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  1. archangelz

    Amazon Cloud Drive Plugin

    Amazon just released an unlimited cloud storage option for $59.99. Right now it is the most attractive storage option and syncing a large multi-terabyte library should be possible. Google Drive currently limits users to 1TB/user. Google drive plugin currently works fine, but Amazon would be a great addition! http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=176060&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2028891
  2. Can we have .cue support added for Sega CD, please? The server is picking up the .bin files just fine but Sega CD requires the cue for games that contain tracks such as .wav, .mp3 etc.
  3. Strontium_99

    Email plugin won't send notifications

    Hi there all, I'm running Emby server version 3.0.5934.0 on WIndows 10 Pro, and Email Notification plugin 3.0.5810.33617. I've got my Notifications setup to use Email and they are enabled, but it seems very hit and miss, mostly miss, actually sending out notification emails for EG. adding new content. I know Emby is finding the new content because if I'm login via Chrome I get the desktop notifications. The Email plugin is setup correctly and I can send a test notification every time without fail. I've tried uninstalling the plugin a number of times, reinstalling Emby and restarted the server loads of times too. But I'm lucky if I get 1 successful notification sent. Any ideas please? Thanks.
  4. For me, SoundCloud is one of my favorite sources for music content. I love digging through its content and following connections between SoundCloud users. Having this content available within Emby would allow accessing it even from situations where you got nothing more than a remote control at hand. The existing SoundCloud channel plugin apppeared to be of rather low value to me. Personal information (with login) was limited to playlists and the implementation was subject to quite a few bugs and issues and hasn't been updated to accomodate the API changes at SoundCloud. At this point I decided to update and extend the existing code a bit --- and ended up with an almost complete re-write. In the following posts I'll describe what's new...
  5. robello84

    2 server in 2 plugin

    Hi guys, i'm ex plex user, i've changed because i trust in emby and developement. I have one question. i read in forum, for now it's impossible to use 2 remote server on same account. It's possible to clone plugin on kodi and use other server? 1 for example FILM 2 for Exaple TVSHOWS Thank you
  6. computerprep

    Ebook metadata fetcher?

    So I wish I had the time or pre-existing skills to write a plugin here. I know several languages, but alas... nobody wants my life story. My hope is that someone already involved in plugin development or development in the main server will be inspired by this idea. If Ebooks can be "identified" through Emby with their ISBN, I can logically see a plugin/feature of Emby that would take the following information, generate the appropriate URL, parse the URL for a specific div, and copy the contents of that div into various metadata fields. For instance... The Book Thief by Markus Zusak... BOOK OVERVIEW (see attached screenshot) http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/book-thief-markus-zusak?ean=9780375842207 URL format: "http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/" + full-title + author-first-last + "?ean=" + isbn13 Inside this page, copy contents of div.overview-desc, stripping out the h2 tags and their contents note: isbn13 from above is stripped of hyphens BOOK COVER IMAGE http://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/9780375842207.jpg simple url format: "http://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/" + isbn-13 + ".jpg" note: isbn13 from above is stripped of hyphens ------------------------------------ Of course, this may need to be built into Emby Server in order to integrate the "identify" feature as seen in movies, television, etc. But the ISBN could always be manually input into the "website" part of the metadata, or the "comic vine volume id" since these ebooks aren't going to be in their database. This process can be duplicated for other information as well... Star ratings (see attached screenshot), reviews, and most other sites. As long as those sites are database driven, we can find that pattern. I'd love to help, but time is in short supply.
  7. Hi, @@snazy2000. Trying to add a studio to my tv side and everytime I hit add I'm greeted with this. Wondering if anyone else is seeing this. I'm on Server 3.0.5886 and plugin is 3.0.5882.25170
  8. HPBirkeland

    Can not play video in Kodi (and a bit more)

