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  1. techman2005

    Update Roku App

    After updating Emby to I am able to stream fine from the web but when accessing content from Roku I am having issues with really slow loading and once it loads after a few min it starts loading again. So far from my observations It appears to be more of an issue when watching content that needs to be transcoded. Any Suggestions? --Loads fast and has no issue on ios but I noticed that it is direct streaming
  2. This is a capture of the home screen on the browser version of Emby. This simple little addition is all I wish the Roku app had. I really dislike having to: Going into a Library (eg. "Movies" or "TV Shows"), Selecting "All Movies/Shows" at the top, Pressing the Star * key on the Roku remote to access Options. On the right, a popout menu will appear, Under "Filter" check the box labeled "Favorites." Such a hassle! Seems like every other version of Emby app has this top Favorites toggle at the top except Roku. Please add it developers!
  3. Hi, I could not seem to find any other posts so forgive me if I am making a repetitive post. But one of the features I love about the web GUI and the Mobile apps is the ability to go to the "Songs" option under music to play a shuffle of all my tracks, currently on the Roku app I do not see this as an option. I know I can create a playlist, but would much prefer to have the same functionality on the Roku app that I have on the mobile and tablet apps.
  4. kpkimmel1983

    Missing Features

    Hello I'm using the app for Roku right now, have not tried my Apple TV yet so this is all relevant to Roku only. The features that are needed are as follows: Favorite a channel in the guide direct tune to a channel if you move too fast through the guide it freezes and you have to back out of the app entirely, there needs to be a 'refresh' More sorting options, sometimes i want to sort by name of program since i know what i'm looking for just don't know the channel, likewise need more sorting options overall Please let me know if i just simply overlooked a feature and posted it above. Thanks.
  5. pefectflaw

    Sorting messed up since last update?

    Earlier today my Emby updated: ---- Emby Server on Emby Server has been updated to 11/23/2019, 8:24:28 am ---- Since then the sorting on my Roku has gone messed. I normally have things sorted by alpha, but now it seems to just randomly sort (Doesn't match by date, by added, by anything I can tell. Just...random.) If I change the sorting to something else, then back to alpha it's fine. This is still problematic for 2 reasons: 1 - I can't sort the main screen, so my various folders are in random order now with no way to fix it. ((Edit: Number 1 has been resolved. You can change sorting from the Emby user panel. Thanks!)) 2 - Having to change the sorting hundreds of different sub-folders is a bit much. - Is there a global setting I can use to change the default sort order pushed to apps? - If not, is this a bug that might be fixed soon? - If not...help? Short of removing and re-adding all my libraries and praying, I can't think of any other way to fix. Thank you.
  6. When I try to send a message to a device it works for laptop/PC devices using the website but it does not work for a Smart TV (Roku). I've literally stood in front of the TV and from my phone sent a message to the Smart TV client and it did not come up on the screen while a movie was playing. This send message to device feature does work on Android Emby App (smart phone) and laptop/PC using the website. I am not certain if it works for Apple Emby App however as I do not have any Apple devices.
  7. The PC that I have set up an Emby server on uses Mullvad VPN often, but not always. My goal is to be able to watch the server's media files through other devices, no matter if the VPN is active or inactive. When the VPN is active, the connection fails. When the VPN is inactive, the connection succeeds. Mullvad allows port fowarding, and I've read a few guides on that, as well as the Connectivity Wiki for Emby but am still having trouble, either because I don't quite understand how it works or because the guides weren't specific enough for my issue. So far, I have only tried to connect through a Fire Stick and it works only when the VPN is inactive. If the VPN is on, entering either the LAN and WAN address still gives a connection error. Emby Connect has connected my user account to the server, but the server still does not show on the app after entering the pin. I appreciate any suggestions that you can give.
  8. martylavender

    Connection Timeout

    Roku TV Latest Roku Emby channel Linuxserver.io Docker container Forwarded both HTTP and HTTPS ports in my WAN facing router Checked these ports externally and both are allowing traffic Emby detects my Emby server without any issue. I click Connect and the app sits for a few seconds attempting to connect. Connection eventually times out with an error stating just that. I then can remove the server and manually input the IP address of the Emby server. It connects fine without any issue. Why can I manually connect but not automatically through Emby Connect?
  9. Hi, To begin, I must say that I am very impressed with Emby so far. I have been a Plex user for years, and just got tired of the lack of flexibility when it comes to music collections. I stumbled on Emby, and it does exactly what it should do. It gives you a simple way to access large libraries of music without making any assumptions about how you have it organized, or forcing you to completely rearrange it. My collection of music is all MP3s, and is organized by genre. I like to have playlists for each genre and listen to them randomly. Emby handles that in spades. It works flawlessly in the web interface and on the Roku. I have run into a small issue that I'm hoping you can easily fix. This happens on both the web interface and Roku 3 (Emby shows it as SG 3.0.193). On the web interface when I'm viewing playlists and select "Instant Mix" option, nothing happens. On the Roku when I open a music playlist, then select the "Instant Mix" button, it pops a "Playback error". This happens on all 5 of my playlists. My workaround is to use Shuffle for now, which is perfectly fine when on the web interface. It just takes a few more steps on the Roku since I have to play the playlist first, then shuffle it. I am running the latest release of Emby Server ( on Windows Server 2019. Let me know if you need anything else. Dan.
  10. kuebs

