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  1. Mi.K

    Problème balance audio

    Bonjour, Je viens d'acquérir un casque TV et cela me permet de mettre en évidence ce qui semble être un problème de balance audio généré par Emby. Je suis assez sûr que cela vient de Emby car le problème n'est pas présent avec un lecteur concurent. Plus précisément, j'ai un son très légèrement plus fort à gauche qu'à droite, je pense que ce n'est pas perceptible sans casque. Si quelqu'un peut confirmer mes constatations et déclencher un correctif, merci d'avance.
  2. Guest

    Emby sound gone

    Hi there. Maybe you can help with the following: a few months ago, the sound went out about every 10-15 minutes in two films (I rewound it back - but every 10 minutes again all the way through), it's been a good few months since then, but yesterday's film also made this mistake . I played it directly from the Emby app, but I also tried it over a network (see attached image) with the tv's own player, but the sound is gone in every method) In each case, the error occurred, i.e. the sound went unexpectedly every 10-15 minutes (I used to play the same movies from a usb winchester and there was no such problem there) I listen to the sound of the television on the 5.1 home cinema, as well as on youtube - there is never such a problem (Denon AVRX1600 - Klipsch reference theater pack speakers) I guess the sound may go away due to the Streaming error ..... Idea maybe Thx
  3. If I use Handbrake "HQ 1080p30 Surround" to encode with default settings the first audio is Stereo and the 2nd Audio is AC3 Passthrough of a 5.1 audio track. Both these appear as options when I choose the resulting file served from emby server on my Sony Bravia Android TV app. Surround sound does *not* get sent to my receiver. When I repeat the encode process with Handbrake but this time delete the Stereo track so there is only one AC3 pass through. This is again correctly identified in the movie selection on the TV and the surround sound arrives at my decoder. ie when the App has no choice in sound tracks the hardware, tv, receiver etc. all get surround sound signals. It seems when there is a choice only the stereo is sent by the Emby app to my receiver. Now when I change the order in Handbrake, or remove the stereo so the 5.1 track is first and then add back in stereo as either the second track or move it up top to be the first track or even if i use ffmpeg and -map the order of the tracks no permutation (and I tried all of them) allows me to get 5.1 signals to my receiver - yet in all cases the app correctly identifies the number of tracks, the order and which is "default" and one of them is AC3 5.1. So for some reason selection of a 5.1 audio track in the TV app doesn't cause the App to send this to my receiver even though my TV, cabling and receiver are all able to receive and process 5.1 sound when I encode a file with *only* one AC3 5.1 pass through track. Am happy to send example files (I have a 40mb excerpt of X-Men), videos of what I'm doing, debug logs, you name it, whatever you need if I can help someone who can work this out and save me having to re-encode all my mp4s to remove the stereo track. For completeness. I am making no changes to either the cables or the TV or the App settings to get the 5.1 sound to work on the file that has only one track. The App doesn't seem to be able to correctly send 5.1 to my receiver when the video file has a choice of 5.1 and stereo tracks. I'm more than happy to repeat this and check all the usual stuff about TV audio settings etc. but I'm pretty sure this is something in the Emby App selection / processing / deciding what to do when there are more than 1 audio tracks in a file. I'm happy to run any diagnostics anyone cares to think of to get this working because I suspect from what I've read elsewhere a lot of people are struggling with this. Much thanks in advance. XBR75X850C, Debian 64, Emby S, Handbrake 1.3.1 Jonathan
  4. Guest


    Hello! I send the movies direct playing to the tv, the sound of the movie suddenly goes away when I watch movies a couple of days ago, when I rewind it comes back, but it goes away again at changing intervals .... I have never had such a problem and it is not movie dependent the original sound is dd 5.1, dts or stereo ....... This error does not occur when watching TV or playing from an external USB (LG UJ701, Denon X1600, Lenovo Legion Y520)
  5. Title basically says it, I'm trying to download a movie to my Ipad Pro 3rd gen. (iOS 13.5). If I play it online, it works, but as soon as I download it to my Ipad it doesnt have sound. This doesn't happen with the same movie on my Android Tablet when doing the same thing. Other movies have worked as intended on the Ipad. The movie in question is in German, but also has English audio bundled (both 6-channel DTS). The movie uses .mkv format. Any pointers to fix this? Unfortunately I don't have a huge database to test, but atm one movie works for download, the other doesn't. On the Android, or while playing online, both work. Greetings
  6. dadofhgnadn

    No sound from audio etc.

