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  1. Hi, considering Emby over Plex (long time subscriber) mainly because of the Plex UI changes. I will start a subscription shortly, but am using the free version right now. I have the Roku thumbnails generating right now which was question #1 My other major question: ---DVR functionality on Roku, can I set recordings from the Roku, and is it done from a grid type guide or something else? I've been looking for screenshots, can't find any. If anyone has any links to videos/screenshots, etc of the DVR functionality running and being setup on a Roku, it is much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I recently downloaded Emby (love the software) and its great. Works just like I expected to stream mkv anime files. Everything worked perfectly for about a week and then not so much. All of my media players, Roku, Opera (on computer), Firefox (on computer), Chrome (on computer), and my DLNA Smart Tv does not work. Specifically whenever I try to play a file on the Roku (the roku 3) it tries to transcode then just hangs (the green bar loading bar disappears). I cannot access the DLNA via my Smart Tv. Whenver I try to play via any of my browsers I get the "no compatible streams" message for every one (pictures attached). The only device I own that seems to work is my Galaxy Note 5 through the Emby app. It works perfectly through there. As I test I converted an anime file (one specifically is 10bit down to 8bit) and that works no problem. But it still makes no sense because the other files worked just fine when I first installed Emby. Basically, I need to figure out if I need to convert all my files or if there is another issue on the server I am not aware of. Not sure if I gave enough information but I also attached the logs for server and transcode. Hopefully this helps. Thanks. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-044112b9-2cf2-42ff-85ef-11264131209e.txt ffmpeg-transcode-b4393206-a902-4c45-af68-5f801ad910c6.txt ffmpeg-transcode-bc5bf1d1-e706-4130-918c-e602af52f2ba.txt ffmpeg-transcode-f518625f-8d9f-482e-b40b-d05d802b63cc.txt ffmpeg-transcode-fa531a6d-ab0b-415d-9731-9557d6145c59.txt
  3. jeflatt

    Change live TV channels

    I'm probably just missing something obvious here, but is there a way to change the channel on live TV while watching live TV? Right now, if I want to watch a different channel, I have to go back to the Emby for Roku app and sort through the channel list to find what I'm looking for. Is there a way to just "surf" through the channels without tuning out and tuning back in?
  4. SmplyUnprdctble

    Music track listing out of order

    Navigation: Roku App > Music > <pick an album> I noticed this a bit back (e.g. on the previous release app), and hadn't dug deeper until recently because I thought it may have been something odd in my tags. But, I finally looked and I'm not certain what's going on. The track order of tracks on an album in the Roku app (both release and beta) is out of order. I have validated the following: My MP3s are in the folder structure and named <Artist>/<Album>/<track#> - track title.mp3 My MP3s have tags for track, among the other metadata Emby Web produces the track listing in the correct order If I take a random album (Newsies), Roku is displaying the tracks in this order: 7, 13, 14, 8, 5, 10, 15 <etc>. Another random album (Clay Walker / Rumor Has It), Roku is displaying tracks in this order: 6, 2, 8, 5, 1, 3, 10, 7, 4, 9. It IS enumerating the tracks in the Roku display (just not correct track number next to the title). The sort order in Roku doesn't appear to be track order (with or without leading 0s), title, length, or any other metadata available that I can ascertain. Emby Server: (Linux) Roku App Beta: 3.0.118 Roku App Release: 3.0.111
  5. Hello, looking to get my home network figured out and then have it reachable externally. I thought I hit all the points - guess not. My setup: My install of Linux Mint. My fstab has been modified to mount at boot another drive so Emby sees it at startup and that part works. Going to http://localhost:8096/web/index.html#!/home.htmlshows the Emby homepage with my media. Problem is I cannot access outside of the box. I have samba installed too for file sharing and here is the section relating to the shared files [Movies] comment = Emby Movies path = /home/toast/Videos/Movies browsable = yes guest ok = yes I have also setup port forwarding as well. Emby TCP 8096 8096 N/A Edit x However as http://www.canyouseeme.org/ states my port is not open and cannot see me. The devices I am sharing to are a Roku 3 and my phone, neither of which are making connections when on my home network.
  6. Buen día. Manejo Emby para transmitir ciertas playlist con contenido especifico a mis sucursales de trabajo. Tengo actualmente 5 SmartTV y 1 Roku Stick con su aplicación correspondiente para reproducir la misma playlist. El problema radica en que, incluso con las sucursales en las que tengo internet de fibra optica, la reproduccion se detiene sin haber completado la playlist entera. Sera problema de mi capacidad del servidor? O todo tiene que ver con el ancho de banda? Me gustaria resolver este problema ya que estamos planeando contratar Emby Premiere porque la funcionalidad de la plataforma nos ayuda bastante con lo que queremos, pero quisiera que fuera mi reproduccion sea seguida sin que se pause por causas ajenas. Muchas gracias por sus aportaciones, de antemano.
  7. Codeh

