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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone i forgot my password for my Schedules Direct account so i reset it what i would like to know is there anyway to change the password for my guide data Schedules Direct login on my Emby server with out having to remap all my channels again because at the moment if i change the password i have to put back in all the info and remap all the channels thanks
  2. Emby user for years, New to Emby Live TV. Installed Homerun Prime, after installing and pairing M Card, ran scan in settings and came up with 279 channels, all work good. Great. Next created lineup in Schedules Direct, ensuring to select NextPVR as the software for my lineup. Great. Installed NextPVR as plugin to my Emby Server, restarted server. Great. Began initial refresh of Live TV guide, stuck on 0%. Not Great. It sets there and never leaves it. Any ideas what the problem might be? Yes, it will probably be some dumb mistake I overlooked, LOL. Thanks Guys.
  3. I'm setting up Emby for the first time (Plex's new Roku app spurred me to do it) and I'm trying to set up an account on Schedules Direct but te "Software You Use" section doesn't list Emby, and it won't let me complete an account setup without choosing my application. I saw a post about eventually moving away from Schedules Direct to Gracenote but not sure if that applies to the free version of the server? Can I select any of these apps and have it work with Emby. Thanks! http://www.schedulesdirect.org/approvedsoftware
  4. I am using Schedules Direct for a tv guide for local channels. It finds the local channels and correctly identifies their channel number and name (except it incorrectly names one channel CNN and another HLN with their logos). Each channel will play. However I have no program information. I have attached the embyserver log. Log.txt
  5. Hello, I’ve been using Emby Server for a few years now and absolutely love it. Thank you Emby developers! Admittedly, I can barely manage to stumble through the setup and configurations. I need some additional assistance in displaying the season and episode numbers correctly for our TV shows that have been recorded OTA. Currently, every single episode I’ve recorded “this year” is displayed with season 20 and episode 18. Yes, that’s right, every OTA recording....errrr! After reading through a few forum threads, I took a quick look at our wtv file naming convention. Here is an example (L
  6. Hi I'm noob here. I have a Emby Premier account, would like to set up Live TV with Emby on Roku. I added schedules Direct account details on Emby server settings and selected the right Channel Lineup that I have selected on Schedules Direct account but nothing is appear on Live TV channels, I tried to change the Channel Line up same way in schedules direct and Emby Live Tv settings but nothing works. I don't know I'm doing it in the right way could anyone help me to set up Live Tv ?
  7. When I enter the Schedules Direct password & Save, I get this error AlertThere was an error downloading tv lineups. Please ensure your information is correct and try again. I have verified my Schedules Direct account on their site, and I can see my lineup. This worked fine a few emby updates ago. My guide data is completely empty, but I can get to recordings & live tv via channels. I also see this in the server notifications error Check for application updates failed.14 hours ago Error: NameResolutionFailure error Check for application updates failed.2 days ago Err
  8. I had a major issue with my unRAID cache drive and ended up reinstalling the Emby Docker from scratch. I used the latest version from the repository: Version I was able to add the HDHR tuners back without issue but only 2 stations populate with any guide data. I tried to map manually channels and also deleted tuners and the schedules direct provider and then added everything back with the same result. I have since updated the HDHR firmware and that does not appear to have helped. The HDHR DVR software appears to work correctly. (Note I can tune the missing channels there is
  9. speedingcheetah

