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  1. This issue has been happening more and more for me. I will go to start a video that i have had working in the past and it gives me " Playback Error, no compatible streams are currently available". If i were to back out of the video then go back in sometimes the video would fire up after a few attempts. Last week I was out of state on vacation and I went to watch a movie from my hotel and got the error. It would not fire up after several re attempts. So I remotely accessed my network to check on the files. movie is still there and would play outside of the web app on the machine I remoted into. I dragged it out of its sorting folder and EMBY saw it as a new file, and then would play it with no issues. All the files and folders haven't changed over the course of time but now most will not play back unless they had been added recently or i drag them out of their containing folders. Any thoughts or ideas here? I have scanned the library a few times next I'm going to un-sync and re-sync folder. Running on "Version" Is there someone i can just pm the log to? don't want my server login address on display.
  2. Hi, Playback on individual devices works great but I have a problem when using several at once. The video starts as it should and runs smoothly. Any devices that are currently playing is affected. When I start or stop a video on the 2nd or 3rd device all of the other devices screens will go black for a second or 2. It only happens at start or stop, not on pause or seek. I've tried on a mobile phone, 2 desktops, a laptop and a raspberry pi and they all are affected. The problem occurs when using addon mode or direct paths and also occurs when direct playing or transcoding. It does not happen when using an external player like mpc-hc which leads me to believe it's something updating in Kodi to sync with emby's watched list. Any insights would be appreciated.
  3. Howdy all, During the last two weeks whenever i go to hit play after pausing a media item i get the error: Video Error There was an error playing the video I do not have any VPN services running, ever. It's been occurring for the past few weeks. I changed from the stable release to the beta and the problem still persisted. I have tried firefox and it happened there also. Actually, firefox seems to be worse as i cant seem to resume any films, or start them without the same error. Other users in my household are not experiencing the same problem. Another user reported this problem also: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/35722-video-error-after-resuming-video/?p=342850 thanks for the help/additional info
  4. Using Windows 10 Chrome Version 52.0.2743.82 m I get an error " Video Error There was an Error Playing The Video" when selecting an episode on Emby version 3.0.6020.0. This started happening whin I upgraded to 3.0.6000.0. The episode plays fine with VLC. I'm attaching the most recent logs generated when the error happened. Any help is appreciated. server-63605542281.txt remux-f4a18ad3-a2ba-416d-9951-425183925725.txt
  5. Hi, Lately I have been receiving an error when ever I go to resume a video (After pausing the video...not closing the video). I get the Error: Video Error There was an error playing the video. When this error appears, it instantly restarts the video from the start. Using the seek bar to get back to where I was at can sometime make this error re-appear. I have found closing the browser to be a temporary fix. I have provided the 3 most recent log files and a screenshot. Chrome 51.0.2704.79 m Thanks. Server-63601027199.txt Remux-941013a4-2ee7-4735-838c-33c860684fc0.txt Remux-0f753049-f032-45fd-b661-ff5d0d8f8fbe.txt
  6. Problem: When trying to play a Movie with a TrueHD (8-chan) track (which the server selects by default if available), playback fails. Specifics: On Chrome, this results in "Video Error: there was an error playing the video". On iOS (AirPlay or not), playback just hangs and won't play. On Edge browser, just hangs and won't play. I know of at least 2 different movies in my library that have TrueHD audio, and this problem is persistent. I have had this problem on iOS since release but I don't know for the browsers. I'll attach logs. Is there a way to tell the server not to use TrueHD tracks? This would be useful before this issue gets sorted out. Not used to reporting bugs yet, tell me if more info is needed server-63586379399.txt transcode-cb016c43-8309-45a3-b904-5eaf2082e553.txt
  7. Hi, I have a problem playing livetv content on Android application. I get the following message: Playback error. There was an error processing the request. Please try again. Playing of livetv from my emby server works just fine when I use Chrome browser in Windows or in Linux. I've attached log from the Android client app and the server logs. c0431e09-3040-43f6-a5e1-4005687815a71.log server_logs.zip
  8. I recently installed Emby and use it with a SiliconDust HDHomerun Prime 3-tuner device (with cablecard support) on on a LAN in my home. I have subscribed to Schedules Direct and everything seems to be set up properly. I recorded a couple of 30-minute live TV show using a Roku 3 (not a stick, but one with Ethernet cable). These recorded correctly and I was able to play them back on the Roku that was used to record them. They also played back properly from a second Roku 3 that is used with another TV. Both worked flawlessly. I could see the recorded shows in a folder and the artwork and descriptions displayed correctly. I was able to pause, continue, fast forward, rewind, etc. Everything working as it should. I then tried to play back the programs on an Amazon Fire TV. The Fire TV generates the following error: Video playback error. Server inaccessible. The recorded content will not play back at all. The Emby server IS accessible because I can play live TV channels and movies with no problem on the Fire TV. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it? From what I've seen so far, the Roku 3 is a far more versatile and flexible streaming player than the Fire TV. The biggest advantage of the Fire TV over the Roku is that you can sideload Android Apps. The Roku is not Android based, so you are limited to the Apps they provide.
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