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  1. Synology version: dsm7.1-42661 emby version: Yesterday, I logged in to Synology's admin account through winscp, and after adding the javtube.all plug-in, I found that the original javscraper.dll plug-in could not be used. Then, I upgraded the emby version to the latest. After re-adding the plugin, it still doesn't work. I reinstalled emby 5 times and found that the plugin still cannot be used. The plugin directory is also displayed wirelessly. Hope to be able to tell me what's going on. By searching the emby forum information, I found that many people have a similar situation, and I don't know whether the root cause of the problem is the same. 1. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/99745-dsm-6-to-dsm-7-emby-migration-instructions/ 2. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/99564-cant-install-any-plugin-after-update-to-dsm-7/ 3. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/99441-update-to-dsm-7-has-caused-issues/page/6/#comment-1076417 4. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/99827-how-to-install-external-plug-ins-in-the-dsm70/ 5. https://github.com/JavScraper/Emby.Plugins.JavScraper/issues/27 6. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/100063-location-of-the-plugins-folder-on-synology-7/#comment-1046969 Finally, I found that the poster of the sixth link solved the problem, which should have been solved by giving emby permission to use the plugins directory using synology. Since I'm not an IT practitioner, I don't know how to authorize. Very much hope to solve similar problems, thank you all! JavTube.dll JavScraper.dll embyserver (1).txt
  2. So I attempted multiple methods to backup emby and follow guides for accurate removal and reinstall from DSM 6 > 7. After encountering a host of issues I gave up the ghost and just went ahead and uninstalled emby, updated the server and reinstalled. I knew this would require me recreating the server - whatever, I have time. Now that I've done this I can't see any of my media when adding libraries. They don't even appear to scan - I see no percentage check or anything. Just empty libraries. I've used the emby install from package center and the updated one with a manual pkg I've tried changing permissions on the shared folders to other users, including the embysvr user itself. I've tried reinstalling. I've tried chowning all my folders. I've tried everything, up to and including making embysvr an admin! Nothing is working! Any assistance, next steps or links to guides would be more than welcome. embyserver.txt
  3. Adding libraries to Emby server is a little different under DSM 7 in that setting permissions for the shared folders has changed some. If you've ever tried to add a library to Emby and it wouldn't accept, then the permissions might be wrong 1. Give emby read/write permissions to the shared folder Open Control Panel...Shared Folder in DSM on your NAS Select your shared folder...Edit... and then under the Permissions tab select the dropdown box and change it to "System internal user" Check Read/Write next to the user 'emby' and then click Save 2. Add libraries in Emby server Settings...Library...New Library Select the library type and enter library folder information Example:
  4. A common reason Emby's Real Time Monitoring (RTM) stops working on Synology NAS is because the Unix set user limit on inotify instances and/or watches has been reached as a result of a large number of changes for instances to process and/or the total amount of folders, files, etc that need to be monitored by watches. When RTM stops working you may start to see errors in your server logs like the following where the default number of user watches (8192) has been reached. A similar error will show up when the default inotify instances (128) is reached. System.IO.IOException: System.IO.IOException: The configured user limit (8192) on the number of inotify watches has been reached, or the operating system failed to allocate a required resource. To increase the number of inotify instances and/or watches create the following task in DSM control panel Task Scheduler. 1. Create a Triggered Task...User-defined script to run at Boot-up 2. Paste the following commands under the Task Settings tab sh -c '(sleep 90 && echo 204800 > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches)&' sh -c '(sleep 90 && echo 10000 > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_instances)&' 3. Click Run to execute the new task The task will then rerun during every boot to prevent the changes from being reverted back to default. To check that your changes took affect you can optionally run the following commands in Terminal cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_instances cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches If your library gets really big and the limit of user watches is again reached, then just increase the number again. The maximum number of watches allowed in Unix is 524,288 and each used watch takes about 1kb of memory on a 32-bit system (double on 64-bit). However, it will only use what is needed based on the number of items being watched.
  5. I installed the emby app on my iphone 11 pro and noticed all movies that I am trying to play stop immediately after hitting play. All of them. Same on the browser. No idea how to troubleshoot this, I tried restarting as well.
  6. I have emby APP installed on my Synology NAS. If I use my Roku Ultra (also using emby APP) to stream personal videos from my Synology server, everything is working good. If I use my Amazon FireStick (with emby APP), a lot of my videos are upside down or sideways. Videos were recorded using my iPhone. Thanks
