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  1. Hi - first of all, I'd like to say a big thank you for all the work that's gone into Emby Theater. It just keeps getting better and better. My question relates to Hot Keys in the Windows Desktop version of Emby Theater. I've been following this list and have been able to get Guide, Live TV, More Info and Home working through my remote. Two that don't appear to work yet are "Navigate To Recorded TV" Ctrl + O and "Record" Ctrl + R. Am I doing something wrong, or are these just not implemented in Emby Theater yet? Many thanks, Gareth
  2. Hello All, I'm having a bit of trouble connecting remotely. I have a DDNS address set up and I was able to successfully have a remote connection using port 80 for about 6 months, but recently something changed. I was messing around with internet information services (trying to set up an FTP server) I couldn't figure IIS out so I uninstalled it and went with FileZilla where I was able to setup without a problem. However, after that when I typed my URL in a web browser it took me to some IIS website instead of Emby. So in the midst of my stupidity here is some of the troubleshooting I have done. I have forwarded port 8096 and I have set an inbound rule in windows firewall to allow connections on that port. I have combed through the firewall and I don't see anything that sticks out. I have used canyouseeme.org several times (trying to open up random ports) and still cannot get a remote connection. I have also turned wifi off on my cell and still cannot connect. I have read through the connectivity wiki page that has been posted. I have verified that all the IP's are the same via the router and the PC Emby is running on. I'm using a static IP on the machine. I am beginning to think my ISP is blocking me from external connections... Hope I'm wrong. Any pointers you experts could give would be appreciated. Attached is a log. Thank you, Guy server-63622271522.txt
  3. Sometimes there is a disconnect between what you have highlighted and what is *really* highlighted in the code behind. I haven't yet figured out what triggers them to get disconnected but it may have something to do with quickly moving between channels and/or using mouse + remote control. On that note, mouse could scroll but it couldn't select anything. This is as of the current beta (updated a few hours ago).
  4. Hi, I've switched over from MediaPortal 1.x / Argus to Emby / NextPVR. However it immediately failed the WAC test as the MCE remote had almost no functionality. I could pause live TV and unpause it but none of the buttons would rewind and the guide navigation appears to be intermittent (selection box doesn't always appear, guide just scrolls). I must be doing something wrong as there are other threads about remote control. These say that you should change it from touch to Keyboard/Mouse control, however that no longer appears to be an option. Could it be due to the NextPVR integration (I don't think I have a choice as HDHomeRun in the UK is almost non-existant)? Any suggestions? Thanks, Ian. PS. Emby otherwise sounds like the perfect solution. If the server could default to running as a service and therefore support auto-upgrade without manual effort, it would be ideal.
  5. The last couple days I noticed the Chapter skip behavior which used to skip to the next TV episode, now just skips a percentage of the show you're watching. Is this intentional? If it is can we get full episode skipping tied to the channel buttons or something? The wife is sweating me on this one.
  6. I've noticed an odd occurence with my emby server. Which is running on Ubuntu server 16.10. It seems fine for days, then suddenly you can't connect to it remotely via the app or web. It says server may be offline. Well, if I log into the server from home, it shows as being active for a week or two weeks, for example. If I try to select the remote link in the manager server window however, it won't come up. But, of course, the service shows up locally no problem. I've tried finding anything in the logs, but nothing seems out of place. I've been into my router and nothing is seemingly blocking those ports. I just am at a loss as to why the remote access decides to drop every so often. I could be watching it on break at work for days, then suddenly, it's unavailable. Any ideas where I can go with this? It seems restarting the service fixes it.
  7. FordGT90Concept

    Android TV recommended remote?

    I have a Leelbox with Amlogic S905 chip and it came with a remote that isn't satisfactory (doesn't even have a play button!). It has Emby Android TV installed and works great. Any recommendations for a third party remote to use? Specifically, I would like play, record, jump forward, jump backward, fast forward, and fast backward working. I was thinking a Logitech Harmony 650 for my main home theater then something cheaper for the other TVs (open to suggestions).
  8. Can we get profile photos next to devices in the remote control list if a user is currently lied into that device? With usernames as the fallback if no photo exists? Devices that are available for control with no current user, like DLNA, Android TV and Chromecast devices that aren't currently in use, should look like they currently do. In the screenshot below, three of the devices have users currently active on them... Four if you include My Device. Just another thing that would help admins who keep the option to control other users, just in case.
  9. Hi there, I am trying to access my Emby server from the "outside" world. To do so, I have configured the public port on my emby server instance as 8920 and left the field for the server-cert blank, hoping emby would provide its own. I did forward the port in my router. But sadly, nothing works. My browser keeps loading forever. Doing the same for the standard http-port, 8096, works like charm, however, unencrypted. I am completely new to the whole SSL thing via http, is there anything else to do, or is there a tutorial on how to get my emby server public? Thanks!
