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  1. ywecur

    Users have 2 Passwords?

    When I invite someone to my server and they link their emby connect account the password from their emby connect isn't the same as the one on the server. In fact, if they set no password on the server ANYONE can log into their account without any password and access all media on the server! Is this expected behavior? Seems completely insane to me! Why do I have to set passwords for users who already have passwords for their emby connect accounts? Is there a way to disable login without access to their emby connect account?
  2. Stuke00

    Roku beta password issues

    I am completely new to Emby, and I am checking it out with the new Roku beta client. I setup my account with a password and an easy access PIN. I could not get the PIN to work on the new Roku beta client, it kept prompting me for my password. Since that was such a pain to enter in my password each time, I went on the server and "reset it" and did not set a new one. The Roku beta client however keeps prompting me for a password. I am able to authenticate by leaving it blank and just hitting enter. It seems the Roku client does not realize I no longer have a password initially because it brings up the password prompt. So there are a couple follow up questions I have. One, how do I get the PIN to work? The Roku is on my local network. Two, what is stopping someone from manually entering in my server IP and logging in to any one of my users? I have 5 users created currently, do they all need passwords? Thanks!
  3. hi all, hope this is the right place. i am running emby-server- (doesnt matter, happened on more than one version) using pkg on a freenas-9.10 server. i noticed that when i set a password for a user using the webinterface i get access to another field for local network login offering easy-pin-access stuff. nice. if i check the box for that it works as intended. if i disable the password for the user again by updating it to an empty one the field for local pin access goes away but is still active. meaning that i still see a little lock symbol next to the user on my fire-tv and need to enter the easy-access-pin to login. since i disabled the password i'd expected that all login restrictions would be gone now. if you feel like this is a valid point please look into that. thanks for making a great tool & product! edit: solved
  4. hi my emby server has updated itself to Version today and now if i creat a new user and then give them a password it says (Invalid username or password. Please try again.) but this is a new user account and a new password and it has just started today after the update please help
  5. thatoneguy99

    Use Emby connect as password

    Hello everyone. It's thatoneguy99 back with another seemingly easy problem that I can't figure out. Long story short I have finally figured out nginx and reverse proxy. I have it setup for domain/emby. It works great... Now I have users that are connected through my server with Emby connect. If I go to my URL (domain/emby) I can log in as those users without having to enter a password. What I would like to do is only grant access to those users once they have signe in with their Emby connect information. I don't want them to have to create a password, I just want them to be able to use their Emby connect criteria. I don't want anyone without an Emby connect account, in which I have added that Emby connect account to my server. I don't want to hide this user from the log in screen either. Is this possible? Am I explaining it clearly? How do I lock down these user accounts, without making them create a password from within Emby, and letting them use their Emby connect account as their login? Anyone else that should happen to stumble across the server should have to either create an Emby connect account, or know the Emby connect login information of a user I already granted access to... Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  6. The Roku Emby app needs to be able to remember the password once logged into. Its very annoying to have to put login info in all the time. So annoying in fact that I use a separate DLNA app that a password is not required. I like the app but its just annoying to constantly entering password especially when the Roku does not have a keyboard. Please allow the Roku app to remember password and logins, Thanks!
  7. Hi, maybe a silly question but is there a way to have a password only for remote access (either via android tablet or windows laptop) that then doesn't require local users to input as well? TIA and sorry if I am missing something simple in the server setup area. Brad
  8. llygoden

    Password Issue

    ​Hi All, I discovered today when setting up my brother in laws Amazon Fire Stick that if the users password has the £ symbol in it you receive a message that the Username/Password is invalid. Changing the users password to not include the £ symbol allows the user access. I reset the users password before changing it to not include the £ so definitely knew I was entering the correct password. Other symbols seem to be ok, tested with ! and $ This only seems to be an issue on the Amazon device as the user could log in via a web browser and the Android application. Just thought I'd let you know, as it was a pain. Regards, Llygoden
  9. allison.proudfoot

