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  1. Catsrules

    TV Series Shortcut

    Is there a way to have the main menu screen for TV show suggest the next episode of a series your in the middle of, or make a shortcut to the season your on right from the menu? I find it kind of tedious to have to dig though all of the TV content to find the next episode to watch. It would be really cool to just have Emby remember what episode was watched last suggest the next episode, or provide a quick link of the season of the series. Just to be clear this isn't when I am "binge" watching a TV series obviously I can just click the next arrow to go to the next episode. This is when I stop watching tv for the night and I want to continue where I left off the next night. Also since I am going to topic of menu, is there a way to make a time limit on how long shows appear in the continue watch or Resume category? I am all for this category when I gotten interrupted during a show or just want to switch from upstairs TV to downstairs TV, but if I haven't continued watching the show within a week or two I am probably not going to watch it or need to start from the beginning anyways because I don't remember what is going on. As far as I can tell there is no way of removing the show from the list unless skip to the end. Many shows end up this way when I want to find a specific part of a show, and I end up searching through a few episodes.
  2. I had an issue and needed to rebuild the PC with Emby on it however I'm having one issue now. When playing any media that is on the PC with Emby installed I can FF/Resume the media, but the media on the other PC will play just fine but I can't FF/RW/Resume. I have full control of the share on the other PC, I can delete files and so on. I have clearly missed a step when rebuilding but I can't for the life of me figure out what I have missed. I have spent hours trying to figure this out and I'm hoping someone might know what I'm doing wrong here. This is happening in Chrome and ET.
  3. Today when we start playing something... the items goes automatically to "Resume" list, if we don't end watching it. It happens that sometimes we really don't want end watching the item. And there's no way of removing it, so it bloats that list, until you watch it... or start meddling with the "Watched" button. I ask devs that, for items in "Resume" list, another icon pops up when hovering the item. That icon could be just a "X" allowig us to remove it, without changing the watched status, whatever it is.
  4. So I have bean messing around the the custom css function and i'm wondering what the code is for changing the play interface color from green to whatever color. Like the scrubber or the volume bar?
  5. Hello, I hope it this is the right place to put this because my problem is about to the legacy version of Emby Theater. I want to use MPC-HC as an external player out of MBT but the file always starts from the beginning. At the dashboard it shows me which file is playing (until I close the player) but not the position of the play progress. As I understood, I have to activate the web interface by using the "listen to port" checkmark in MPC-HC. My command line arguments in the external player settings in MBT are: {PATH} /start {ms} /fullscreen /play /close any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. happybogan

    Resume issue since 3.0.5882.0

    Since version 3.0.5882.0 (Standard version) the Resume function does not seem to work correctly - Press stop button and Emby forgets where the movie is up to and you have to start the movie from the beginning again (no resume option available). NB: Emby for WMC front end. Server installed on Qnap TS-870 Pro. Versions I have found this issue with are: Emby_3.0.5910.0_x86 Emby_3.0.5911.0_x86 As soon as I roll back to Emby_3.0.5882.0_x86.qpkg this problem ceases to exist and the Resume function works as normal.
  7. ptzink

    Resume Not Working

    Hello all. I am having an issue resuming playback (of movies specifically). If I start playing a movie in Kodi and stop at say the 20 minute mark, I can see the partially watched icon in Kodi (as expected). If I go to the Emby web app, I can see that movie in the resume section and can resume playback from the web app at the 20 minute mark. If I try to resume playback in Kodi, however, it always starts from the beginning. I have attached the pertinent portion of my kodi log for reference (hopefully, I did not omit any important info). Any help is appreciated. kodi-log-resume-issue.txt
  8. If I'm watching a video and pause it for more than a minute, when I try to resume it the audio restarts but the video never resumes. The only way I can get video working again is to stop the video and fast forward to the point where I paused it. The server is a dual proc Xeon X5660 @ 2.80GHz with 96GB RAM on a RAID 6 array, so I don't think it's a resource issue. The client is an Nvidia Shield. My only guess is that there is something going on with trans-coding on the server end. From what I can tell unfortunately everything is being transcoded on the server end despite the fact that the shield can handle it. How can I troubleshoot this issue or what info can I provide to obtain assistance?
  9. daboodah