    Audio/Soundtrack not synced

    Got my login issues fixed now for the most part and can play on the rokus, but i am having an issue with the sound not being synced up with the video. No matter what audio setting I change, which includes sound levelling to off and PCM versus autodetect. The sound is always behind on Roku, but the same video is synced up just find on my iphone or a browser or WMC. Thoughts?
  11. piecesofme

    Possible bug - play button in playlists

    Hello, I’ve been able to reproduce this same behavior now at least 10 times now across two different Roku players (a Roku Ultra and a Roku Streaming Stick+) and different playlists/media. When you navigate into the Playlists section>click on a playlist>press the down button to bring up the episodes>pressing the play/pause button while any of episodes are selected>immediately throws you out of the Emby app altogether and back to the Roku home screen. I think that most people would assume that one could press the play button while an episode is selected to immediately play the list from that point (rather than having to use the d-pad to first view the episode information and then play from there). Could someone please take a look at this? Often times, I know exactly what episode I want to start on and I don’t need to view all the synopsis info and would love the ability to just click the play button and have the playlist play from there. And, at the very least, I’m hoping that it can be fixed because when I do accidentally hit that button, it gets really tiring of getting thrown all the way back out of the app and to the Roku home screen. It takes awhile to navigate back to where I was. Please let me know if you need more info. I did attempt to update all the Roku software on both units today so it’s running the latest version of the standard Roku app (not the beta). Thanks so much!
  12. EstebanUno

    1080i mpeg2 videos never start playing

    I just started with Emby last week (server version and all has gone well until I tried to play an OTA recorded video that Emby reports as 1080i mpeg2 on a Roku streaming stick. Other OTA recordings at 720p mpeg2 have played fine. I get a black screen with a progress bar that jumps part way initially, then quickly disappears. Emby appears frozen after this happens and I can only exit by pressing the Home button on the roku remote. I have the video quality in the Emby roku app set at 720p HD 2mbps. Tried changing it to Auto with same result. Also messed with Roku Streaming Stick 3800RW / 9.1.0 video quality settings which is currently on auto detect 1080p, but I have tried 720p as well in an attempt to lessen the load. BTW the video plays fine on Windows 10 server through the Emby web interface. Here's the activity shown in the web dashboard, even though file did not play and I exited Emby as described above. Esteban has finished playing PGA Tour Golf_20190818_11001500 on Roku Streaming Stick 9/3/2019, 4:29:54 pm  Esteban is playing PGA Tour Golf_20190818_11001500 on Roku Streaming Stick 9/3/2019, 4:28:54 pm Thanks for looking at this. embyserver.txt
  13. I'm coming away from Windows media centre and am finally sellting on Emby as a replacment over plex. One thing I was holding onto was an ageing xbox 360 in the bedroom, I was hoping to still use it with a client app. Plex have one, though it is well out of date and emby only exists as a plugin for media centre, which I am replacing. So I have decided to bite the bullet and get rid of the 360 and replace it with a streaming stick, but which one is best out of Fire TV or Chromecast? Which will be more 'future proof'? Has someone used the apps from Plex and Emby on both, how do they compare? Cheers for any input!
  14. I have a Roku Express (3900X) on my local network. All other Roku channels work, but Emby. Upon signing in (I see the sign-in in the logs on the Emby server), the client just instantly closes on the Roku, returning to the Roku Home screen. Troubleshooting tried: Delete the Emby Channel Reboot the Roku Re-install the Emby Channel As soon as it signs in, same thing, booted to Roku Home screen. I am able to sign on with the same account using a browser. I'm unsure how to pull logs from the Roku to help me solve this issue, or if there's some sort of setting/cache I can clear for the user account on the server. EDIT: Server Debian Jessie, fully up-to-date, Emby server
  15. Issue I just noticed. I press the Netflix button, or the "Home", while playing back live tv, it just switches to the Install this app screen. I relaunch Emby and reload a channel again, i notice that the sever reports that the Roku is still streaming that other channel and it is still using that tuner. If i go back into the Emby app, and stream tv again, then back out correctly, the Dashboard then updates and shows it is not streaming at all(but not until then), However, the HDHomeRun Prime tuner is still active on that channel and locked to streaming to Emby. Just locked out all 3 tuners this way. Sever restart releases it... It odd thing, the Sling and Hulu buttons, result in a Exit Emby app switch to # app bottom bar message appears. The CBS button, give different message, just simple ask if wish t Exit Emby app. The Netflix button, always just switches to Netflix(if app installed) or to the Install page. Seems to have override ability over the exit prompt confirmation. It does this in other apps to. So there is most certain something that needs work on there, detecting of the streaming being suddenly terminated, not backed out of....etc. Aside from ripping apart the remote and destroying the buttons (cant do with the home Button of cource)....how can i stop this tuner lock situation from happening. I intended to hand over this Roku to my mother...who most certainly will at some point press the buttons and not back out of tv stream correctly and lock all my tuners.... Edit: I also can make a tuner lock happen when i use the web interface on a computer, and play back live tv via the Play On function and select the Roku. If i try to change the channel via the small guide or back out of the app, the channel will not load, and the controls on the web interface no longer work. I can disconnect from Roku, but the tuner is still locked.
  16. speedingcheetah