  7. Hi, after moving my Emby Server from Synology Diskstation to Raspberry Pi with DietPI, the real time monitor on my mounted network shares does not work. On Synology I had no problems, but with the mounted shares on my Raspberry I did not get it to work. I tried to mount my Synology drive with SMB and NFS, but no success. I searched for a solution mainly in this forum, but no luck. So I found another solution/workaround for this problem: a script running on my Synology NAS, which triggers a library refresh task, if a file has created, changed or removed in my media folder: 1. install inotify_tools Install from synocommunity: https://synocommunity.com/#easy-install https://synocommunity.com/packages 2. Create script Create script such like this: #!/bin/bash # check for mkv and ts files which have at least a character or a bracket # NOTE: the PATTERN does not work in --include param (don´t know why...) set -e -u trap ctrl_c INT function ctrl_c() { echo [$(date)] Monitoring media files canceled >> $LOGFILE exit } WAIT_SEC=60 # add additional file extension here and to --include pattern! PATTERN="[a-zA-Z\(\) ].*\.(mkv|ts)$" # adjust the IP and the api-key to your settings! COMMAND="curl --data '' http://192.168.xxx.xxx:8096/Emby/Library/Refresh?api_key=<api-key>" LOGFILE="/volume1/media/notify.log" echo [$(date)] Start monitoring media files >> $LOGFILE while true do while read directory action file; do echo "[$(date)] The file '$file' appeared in directory '$directory' via '$action'" >> $LOGFILE if [[ "$file" =~ $PATTERN ]]; then # wait for other changes for not re-trigger during the sleep time echo [$(date)] Trigger scan in $WAIT_SEC seconds >> $LOGFILE sleep $WAIT_SEC echo [$(date -Is)] Trigger library refresh >> $LOGFILE $COMMAND &>> $LOGFILE break fi done < <(inotifywait -q -m --include "\.(mkv|ts)$" -r -e create -e moved_to -e delete /volume1/media/) echo [$(date)] trigger done, wait for the next change >> $LOGFILE done echo [$(date)] Stop monitoring media files >> $LOGFILE The script can be easier, because I wanted to exclude files, which only have numbers. So if you don´t need it, you can remove the part with the PATTERN or change the regex (I´m not a regex expert, but it works like expected...). The wait time is also optional or can be de-/increased... 3. Create Task to run script on startup Create triggered task for startup in Synology which is calling this script. I would suggest to test it before... ;-)
  8. I am another DS214play user on beta and can confirm hardware transcoding is not working. The exact name of the package I'm on is emby-server-synology7-mono_4.7.0.19_x86.spk Is there any intention make progress on this, or does the age and diminished user base of the device mean we should not hold our breath? EDIT : DSM Version is 7.0.1-42218
  9. WinSCP is a popular SFTP client and FTP client for Microsoft Windows which can be used as a GUI alternative to Putty or Terminal. The procedures below will allow you to perform tasks as Superuser just like you can with Putty or Terminal. If you do not need superuser access with WinSCP and just want to access your NAS using Admin then skip the steps (2, 3, and 6) in blue. 1. Enable SSH on Synology NAS Open DSM Control Panel Click Terminal & SNMP Click Terminal tab Check "Enable SSH service" Click "Apply" 2. Create script to modify sudoers config file on Synology NAS This script modifies the sudoers file which is needed to prevent DSM from prompting administrators only for the Admin password again when switching to superuser during the login process as WinSCP can't handle this prompt. This script is saved to rerun again later because DSM updates tend to overwrite any changes to the sudoers file. Open DSM Control Panel Click Task Scheduler Create a Scheduled Task - User-defined script Click General Tab Set task name "Reset Sudoers" Set user as "root" Uncheck "Enabled" box Click Task Setting tab Copy/paste the following into the Run command box cat <<EOF > /etc/sudoers Defaults syslog=authpriv root ALL=(ALL) ALL %administrators ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL EOF chmod ug=r,o= /etc/sudoers Click OK 3. Run the "Reset Sudoers" script on Synology NAS This step will need to be rerun whenever a DSM update puts your sudoers file back to default Highlight the new script you just created Click Run Click Yes 4. Install WinSCP Download and install WinSCP on Windows machine https://winscp.net/eng/download.php Allow WinSCP to start when done 5. Configure WinSCP to auto logon Create a new session/site: Change Login window using the following File protocol: SCP Host name: enter the NAS host name or IP address Port number: enter the port number you used from step 3 Enter User name: "admin" and password 6. Add switching to super user Click the Advanced... button In the the Advanced Site Settings window do the following: Select SCP/Shell under Environment Shell box: "sudo -i" Click OK to return to the Login window Click Save Click "Login" 7. Create a workspace and shortcut for WinSCP (this step is optional) This will create a Windows shortcut to start WinSCP and automatically login to your session without any prompts Log into your new session you created in Step 5 Click Sessions Click Save Workspace... type a name for your new workspace Click OK Create a Windows shortcut to the WinSCP workspace you just created Example of Windows shortcut to workspace named Media-Server "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" "Media-Server" /Desktop Click shortcut to start WinSCP and be logged into your NAS as Superuser without any prompts
  10. So I realised today that Emby on my Synology DS218+ was 'stuck' on while there were newer versions out. Figured it was best to keep it up to date so I installed over the top of it.... Then the problems began. Mainly the issue is with RTM not working, which after researching all day, I've now seen a lot of people reporting. I never had a single issue with that back in version, so I'd like to go back to that again, but I can't see where to find older packages? Currently none of my libraries are updating via RTM, I either have to manually trigger it or do it on a schedule. Things I've tried to do to fix it: - Increasing the inotify watches number based on this: - Uninstalling completely, then re-storing from a backup (from the server config plugin) - Making a new library with a new path with RTM enabled, adding a file to it to see if RTM works there... nope. - Giving the 'emby' user full read/write access to the library folders. None of these things worked, so I figured it's best to just try and drop back to and see if that fixes it as it seems that everyone with this error happened to get it after upgrading to 4.5 & beyond.
  11. sagefallon