    LDAP Authentication Failure

    Hello, I'm having difficulty authenticating via LDAP through the Roku client. I am able to authenticate through the web browser, and I am 100% sure that I am entering the correct password. Attached is my embyserver.txt. I noticed that when attempting to authenticate through the Roku a post request to https://connect.emby.media/service/user/authenticate is logged. Emby Version Roku Version 3.0.111 Roku Express+ Both Emby + OpenLDAP are running inside of docker containers. Please help me debug this! Not sure how long my parents will go without entertainment! Thanks embyserver.txt
  8. I found a weird (very minor) bug in the Roku app. Currently using 3.0.111 (which appears to be the same as the beta -- was happening in the previous live app as well). Using it on a TCL Roku TV and a Roku Streaming Stick. If I perform the following: Movies >> All Movies >> (any movie) Scroll down to chapters and start playing at any chapter After playback starts, hit back to go back to the movie summary screen Hit back again to the All Movies list, and the movie you were just in is gone from the list. Backing out to the Movies screen and back in to All Movies restores it, so I'd call this a mild cosmetic bug. And, the best I can tell, you have to start at a specific chapter for it to vanish. I've started from the beginning and chosen a resume and no vanishing. So, this probably only affects weird people like me who want to open movies at certain spots (what can I say? I've learned where my favorite songs are in musicals) I can also cause multiple movies to vanish from the list by repeating it with multiple titles. And, if you scroll enough titles to pull another 150 chunk from the server, oddities happen in the area where the overlap should have happened. I think these are just side effects of the root bug. I didn't try this with TV shows. Mostly because they're a couple levels deeper in navigation. I'd call it semi-cosmetic and very low priority (because you have to perform weird steps), but wanted to bring it to your attention in the unlikely event it could cause something else to not be happy.
  9. Great application and work, having an issue on my newest Roku Streaming Stick Details: Emby Server - On Linux (ubuntu) version : Emby Roku App - version 3.0 build 91 Roku Device: 3800x version: 8.1.0 build 4145-55 On loading Emby the screen flashes white on and off repeatedly. I have created a gif of what this looks like.
  10. Moleburt

    Keep Getting "Video Error"

    I was watching a show on Emby and 2 episodes in a row the episodes stopped with about a minute and a half left and I got a box that said "Video Error" and underneath that it only says "ignored" and then under that it just has the "ok" button for me to press. I tested the same episodes in the emby browser on my computer and they worked just fine, it appears to just be the Roku app. I'm not sure what the issue is and have never had it happen until today. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  11. Is anyone familiar with exactly what information AppleTV and Roku are collecting while using the Emby apps? Are they collecting information about watched media or more broadly just that the app is being used? Maybe somewhere in between (Bitrates, ect.)? Actually more concerned about Roku and than Apple. The Roku general privacy policy (read both of them) is extremely broad while Apple actually is more specific about what is collected and what is done with collected information. The issue is that nothing in either policy refers or references information collected from the usage of individual apps on each platform.
  12. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Problem with music files on Roku app

    I added about 3000 music files to Emby recently. I previously only used Emby for videos. I have gone through some of my songs and indicated some were favorites. I did this from my computer. However, when I go on the Roku app, I can't get to my favorites to play them. When I first open my music library, I see "Favorites" as a header, but it quickly disappears and I can't see how to get it back. Also, is there no way to shuffle or mix my entire library? From what I can tell, I can shuffle play within an artist or album, but not using the whole library. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm using the latest beta version of the app. Thanks.
  13. StLDreiling

    Playlist Item Limit?