    Guide blank for a couple channels

    I noticed a couple days ago that 2 of the channels in the guide suddenly have no program info and are blank. I have manually refreshed the guide, but no change. I use schedules direct for guide service. Account is fine. Channels still listed on their lineup table..thing. I can still tune to and watch the channels, but With no program info, i can't set Emby to record a show i know that is airing on that channel.
  10. There is an issue with Emby's guide, where information from Schedules direct is being overwritten by the wrong data downloaded from the internet. Here is the data as seen in NextPVR, which reads from my schedules direct account And here is the same movie as seen by Emby I believe the root case could be related to the show having a translated title. The original title : Imperium (2016) Dubbed movie's french title : Infiltre (2016) zap2it data available: - critics' ratings - year (2016) - genre - director - full cast - a better cover picture than the one shown in
  11. A few days ago I noticed that I didn't have any guide data and recordings weren't happening. I clicked on LiveTV -> Schedules Direct and get the following error in a pop-up right away: I clicked "Got it" and the only information filled in was my username. I put in my password and got the same Alert error. I verified that the username and password are correct by logging in with the same credentials into Schedules Direct. Here are the associated log files: 2016-05-26 16:42:14.9571 Info App: ScheduledTasksWebSocketListener stop transmitting over websocket to 20
  12. I've just purchased a HDHomeRun Connect and having issues getting all channels recognised in Emby, If I use the HDHomeRun app on my Shield TV or the HDHomeRun plugin in Kodi, then all the channels show up, including the channel icons. I have checked the server log after re-running the Guide Refresh and there are no errors, it's just not fetching everything. Anyone got UK OTA channels to show correctly in Emby please ??
  13. Been searching for an answer to this, and I keep running into dead-ends. I have two HDHR tuners using QAM. I can load the channels into Emby, but I can not get SD to map to the channels. I am on Mediacom cable, and the lineup.json file in HDHR lists channels like this: "{"GuideNumber":"5001","GuideName":"Unknown","URL":""}" Obviously, there is not enough information being given by the cableco or the HDHR to allow proper mapping to the channels. The numbers range from 5001-5048. Of the 48 channels I have, I will probably use less than 20. The pro
  14. arztonyou

    hiding disabled channels?

    Hello, I've just recently started playing with Emby TV to replace WMC, so I've created a Schedules Direct account, added my lineup, and edited the lineup by disabling a bunch of channels. I added my account information in the Emby server settings, and the guide data does download. However, whenever I look in the web guide or the Android TV app guide, all the channels appear. I am wondering what setting I need to set to hide the disabled channels from Schedules Direct. It gets a little tedious clicking through 400 channels to get to the 20 that I actually use regularly. Thanks.
  15. I have schedules direct and emby working together but having some issues with the channels that are available. There are five subchannels that Emby finds, but SD does not have data for (I may need to contact SD about this missing info). However, there are a few channels that I can receive with good signal (SD sends to Emby), but it doesn't display as an available live tv channel. It seems that Emby is performing some kind of channel scan... is there a way to force it to rescan? I am using an HDHomerun with the built in Emby support. Emby is currently showing 34 channels out of 63 from
  16. Drew333

    TV Guide not showing.

    Hello everyone, I have Emby (3.0.5781.3) on Ubuntu Server (14.04) with TVHeadend Server (4.0.7), and the TVHeadend plugin for Emby (TVHclient 1.0.5628.29938). I have Schedules Direct setup for my guide provider, and I have an active membership. I have subscribed to my local antenna channels in Schedules Direct, and I setup Scheduled Direct as a guide provider in Emby using my login, my ZIP code, and using the antenna lineup. Live TV is working, but my guide is not working within Emby. I have tried refreshing the guide data, and even restarting the host machine. What do I need to do to
  17. MegaSwerv

    Confused by Live TV

    Emby v3.0.5724.6 NextPVR v3.5.7 NextPVR is working great. Downloads the EPG via Schedules Direct. Has logos. Emby imported channel info into the metadata manager. Under the "Suggestions" tab shows what's on and upcoming movies but not kids or sports. The "Guide" shows the date and schedule time across the top but no shows. "Channels" has nothing. I've scanned the boards here and seen a few people have had problems since the recent updates. A common answer was re-input credentials for Schedules Direct. I've done this a couple times with the same results. It would appear Emby is gettin
  18. What this solves: Adding Channel Schedules in bulk to NextPVR User Friendly Channel Names Cleans up Channel Names Prune Channels by Language Download Channel Icons/Logos Requirements: AutoIt Curl (SSL support) FSUM NextPVR Schedules Direct (Account) References: ISO 639-1 Codes Notes: I wrote this against two HDHomeRun Primes (Comcast Cable), so not sure how it will fair with OTA & Satellite. One might also be able to alter this script to work with other services, but since I don't have access to others, I can't add support for them. How: This is made up of two scripts, on
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