès n'est enregistré dans les journeaux du Synology. Questions: * Emby utilise t-il un cloud pour obtenir une copie des films? Si oui, comment le désactiver ? Sinon, comment les obtient-ils sans accéder au Synology (rien dans les journaux de Synology quand tout acès Internet est bloqué sur le Synology) ? * Comment bloquer totalement l'accès aux données Internet mobile pour Emby client. * Comment Emby respecte-t-il la vie privée de ses utilisateurs ? Où se retrouvent les données ? Informations complémentaires: Mobile : Samsung S8 avec systême d'exploitation à jour Emby android mobile : Obtenu par Google Play hier Synology : DS218+ avec système d'exploitation DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4 Paquet Emby serveur : https://synology.emby.media/ (obtenu hier) FFMPeg : aucun. Et cela fonctionne quand même. Merci de vos réponses =============================================== I am new to Emby and Synology. I did a mini test of EMBY and I am excited by the results. I transmitted a MKV video file to my chromecast from a video file with his Eac3 and as a bonus the subtitles followed. Here is the approach of what does not work well: * I installed "Emby for android" on my cell * I specifically blocked the Emby application so that it does not use mobile Internet data * I enabled the logs on Synology to get a record of what accesses the files * I blocked the WIFI connection and did a client EMBY test. Here are the results: * Even though he does not have access rights to mobile data Emby client continues to provide access to movies. I checked and locally there seems to be no stock movie on the mobil. In addition, the mobile Internet consumption associated with the application Emby increases and this same access blocked mobile Internet. * When I am on Wifi or with unlocked mobile internet data I see either my local ip or my mobile ip in the Synology logs. * When Wi-Fi and mobile Internet data are blocked, no access is recorded in Synology's logs. Questions: * Does Emby use a cloud to get a copy of the movies? If so, how to disable it? If not, how do they get them without accessing Synology (nothing in Synology's logs when all Internet access is blocked on Synology)? * How to completely block access to mobile Internet data for Emby client. * How does Emby respect the privacy of its users? Where are the data? Further information: Mobile: Samsung S8 with up-to-date operating system Emby android mobile: Obtained by Google Play yesterday Synology: DS218 + with DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4 operating system Emby server package: https://synology.emby.media/ (obtained yesterday) FFMPeg: none. And it works anyway. Thank you for your answers
  3. Hello I'm running an Synology DS211 NAS and last night I updated the synology software to DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4. Since this update my Emby service has failed to start. Every time I try to run the service I get an error message stating "Failed to run the package service". Before this update Emby was running perfectly without any issues. As an experiment I've run some other synology packages which I had installed but were stopped just to make sure they could still run, and they do. I'm not sure what to do next. I guess I could uninstall and re-install the Emby package again but I'm reluctant at the moment as I would have to configure it again. As anybody else had the same issue? Any suggestions welcome. thanks Paul
  4. Hi there, I actually run the EMBY Beta Version on my synology DS916+. Very often i run in a very curious issue. The server transcodes without any need if I start watching on my nvidia shield (EMBY app 1.6.56g) In my opinion I think that this effect happens more often if I changing the audio, e.g. german to english, or changing subtitles. In this case the sub are integrated pgs subs and should be played directly. When I open nerd stats I can see that the transcode is running with the message: "error by direct playing attempt. When I check on the server dashbord, I got the info that the transcode was triggered by a issue with the media bit rate. I can't understand this, cause every setting for local network are on max and all is hardwired 1GBit LAN. For a more easier inquiry I add three logs. The first starting playback, the second by changing audio and the third one by changing subtitles. P.S. May I suggest to add a option to preselect audio and subtitle before starting the stream. Thx. Mike
  5. So, I'd really really like to like Emby; this must be about my fifth or sixth time trying to. But: as long as connecting to Emby over a Synology DDNS address is mindboggingly unreliable / completely random, Emby will never win against Plex. I'm not even thinking about the acrobatics needed to have a SSL-secured access to Emby running on my Synology, or the almost criminal carelessness of Emby standard security settings*. I've tried unsuccessfully at least a dozen times to connect to Emby server running on my Synology box using Emby connect on the app.emby.media URL. It kept telling me about the server not being reachable – all the while I was connected to the same server, directly over the same Synology DDNS URL, in the next tab. At some point it did successfully connect, for no apparent reason whatsoever. tv.emby.media never worked, just kept telling me either "login using emby connect" or that the server cannot be access – again, while I was logged into this very Emby instance directly over the Synology DDNS:8096 URL, and using app.emby.media. I don't like where Plex seems to be going at all, but it really does work, 100% reliably, while using a lot less resources on my Syno box. Does connecting to Emby using a Synology DDNS work reliably for everyone else here, or do you guys just enjoy tinkering with stuff? * 1) leave the Admin user open and accessible to everybody on the whole internet with no password whatsoever as standard, until one creates another user 2) newly created user also is accessible without any password until one switches accounts and adds a password to this new user... thats just... I'm at a loss of words for what I think this is.
  6. Hello there I'm pretty new to Emby and have the following issue. I have emby server version 3.5.3 on a synology DS 211 NAS running DSM 6.2.1. I'm having three issues which I suspect could all be related. These are: 1 - I'm no longer able to download images (for backdrops, thumbnails etc) from the Themoviedb but I can from FanArt.com 2 - I keeping getting a "Check for plugin Updates failed" - I've attached the error information for this 3 - Every time I try and save my Emby Connect user name to my profile I get the following error message "There was an error performing the requested operation. Your server is unable to contact our Emby Connect Server at https://connect.emby.media. Please ensure your server has an active Internet connection and that the communications are being allowed by any firewall or security software you have installed." I've checked my ports on my router and I have the following ports open as far as I can tell 8096 and 8920 TCP 1900-1901 and 7359 UDP Any help/advice would be appreciated. thanks Paul Got It embyLogFile.txt
  7. erikblues