    I have a setup with a pc running Emby media server and all my media (movies, tv shows and music videos are relevant for this question) on the local hard drive, and a laptop with Kodi and the Emby for Kodi addon. All video files are coded in H264. I have set up path substitution for all main folders like this: From To /home/hpb/Videoklipp/Filmer //Programbank/Videoklipp/Filmer The machine name is Programbank. When I use the Emby web interface on the laptop everything works as expected, but I have some issues in Kodi. Of all my 29 movies, Kodi will only play one. It will not play any music videos or any of the few TV episodes it sees. All music plays fine. A while after I have tried to play the following message pops up: --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- I have a log file from a session where I do the following steps: -Start Kodi -Try to play a music video (ABBA - Fernando) -Try to play a movie (About A Boy) -Play the only movie that will play (Flåklypa Grand Prix) -Try to play a TV show episode (The Thorn Birds ep 1) -Exit Kodi Log file: http://pastebin.com/Zqt2BnwK Does anybody understand what is wrong here and how I can fix it? I have searched the forum for solutions and have found several similiar threads, but none with my exact problem and none of the suggestions have helped me. Also, about TV shows. It seems like Kodi can't see episodes that are in season folders. Can this be right? According to the wiki I should be able to use season folders: http://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files/TV_shows
  9. Sammy

    Playon Plugin

    I just got a Lifetime Playon Subscription. I have set up several channels in Playon, in addition to those that do not need to have a log in. Playback works fine through Playon but through the plugin on Emby, it plays sporadically or not at all. It seems to work better in the mobile app than in the web player or in WMC, both of which I haven't got it to play at all. I select the internal player in the mobile app for simplicity. In the web player I get nothing and in WMC I have MPC-HC set as the external player whereupon it opens but nothing happens. I have to use Task Manager to kill the MPC-HC task because I loose all controls via keyboard, mouse or remote, even though it isn't showing as non-responsive. Any help?
  10. wayneward

    rotten tomatoes plugin not working

    Purchased premium for a month just t test rotten tomatoes plugin installed the plugin and i get no rotten tomatoes reviews just a few dotted here and there ive tried rebooting the server but nothing. would it show on every movie? or just random ones?
  11. kuebs

    Square Question - Folders

    I like the old way of presenting your media, where the folders where you had content sorted was the view you saw when you entered EMBY. So for example, I have Videos, TV, Movies, Music Videos and Children. That is what I want to see when I go into EMBY and when I go into my Movies view. However, I am seeing something different both when I start EMBY and when I go into Movies. the Movies one is more bothersome as I just want the list of my movies at that point, but it sorts them by putting folders with Genre, Collections, and two other folders. I can't seem to undo this.
  12. Sorry I just can't find how to narrow the list of Users into Admins only... I only want to Notify the admin accounts in their inboxes that my plugin did something. I am using IUserManager Interface to get user data.
  13. tired dad

    No update for plugin?

    Hello, I was away for a few weeks and haven't had time to look at Kodi, but now that I have, I see my version is 1.1.13 while I see forum posts for at least up to 1.1.38. I have auto-update on, and I see Kodi checking, but nothing is downloaded, or installed, or changed. Has anyone else had this issue?
  14. When building a notification class what is the URL parameter supposed to be when sending notification to each user? Await notify.AddNotification(New Notification With { .Date = DateTime.Now, .Description = des, .Id = userId, .IsRead = False, .Level = New NotificationLevel = level, .Name = "Vera Home Automation Scene Notification", .Url = {RIGHT HERE PLEASE!!}, .UserId = userId }, CancellationToken.None) Thank you in advance! Ben
  15. With all features enabled like actor pics, chapter pics, Coverart Plugin, there's a whole bunch of images created that let decrease the storage space on the drive where Emby is located. After trying out different styles with the Coverart plugin, I recognized that all the picture styles (when generated one time) are stored somewhere, even if they aren't used anymore. Is there an option to delete not used pictures created by the Coverart-Plugin?
  16. Hello, Longtime Plex and Kodi user trying to implement Emby as a hopefully much better database manager for Kodi (currently using MySQL). Right at the moment, I'm trying to find the Trakt plugin, when I browse to plugins > catalog, I can't seem to find Trakt anywhere in the list even though it's listed as a popular plugin in the wiki. I've rebooted, restarted and shook my monitor to no avail, which section should it be in? Thanks for any and all help.
  17. Happy2Play

    Coverart Resorce not found

    There doesn't appear to be an aac overlay. 2015-08-23 19:16:36.5877 Error - CoverArt: Resource not found: codec_aac 2015-08-23 19:16:36.5877 Warn - CoverArt: CoverArt - Undefined overlay type: codec_aac v4.0.8.8
  18. Blueeyiz702

    Soundcloud Issue( Nothing Showing Up)

    Soundcloud is not showing any content.No playlist or or any other content has showed up in 2 or 3 days..I have active account .this is after ive let it sit for 20 minutes to see if content shows.Hot and latest not showing either.
  19. Blueeyiz702


