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  1. CharleyVarrick

    Preferred browser/browser settings

    I am spending loads of time in front of Emby web, always tinkering here and there. I am often wondering if some browsers performs better (or worse) at handling Emby. Also, are there any browser settings that can help performance? A ton and-a-half of data must be accessed by browsing in there. This has to be resource-intensive, hence my question about fine tuning the browser. For the time being, I prefer to use Firefox.
  2. geoff511

    Asustor NO SOUND via Emby

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone else has this problem and knows how to fix it ? I usually watch media thru Kodi connected to the TV via HDMI cable - using Emby as the media Library/Librarian. This works fine, most of the time, but the link between Kodi and Emby sometimes doesn't work and rather than wait 2 odd hours for Kodi to refresh the media before it will play anything, I thought I might just play the show direct from Emby - but I can't. I can play MP3 music files via SoundsGood and Hi-Res Player using the HDMI connected to the TV. But from LooksGood and Emby - I can only get pi
  3. Not sure if its intentional or not but the description for "Display a folder view to show plain media folders" seems out of place, Highlighted in the screenshot. Great work on the update.
  4. Ben Z

    Emby Theater Skin question

    I just started to try making a skin for Emby Theater. During my early modifications, I realised that the search and settings buttons disappeared at the right top for some unknown reasons. Basically, I just modified css/colors.dark.css just to test out because it's totally new for me. I just replaced this color #52B54B everywhere for red. I did nothing else. Before going any further on this theme, I'd like to know what I'm missing or doing wrong? Is there something very basic I don't know? My url installation is here
  5. Hi guys, as the tittle says, can you recommend me the best settings for the Emby addon for Kodi. I have been using it for a while now and it works great, altough a little bit slow the first time it syncs the database, however, lately I've been getting the " Library Sync Thread Has Exited! You should restart Kodi now" so I have to repair the local database to fix the error, which takes a while to complete. So after reading a few forum posts about the error, it seems that it could be related to the items requested to the server and/or artwork cache threads. I have not changed any settings b
  6. Hi I've just conformed my entire library of specials for Top Gear and Doctor Who, and doing so entailed giving them special-episode-numbers, like S00E84, and putting them in a folder named "Season 0". Now, though, my specials-folders contains a lot of specials, and they all have their bogus episode number (e.g. S0 E84) prepended to their title, which makes it really irritating to look through in the clients. That number doesn't really tell me anything, just the order, and they're already shown in the right order. They're especially irritating, because I've had to change episode numbers
  7. It's quite useful to be able to quickly add/remove items as Favorites with the context menu while in the Emby app (via WMC or elsewhere). I use this to keep, for example, a handy list of TV shows I'm currently watching, so that I can go to that selection rather than wading through all the shows I have. My son uses a list of Favorites in his movies. In many cases, like the TV shows example, it would be nice to have a per-user checkbox configuration option in the Emby server's User settings to toggle the Favorites view option to be enabled when the user logs in. Currently, it's disabled by d
  8. smailpouri

    Where do I find the trakt.tv settings ?

    Hello, New to Emby (long time plex user), I've been looking for the trakt.tv settings but I can't find them anywhere. Do i have to download a plugin ? if yes where ? I didn't find the plugin in the plugin section either. What Am I missing ? OSX server, the EMBY version is from yesterday so I'm assuming is the latest one. Cheers.
  9. Hi all, I've updated my docker image to run the last Emby v3.0.5572.0. The "Settings" Icon (star-wheel shaped in the upper-right) is missing, and the option to access media's metadata is not showing anymore. Here is a screenshot and logs are attached. Thanks server-63564448783.txt
  10. Hi all and thanks for reading my question. I would like to be able to completely turn off the 'Cast & Crew' functionality. I'm not interested in this information and find it clotting my views. Also it creates another click that is not needed as movies are now in folders whereas I would like them to be just the movie file. How can I turn this feature off? Currently I have: - Movies --- MovieX --- --- MovieX.mkv --- --- Cast & Crew --- --- --- ActorA --- --- --- ActorB --- --- --- etc. I would like: - Movies --- MovieX.mkv --- MovieY.mkv --- etc.
  11. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Transcoding
  12. Hello First of all, thank you for this awesome software!! The Samsung App is also very good already, albeit lacking in a few places (switching audiostreams doesn't work; it always uses the first available, although the UI is showing that it is using an alternate stream). Anyway, this problem is pertaining to the MediaBrowser server itself (Version 3.0.5395.0). It keeps resetting the language settings for an item after refreshing the data. This "101 Dalmatians" item is in Danish, but the original is obviously English. So I set the "Preferred download language" and "Country
  13. yardameus

    Compressed images?

    I was curious as to what the Download Compressed Images settings actually entails? Is this compressing the images from the MB Server Cache for a lower performance machine to make things a little more "snappy"? On a slightly related note, I would suggest that a note or balloon or something pop up when highlighting things like this in the settings (similar to MBC settings) that details what it is the selected item entails. Thanks.
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