    Newest update refuses to connect

    Hi guys, after the latest update ( I have lost access to my emby server through all sources: - external WAN access - internal LAN access The synology interface is still working, and the UpnP port forwarding rule is still listed in the router. Also, when I go into synology web interface and open the Emby settings it says "weitenau.jungsys.com.br unexpectedly closed the connection.". Did anyone else experience this issue? Any idea what might be causing this? EDIT: Just tried again, and now it says "Emby Server is loading. Please try again shortly." I will let you know if this is solved automatically in a bit, but I will keep this here in case someone else stumbles onto the same problem.
  8. Hello, Just updated the package to and now when I go to the home page https://myip:8920/web/index.html#!/home.html the server restart. No problems on other dashboard pages. I disabled dlna and upnp mapping, nothing change. In the log I join, the beginning is after a restart and the end is the last line before restart. I open the home page at 10:32:00 on the log file. emby.log
  9. Emby on Synology DS216play with DSM 6.2.1 I have been using emby server on Synology has for a few months now. After a recent reset of NAS ( reinstall) and install of emby server, It fails to connect with external services. At present I am unable to add emby connect ID, search for meta data, check for updates to emby etc. It's like emby wouldn't connect to internet. I checked and internet is working fine on nas. I don't recall any extra settings to enable emby to access internet. Is there any? Could it be that these are related to problem may be at emby's end.? This is what error message I get when emby tries to check for updates. Check for application updates failed Error: TrustFailure (A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.) at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.HttpClientManager+d__18.MoveNext () [0x006b6] in <8252e50122f84f82af882c36d707f6ce>:0 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.HttpClientManager+d__15.MoveNext () [0x001f4] in <8252e50122f84f82af882c36d707f6ce>:0 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at MediaBrowser.Common.Updates.GithubUpdater+d__3.MoveNext () [0x000f6] in <8096af2ef9e24d15a1a7abee7f8324c0>:0 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at Emby.Server.Implementations.ApplicationHost+d__382.MoveNext () [0x00136] in <8252e50122f84f82af882c36d707f6ce>:0 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at Emby.Server.Implementations.ScheduledTasks.SystemUpdateTask+d__11.MoveNext () [0x00086] in <8252e50122f84f82af882c36d707f6ce>:0 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at Emby.Server.Implementations.ScheduledTasks.ScheduledTaskWorker+d__68.MoveNext () [0x00156] in <8252e50122f84f82af882c36d707f6ce>:0
  10. Sorry for my first post to be a trouble report. Perhaps a server is down? Thanks
  11. Hello All! I've been using Emby Server on Windows for quite a while, but decided to shift to a NAS based server. I started with the Synology DS218. I've used the Backup and Restore Plugin multiple times in the past when reloading Emby Server on both the same and new PC's and never had any issues. I've search the forum looking for the answer, but haven't been able to find anything. ** SETUP ** I ran through the tutorial for setting up Synology Folder Permissions, giving the "embsvr" user read/write access to all folders, then rebuilt the library structure and migrated the media files to the NAS. The libraries have populated and display correctly in the home page of the NAS-based Server (Multiple "(500) Internal Server Error" related to FanArt.TV, but I read on other threads that this was fairly common and may resolve itself.) Because the libraries are displayed, I am assuming my permissions are