  10. grunander

    Help Connecting a new user

    Hello I'm new to this and have a fairly basic question. Can someone direct me to how to connect a remote user ? I have my brother at his house, different location trying to connect to my server. He has an emby account and I have added him as a user on my account. He is using a ROKU 3 player at his house and can see my server on his player but when trying to connect it states "Unable to connect please make sure it is running" The server is running on my end. I believe we have missed a step or i missed something on my end. Can someone direct me to instructions on how to do this ? Thanks
  11. I just upgraded finally today to mb3 from classic 2.6 which I have been running forever. mb3 on top of win7. trying to figure out a few things, but in general pretty happy with the upgrade. one thing I cannot figure out is that my back button on my standard Microsoft wmc remote (the popular peanut one) does not seem to work. it works fine inside windows media center so I don't understand why mb3 does not recognize the button. i have a very uncommon IR interface from an htpc case builder that no longer is around, but it has a diagnostic tool, and when I turn that on to see command sent, I do see that "window media center back" is being recognized, and like i said, windows media center does not have a problem with the button. is there something that I am missing that I need to config?
  12. Hi, I've built a new HTPC and put EMBY back on. My previous build I'd done something - I believe in MediaBrowser before EMBY - to allow the remote to enter letters by consecutive pressing of numbers on the number pad. I've tried in vain to find out how to turn this back on. Can anybody steer me to how this is done.
  13. Version: 3.0.5271.29451 Think this might be my first post - so thank you to all of the developers and testers for such an excellent platform. It has served us well for many years already and keeps getting better! Since the last update I have been experiencing a range of new, unexplained, behaviour with both the client and server (x64 Windows 8.1) counterparts. (This is the client / Classic Forum so will skim over the server first - ) The server functions fine once installed, but I had serious difficulty with the latest installer. It refused to complete the installation sitting at ~95% for a few minutes then appearing to be installed. However, the service would not start. I also starting to receive virus warnings from Symantec, which I have read elsewhere. Ignoring this threat, "uninstalling" and then manually deleting all traces of Media Browser I was then able to install (fresh). It may simply be the Symantec detection that was causing all issues. Classic - we have started to experience a number of different issues since the 3.0.5271.29451 (and/or since new interface if I missed any updates), as below: Remote Freezing - having played a video, upon trying to navigate the menu it appeared that Media Browser had crashed. This occurred multiple times. One time using Task Manager I noticed that MB was actually responding to the mouse (accidentally running the mouse across the screen). These freezes continue - any remote control input seems to be ignored. Can be resolved by exiting Media Browser Classic and relaunching it (though, this is difficult with a remote!) - so it isn't a crash within 8MC itself. ('Standard' MCE remote, USB RF - EMPREX Brand). I have now disabled the new interface (due to issues below) - so will confirm if this remote locking appears to be restricted to the new interface or across Media Browser completely. Other "Freezes" - again, since update media browser has started to freeze for a number of seconds before starting to respond again. Cannot reproduce reliably - ad-hoc occurrence. Normal function does return, freezes for different periods of time. New Interface - No Seek / Preview / Time Left incorrect - on the new interface the time left (I presume - right hand side) never matches the length of the video I have launched. At first I assumed it may be for the current chapter - however, when watching a children's programme with my daughter, noticed it reported a longer length than the video could be - so guess this is not related to chapters. Also unable to seek reliably - sometimes it does respond to advance/seek on the remote, but then no changes occur. A few times (mouse/keyboard/remote) it seems to only respond to presses after quite a long delay (3-20 seconds). The seek bar also does not respond. Although we like the look of the new interface, due to the above - and also, importantly some built-in MCE functionality e.g. zoom, reported elsewhere - we are not able to adopt it due to the above issues. Hopefully the above may be helpful - will try to report back any updates to above. Thanks again!
  14. Not long ago my remote EPG began to take anywhere from two to five minutes to load. All other remote options work perfectly (i.e. live tv, recorded tv, movies, music) just the EPG takes several minutes to load. Does anyone know if this an option that might need to be set correctly, or has anyone else ever experience this before?
  15. Started testing out the new Emby Theater last night, and was a little confused with the control scheme. I know this is still a work in progress, so I just wanted to clarify if I was missing something or doing something wrong. I have an Intel NUC with an IR port, and use a WMC compatible remote. I can't seem to skip a head or skip back when watching videos. Also, the play or pause button basically does nothing. Is it just that the remote functionality hasn't been fully implemented yet? Or do I need to fix something at my end?
  16. Hello, I own a domain and would like my users attend my videos online, how do I link the domain and publish remotely. ???
