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  1. Edgared

    qnap qts 4.3.3 et emby

    bonjour depuis la mise a jour qnap 4.3.3 emby ne fonctionne plus Quelqu'un a une solution ? Une mise a jour est prévue ? Merci
  2. Med44

    Upgrade from 3.0.5724.6

    Hello, I use EMBY server on my Qnap (firmware 4.2.4) My Emby current version is 3.0.5724.6 with Mono I'd like to upgrade to a new version 3.2.xxx Can you tell me if i could do this update simply? Should i backup settings ans how? Can you advise me what to do to prepare this upgrade? PS: I bought Emby Premiere to get backup Plugin but i cannot register this because the 3.0.5724 does not have Premiere section! So no Backup plugin available ! Thanx
  3. Long-ish question, *hopefully* easy answer: I recently upgraded from several external hard drives to a QNAP NAS. After testing the QNAP Emby app server performance, I preferred the old Windows-based server overall and thus the new QNAP is purely operating as the NAS, not the server (hence this forum). That being said... Similar to a question I had awhile back here, after changing my library media folders to the new NAS folders, I am again having difficulty saving metadata into local media folders (rather than in a generic "metadata" folder in the server files). When I add new content, the metadata is successfully being saved somewhere else (unknown location, log attached, tried to refresh "The Accountant" movie metadata). Not only do I instead want the metadata saved in the media folders, but wherever it's actually being saved is seemingly eating up scarce storage on my OS/server hard drive (small SSD). According to QNAP, I have enabled permissions for 'everyone' (see attached Capture #1) for my media content. Windows, however, is much more challenging as to confirming these network folder permissions. Unlike when using my external hard drives and simply assigning 'everyone' full R/W permissions through Windows Explorer and then applying these changes, Windows won't let me change these same settings for the QNAP folders, apparently giving full deference to QNAP's security settings and not allowing me to make any changes within Windows; I have navigated everywhere in the Windows folder permission settings and any changes I try simply won't stick, instead reverting to QNAP's overriding "special permissions" (see Capture #2). How do I get metadata to save directly in the media folders of the NAS? Thanks in advance for any input! server-63624863086.txt
  4. Billythefishuk74

    QNAP TS-251+ Emby stops constantly

    Hi all. I'm very new to emby. Been running plex for a long time but on first impressions Emby looks amazing. My problem is that it constantly stops responding. It has run a full scan on movies and TV shows and generated the front end but if I attempt to identify anything that is showing the wrong movie or show it just crashes and I have to kill the app and restart it. It's unusable in its current state. It's a little random too in that sometimes I can edit a couple of items before it crashes. I can't be sure but I think it's crashed a couple of times without me doing anything. I can barely get 10 minutes out of it. Even just renaming a file through file manager on the qnap has caused it to crash. I have Emby v3.1.2.0 and qmono If there are log files that might help identify the issue please can you tell me where they are? I'm gutted because it looks amazing. Any help would be massively appreciated.
  5. onehans