    Is there a limit to the number of items that will appear/play in a Playlist? On four different devices and in both the stable and beta Emby apps, my playlists appear to be limited to 20 items.
  14. I've always run my MB Server on a Windows 7/8 machine and had a separate unRAID NAS for my media. I would like to build a setup for my parents in a single box that they would be able to move from their summer cottage to their winter condo. I'm wondering what the best way would be to do this, specifically with the OS. The hardware I had priced out was this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fzBgzy Obviously that SanDisk and unRAID can be knocked off the bottom. What would you guys recommend for what I'm trying to do here? What reliable/low-maint OS for the storage pool (expandable to the hardware capacity of 8 drives) and MB? I intend to use primarily Roku boxes attached to any TVs at both locations which would be controlled by Windows/Apple Tablets/Phones.
  15. Hi! I was away for about week. Probably emby was updated. When i returned home and tried to open Emby on Roku, its no longer detecting the server. When I try to connect manually, I get the message in the subject.
  16. mchahn

    Folder permissions

    When I run the roku task it runs for 10 to 15 seconds. It's progress is smooth from 0 to 100%. But when I look for .bif files I only find them in about 18 tv show folders of 235. Is there some requirement for the video files to be processed? I know about the direct streaming limitation but that is determined at playback, right?
  17. Hello, Sorry to dig this one up from the grave, as another thread indicated this issue was solved, but I'm afraid the answer given doesn't address the underlying issue. Essentially, it seems that the Roku app defaults to the primary image when browsing unset (mixed content), but uses the proportions for a thumb image. Unfortunately, as this thread below indicates, I don't think this is simply a matter of unset (mixed content) view vs. content type view. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/55693-thumbs-as-primary-photo/ This actually seems like a bug and here's why: When using the Emby app on my TCL Roku TV, when viewing a mixed content library, the application defaults to the thumb view and there's no way to change it. This isn't ideal, as I think most folks would prefer a choice like in other libraries, but let's put that aside for a moment. I think most folks that can swallow the fact that you cannot discern the content type and thus automatic metadata population is limited or nonexistent in this view. Frankly, the only time I would use the a mixed content view is if I was providing the metadata myself (i.e. Home Videos). If I want it to automatic metadata population from some online source, I'll set the content type as appropriate. In short, it's not an issue of knowing what type of content is there. The Roku app appears to be programmatically looking for image set as the primary image. I can live with that. The issue lies in the fact that when it uses the primary image, it then constrains it to the dimensions of the thumb image, distorting the final product. It just seems to be a simple mismatch. I can prove this simply by "fixing" a few items by setting the primary image to an image with the dimensions/proportions of a thumb, such as 1280px x 720px. Though an obvious band-aid, this indeed resolves the issue on the Roku. But now, that same image is FUBAR everywhere else because it get's stretched to the dimensions of a primary image in apps such as Emby Theater or LG WebOS, which are using the proper dimensions. The fact that the LG WebOS app works properly but the Roku app does not indicates to me that this is likely just a bug. Long term it's definitely desirable to have the option in the individual apps to choose the image style (primary vs. thumb vs. banner, etc.), as has been previously hashed. Until then, it would seem the straightforward fix is to just have the Roku app either use thumb image and use the correct dimensions/proportions for a thumb OR use the primary and use the proper dimensions/proportions for a primary image. Hope this makes sense, I can follow up with images to demonstrate the issue if necessary. Server: Version Roku TV: TCL P605, Roku Version 3.0.74 Thanks! Bill
  18. JXL2112

    Can I Batch Edit Titles?