    Channels not in order

    Just trying out a Roku Ultra. The channels in the Guide are not in number order....how fix that? see 1st pic Also, how do u get it to look like Emby Theater does and its full screen On Now page < see 2nd pic
  17. brill

    White Labeled Roku

    I see there is the "Old" Roku brightscript file available on Github, will new versions of Roku App be available, so we can mod?
  18. I remember some time ago when I was able to send remote control commands to the Roku app from a server outside the network via websockets. From what I understand is, currently it's not possible to do this anymore since the new Roku remote control API implementation. I'm aware of the port forwarding solution, but that's an impossible feat to teach Mom; she won't even attempt it. lol I was wondering if there's any other way to get this to work again. Maybe revert the websocket removal in the next release or a plugin of some sort? Any advise to point me in the right direction would be groovy smoothie. Thank you!
  19. Howdy, just started using Emby premier recently. Loving the way everything looks and works so far! One feature I can't seem to get working on the Roku App is the shuffle like in the web app. In the web app when I click on the shuffle button it brings me to a random series. When I click next episode it goes to the next episode but stays in that series aka the Venture Bros S01E01 -> Venture Bros S01E02. Thanks for any help anyone may be able to give.
  20. mac1959

    Very New to Emby

    Hello Guys. I am very new to Emby however not new to streaming. I am wanting to build myself a server where I can record programs to watch later. Is there a tutorial on how to set up the roku to where I can record from hulu? Hulu is my live tv source. Any help would be greatlty appreciated. Thank you, Michael
  21. I have a small 7 min long TV show that my daughter watches. we have finished the series and we've come to watch them again on shuffle and we get thte following error on Roku and Amazon Fire box "unable to determine items to play" I've tried marking the "show" as watched andt then unwatched again the only fix so far is to delete the user and recreate them. not sure what logs to attach . any hints on how to fix this would be awesome regards
  22. Baconnaise

    Roku Settings for Anime Subtitles

    Hi, I'm currently having an issue with Emby displaying the incorrect subtitles/format when viewing anime specifically. No clue if it also happens to my movies as of yet. I have three Roku 4 Ultras and one Roku TCL 4k TV. They all exhibit the same issue. The subtitles will play but they're ugly standard subs, not the internal subtitles. Web player in Emby shows the correct subtitles but the Roku's do not. Plex does show the correct subtitles as well. I'm aware of possible previous problems involving the Roku and Emby in the past. This one thread https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/33554-firmware-71/?hl=%2Banime+%2Bsubtitles+%2Broku here seems like it was a fixed issue needing no special settings. I'm new to Emby and coming from Plex. Currently test driving it and seeing if it will be permanent as I find many of the features and the UI to be superior atm. My thoughts are that this is a user settings issue where I have something set up incorrectly. I would appreciate it if someone could possibly correct any mistakes I've made. Included are screenshots relevant to my issue. The first two screens are what it should look like. Two latter are what I'm getting. Fifth one is my Roku setting for CC. Sixth is of my playback Emby settings. Seventh is something that I think was on by default that may or may not be a problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Phuein

    Question about my Roku performance

    So, this is not a technical post. I know that's annoying, but I've been having this odd experience for a while, so I'm wondering if I'm not alone in this... My Roku sometimes becomes very slow. I noticed that going into the emby app and out again sometimes resolves this. But not any other app. Almost as if there's some kind of [memory?] leak. Today, not for the first time, the wife and I were watching a show and by the middle of the episode it bugged out and kept on doing the Loading thing (bar.) I restarted emby on my PC, but that didn't help. I restarted the Roku, disconnecting it from power for a soft reset, and that did solve it. Now, I know, it might just be the Roku stick. Maybe. It is a more recent one, though. (It's a Roku Streaming Stick HD. Not worst, not best.) The way we use emby is to watch something, an episode of some show, off the PC (streaming.) At some point we'll pause the video and go back to the main Roku screen (press the Home button.) Until the next use. In between, either use Netflix or Youtube. Does any part of this sound odd? Does anybody else have this issue? I don't expect a clear solution, as much as I anticipate information that might help. Cheers.
  24. PatD

    No more Roku thumbnails plugin?

    The versions after 4.0.2 seem to have broken something in the way the Roku thumbnails plugin works. Using I can still use the .bif files that were created in the past, but no new thumbnails are created for new files added to the library. In fact, the plugin doesn't show anymore under the Plugin section or in the Scheduled Tasks section.
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