    I've created an audio library and populated it. I can start an audio file and listen on my android device until I pause or disconnect from blue tooth or my phone goes to sleep. After any of those things happen it does play (I know this because the button changes to pause) but there is no audio. I have plugged in headphones with the same result. I am exasperated. If I restart the phone same thing, If I close Emby Android same thing. I have downloaded the file same thing. If I exit Emby Android then log into Emby theater on my PC (not my server) using the same account it will play on the PC. How can I fix this? Is there an Emby Android log I can send you?
  7. I have this strange issue with Mibox S in Android 9 (2231 update) : if I stop watching a video with the "back" button, the video stops, and the Emby menu screen is displayed as usual, but, after 5 seconds, the sound of my video comes back... and keep playing until the end of the video. Same behavior if I press the "home" button. It occurs every time. The only way I found to stop the sound is killing Emby app (or reboot the Mi Box). If I first "pause" the video, and then press "back" (or "home"), I have no issue. I already noticed this kind of issue few months ago on Mibox 3 (Android 8) when using audio passthrough, and this issue was occasional. This time, on MiBox S, it occurs in both with ou withoud audio passthrouth.
  8. jakeip

    Dolby 5.1 Sound

    I have a TCL P8S Android Tv and not able to get 5.1 out unless I use an external player; what could be the problem. Sound is set as Auto.
  9. kuebs

    Audio/Soundtrack not synced

    Got my login issues fixed now for the most part and can play on the rokus, but i am having an issue with the sound not being synced up with the video. No matter what audio setting I change, which includes sound levelling to off and PCM versus autodetect. The sound is always behind on Roku, but the same video is synced up just find on my iphone or a browser or WMC. Thoughts?
  10. speedingcheetah

    No sound(headphone) remote jack

    Roku Ultra (2018). When i plug in headphones into the jack on the Roku remote, there is no audio from Emby for any of the media played, Live TV, Recordings, or local files. There is the button sound effects and other Rokus system audio, and other apps all play sound fine. If i unlplug headphone, the sound does come back to the tv. Looked in the apps settings, and Audio +subtitle settings just says "see the user menu in web app" and Convert Muti-channel AAC...has no effect. The TV and media recordings are AC3 audio...if that helps. All my tv channels are that way, Edit: Also noticed, that if I change the Rokus system Audio settings to Stereo, (or anything other than Auto) the Emby app does not load any media, live tv or local. It just hangs on the loading bar of Retrieving. It lock a tuner, and the dashboard says it is playing, but it is not. Have to restart server to unlock it.
  11. Hi All I previously had emby server and emby(WMC) running on win 7 machine all worked fine , PC was getting old (10yr +) so i have changed to a new I7 win10 computer with good graphics SSD drives etc etc, I installed emby server and am using emby theatre with my media , all is ok, all videos are playing ok and dts in films is fine over the optical pass through to my AMP. However I have a large 5.1/DTS collection which sounds great when played through the surround sound and worked perfectly with the old set up but the new plays the 5.1/DTS files too fast, peter Gabriel sledgehammer plays back like he is part chipmunk. Is this a known issue , or is there something I can do to correct this. on the old setup I had Sharky installed that handled all the decoding.
  12. Hello, I'm having sound quality issues on the ShieldTV. I can't really pin point the issue. The only constant factor is that it occurs on Live tv where the audio is MP2 format. I have set all the options of emby to pass-trough and my receivers switches to different sound modes as they are applicable. But live tv sounds like a low quality MP3, very metalic and flat.
  13. Hi ! I use Emby since nearly a month and I'm very happy. Now I'm ripping all my Blu rays with DVDFab 11 in mkv h265 HECV with audio passthrough (in order to obtain the best audio quality on my HT setup). I always choose the english and the italian language (I'm italian !) and the english and italian subtitles as VOBSUB in the file. Everything is working fine on my LG SmartTV and my AppleTV, but when I use the EmbyTheater app on my Win 10 HTPC setup when i play the film in the italian language (DolbyDigital 5.1) without having subtitles switched on I hear no sound. The same thing happens with my office PC. This thing doesn't happen when (on the same HTPC or office PC) when I play the same film with Emby on Chrome. I have noticed that the problem is with "direct stream" on Emby theater app: The english language is in DTS so Emby server is obliged to transcode and so I hear the sound. When I switch to italian DD Emby shows "direct stream" and it mutes. When (with the italian DD langauage playing) I switch on the english or italian subtitles, Emby goes to transcoding and I can hear the sound again. I hope that I was sufficiently clear and hope to find an answer to my problem. Thanks in advance to all the nice members and administrators of this forum that will help me. Regards, Andrea P.S. I use ET that I downloaded from Microsoft store
  14. capwolfe

    no sound on live tv??

