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  1. Hi there - Thanks for the regular updates and I just updated 1.20. I am having two problems: 1) Select-ing the Search options crashes it back to the Roku home screen each time and every time. 2) When I select Movie Library and scroll up to the row with Suggested|Unwatched|All Movies|Actors (this is very nice btw) and selected Actors, after a long time I get an error message stating: There was a problem trying to get the people movies list from the server..... I would appreciate it if you could take a look at these issues. Cheers, Tanamur
  2. Hi All - My Windows Media Audio Lossless (WMA) music CD rips are not playing on either the official or MBMC channel interfaces. FLAC play fine on both channels. Both are supported according to documentation for my Roku 3 with firmware 5.5. Roku Supported Media Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks, Tanamur
  3. Media Center Paid 1.14 and Free 1.15 Wired Connection MB Server Version 3.0.5289.18702 Hi All - I am having a problem when selecting a member of the cast from movies in that it crashes the app back to the Roku home screen. Is there a special log folder for the Roku for me to attach or will the server log attached be enough? Is this a known problem? Thanks, Tanamur server-63540755130 - Roku Crash.zip
  4. jhs39

    New update=no Media Centre

    The latest Beta update completely knocked out my Roku Media Centre. I'm getting an error message that it can't open my collection. The official Media Browser app is working. I changed my settings so I no longer get beta server updates because I'm sick of this stuff happening constantly. Is there any way for me to get Media Centre working again?
  5. lisadawnsalmons

    Have a few dumb newbie questions

    I know they say there are no dumb questions, but I'm about to prove that wrong! I am WAY behind in today's technologies, and have just survived off my laptop, wifi and regular cable or satellite. I have NO idea how to use these new media outlets, like media browser, playon, etc. I purchased playon and discovered it was not what I thought. I thought once you 'cast' a video that was all it took not that I had to leave my pc running. That is NOT an option for me, so does media browser work the same way? (and please answer like you are talking to a modern 5 year old, lol, I don't get tech talk) Is this worth it for me, or will i constantly be in "help" topics? Plus, i saw some type of card mentioned. Basically, how do i get the media browser content? like tv and movies? Is there something I can purchase and get access that way or what. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks. Also, I will be using a Roku. Can I use media browser on my roku and not leave my pc running in any way? If so, what will i be able to watch that way? Only files I upload or other media like tv and do i purchase that, etc.
  6. Tanamur

    Channel Trailers: No Synopsis

    Hi All - Is there a way to get the synopsis call out for trailers displayed in thumb view (as opposed to individual detail view)? I have looked at the settings but don't see it there. Edit: Forgot to mention this is in the Media Browser Beta channel installation. Thanks, Tanamur
  7. I'm just configuring my parents house with a new Media Browser server. Each of the displays in the home will be using a ROKU. Does Media Browser Plus work only with MBTheater and MBClassic or is it worth purchasing if they will be using only ROKUs?
  8. Hi Community - I would appreciate some hardware advice to purchase during my upcoming trip to the USA. I live in Asia and can't fully use (or order from Amazon) streaming devices like Roku, FireTV, Samsung Smart Media Player, etc. By this I mean that all of the features like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon video are blocked through a standard internet connection in my country. I have had a taste of the ease of using my Android app to stream to my old DLNA compliant HP Mediasmart Media Center extender. I love the convenience of not loading the media center client, dealing with overscan settings and codec support by treating it as just a DLNA client. However, it is old and on its way out. I should mention that I had a look around in the shops for one of the Android mini-PC's but nothing is sold here other than some overpriced US$250 clunky settop boxes catering to Mandarin characters which I don't read. So, it appears the logical and positive choice is a Chromecast device. I would appreciate if anyone could verify if this is working well enough with the Android MB3 app and an HDMI & USB slot on the TV. Thanks in advance, Tanamur
  9. ginjaninja

    Problem Loading Artists

    @@gcw07 When browsing to the artist section of music I get a 'well handled error' "Problem Loading Artists" and then a crash. (100% of time) Tried official release and beta release of official roku client, latest as of 12/04/2014 21:52 GMT (same issue been apparent for c. 1 month+, possibly always been there) All other clients seem fine browsing music. i have c. 7000 artists and 700 album artists. i dont get an error when i 'jump in' to a letter. is there a capacity limit i am hitting? Is there a way to turn on client logging to see what might be the issue? any other ideas please? thank you.
  10. gcw07, Tikuf and I have been working hard to bring back the NowTV Client in a way which doesn't involve the release of any source code. With that, we have come up with a simple remote delivery solution. All you'll need to do is open up a port on your router and have your external IP Address to hand. OK, so we're happy its all working correctly. You can find the installer at http://roku.gwscripts.com/ Follow the installation steps on that screen and let us know how you get on. :-D
  11. bishoph

    Playon Interface?