    First: ​So I went ahead and edited all my album.nfo's adding a symbol for 16-bit music....of course Emby just wiped them over. I really don't want to edit "ALL" the titles one by one inside Emby...that would take forever! Is there a way to batch edit all of them or maybe just tag them (16-bit)? ​ ​Second: What symbol will display properly in the Roku app, It seems the symbol I chose doesn't display right? This is mostly a Roku App issue and not being able to see what type of album I'm playing. ​ ​ ​ ​
  19. cryptonix

    Stuck on "Retrieving"

    Recently, I have been unable to play many of my video files (movies and TV shows). Once I press play on my Roku remote, it seems to get stuck on a blank screen with the name of the video and "Retrieving" showing, with the green progress bar 1/3 of the way through. I've attached my log file. I've searched and read through many trouble shooting techniques (including lowering the bitrate, deselecting hardware acceleration throttling, etc) but nothing seems to help. It is a wired system (not wireless). Any suggestions? Log.txt
  20. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    TV Show Favorites On Roku App

    Maybe I'm missing the option, but I don't see a way to access just the TV show episodes I identified as a "favorite" with the heart icon. I can access these episodes on my browser version, but I'm not seeing this option on the Roku app.
  21. Hi I'm noob here. I have a Emby Premier account, would like to set up Live TV with Emby on Roku. I added schedules Direct account details on Emby server settings and selected the right Channel Lineup that I have selected on Schedules Direct account but nothing is appear on Live TV channels, I tried to change the Channel Line up same way in schedules direct and Emby Live Tv settings but nothing works. I don't know I'm doing it in the right way could anyone help me to set up Live Tv ?
  22. Hi, I have NextPVR installed (the main program and the MB3 plugin)...I have my Hauppauge HD PVR device setup (I believe), have made channels even though I only use the component input, etc... And, I can see live TV from it through MB3 on a Google Chrome browser (both internal LAN and external WAN)...so it's partially working right. BUT, I can't see or hear anything on an iOs device I have (trying both Safari and Chrome mobile browsers) nor on my Roku 3. I've played with different decoder settings in the NextPVR interface but to no avail. Any suggestions? Anyone had success using the Hauppauge HD PVR, and either NextPVR or ServerWVC, and Live TV through either various browser interfaces or Roku client app? Thanks in advance
  23. On Roku, when I go to Live TV, I can see what's on now, and what's coming up, but if I click on "Guide" I get a pop at the bottom right, green background, white writing "Channels not yet available. Please try again in a few seconds". This message fades and reappears every few seconds. On Emby Theater (Win10), the guide works just fine. So, I'm concluding this is a problem with the Emby app. I have tried power cycling the Roku, and rebooting the Emby server. Also tried refreshing the live TV listings (schedules direct), but as I said, since it works fine in other apps, I'm not sure this is a server side problem... If you have any ideas, I'd be happy to try them out. Happy New Year! -Jon
  24. mlapoint

    TVHeadEnd, HDHomeRun, Emby, Roku

    I have Emby, a HDHomeRun device, the TVHeadEnd (TVH) plug-in for Emby, and a WD My Cloud 4TB NAS. I am trying to set up TVH to be a DVR on my Ubuntu 16.04.2 Linux box. I have Emby set up to have TVH working and I believe I can watch live TV through Kodi, but not through Roku. I am not sure if TVH is giving me that ability to record through Kodi, but because I can't even watch TV in Roku, I am sure I can't record there. I went through the steps to set up HDHomeRun View and Config GUI on the Ubuntu box, but have run into several errors. I have contacted SiliconDust and hopefully will hear back from them in a couple days. My big question is this. Do I need to be able to view Live TV through my Ubuntu 16.04.2 box before the Emby Plug-in will work? Thank You, Mike LaPointe
  25. EricE

    Errors loading video

    Log attached. This was working well but I think I messed up something on my machine. Perhaps the attached logs can tell someone what I need to fix to make this work again. I would post a ffmpeg log but it didn't create when when the file errors out. See attached. Any help you can provide is appreciated. I have been working around the problem by using Blue Neon emby which still gets an error but then moves past it to play the content. The file it errors out on is "Vorugal Critical Role RPG Show Episode 71.mp4" Thanks again. EmbyLog02.txt
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