    I PAID for emby priemier for live tv and the channels work but no sound i checked and my sound bar works on all other boxes cable and android, and firetvbox but only not on emby live any ideas
  15. Hello, several of the movies I play on my old Sony Bravia via DLNA develop a sound offset during playback. Not all of them, but a considerable number. I mean that picture and sound divert and it is getting worse the longer the movie plays. Any thought why this happens? The files are intact, if I play them on the new Samsung (not using DLNA) they work fine. Thanks H.
  16. I’ve been having an issue for some time now with the NVidia shield and Emby. I watch most of my TV using Bluetooth headphones when I play them through Emby there is small amount of static in the sound, however if I select “correct playback” from the player everything is fine no static. I’ve tested this with multiple shields and headphones and the results are always the same. Is there any chance of having an option that toggles the “correct playback” on and off from the main settings so that all videos play from the start with ether “correct playback” on or off, instead of having to enable it every time a video is played?
  17. So, I've tried a few solutions to similar issues people have been posting about, but no luck so far. Short backstory: last week, my HTPC running a Kodi front end died. While waiting for parts for a new computer, I first tried passing movies and TV shows from my Emby server to my Sony Bravia KDL-48W605B over DLNA. The video worked fine, but there was no sound. Weird, I seem to recall it working before. Maybe that was my old TV set? Trying to read logs and figuring out the DLNA settings didn't help, so, I tried with a Chromecast 2 instead. Same problem: video is running but no audio. More confusingly, some of the videos do play complete with sound. A quick experiment (a log for which is attached) shows that: * A MPEG4 video with MP3 audio plays fine, sound and all. * Ditto for H264 video with AAC audio. * H264 with AC3 (the majority of what I have), however, is mute. It feels like there's a simple-ish solution I'm missing here, but what is it? Log_170520_1701.txt
  18. Hello, anyone can help me. When I play a video, there is no video, just a black screen with the sound of the video. There is a button which speak of black screen. But when I click on it, it does nothing...
  19. blckz28

    No audio on Xbox One app

    I have this app on both a PC and Xbox. The PC version works perfect but when I start any video file on the Xbox version there is no sound even though there is sound navigating through the app. I've tried movies that were encoded with different audio, changed every audio setting in the app I could find, delete the app and re-installed and also tried a different Emby server. At one time when I first installed Ember on the Xbox the audio was working fine but stopped after one of the updates. I don't use the Xbox that often so I couldn't say what update caused it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. ojessie