    Web client not saving resume points

    Is the web client (Chrome browser) supposed to save resume points when I stop watching a movie or TV show, say at the half-way point? For me, it doesn't seem to save stopping/resume points when I use the player via Chrome browser (regardless of machine - I've tried it from several different machines with no luck - I have not tested other browsers). Note that the web client does seem to allow resuming from resume points that were already set via other clients (for example, via Android phone or Kodi using Emby plug-in). Should this work, or am I expecting too much from the web client?
  10. Hi all, I'm using: Emby Server Version 3.0.5785.0 MB Theatre 3.0.5848.25554 I use TMT6 as an external player for BD and DVD playback. I use MPC-HC as an external player for all other media content. The "Continue watching" (resume) feature works fine for any content played back using MPC-HC but not for content played back via TMT6. My 'Resume' settings in Emby Server are as follows: Min resume %: 5 Max resume %: 95 Min resume duration: 300 I think these are the default settings. I've had this problems since I first installed MB (as was) and MBT a couple of years back. How can I troubleshoot this further? Let me know if you need me to upload logs. Many thanks
  11. Hi everyone, the issues I have is with my Sony TV BRAVIA KDL-32EX521 via DLNA. - When I pause the video and press play the files plays from beginning - When I press Fast Forward the screen goes blank - When I press Rewind the file starts from the beginning I have Serviio and used Plex before without issue. I have attached my logs let me know if you need anymore info. Start looking at log at 2016-01-05 15:38:38.8796 Emby Version 3.0.5783.0 Thanks in advance. Log_160105 sideshowdad.zip
  12. jasonwilliams

    DLNA and XBOX One Resume

    Hi There, Does anyone else have a problem when using play-to with Xbone one that it cannot resume when playback has already started. Using the Windows 8.1/10 app, it just crashes out when I select resume on playback. TIA, Jason
  13. tarnalcock

    Group users for multi sync

    Hi there, I think this may be useful for families and the like. My housemate and I watch series together but sometimes she is away or busy, so I carry on without her, and vice versa. It would be really useful if we could create a group profile, called "house" for instance. This would then be linked to our individual profiles, so when we watched together as this "user" both our individual account's play states would be updated. If I then wanted to continue alone I would use my personal profile which would not update hers or "house". So this would be a one way sync from house to each user on said group. Even better would be a two way sync but with a "resume from user_x or user_y" option. I doubt this is a hugely necessary feature but it would be nice.
  14. FR 1: Would be nice to have a list of resumable items in Kodi ?? I believe all Emby clients have this option, but I can't find any way of viewing just resumable items in Kodi. FR 2: Will chapter support be coming to the addon soon ?? This will enable starting items from a particular point, as most Emby clients do. Perhaps these are both skin related options, but I'm not sure if they are already available in Kodi or not. Perhaps something that should be included in an Emby Skin for Kodi. Thanks.
  15. I've been trying to get this to work now for a few weeks. Hate to compare to the "other" media server out there, Plex, but this resume function kinda has me scratching my head. It seems to me the way it should work, as it does on the other tool, is when say a video, be it TV, Movie, whatever, is started on the Android App or in a browser, the server should remember the spot where the video was stopped, then no matter how long it is later, I should be able to pick up right back at that same spot, aka, Resume, correct? In Emby, I start a video playing on Android, then it does indeed show up in the Resume category in the browser with the green bar indicating how much is left to view, I select Resume for playback, and without fail it goes back to the beginning of the video. I hate to sound like I'm complaining, because I truly find the convenience of either of these media server tools to be mind blowing, and Emby has some great stuff going for it over Plex, except this one thing has been bugging me, and as a supporting member of the community/tool, I'd really like to have this aspect functioning. I've attached an image of my Playback/Resume settings. Maybe I'm missing something completely obvious. If so, any thoughts? Thanks! Brandon
  16. Hi, first off extremely nice work. I have not found any really serious issues. Overview: In short, I cannot correctly; play a video, stop/resume and then stop/resume again. Detail: - Play Vid with transcoding (works perfectly) - Stop Playback after $X Minutes and then hit resume (resumes from correct position, but the time counter starts at zero again) - watch $Y more Minutes then stop playback again - now i only get the option to resume from $Y minutes, not ($X + $Y) as would be expected. Please let me know if I can provide any further info, and thanks in advance for any insights.
  17. Some files, mostly downloaded anime, can't be resumed from the Android TV app on the Nexus Player. Here's a video demonstrating it. At the end the app stopped responding and the black screen turns gray, It's not showing in the video because android itself seems to hang (I'm using adb screengrab). Pressing the home button will return me home after 5-10 seconds. Most times I have to force stop/clear data to get back into the emby app. If you want to match the time of the logs with the video, the video starts at 0:12:14 server time. Extra possibly useful info: The app was started right after I cleared all data on it. This was done on a fresh install of the server. The same behavior happens on the dev version of the server. Some files resume normally, but all anime I tried doesn't resume properly (only tried 2 animes tho). Sometimes it starts playing if I try to forward playback. The files play fine if I play from the beginning. If I don't press anything the black screen stays there "forever", the app doesn't crash and the server logs just show calls to /mediabrowser/Sessions/Playing/Progress every couple seconds Another problem with these files is that if you forward playback too fast (I do this to skip anime intros) the same behavior starts to happen. It seems to be happening if the time I skip to is not yet transcoded. Might be the same issue or it might be another one. Let me know if you need a video/logs of this. I didn't find any logs in /data/data/tv.emby.embyatv or in /sdcard so I'm assuming the Android TV app doesn't have logs yet. Attached server logs and an ffprobe of the test file I used. - Nodja 20150411 logs nexus player resume broken.zip 20150411 ffprobe resume broken file.txt
  18. AmericanCrisis