    Panasonic tv wont play transcoded MKV

    after struggle i found a way to play probably all video in my library via DLNA( the ones i have checked works ) i have two panasonic tv one old probably 7 years and one new just bought. profile that works for me on both tv is in transcoding tab TS, h264, mp3 it has to have option "enable M2ts mode" ON and other two off in advanced, and i removed MOV profile as well as DTS and AC3 from all profiles since they will not work on panasonic. now the problem 1. i have is that this tvs will play subtitles only on MKV container and as i said it wont play if i change TS to MKV. problem 2. is i cant pause or rewind for some reason despite trying options in advanced tab of profile and all posible combinations of MKV TS MP4 AVI my setup is QNAP 253 PRO and EMBY Version my server is on intel and im using ffmpeg binary static 3.2.2 pls help
  6. Hi there, For a while I had issues with Live TV not working first thing in the morning but then starting again later in the day. This went away and it has been very reliable until one or two releases ago when this issue returned. Originally to resolve the issue I stopped using the 64bit build on QNAP and began just using the 32bit one. This seemed to make it stable. I do not use the Emby through the store on QNAP I follow the community thread and download the latest releases as they are delivered, normally within a few days of an actual release announcement. This morning this happened again and I resolved to try and check it out after work. Of course when I did all was fine again and it was working. I accessed the HDHomerun that provides the channels to check it out and found some new channels that I decided to test. This was going okay until one of the new channels disagreed with Emby. All stopped and I had to abort the Win 10 Emby theatre app to get control back. Subsequently however the LiveTV function is not working. The work around is go into EMby and shut it down. Go into QNAP and close it. Restart Emby in Qnap. Just did this (noticed I had 3.0.6400 and 3.0.7100 is now available which it wasn't when I did the last upgrade) Did that and bingo working again. I've now damaged my own experiment by upgrading so I won't press for help but I will ask what are considered to be the best steps I can take to troubleshoot this? Should I snap daily logs or is there something else that would help if this update does not resolve.
  7. I am looking (for a friend) at a NAS with one function to store and serve videos to a Sony Android TV. At first I thought it was best to do this using a basic Netgear ReadyNAS's DLNA server. Then I thought about Kodi before realising that QNAP NAS's support Emby Server and would prefer that (I have a MediaPC running Emby and Emby for Windows Media Centre). My friend would like to spend as little as possible so I was looking at the TS-212P but I was not sure if this would be powerful enough to run Emby Server. Video will be mostly SD and 720P stuff. Can anyone share their experience with this? Or any advice on likely performance on this unit?
  8. gillmacca

    undefined season

    Running ver 3.0.6000.0 with qmono Don't know if this is an issue running under this version of qmono, or an issue in the server, but randomly, in an episode view, it will say the series name followed by undefined (instead of season and number)
  9. Gday Guys, I'm having trouble using the addon with Kodi set as Native (direct playback) in the emby plugin. I wanted to use video extras for kodi, however it doesn't support the default emby plugin setting and playback has to be set as Native. When the emby plugin is set to default, the files would play. However when I set to Native, whenever I select any file to play Kodi prompts with "This file is no longer available. Would you like to remove it from the library?" I've reset the local kodi database when switching and rebuilt several times with no joy. Kodi's running on an android box. Emby is running on a QNAP (all running fine). I can directly access and play files by browsing through kodi (videos/files/qnap/movie.ext). However when I try and go through the plugin (addon/emby/movie/movie.ext) I get the same, File no longer available. I've set path substitution on emby is /share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/Multimedia/ to \\Multimedia\ In Emby addon I initially setup as IP address as it suggested on startup. I also tried changing server to \\Multimedia\ as server name as well. However I got the same result with File no longer available, so went back to the IP address. With this not working, I returned to default plugin play and resync'ed however none of the files will play in that now either! It's returning back can't play next item in playlist. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Any suggestions?? Thanks Pete
  10. JERRY1