  17. Hi, I mostly stream from a server (internet) to my desktop computer only using the webinterface. When I go to the remote I only see one device "My device". When I open the remote on my mobile I also see only one device "My device" which refers to my mobile(?). How cool would it be if Emby adds all the browser-sessions to the device list and we can use our mobiles to control them (skip, pause, etc)? Or am I missing something and this is already possible? I'm new to Emby. With kind regards phooka IGNORE! I had a problem with the websocket connections.
  18. joostehost

    Chromecast Remote

    Hi, Please can I request that you implement a feature that can pause and play via the TV remote and chromecast. I know some apps like YouTube allows you to pause and play the video via your physical remote for the HDMI television. Thanks
  19. Hey everybody, I want to use my emby server when not at home and wanted to use it with ssl encryption. I use the standard 8096 port for non-secured access, and port 8920 for https. When I am in my local network, http://ip-of-emby-sever:8096 in the browser sends me to emby, however, https://ip-of-emby-sever:8920 doesn't, Chrome prints out that the connection is not private and does not connect to emby. In the settings of the emby server, the external WAN port is set both local and public to 8920, "Report https as external address" is checked. Am I missing something?
  20. Hello and thanks in advance for your assistance, I have tried to access my server from three locations upon install: (1) localhost browser, (2) LAN browser and (3) remote browser (I haven't installed any clients yet, still getting things fine tuned). For some reason, even though everything appears fine on the server PC's browser, some images/GUI is not appearing on my laptop which is accessing the app through the same LAN. Even more strangely, I have used TeamViewer to view the interface from a remote PC at my work and there are no problems there--only on the laptop using the app on the same local network as the Server P.C. I cannot understand this behavior because I am using the same Chrome browser with identical extensions across the board. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The first image is what I see on both the Emby Server P.C. and the remote access work P.C. The second image is what appears on my laptop which is on the same network as the Emby Server P.C.
  21. I am in the process of setting up my Harmony Ultimate Remote to control WMC & Emby. It was not obvious to setup from Logitech software so I did some research and found a post from Logitech after they had kindly added the function to the remote and software. Here is the instructions if you need them. Device type: Computer -> Media Center PC Manufacturer: Microsoft Model: Windows Media Center SE I want to thank “Bevhoward” for sending us his Windows Media Center keyboard. !!KUDOS!! I would also like to thank my colleague Cristian for creating the IR language and for adding the new device to our database. The Media Center keyboard allowed us to capture the IR codes used to send hotkeys such as “Alt+F4” to close an application directly and “Win+D” to “minimize all” to the desktop. We also captured the mouse commands and an FAQ will follow with button mapping suggestions for the mouse control. Below is a list of the newly added commands/hotkeys: (Please note that these commands may not work on all Media Center IR receivers; the commands have been tested and confirmed working with the original Microsoft IR Receiver) This forum thread is not for MCE users using Imon, Linux or other third party applications and/or IR receivers that do not use the Microsoft IR protocol. Win + - (plus or minus key) Zoom in or out. Win- Win+ Win+Up: Maximize Win+Down: Restore / Minimize Win+Left: Snap to left Win+Right: Snap to right Win+Home: Minimize / Restore all other windows Win+T: Focus the first taskbar entry Win+F: Open Windows search Win+E: Open Windows Explorer Win+Space: Peek at the desktop Win+G: Bring gadgets to the top of the Z-order Win+P: External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc) Win+M: Minimize all open windows Win+1 / Win+2 / Win+3 etc (Hotkeys for programs added to the Quicklaunch) Win+M: Minimize all open windows Win+Tab: Flip 3D Win+Shift+M: Undo all window minimization Win+Home: Minimize all but the current window Win + L: Lock the computer Win + R: Open ‘Run’ command Alt+1 / Alt+2 Alt+3 etc (Hotkeys for Video card display settings) Alt+Esc: Cycle through all open windows Alt+Tab: Switch to previous active window Alt+Enter: Display properties for the selected item Alt+Space: Pop up window menu Alt+F4: Shutdown current window Ctrl+A: Select all items in a document or window Ctrl+C: Copy the selected item Ctrl+X: Cut the selected item Ctrl+V: Paste the selected item Ctrl+Z: Undo an action Ctrl+W Closes the tabs for most web browsers Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Left Navigation through the web browser tabs Ctrl+Tab: Right Navigation though the web browser tabs Ctrl+ESC: Opens the Start menu Shift+Del: Permently deletes an item and bypasses the recycle bin Shift+F10: Opens Shortcut Menu (Some hotkeys are specifically designed for Windows 7 and may not work on other operating systems)