    TuneIn no sound

    I know that there are already threads concerning no sound with tunein but my problem is slightly different. After selecting a radio station in tunein it takes always approx. 5 minutes until the sound plays. Any idea how to fix this? Emby runs on openmediavault 3.x. The problem is on my windows 10 running the web app with google chrom. The remarkable thing is there is no problem with my android tablet. Thanks PS.: Let me know if you need any logs.
  21. Hi, I accidentally misposted this in the Android TV forum - apparently it is supposed to be in the android mobile forum. I am SO looking forward to having a functional Emby experience... (after many, many frustrations) and appreciate advice/assistance. I recently posted a string of problems related to an AsusStor NAS running server. Most were solved by dropping the hope of running Emby on this device. Now I have it running on Windows and have a great experience with android apps and web apps - except on ONE problematic android set top box! The errors are very repeatable - but I cant grasp what might be the problem. GOOD: Old Set Top Box (AcRyan Veolo 4k) connected via HDMI to Old HD samsung TV 1. Go to youtube - play random video: Result: Video + sound 2. Go to emby (latest via play store)- play SD PCM video: Result video + sound 3. Still in Emby - play 1080p AAC video: Result video + sound 4. Go back to youtube or any other device and play stuff: Result: video+sound GOOD: Playback on Galaxy Note 5 emby app (latest via play store) 1. Go to youtube - play random video: Result: Video + sound 2. Go to emby - play SD PCM video: Result video + sound 3. Still in Emby - play 1080p AAC video: Result video + sound 4. Go back to youtube or any other device and play stuff: Result: video+sound BAD: New Set Top Box (AcRyan Veolo 4k+) connected via HDMI to new 4K Samsung TV UN78HU9000 1. Go to youtube - play random video: Result: Video + sound 2. Go to emby - play SD PCM video: Result video + sound 3. Still in Emby - play 1080p AAC video: Result - EITHER: VIDEO plays for 2 secs then CRASH OR: VIDEO plays for a while with NO SOUND 4. Go back to youtube or any other app and play stuff: Result: Video but NO SOUND *** Only way to get sound back is to reboot android box. *Tried disconnecting/reconnecting HDMI (incase a handshaking issue) - no effect *Tried setting sound output to HDMI (vs Auto) in android tv settings - no effect *Tried playback via Kodi (using Emby plugin) of 1080p+AAC results in video not playing back Veolo Specs: working 4k version problematic 4KPlus version Processor 1.8Ghz ARM A17 2Ghz ARM A53 Ram 2GB DDR3 2GB DDR3 Android 4.4 KitKat 5.1 Lollipop Resolution 1080p 2160P@30hz I tried a factory reset of the box - then fresh install of emby. Same result. The device techs are willing to help but need something they can reproduce - so playback from my emby server is not an option from their service centre. NB - when exploring issues with the AsusStor NAS I installed Plex server/app of this set top box. Plex could stream the same file without issues, and I can view the same files on other emby android apps without issue... so I'm assuming its something Emby App Related... Since other android devices work, I assume it is not likely to be server related. NEW: It looks like Emby uses VLC to playback videos - I can REPRODUCE the crash/sound issue in VLC player as well! But in VLC I can SOLVE the problem: Changing a VLC audio setting however allows everything to playback just FINE in VLC - NO crash, no sound outages. I Need to change the Audio Output setting from 'AudioTrack' (which crashed or kills all further sound on the device until a reboot) to 'Open SL ES' (See attached photo of VLC settings) I cannot find a way to make this change in Emby though - so still playback in Emby effectively kills the device. I downloaded one of the sample MKV files and I can play back the MKV file (with sound, without crashes) in both of the other media players installed on the device! (Stock, and something else that came preinstalled (MX player if I recall) NEW: LOGS Of SERVER and of APP are uploaded - App logs show everything from startup to playing SD file to playing HD AAC file and CRASH. Server logs contain all sorts of other stuff - but rather than try to filter to save somebody time - and then have no meaningful response because I filtered something important - I am uploading the full days' log up to the above mentioned crash. To be clear - the uploaded logs are of the PROBLEMATIC device/server. If my non-technical descriptions are unclear please use the information in the LOGS to clarify. Any suggestions or detailed recommendations very welcome. Its been a few weeks now that I keep trying different combinations of ostensibly supported platforms and run into endless problems. I am about to give up on Emby completely - No home theatre solution should be this difficult to get working Especially not something paid. Thanks! X ServerLog.txt Android5.5MBApp.log
  22. abeklagsbrun@yahoo.com

    How to get Emby to transcode DTS to AC3 or AAC

    Hi all, I have a particular problem with DTS soundtracks. My 2012 Panasonic Viera VT55 just doesn't support them. The question is, what to do with those files? Shouldn't Emby be automatically transcoding those audio streams to AC3 or AAC? There is no transcoding entry in the Panasonic Configuration profile for DTS. Could that be the issue? Please advise.
  23. geoff511

    Asustor NO SOUND via Emby

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone else has this problem and knows how to fix it ? I usually watch media thru Kodi connected to the TV via HDMI cable - using Emby as the media Library/Librarian. This works fine, most of the time, but the link between Kodi and Emby sometimes doesn't work and rather than wait 2 odd hours for Kodi to refresh the media before it will play anything, I thought I might just play the show direct from Emby - but I can't. I can play MP3 music files via SoundsGood and Hi-Res Player using the HDMI connected to the TV. But from LooksGood and Emby - I can only get picture - NO SOUND !! Any idea why or is there a setting somewhere that needs to be set to direct the sound out via the HDMI ? Thanks
  24. I just released a completely reworked channel plugin for SoundCloud! If you are interested in testing: Download the plugin dll from here: https://github.com/softworkz/Emby.Channels/releases/tag/Beta1 Update: The new plugin version is now available via the catalog! Restart Emby In Server Adminisration, go to the Plugins page, find the SoundCloud plugin and open the settings Enter you credentials for SoundCloud (without credentials you will see some general content in the channel, but for the real experience you need to provide your login data for SoundCloud). Go to the Emby home page, choose "Channels" and start exploring your SoundCloud content The plugin should work with any of these latest versions of Emby Stable: 3.0.5984 Beta: 3.1.54-beta Dev: 3.1.6027.30179-dev Please post your feedback here!
  25. For me, SoundCloud is one of my favorite sources for music content. I love digging through its content and following connections between SoundCloud users. Having this content available within Emby would allow accessing it even from situations where you got nothing more than a remote control at hand. The existing SoundCloud channel plugin apppeared to be of rather low value to me. Personal information (with login) was limited to playlists and the implementation was subject to quite a few bugs and issues and hasn't been updated to accomodate the API changes at SoundCloud. At this point I decided to update and extend the existing code a bit --- and ended up with an almost complete re-write. In the following posts I'll describe what's new...
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