    Missing image from Continue Watching

    This was working, however all of a sudden the image is blank on the Continued Watching tile for any movie I watch. Any ideas on why this may have started happening? Is this a setting or a configurable item? My setup is emby in docker on synology using let's encrypt, reverse proxy and https.
  12. Hi, And thanks for this software. Right now I'm running emby server (premiere) on synology app (NAS is a 918+) ; client is installed on a first generation nvidia shield . All is connected via ethernet. Sometimes (rarely to be frank, very rarely) I got stuttering, mainly x or h265 files. I get two months ago a second hand elitedesk G4 mini (UHD Graphics 630) and installed linux (ubuntu 20.04 server) to run some valheim, minecraft and conan exiles servers via docker. And I wonder if using an emby container on this linux computer would improve performances. CPU is way better in the G4 than in the NAS. RAM is the same, 32Go. I have several questions, having close to none tech skill. 1- In my current setup (syno server to shield), which is "decoding" the stream ? NAS is decoding, and shield just have to display ? Shield is decoding, NAS being just providing the files for the shield to decode ? 2- In my current setup, is there some tips I should use to improve streaming ? 3- In my current setup, should I check somewhere if some sort of hardware acceleration is activated ? On the NAS ? The Shield ? 4- Would using linux server as a host for an emby container, NAS only for storage and the shield as a client improve the experience ? Once again thanks for the program, and the forum. I have a lot of informations available should I install emby docker on linux... Regards, F.
  13. MAX92

    Migration DSM7 DS220+ : nickel !

