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  1. Hi, i would like to request a new feature for emby premium. I would like to limit my users concurrent sessions. If the same user logs in in another device the last one should be disconnected Thanks
  2. hobojoker

    Chromecast Audio support?

    Would it be possible to add support for chromecast audio with local video? Where only the audio is streamed and the video continues to play locally. Currently, if you try to send the audio through, you can't view locally anymore.
  3. In the Recent Activity pane, it shows me what my users are watching, but it's a little hard to determine if they're watching a show or a movie. Can we change it so that it shows the content type? Also, for TV shows, can we show the name of the show plus the episode title? Example: Instead of "Jimmy has started playing episode title". it would say "Jimmy started watching the TV Show: Show Name - Episode Title". Maybe the icon to the left could also change based on the content type? Movie, Music, TV, Games.
  4. Tested on Chrome and FF. 1. Login with User A 2. Close Tab 3. Login with User B 4. Homescreen of User A is shown I can imagine it's meant like that by dev team, but I see problems with parental controls. I created an own user for my son. Even when he tries to login by clicking on his account, he gets my Homeview with all the fancy horror zombie apocalyptic stuff, if I just closed tab before instead of logout. Can it be implemented, that the user session ends when the tab is closed? Log says, the right user is connected, but in Browser it's not.
  5. smidley

    Dump database to google docs?

    Me and one other person are trying to compare our libraries to see what movies we each have that the other person has. We are also trying to determine things like for the movies we both have, does the other person have it in the same quality. We both have VERY large libraries, so this is very time consuming. Right now, we go into the reports, run a report and then export it into excel. Then we run comparisons based on our reports. Here's what I think would be nice to have - A plugin for Emby server that lets you export your library list to a google doc shared spreadsheet. Both users could put in the same URL of the shared spreadsheet and their content would be listed with a field that has their name next to the items that they are listing. I know the use case for this may be somewhat limited, and if I knew how to program, I would just make this myself, but I don't. What do you guys think about something like this?
  6. Full symbolic link support would be a great addition to the emby project. At the moment they are not followed. Why would you want symbolic links? 1. This allows users to optimize their library by renaming the symbolic link to a more suitable file name where the original file needs to remain the same. 2. Allows users to have a single destination specified within a library, reduces clutter and makes file browsing easier.
  7. Hi there, Just came across your Breeze theme - by far the best I have seen - well done! I had a couple of small requests though, if it is possible to add: (Splitting them to separate threads as requested) 1) In Poster view under my movie section (just before you click into the movie detail screen you want) it shows the full write-up of the movie on the left hand side panel (the one that takes up about half the screen on the left). Would it be possible to have an option in the view menu to disable or change it to a smaller view without the description (maybe the same one you show in the coverflow? that would sit on top of the posters below). For me I would love to see a full page of my movies that I have scrolling vertically (since I have a lot) rather than half the screen taken by the description. I feel its a bit redundant on this view as you read this info on the next screen before you click play. 1a) Also on a side note to the above panel, I notice that the title in yellow is truncated about 60% of the width of the panel. Most of my titles don't fit although it looks like they would if this truncated at the end of the panel instead of about half way. It does scroll but just doesnt look right. I saw a previous request (I think that covered this) but I am still seeing it on my end. Sorry I dont have any pics to show, but hope the above is clear enough I don't know if the above is possible/easy/hard but would make Breeze the perfect theme for me! Thank you for all your assistance.
  8. Hi again, Just splitting this as a separate request from my earlier post: 2) With the trailers for the movies that automatically play in the background when you go into the detail view of a movie. Wondering if it might be possible to show this in a medium sized window in the top right corner to allow view of the backdrops while the trailer plays in the corner. Maybe allowing clicking on the window to go full screen view or access to the full view via the trailer tab? Option to change between both options would be awesome! Thanks so much
  9. I'm a big fan of Chocolate Theme since Media Browser 2. However, a feature that I've always felt was missing was to be able to link a movie's director and see all of his movies, like it happens with actors. Vanilla theme used to do this in Media Browser 2. I think this would be a great functionality to add to Chocolate Theme as well.
  10. I noticed that in list view, the blue text color that is applied to show that an episode has been watched is indistinguishable on my screen from the color that shows that an episode is missing. It would be nice if MBC could use a distinctly different text color for the missing episodes. Perhaps a dark red?
  11. Hi, I don't know if this is the future plans, but I really enjoyed the "intro plug-in" that EBR made to MB2. It made the whole experience much greater, and it amazed alot of friends. Will we see a similar plug-in later on in MB3 too? Link to the old plug-in here
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