    Resume inoperative

    I'm using WMC with MPC-HC as an external player. All my media is MKV rips (not ISO). It seems that "most" of my movies don't have the resume option after I press "stop" and the movie backs out to the mediabrowser screen. Basically if I press "stop" then I have to start the movie all over again. I'm not sure if this is related (I have to do more troubleshooting) but last night I was watching a movie and I pressed stop... came back about 10 minutes later and noticed that there was no resume and that the movie had a red check mark on it (showing that it was completed?) but I had only watched about 1/4 of the movie. I went into the settings for MBC and unchecked all the boxes under "indicators". This did not get rid of the red check mark. How do I get rid of the red check mark (thinking that it will allow resume once I do).
  19. I am a little unclear on this so seeking some clarification regarding the new view in MBC. Should we always see the favourites and resume items in the view even if there are no items in them? In my case I have no favourites or resume items but I see them. If I go into them it says there are no items. Would be better not be be there until something is in them. One final question is backdrops. Is there any way to enable backdrops for each of these items using the IBN or indeed would it not be better to display random backdrops of the content of each folder? Currently the black screen is rather unimpressive. Edit: Just read the hide empty folders topic. I thought I had this checked but cannot confirm. Either way I am now using .254 so it is gone.
  20. jhs39

    Movie won't play from beginning

    I sometimes have problems with movies if there is an indication that they have partially been watched. If I open a movie in the Roku channel and get the option of Resume/Play from Beginning sometimes the movie files will not open if I choose Play from Beginning instead of Resume--the loading file screen comes up but it doesn't completely load and Media Browser goes back to the beginning Play Screen. This seems to be more of a problem with larger sized video files. I was wondering if there is a way to clear the partially played memory for a movie so Media Browser will only offer the option of playing rather than Play or Resume.
  21. v.523 (I think, downloaded yesterday) The Samsung client is marking partially watched tv content as watched. All the other clients do not seem to set the watched flag until the content is fully watched. Consequently, partially watched tv content on Samsung, does not show on tv next up (on any other clients).
  22. My request is for semi watched first episodes to be part of next up. Currently if you watched S01E01 half way through..it will not appear on next up. (next up only seems to kick in on S01E02 and later.) thanks for considering..
  23. I access MB Server 3 via my Panasonic Viera TC-P50UT50 via DLNA. No problem accessing folders or viewing movies. The issue is when I try to use the playback controls via the TV's remote control. For example, when I pause and then hit play again, the movie starts from the beginning. Funny thing is, the counter continues where the movie left off, even thugh the movie starts over. Same thing with forward, reverse, etc. Anybody else run into this and resolved?
  24. IMO it is undesirable and counter intuitive that if i start (for example) S01E03 of Modern Family, Stop half way...and close start a client (eg Roku) the next day....look at tv 'next up' (aka suggested) and see S01E04 as 'suggested' not S01E03 (with the default option of resume from where i left off) yes S01E03 is under resume...but wouldn't users prefer S01E03 under 'suggested' in preference to S01E04 so the feature request is an option (possibly the default option/or indeed just the default with no option) that resume tv content is part of next up/suggested (and resume is the default play action in clients). And of course if there is a resume episode in suggested then the next episode of the show...would not show, Im trying to think of a reason why people wouldnt want this as default..but cant... but if there were any naysayers, an option on clients to mark resume content as either complete/watched or not watched/not started) in a simple way...would probably handle them..which i think has its own feature request. although a side issue to this feature request...such client functionality (to easy manage watched status) might become more useful once a feature to sync content offline becomes available..a although a native client would presumably sync watched status on recconnection, its not 100% guaranteed that synced content would be watched using the official client? one question..if 'resume' is a subset of 'next up' then why have 'resume'..... maybe its not required... one use may be people who do not want tv shows added to next up if they haven't completely watched 1 full episode.. imo it would be better to remove resume....and add such half watched content/shows to next up...safe in the knowledge the client can tag an episode unwatched (and if its the oldest episode (S01E01), then remove the show from next up suggested entirely). thanks for considering.
  25. When I play a video from the start the subtitle is showing perfect but at resume no subtitle is showing. Even switching between subtitle doesn't help. I experienced this behavior with several versions of the server and webclients. With kind regards, Rienk Kuipers The Netherlands.
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