    Bonjour, Pour info, la migration s'est bien déroulée. Aucune perte en suivant la procédure Juste une correction dans la ligne de code pour moi : cp -r /volume1/emby/* /volume1/@appdata/EmbyServer à la place de cp -r /volume1/Emby/* /volume1/@appdata/EmbyServer Sinon, un peu long de redonner les droits à Emby sur les répertoires mais ça va. Vous pouvez y aller ! Ne pas oublier de donner les droits au répertoire de backup de la configuration aussi
  14. I would like to put my data library on the synology shared folder /Music nfs enabled to read only. Probably an old question but how do to it ? map and shared networkfolder keep being refused \\192.xxx.xxx.xxx\Music Any extra settings on the rapsberry emby. a shared folder in the rapsberry gets my music collection but the emby does not connect directly with the nas
  15. Snowtechnical

    Emby / Uptobox / .strm

    Bonjour à tous, Je viens de découvrir grâce à Emby les fichiers "*.strm". Une fonction qui peut être extrêmement pratique ! J'ai fais quelques essais en mettant des vidéos sur Uptobox, j'ai ensuite copier le lien de téléchargement pour créer mon ficher .strm. La démarche fonctionne très bien et Emby lit correctement le film sur TV, smartphone et navigateur. Cependant Emby est installer sur un NAS synology DS 720+ et lorsque je lance un film il transcode avec un cpu de 90%... Est-il possible de récupérer uniquement le liens de streaming? Avez-vous une solution pour éviter le transcodage? D'avance merci pour votre aide
  16. kaj

    Network Gurus

    Hi guys, Looking for advice/help..... Next month I go into jail Hotel Quarantine in Sydney. Two weeks locked in a room with my wife..... I will have my NAS with me, plus a laptop with a single ethernet port, a 16-port switch and a Wi-Fi-router....NAS does not have Wi-Fi, only ethernet ports. I don't know in advance if my room will have Wi-Fi or an ethernet port...however, probably just Wi-Fi. Is it possible, using what I have, to setup a local network so that both of us can connect to Emby on my NAS on our various Wi-Fi devices (another laptop, iPad and Android phones)? I'm not looking to expose my NAS to the outside world, just my room...
  17. I was going to test running Emby on my DS418 in effort reduce my technical footprint, but Emby Server does not appear in the Synology Package Center. I am running DSM 6.2.3 - 25426. I am capable of manually installing it but would prefer getting the package directly from the Package Center.
  18. Hi i am a newbie on emby and i am trying to make my configuration of emby on my NAS and i got a problem... Like it's said in the title, it is impossible to use emby connect or an external dns (DuckDNS). I tried to forward my ports, create a new Emby account, change three times my DNS adress, reinstall DSM and Emby, wipe the Emby folder and the user on DSM and nothing works ! Please someone can help me
  19. TomasBrabec

    DSM 7

    Hello, please go somewhere to download Emby server on synology ds218 +. I have a DSM 7, I can't download anywhere that could be tried. thank you very much
  20. Hallo an Alle! Ich habe mir die emby Software in der letzten Woche auf meine Synology Diskstation installiert, einen externen Zugriff eingerichtet und läuft soweit. Der erste Eindruck war so gut, dass ich mich zum Sponsern über die Lifetime Lizens hab hinreißen lassen. In den Einstellungen unter Startseite habe ich mir die Liste so angepasst, dass auch Weiterhören dort auftaucht. Aber egal was ich höre, Wiedergabe eines Musik-Albums, einer Playlist, eines Hörbuches... nie wird mir Weiterhören angeboten. Bei Serien und Filmen wird Weiterschauen aber angeboten. Woran kann das liegen?
  21. user101xy

    EPG VBox

    Hi I didn't know where to put my thread, that's why I'm asking here. I have the problem that the EPG data from the VBox are always shown an hour back. For example, a program starts at 20:15, but the EPG says 19:15. What about an update? Are there any chances of solving this problem? I'm using a Synology DS218play and the firmware of VBox is 2.66.18 and Emby Synology Server is
  22. Dicken