    Emby server qnap standby mode

    Does emby server communicate constantly with the qnap preventing it from going into standby mode ? Only app running on it is emby everything else turned off. Is there something i go do in the server to stop this ?
  11. G'day Guys, I was having some trouble re-installing Emby on my QNAP TS-453 Pro, managed to solve it after some mucking around and thought I'd let others know a work around if they get the same problem, as I didn't see much on the topic. I've had Emby running on the QNAP for a few months now (been trying to get my head around both Emby and Plex - Plex seems to be more trouble than it's worth on the backend). Haven't really had much difficulty with Emby - it's worked pretty well from day dot. The headache all started when I renamed some folders on the server and wanted to point Emby to them. Emby just won't delete the category (I had a Movies, Music, Music Videos, TV category etc). I wanted to delete the TV category. It's got a button to do it, but every time you press it, it still won't delete the category or any directories associated with it even though it said it has. So my solution was to uninstall emby, throw the latest emby on and everything should be sweet. Not the case. (And this is most likely a problem with QNAP). As my internet is bandwidth limited (end of the month), QNAP App Center refuses to load any mention of installed apps. Just times out with a limited connection. Will not show the All Apps links. So downloading Emby through QNAP App center was a no go. Downloaded the latest emby http://www.positiv-it.fr/QNAP/APP/Emby_3.0.5971.0_x86.qpkg.zip, installed and launched Emby only to get No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it <local address>:<port>" Tried uninstalling Emby and reinstalling. Still same error. Tried rebooting in between. Same error. After reading a few posts on the web, it seems QMono's the culprit. I uninstalled it, rebooted QNAP, installed the latest QMono ( (I'm sure this is the version that was there before as well). Rebooted. Downloaded Emby through App Centre (3.0.5930.0) and Emby's now ready for setup again. Bit of a long way around and maybe not the most glamorous way to get it working but it is working again. Hope this helps Pete
  12. Good afternoon, As the title says it's a pretty straightforward issue that as far as I can tell is just aesthetic and doesn't actually impact anything, I've just been trying to get rid of it myself for some time and thought I'd see if this is anything anyone else has run into in the past. Emby shows up twice on my LG TV as a DLNA source. Both work perfectly, not sure why there are two, but they are identical. If I had content, it shows up in both. I believe this happened when I updated Emby a couple of versions ago. My theory is that I did not shut down the server before updating, which may have left the old one somehow running the background? Is there a way to track down and eliminate the old one without causing issues with the up to date version, or is there something else that could be causing this. Let me know what logs I can provide to help identify the issue, I'm not really sure how to get them since I started hosting the server on my QNAP NAS instead of my Windows PC, but I'm sure I can figure it out. Thanks!
  13. Hi All, Just needing a bit of help and not sure where to look. I recently did a reformat and reloaded emby server (version 3.0.5882.0) but when I go to add media locations server cant find my NAS. The NAS is working fine, ive got mapped drives to my PC etc. When I try to input the path location of these mapped drives or even the drive directly emby just resets the screen to a blank form and continues to ask me to input an address. I am at a loss as to what to do. To add to this, I really know flip all about a lot of this stuff so am not sure where to dig a little deeper to find the problem. oh, and prior to my reformat is was all working fine! Any help would be very greatly appreciated. happy to post log files etc.. if someone can tell me where to get them! (thats how unskilled i am!)
  14. gillmacca

    QNAP slow on Amazon fire TV

    I have a QNAP TS-451+, and have installed the 64-bit standard version of emby on it. Everything seems to be fine, until I log into Amazon Fire TV (2 gen). I can select users with no problem, but after 10 mins, I am still left with default images, example, next up tv does not show the image of the show, but instead shows a default tv icon (white tv on blue background). Same with library, and movies (with default backgrounds). I get synopsis for tv shows, but when i select the episode, I just get a blank screen Not sure if the issue is with emby or the amazon fire tv. I'm sure the QNAP is fast enough
  15. Seem a bit confused with my new server, previous one was ReadyNAS NV+, which was easy to set-up. Just got myself a QNAP TS-451+. Disk 1(which is ssd), that will contain the QNAP OS, Emby, and some other apps. Disk 2 will be for TV Disk 3 for Movies Disk 4 for everything else I want to use maximum storage space, no redundancy (everything is backup up to external hard drives). If for example, the tv Hard drive fails, I want to be able to take it out, put a new hard drive it, and restore from my backup. At the moment, I only have the 2 hard drives (3rd one coming tomorrow) Under storage space, it says static single volumes, and then lists my HD's, but if I select manage, it mentions raid group 1 Is this set up correctly, for what I want? If not, how should I be setting it up (step-by-step guide, if possible) Thanks for your help
  16. I have a QNAP TS-451+ being delivered today, and it has 'Virtualization Station' which allows installation of other OS's. I want to install windows, due to some software I want to run on the QNAP, and was wondering which I should install - windows 10 or windows server 2012 (and which edition), or does it not really make any difference Thanks for your help
  17. gillmacca