    Does anyone know of a way to interface MB3 with Playon running on the same machine? I'm mainly interested in interfacing with various channels I have in my Playon that link to live streams...it seems like a way to get live tv through, although it would be a serious load on a CPU with transcoding etc I imagine...
  12. Hi all, First let me say thank you to the developers and everyone who have worked so hard on this application. I prefer it to a very similar program I have been using for several years, and the Live TV would absolutely make me switch and never look back. I tried to use the search functions, but wasn't able to find anything, so I apologize in advance if I missed a thread that fixes my issues. I can watch Live TV through mediabrowser on Ipads and laptops from anywhere now (which is awesome - thanks again - All Channels are OTA unencrpted, non-DRM channels, btw) However, at home, I can't get the Live TV function to work on Roku, or at least for more than about half a second. Additionally, whenever I attempt Live TV - I get one attempt, any subsequent attempt just continues to load (all the way at the end of the load bar) indefinitely. Also, whenever an attempt at Live TV fails, I am no longer able to load other Media from MB (same as TV, load bar forever, all the way at the end of the bar) until I close out of MediaBrowser channel and then reselect it. I have done my best with the Logs - never done this before so please let me know if I need to redo something. Transcode Log http://paste2.org/DDaKzzaI Server Log - I wasn't entirely sure where to begin cutting, so I hope there is not too much, or that I missed something. Either way, happy to repost. http://paste2.org/InwwvwgN Thanks again for all of your help!! Running the following: AMD Athlon (tim) II X2 240 Processor 2.80 GHz 4.00 GB Ram (3.75 usable) Windows 7 64 bit Roku 2XS
  13. woznicbh

    HDHR4 and live tv playback

    I am looking to be able to get live tv to play on my roku but it doesn't seem as though my server can handle the transcode of the live tv to allow me to be able to play any of the tv channels through my roku. However I nice way around this would be to use SiliconDusts new HDHR4 which has hardware transcoding to h.264 and direct playback on dlna devices. Does MB3 and the Roku front end support direct streaming the Live TV stream if I was to purchase one of these? I would really like live tv to work on my Roku. Thanks,
  14. jhs39

    Codec question

    I use MB to play media that is stored on my Windows 7 computer on my Roku box. My question is this--does MB have its own native codecs or is it using the K-lite codec pack that's installed on my computer? Joe Smart
  15. jhs39

    Media Browser ++ For Roku

    I purchased the Media Browser++ for Roku. There's a design flaw that seems pretty bone-headed unless I'm missing something, which is possible. In the media folders when you activate the bubbles for more info the text against a multi-colored or light background is black while the text against a black background (the titles since they are in the area between the posters) are white. This would make sense if the bubble was translucent but it's white--so you have white titles against a white background which is extremely hard to read. I don't see any way I can change a setting to alter this. Is this a design flaw or am I missing something?
  16. Not sure if people are aware, but it is possible to get a YouTube channel on their Roku - I've only just discovered it myself. There is a side-loadable ZIP file available here that allows you to load an "un-official" YouTube channel to your Roku. As it is side-loadable, it can also be added to the Now TV box, but it will overwrite any other side-loaded app already installed, such as the MB3 Roku app. I have it installed onto my daughter's Roku 2XS and she uses it to watch "MineCraft" videos. She has watched a lot of these videos and hasn't complained once about any problems, so it is fairly stable. More information can be found here.
  17. Hi Roku Devs, Might it be possible to [have an option to] increase the length of recently added for TV. Sometimes i dont get to watch anything until the weekends when there are perhaps 20 additions added. So i current limit (12?) is overly restrictive for me. Maybe i am not the only one. Thank you for considering.
  18. Twice the price of a Chromecast, but I can see a lot of people opting for this since it will have a remote and a proper UI. Does anyone know if our Roku app will work on it? http://au.ign.com/articles/2014/03/04/new-roku-streaming-stick-launching-april-for-4999
  19. radeon