correctly set up, but I could be mistaken. Both the Windows-based Server and the NAS-based Server are running the same version of the Backup & Restore Plugin ( ** PROBLEM ** I'd like to restore the user information from my Windows-based Server. I ran a backup from the Windows-based Server, transferred the folder to the NAS, but when I click on the backup file from the plug-in page, all I get is a perpetual "thinking" circle with no options or error messages on the screen. When looking in the logs, I see a "could not find handler" error... (see attached log). ** QUESTIONS ** Why would the server not be able to find the handler for a plugin that was just installed? Is the handler different in the Windows-based Server and the NAS-based Server so the file created on the Windows-based Server is unreadable by the NAS-based Server? Did I miss something else in the server setup that would prevent the "embsvr" user from accessing some of the program files?
  12. I have an Ubuntu server, libreelec media player and a windows media player. Data is stored on a synology NAS. libreelec (standalone KODI) doesn't allow me to setup a mount point identical to the Ubuntu server so I use the shared folder option in order to direct play from the Synology NAS using the mount point I define on the libreelec. All works fine. From time to time I also use an old windows box to preview movies before I play them on my main system using a copy of Kodi. There is no nfs mount point equivalent in Windows that looks like a linux mount point (afaik). The first time I tried the windows Kodi recently I realized that is was working. I checked the Emby dashboard and it indicated that playback was direct play. Which is how the emby addon is configured. ?How is this working? Obviously this isn't an emergency but knowing how it works may clarify my understanding. Thanks
  13. I need help updating Emby. it stopped updating at version it's been months I am really stuck. I can't identify what's causing this. If anyone can help, I appreciate it. Regards
  14. Elindir

    Yatse resume issue

    Hey everybody, I don't know, if i'm in the correct forum. My problem: I installed emby on my Synology DS218+ with no problems. I created an account in emby and import media files. Now, i want to watch with the App "Yatse" on my Android device. The connection works pretty good, but if i stopped watching, i cannot resume watching at the same point. Can anybody help me?! Thanks a lot in advance. Elindir
  15. Seger

    CinemaMode behavior

    Hello @@Luke, hello together, I have a strange problem. I do not get a save receipt when I make settings in CinemaMode (see log). Nevertheless, he somehow takes over the storage, despite loop (see picture). In Emby (Chrome), the local trailer is also played and then the respective movie. But in Kodi for Emby (addon), a trailer is played, but then it is not changed on the movie. On the contrary, the movie is marked as seen and I end up back in my selection. Skin of @@sualfred can be excluded, saulfred has referred me to you. We have already discussed here in German: https://www.kodinerds.net/index.php/Thread/62202-Cinema-Mode-Verhalten/?postID=471846#post471846 What is also weird is that the plugin CinemaMode has lost again after a server or Emby restart the storage. Enclosed I send you the log from EmbyServer after a reboot and the save process. Thanks for your help and this great project. Achso, my system is up to date Emby Synology, Kodi 18, Emby for Kodi Beta 3.0.31a and in Emby for Kodi everything is set correctly (addon mode).
  16. Hi, I just uploaded to my emby server some isos of my DVDs, they are identified in the gallery, but when i click on play, nothing shows up. I'm using the latest version of emby server with all the default emby plugins (so far...) on a synology NAS. Can anyone help Cheers
  17. breezytm