    Muss ich jetzt jedes Update manuell einspielen?? Ist das nicht ein Rückschritt? Wieso bietet man es nicht mehr über die Paketquellen an? Ich dachte man kann jetzt über das Webinterface updaten, aber da krieg ich nur nen Link zur Anleitung mit Dateien für die manuelle Installation. LG Dicken
  23. During the setup of the client I selected to use direct paths. After the synchronization it defaults to web streaming. If I look into the settings the direct path option is greyed out. I have the problem with the native Emby client and also with Kodi (via Emby for kodi). My Synology NAS doesn't have a powerfull CPU (DS414), so I used direct path as I think the NFS server is built-in and it would require less CPU then the webstreaming. Secondly, where I live, the movies are not dubbed and we are heavy users of subtitles. That is the reason why I also use Kodi. Kodi has more features to download another subtitle when the current one is not correct. I know that Emby made some good progress in this direction but Kodi still offers more choices. By using direct paths, it shows the full path and filename. webstreaming shows only the user-friendly name (and a URL). It is very difficult to match the subtitle to the movie within the full filename. This worked great in the past. There were some issues with the built for the Synology DS414 and I had to uninstall and reinstall it a few times. During the uninstallation all my settings were lost and I had to start over again. I know I should have taken a backup, but it was already to late. I started with a clean installation. I also purchased a lifetime subscription. I never hit the issue that I need to unlock the application. But you guys gave me great support with the builds for the DS414, so I decided to purchase a lifetime subscription. I have the issue on a Nvidia Shield and a Google TV (2020). Both are running Android TV. I have an old PC laying around and I installed Ubuntu on it. This PC has also this problem. Any idea how to get back to direct path?
  24. TroyKing

    Screen tearing and lag

    i recently purchased a DS1520+ and have been trying to play some movies from my server remotely. But i keep having screen tearing and major lag. Which is weird because in the dashboard it shows that the NAS is handling the movie fine, in fact, is not even transcoding. Is there anything i can do to remedy this?
  25. Pommes

    Metadata error

    Hi, Since today no new metadata gets downloaded, In the loggs i am getting this (via the normal browser i can access TVDB without any problems. I switched the Server Ip today, might that be the problem? Problem is on all libraries, i already tried multiple Series :) 2020-10-26 19:22:03.708 Info MediaProbeManager: ProcessRun 'ffprobe' Execute: /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/bin/ffprobe -i file:"/volume1/Plex/Medien/Dokumentationen/Project Impossible/Staffel 1/Project Impossible S01E02 - Metropolen vor dem Untergang.mp4" -threads 0 -v info -print_format json -show_streams -show_chapters -show_format -show_data 2020-10-26 19:22:03.813 Info MediaProbeManager: ProcessRun 'ffprobe' Process exited with code 0 2020-10-26 19:22:03.831 Info HttpClient: GET https://www.thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=Project+Impossible&language=de 2020-10-26 19:22:03.836 Error HttpClient: Error getting response from https://www.thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=Project+Impossible&language=de *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /volume1/@appstore/EmbyServer/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /volume1/Emby -ffdetect /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/bin/ffdetect -ffmpeg /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/bin/ffprobe -nolocalportconfig -updatepackage emby-server-synology_{version}_x86_64.spk Operating system: Linux version 4.4.59+ (root@build2) (gcc version 4.9.3 20150311 (prerelease) (crosstool-NG 1.20.0) ) #24922 SMP PREEMPT Thu Mar 12 13:02:11 CST 2020 Framework: .NET Core 3.1.7 OS/Process: x64/x64 Runtime: volume1/@appstore/EmbyServer/system/System.Private.CoreLib.dll Processor count: 4 Data path: /volume1/Emby Application path: /volume1/@appstore/EmbyServer/system System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: Resource temporarily unavailable ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (11): Resource temporarily unavailable at System.Net.Http.ConnectHelper.ConnectAsync(String host, Int32 port, CancellationToken cancellationToken) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System.Net.Http.ConnectHelper.ConnectAsync(String host, Int32 port, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at System.Net.Http.HttpConnectionPool.ConnectAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, Boolean allowHttp2, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at System.Net.Http.HttpConnectionPool.CreateHttp11ConnectionAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at System.Net.Http.HttpConnectionPool.GetHttpConnectionAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at System.Net.Http.HttpConnectionPool.SendWithRetryAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, Boolean doRequestAuth, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at System.Net.Http.RedirectHandler.SendAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at System.Net.Http.DecompressionHandler.SendAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at System.Net.Http.HttpClient.FinishSendAsyncUnbuffered(Task`1 sendTask, HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationTokenSource cts, Boolean disposeCts) at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.CoreHttpClientManager.SendAsyncInternal(HttpRequestOptions options, String httpMethod) Source: System.Net.Http TargetSite: Void MoveNext() InnerException: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Resource temporarily unavailable Source: System.Private.CoreLib TargetSite: Void Throw() at System.Net.Http.ConnectHelper.ConnectAsync(String host, Int32 port, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
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