    Radeon's Roku 'Theme'

    Firstly! Please do not communicate with gcw07 regarding issues with the Roku client whilst using this theme. Whilst there isn't any reason why this theme should cause issues, its not the official release and you should always revert back to the official release before contacting gcw07 about any issues you might have. That said, I have spoken to gcw07 and confirmed he is happy for me to release the 'theme' to the community. Important information 1) This technically isn't a theme but a custom build of the MB Roku client meaning the functionality you see could be different. Whilst I have not made any changes to the source code (other than a couple of hex colour changes), I cannot offer any guarantees that it will work the same as the official release. 2) It is based on the 1.17 build and will be updated to work with newer builds as they are released. 3) The SD colour scheme has not been changed. If they is a specific need for it then please let me know and I'll get to it! :-D Installation I believe this 'theme' needs to be side loaded onto your roku box. I'm using the Sky Now TV boxes which is definitely the case for them but I'm unsure as to the procedure for Roku's. More details on sideloading onto the NowTV box can be found here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/689-guide-to-installing-mediabrowser3-onto-the-now-tv-box/ Screenshots Home Movies Movie Details TV Shows Episodes Active Episodes Inactive Preferences Toggle Download You can find the zip for download here: http://www.ballingtons.com/products
  20. Shankbone

    Suggestion for organizing

    I have been using the Roku app for a short time now. I do love it over having a full HTPC in my bedroom, but the only thing that is a little annoying is that I have to scroll for days to get to TV shows or the movie I want (we have a huge library, as I am sure many users do). I see that there are plans for a search mechanism, but would think an ability to organize them by first letter might be easier. I'm not sure how I could search considering the device has no keyboard, and navigating a software keyboard with the Roku remote could be a pain. I am sure your folks are already on this, but didn't see a specific forum post on it. You've all done amazing work on the various apps and capabilities. Keep up the great work!
  21. nomatches4mikey

    Roku not honoring hidden user

    When switching users within the Roku app, my hidden Admin account shows up. It is correctly omitted in MBC, so I know it's set correctly. First post here, just recently discovered MB3 after using MB2 for my WMC Xbox Extender for years. I am totally impressed, and recommending to all my friends!
  22. Hey guys great progress with mb3. i have a couple of question.. 1. I have never used next pvr.. does it work with UK freesat? i.e does it get the tv guide properly unlike wmc no guide malarky? 2. would i be able to stream live tv to roku box's? it would be a great help cheers just before i fork out on few roku box's and get rid of my massive htpc ! thanks for all your hard work guys..
  23. So, side-loaded the Mediabrowser Roku client on my nice new NowTV box. Very impressed with the app and with the Now TV box, initial impressions are this performs very well. However, I have one problem. The PC running the MB3 server is set to sleep, and I could not see how the Roku client can wake up the server - I ended up using an app on my android phone to wake the pc before reloading the app. The new box is mainly for my missus, and she can't be expected to run WOL apps on her iphone just to get the TV working. How can the Roku client wake up the server? Or would a software update be required? I believe the MBC client can do WOL, would it be too tough to introduce WOL as standard on all clients? As a side point I have the same problem with the android app. thanks in advance
  24. I have all of my DVDs ripped into folder structures. They show up just fine in the Roku Media Browser channel and will playback without any quality issues. The problem I'm having is every video seems to begin playing at a random location instead of the beginning of the film despite clicking the Play or Play from Beginning (if I've tried to play it before) buttons in the interface. I know the rips are good for several reasons - 1) up until finding MB, I was using MyMovies without an issue and 2) playback seems to work fine from within the Windows Media Center MB client. I suspect the issue has something to do with the transcode, but I'm not sure what else to do to try and resolve the issue at this point.
  25. Hi Roku Dev Team, When lists are are very long eg. 1000 Movies, 600 Artists it can take a while to find content, The search helps of course but is not as ergonomic as a fast 'browse to' Might it be a useful option to allow the seek buttons on remote to jump to next character eg Start of B's, C's D's etc.. Maybe an option - "Seek Behaviour in UI" Page Up/Down, Next/Prev Letter (Fixed), Dynamic (Page Up/Down for lists < 75?, Next/Prev Letter for lists >=75) If holding down the seek for more than x seconds could change the behaviour to scrolling through letters which appear on the screen even better IMO (making dynamic suggestion redundant?) What do you think to this suggestion or something like it? thanks for consideration.
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