    Ive been having ongoing problem with beeg.its not showing any video even after uninstall and reinstall,is there problem with plugin or does it just take long time for video's to show up?
  20. Blueeyiz702

    WWE Plugin

    I noticed on Kodi there is a plugin that recently was released called WWEN,Im wondering is there a way to develope something similar for Emby based off this? The only requirement is having a membership to the WWE network,and from what i read it works very well.Just thought id throw the idea out there for you developers,if i had the skill and knowledge it takes id do it,but i dont.So maybe someone might pick up on idea and run with it thanks.
  21. Hi, I saw somewhere on the community tracker a request for a plugin which decompresses compressed files. I don't know exactly why it's needed.. ... and if the lead Developers ask me to cease the further development of such a plugin I will gladly I think the bottom line is that it may not necessarily be something that will find it's way into the catalog, but I'll post it here in case you find it useful. Pretty much I built my Auto-Organizer Helper app into an emby plugin. Same basic outline: Tell it where you are keeping said compressed files, and where you want them to go after they are decompressed. I have put together a simple folder monitor, to make it automated. How exciting! Note: This doesn't Auto-Organize your files into your library, it just decompresses them and moves them into your Auto-Organize Folder. What I will add in future versions for sure: 1. Trigger Auto-Organize Task after success decompression of files into Auto-Organize Folder. What I would like to add: 2. I'd like to move physical Files around drives eventually. When a drive is getting full... be able to move entire TV Series into a more suitable drive location. 3. Perhaps.... Maybe... Sort Movies I think it works pretty well. I just finished it, and it isn't test to perfection . Let me know if you want certain abilities added or whatever. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46151346/Advanced%20Organize/SampleProject/bin/Debug/AdvancedFileSystemOrganizer.rar
  22. Hi, I have noticed that Movie Video Themes and TV Video Theme Plugins are not using madvr, EVR or other video render improving tools embedded into EMBY theather. Therefore, the background video is kinda segmented. @@radeon, I love your plugins, they make mbt look incredible, I would like to see them use existing video render improvement (users configuration) While at it, Here is some other feedback: I would like to be in more control with your plugins, here is a sample suggestion: So basically a list of all my items, where on the right hand side of each item status and buttons, like: theme available for download, no theme, same theme with server, server has a newer theme ...etc And on the top, preferences and batch actions, like do not download new themes, or button for download all new available themes ...etc also can you allow for multiple themes at the server, so we can maybe select the one we like? Best
  23. I installed the WMC plugin in Emby Theater, and launching WMC is pretty seamless. However, when I exit WMC to go back to Emby Theater, for some reason Emby Theater is no longer full screen and I have no control with my remote. I have to use my bluetooth keyboard. I searched for other topics like this and couldn't find anything. Is anyone else having this issue? I'm running: emby theater - 3.0.5531.26414 emby server - 3.0.5518.7 on windows 7
  24. Hey guys, I know this has been brought up many times... But think it could be a very cool addition to our plugin catalog. Here is my idea... Have a separate PC running a client (of some sort, maybe MBPosters could be its own client) and have it only display posters. The display could be hung portrait style in a media room, hallway, etc. While no media is being played (on a specific client), the posters would display. When a movie starts, the server sends a command to the MBPoster plugin/client to stop displaying posters. Ideally, the display would possibly go into standby, conserving electricity. The configuration could have a number of options like, which folders to randomly display posters from, or the option to stop displaying on playback. Also, for those who have custom covers like myself, maybe the plugin could create a list of your movies, and basically bounce a title off of MoviePosterDatabase and display the titles movie poster. Not sure how difficult it would be, but maybe the plugin could use a secondary display, that way one wouldn't need a separate PC to run. Not trying to steal anyones thunder, just noticed we didn't have a feature request for this in the new forum. I also wanted to run it by you guys first... Feel free to move it, couldn't find a "Plugin Idea" area in the forum. I think maybe we should create one. Thoughts?
  25. smailpouri

    Where do I find the trakt.tv settings ?

    Hello, New to Emby (long time plex user), I've been looking for the trakt.tv settings but I can't find them anywhere. Do i have to download a plugin ? if yes where ? I didn't find the plugin in the plugin section either. What Am I missing ? OSX server, the EMBY version is from yesterday so I'm assuming is the latest one. Cheers.
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