  22. Hi Emby Gods, I have an issue that is completely preventing me to switch to Emby as my main media server. I've had issues with streaming/transcoding while on the local network that I have solved by setting the Transcoding Quality Preference to "Auto". The bigger problem now is that 95% of the time, I am not able to stream/transcode outside of the local network. The ffmpeg will not even start transcoding at all (when whatching the task manager). All the network settings are OK since I have total access to everything from outside, only that when I start playback, I will either get nothing (video never starts) or the app will stop trying to play and give me the "Video Error: There was an error playing the video". It did work a couple times. Now, I have found out that Emby will successfully start transcoding and streaming outside of the LAN when the Transcoding Quality Prefenrece is NOT set to Auto. For certain movies, it will work with "Higher Speed", but for others, it will require "Higher Quality". It seems that "Higher Quality" gives the best results when trying to stream outside LAN but it will not work inside LAN. I will appreciate all help that you can provide. Tell me if you need any logs Thanks! 3psus
  23. So, I currently have Emby Theater installed on my HTPC in my living room, and have another machine acting as a server elsewhere in the house. I'd like to be able to use the web client or android client to remotely control Emby Theater (rather than buying a new remote for it). Unfortunately, whenever I go to the Remote section of the web client or the app, my Emby Theater machine never shows up in the list of clients that I can control. Other Web Clients show up no problem, but Emby Theater does not - even if the Emby Theater device is listed in the Active Devices section of the Server's settings page. The machine running Emby Theater is a Mac Mini running Windows 10 (most recent beta release), and Emby Theater version 3.0.5651.20234. My server is running Windows 8.1, and Emby Server version 3.0.5666.8 None of my client devices see the Theater device in the list - neither of my Android devices running the latest version of the app (2.3.53), nor running the web client, nor any of my several computers running the web client (Chrome browser). I'm not sure if this is an issue with my setup, an issue with Emby Theater in general (I know that, at least until recently, Emby Theater wasn't receiving a lot of love and had fallen a little behind in comparison to other clients). If anyone can offer any help to get things working I'd be grateful. If there are any logs that I can provide that'd be useful to debug the issue, let me know and I'll provide them.
  24. I'm trying out MB3 over Plex. The problem is simple as topic title. I cannot connect MB3 server via iOS or any remote MBT clients. Only local MBT can connect to my server. Which is installed on the same box with MB3 Server. But MBC can connect remotely within clients on same network. Also WEB Client works from any location. When I try to connect I got bunch of 404 not found errors like: 2014-05-27 00:11:42.8037 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET 2014-05-27 00:11:42.8193 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Response time: 15,6246 ms Url: 2014-05-27 00:11:42.8506 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP GET,Episode,Audio&Filters=IsResumable&Limit=1&Recursive=true&Fields=PrimaryImageAspectRatio,DateCreated,UserData,MediaStreams,Genres&format=json 2014-05-27 00:11:42.8506 Error - NotFoundHttpHandler: Request not found: /mediabrowser/users/3eff8a317d0ecf2ca565029f7516f357/items?SortBy=DatePlayed&SortOrder=Descending&IncludeItemTypes=Movie,Episode,Audio&Filters=IsResumable&Limit=1&Recursive=true&Fields=PrimaryImageAspectRatio,DateCreated,UserData,MediaStreams,Genres&format=json 2014-05-27 00:11:42.8506 Debug - HttpServer: HTTP Response 404 to Response time: 0 ms Url:,Episode,Audio&Filters=IsResumable&Limit=1&Recursive=true&Fields=PrimaryImageAspectRatio,DateCreated,UserData,MediaStreams,Genres&format=json My media, cache, images by name and metadata paths are all in remote SMB server. You can notice that host as \\west in the log files. I think this might be the problem. (Synology DS1812+ NAS) Behavior is the same both for running as a service or running as background app. By the way I'm running MBS with local user account not with Local System or Local Network. Because If I run my service with Local System account I cannot connect to password protected SMB shares. Log file attached. Any clues? I am afraid I am missing something very obvious and simple. Because this is very basic functionality and I could not find any similar problems in forums. MB3 Server Version 3.0.5238.39498 running on Mac Pro6,1 with Bootcamped Windows 8.1 x64. server-63536745600.zip
  25. I paid for this app about a year ago. it looked like a worthwhile addition so i ponied up as i have done for alot of the various parts (subscriber,paid apps & paid for themes etc) but this is brutal. I have to say it's dire (sorry) ...looks good and launches a video but that's it.The "remote" part is so poorly implemented it has never worked fully ...ever. In it's current form it is worth €0 not 4 or 5 quid mate. volume rocker doesnt work anymore play would work once that's it ...no pause. FF/REW never worked Skip FWD never worked slider never worked (if it was supposed to) No resume etc Mute on off does work. Any idea when we can expect a fully working version that was paid for? Lumia user on a 520 all updates as far as & including denim (phone is fine)(pc is fine updated y'day) Sorry bout being harsh but if you are going to charge at least make sure it is a working item. No problem paying for stuff that works!
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