    Migrating to QNAP

    I have just got myself a QNAP TS-451+, and have installed emby on it. How do I transfer ibn over to the QNAP. I can't seem to find how to access where emby is installed Thanks for your help
  18. Now, when Emby runs, Mono eats almost 2Gb of my server memory?!? And the responsiveness of Emby is not good... Take a look at this: Initially, everything is calm, CPU activity is low. Then I click on the matrix icon to choose a different view (the first peak). I select Poster Card View and all hell breaks loose! Mono eats all available memory in my server, and my browser loops into some cycles that makes my client PC (Windows 10) use more 60% CPU just waiting for the server!! Is the Emby front end coded in JSON or Java Script? What on earth is the browser doing? There should be no need for the browser to do anything while waiting for the server to finish!? Guess how long time Emby used before finally managing to refresh the screen in the new Poster card view? 98 seconds!!! That’s almost two minutes!! Is it the .NET library that should be blamed? I did the same test using the same library running on the same server (QNAP HS-251+ with 2Gb RAM and 4TB RAID0 6Mb/s HDD) first with Kodi that used 38 seconds to switch from Album view to Artist view – also fairly poor but not nearly as bad as Emby. Then I did the test with Logitech Media Server 7.9 who used 6 seconds to switch from artist view to album view. That’s actually quite good. But LMS has been abandoned by Logitech and is now without support and no further development, so I’m looking for a replacement. Emby was recommended to me a week ago. I'm now close to give up. I still hope that this is because I'm doing something wrong with the Emby/Mono combo? Surely, developers must have tested the scalability of Emby? Please persuade me to stay a while longer.... :-)
  19. msavazzi

    Issue with update - dashboard

    Team, sorry to bother but I just installed Emby following the intructioins on the website on my QNAP and on the dashboard I do get: Version 3.0.5724.6 Emby Server is up to date A new version of Emby Server is available! Version 3.0.5786.0 is now available for download. Update Now Please shutdown the server and update manually. The problem is that if I follow the link it sends me back to the instructions to install the QPKG (as I did)!!!! So how do I upgrade? M
  20. msavazzi

    issue with path substitute

    Team I have an issue. I'm testing emby with Kodi, direct folder access. On the qnap all files are in the library with the usual:​ /share/MD0_DATA/Video/... I have mapped it to a disk v:\ In Path Substitute I put in the first line the path of the QNAP and in the second the v:\ but when I press + nothing happens
  21. breezytm

    Emby Server on QNap

    Forums: http://forum.cachem.fr/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1562&sid=fe2adaf885a2c6d9237d086b7d8caf03 http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=320&t=109476&p=477944#p477944 credit: QoolBox QNAP_Stephane
  22. Hardware Setup QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G QMono Emby Server v3.0.5781.2 (v1.51119) Xbox One Client: Android App The Issues After a fresh boot of the Emby server and Android app, I can select my Xbox One as a DLNA device, and play a movie. Shortly after the movie starts, it no longer shows as "Currently Playing", and my Xbox is no longer listed as an available DLNA device. The movie keeps playing, but I lose my remote controls. The Chrome client also shows that nothing is playing, and there is no Xbox One DLNA device. When I'm done watching my movie I have to reboot the Emby Server on the QNAP to get my Xbox back. I bought this QNAP specifically for my Emby Server. Over the last couple days I have been really happy with how Emby works, aside from this issue. If we can get this worked out I'll be happy to become a lifetime Emby Premier supporter. PS - I'm also using Media Center Master which seems like a really great pair with Emby. I hope these products continue to play nicely together.
  23. davideps

    Emby on QNAP TS-131

    Hello, I am new to NAS devices and just setup a QNAP TS-131 at home. I would like to install Emby in order to use the device with my Roku box. From the Emby download instructions, I need to first install Mono 3.1 or 4.0. This is not available as an add-on through the interface of the device. Moreover, the only version of Mono I see ready for use from QNAP is version 2.1 and compiled for x86. My device has an ARM processor. I would appreciate any pointers as to how to proceed. Thank you. -david
  24. Hi all, I really like your project, and was wondering if your server application is comming for embedded systems such as QNAP Nas? I have a QNAP TS-870 Pro and would love to do tests for you
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