    Media Browser For NAS

    Hello, Not sure where this topic belongs exactly but if it doesn't below here admin please feel free to move it. Would you guys be kind enough to package media browser 3 for NAS boxes such as QNap and Synology. I can't imagine it behind too difficult specially for qnap since it already has both XBMC and PLEX. Thanks,
  18. Hi all I haven't been on the forums for a very long time and am back for a query. Since Media Browser and the rebranding to Emby I have seen Emby transform into a masterpiece and am very thankful for the teams that have put in the effort and time into this nifty set of software and different packages out there to suit peoples desires in terms of being compatible between Operating Systems and devices. This will most undoubtedly be mentioned throughout the forums but I just somewhat do not know what to search when it comes to this. I have looked among the different options for the NAS Servers but have not come to any conclusion as to what is better or for my needs. I also don't have much of an idea when it comes to hardware or OS and what's available. If any users that have experimented with more than one device or OS that can actually comment on what they found better in comparison would be much appreciated. I am still interested in what users have to say about one still if that is all they managed to use. 1 - People who have experience in the different NAS devices? (QNAP, Synology, WD, Seagates, etc.) What components benefit what and why? Possibly specs or a basic rule of thumb for when it comes to picking hardware The gist from what I've seen really is, if I am wanting the server to transcode, I will need a decent CPU to follow suite, but if I am direct streaming or direct playing, the hard work has been taken out of it and can go for something on the lighter end? 2 - The different OS and what each ones pro's and con's are? (ASUSTOR, FreeNAS, Open Media Vault, QNAP, Synology, etc.) Just an OS on the whole. Features and ease of use. Can I change OS regardless of the device I end up with and could I run into problems doing this? Mainly where Emby shines the most in terms of being easy to set up and close to error free as a package as this is my main purpose of wanting a NAS Server. (I am aware that none of them have been under development for long so expect bugs and fixes needed) 3 - Anyone who has built a NAS Device and/or decided against a NAS and decided to build another PC for a server? Would it be advisable to build my own NAS or PC in terms of getting more what I want for a better price?I currently use my PC as the server streaming to a Samsung TV with the App, from what I believe, I don't think in my scenario transcoding it taking place at all as the media plays almost instantly and my CPU/ram usage on my PC doesn't seem to increase while running the server. The TV naturally plays MP4's and the bitrate I imagine is within what the TV handles as the MP4's are around 2gig each with 1080p video and stereo output. I would potentially would want the server to do a few other things such as a monthly backup of mine and my GF's PC's and possibly have remote access. Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for anyone that can be of assistance and has some input on the subject. Cheers Strugglez/ Mike.
  19. Bruechmann

    Question about hosting parameters

    I did install the version on my DS918+. As the disks do not enter hibernation I wanted to disable "automatic portmapping" (as suggested somwhere in this forum). However changing the parameters in the Advanced -> Hosting section do not have any effect. This does apply to all parameters - none of them is saved after pressing "Save". Only two message boxes appear. Could somebody please help ? From my point of view it look like the user requesting the cahnges does not have the permission on file system level ... Thx a lot !
  20. Hi I'm a newcomer to Emby, having installed it yesterday, so I'm sure I must be doing something a bit dumb: I'm sure someone will see immediately what I'm doing wrong, but I've scoured Google and the forums with no luck... 1. My setup I have a Synology DS918+, running Emby I have an Emby Premiere subscription. I've pointed Emby to my media folders, which contain a mixture of MKVs, AVIs, and MP4s, as well as movies in .iso or .dvdmedia (Mac) format. 2. My issue The movies with the .iso files appear in my library fine when I look at them from an app (iOS) or a browser (Safari or Chrome on MacOS), and when I click play I (usually) get a 'loading' ring for a little while, and then the screen fades to black as if to play (and I get a small logo with the film's name in the top left) all as expected. However, I get no video or sound, even though I get the progress bar moving. The stats all seem to say sensible things (type of audio, resolution, bit rate, time left to play etc.). This is all when connected to my local network (I haven't tried streaming remotely yet) and the issue is the same irrespective of whether I'm using my laptop (MacOS) or my iPhone. Strangely, if I select the 'download' option from the Emby library screen, the film will download on my laptop as an MP4, which then plays fine locally (using VLC, for example). 3. Movies in .avi. .mkv or .mp4 files all play fine. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance Andrew
  21. pablo.bolomey

    Emby Server Crashes when running processes

    Hi all, I been running emby server Version on a Synology DS1815+ with DSM 6.1.6-15266 Update 1, I have been experiencing random server crash when a few things are happening, ie Auto organised process kicks off, system back whne using backup and restore. I have had issue free run since installation over a year back. Nothing has changes on the hardware side, only changes to the system are synology DSM updates which are performed regularly. I have check the files and see several errors, see attached log files. Thanks in advance Pablo server-6359467003.txt server-6365909675.txt server-63659520000.txt unhandled-bafeff2f......txt
  22. Hello, I am currently experiencing issues with the playback of Emby audio to a Chromecast Audio device. I use both the iOS and Android Apps and both have the same issue (also seen and tested on Google Chrome). When starting a playlist based on Shuffle (artist) or simply an album and casting this to my Chromecast audio the audio/stream stops after playing the first track. There is usually about 5 seconds left on the track but it cuts off completely. The next track is not started automatically and the playlist (which you usually see when playing on the local device: ipad/android) is empty. Simply pressing the "Next" button solves the playback and the next song will start, but this song also stops 5 seconds before the end. My wife doesn't seem to like having to press the next button after every song ;-) The versions which I am using are: Emby Server (Synology Based) - Version Emby for iOS 1.4.9 Emby for Android Mobile 2.9.90 Firmware Chromecast audio: 1.30.111140 Both the Chromecast audio and the emby server have been restarted several times. I've uploaded the system log but I can't see a reference to the next song which is to be played.
  23. ThetaDelta14

    Nvidia Shield as a server?

    Hey all, I'm a recent convert from Plex and just have not been able to find a few answers that are likely very obvious to everyone else. I used to run my Plex Media Server off of a Nvidia Shield with storage via a Synology DS216j (over SMB). With Emby, is an Android TV not able to act as the server (and if not is this in the works)? Currently, I have the server successfully setup on my Synology NAS, but I am worried that it's going to be severely under powered (most movies are 1080p but I might have 2-3 streams at a time). Will Emby use the Shield's hardware to transcode the streams or will the NAS be bottle-necking the streams? Thanks!
  24. gcorgnet

    Emby keeping my Synology NAS awake

    Hey guys, I am trying to figure out what I can do to prevent Emby from keeping my DS416play NAS awake (or rather waking it up every 20minutes or so...) I did read that post here and performed the suggested action which removed part of the problem but I still have periodic calls from what appears to be my phone (Pixel, as well as a computer ( that was left on (even though I though Chrome was closed on it) I have attached an extract of the log showing these calls, hoping you guys could shed some light on this. Thanks, Guillaume log (3).txt
  25. Hello All Starting with stable release, we now default to Skia for image processing on Intel/AMD based Synology/XPEnology installations. This will see the performance of Emby Server's native image processing, along with that provided by the CoverArt plugin, significantly improved. Support for other models will be coming over the next couple of weeks, I'll post details here when the releases become available. For reference, here's a snapshot from testing on an Intel Atom based system:- Any questions, issues or comments please post them here... Best - James
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