    password reset

    I cannot get my password to reset. I am able to get the page that comes up and gives you your link & pin. However, when I open the link I am redirected to the page where you enter the pin but only for a spilt second, it then redirects me to the log in page where it asks for user name and password. It won't let me stay on the pin page long enough to enter the pin. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't work. I think i have the latest version 3.05781.1. I have tired using firefox and chrome.
  10. I think I solved the Emby and Kodi Master Lock issue. At least, it has worked for me since June 28, 2015 with no apparent negative impacts. CAUTION/DISCLAIMER: This worked for me on a networked dual server source/multiple client setting. I cannot guarantee it will work for your specific set up. Here is a step-by-step of what I did, and some tips and pointers I learned; I am doing it from memory a week after the fact, so I hope I didn't forget anything. Please feel free to shoot anything down if you wish. My whole reason for doing this was to have multiple profiles that were protected by passwords (one for the master user, one for parents) and multiple profiles without protection, but restricted in Emby, for the kids Set up your first profile in Kodi, including your skin settings. This will be the master user profile. Install the Emby plug-in and restart Kodi, and then scan your library Exit the program once the scan is done. Do NOT enable Masterlock yet! Create the other profiles you want, but for each one, choose the media info to be separate and the sources to be the same. When I kept the media info the same, the child profile I created for my son could see the poster for each movie, but not play them. I wanted the posters to be out of the way altogether. You may want to set all of your settings before cloning your profiles. I did not and it was painful later on because I was adding and removing the same sources over and over to create the menus the way I wanted. Let Emby scan the library for each user Exit the program. Install a dummy sources.xml file in the master user folder. Here's the file I used: <sources> <programs> <default pathversion="1"></default> </programs> <video> <default pathversion="1"></default> <source> <name>dummy one</name> <path pathversion="1">smb://kore/dummy new/</path> <allowsharing>true</allowsharing> </source> <source> <name>dummy two</name> <path pathversion="1">smb://kore/dummy viewed/</path> <allowsharing>true</allowsharing> </source> </video> <music> <default pathversion="1"></default> </music> <pictures> <default pathversion="1"></default> </pictures> <files> <default pathversion="1"></default> </files> </sources> Here is the most important part of the sources file that worked for me: I needed two dummy sources. Each time I used only one, it never worked. Don't ask me why, I do not know. You do not need to have any real paths in the file. If you do, Kodi will actually scan those paths and if your skin shows library totals, it will be off because of double-counted movies. Create symbolic links to the file for the other profile folders, or create copies. Either way works. Start Kodi and log in as the Master User Enable the Master Lock Exit the program Log in as another user and you should be able to see your movies. All Emby movies will be under the "Movies" section of your skin, and not under Videos. You can set lock codes for other users as well, or leave them blank. Hints and tips: If I had to do it all over again, I would set all settings first and then clone the profiles. Before cloning, I would remove “videos” from the shortcuts, and the ability to add sources: I also removed the parent folder visibility because clicking on that in the skin would kick me right out of my customized menu and into the "Video" part of Kodi. It's also a good idea to add sources to various movie collections (if needed) for all your movies at once, and then clone. The reason for this is that it is easier to add everything and remove them from the custom skin shortcuts for your cloned profiles (one action, "delete") than to add a new shortcut ("add a button", "choose a shortcut", "browse to source", "add source"). Here's what mine looks like: I hope that helps some other users out there. As a Dad, it's important for me to keep the parent movies away from my kids, and I like to have two separate locked accounts so one can act like the admin. If you have any questions, let me know. I can't promise a quick response, but I'll try.
  11. hedgehogg

    Don't want Password

    For about a month now EMC is asking for a password - This was never needed before. Having to grab the keyboard everytime is getting tedious as it goes back to the login screen after a film - Is there a tweak I can do and what changed ? EDIT; Emby Theatre and the server don't ask for a PW so this is EMC specific. Also tried in different themes no change
  12. I would like to use strong passwords for exposing my server to the internet for mobile clients, but I also want to support the 10 foot experience at home, where I like to use a 4 digit password for parents' content and no password for kids' content. Is there any chance of a feature to support this scenario? Basically, I'd like 2 passwords per user where the strong passwords are required for all clients except whitelisted clients (my TV), which would accept the weak passwords.
  13. I'm trying version 590 and I noticed that on the manual login page at least the password field is clear text. So when you type a password, is visible to anyone in the room. Would it be possible to hide the typed characters like in a regular password field where they are replaced with stars? Thanks
  14. Upon launching the EMBY Android app, after about 30 seconds I get a list of servers attached to my EMBY Connect account. However, when I click on one of them to connect I'm taken to a user screen which contains EMBY user accounts not connected using EMBY Connect. If I go back to my server list, I scroll to the bottom I'm asked to "Sign in with Emby Connect". Just a guess but it appears my EMBY Connect ID is being used in order to display the servers connected to the account but it needs to be entered again to use it to connect to one of the servers? Is the server list "cached" from a prior log in? Also, maybe I missed this somewhere but in the new EMBY android app is there an option to save the EMBY Connect ID and/or Password? I logged into the EMBY Android app yesterday using EMBY Connect, however, after closing the app it is again giving me my server list upon first launch but I need to scroll down to the bottom and re-enter my EMBY Connect ID and Password. Then upon entering the EMBY Connect ID and password I am returned back to my list of servers, where upon I select the same server and now I'm taken to my list of media, obviously bypassing the "select user" screen. Is normal behavior? I think an "easy" resolution would be to allow the user to select the option allow the app to save their EMBY Connect ID and/or Password which the app checks for first prior to bringing up a list of servers. If the EMBY Connect ID and password are stored then when the user selects a server to connect it launches them into their user profile on EMBY. If I'm doing something unusual, please let me know what I should be doing instead. Thanks!
  15. OK, so I have been having password problems since I set up my server last night. I orginally set up a server with my username "BeeGee" and I used my same password I used for this forum. I also set up a new user today and used the same password. I have had many problems trying to sign into my server because it will not except my password but have found an easy way out of using it by just clicking on the avatar. I really did not want to bother anyone about this but when I opened my kodi it wanted my password for "BeeGee" and when I enetered it I got an error message that I tried too many times. Earlier I did tick on "Forgot my Password" but I have checked my email and nothing from emby. Can anyone help please? Thank You BG
  16. Hey Guys, In Emby For Kodi i can setup a password for my samba share to provide direct stream. Is this also possible in emby for Fire TV? For kodi I used following path substitution and it worked just fine: /media -> smb://user:password@@nas.home/videos I know it's not the common one but it worked. Is there a possible workaround for kodi available? Thanks your!
  17. coudy

    Can't login after upgrade

    Hi, after upgrade from mediabrowser to emby (3.0.5621.4), I can't login. In mediabrowser I had user name mediabrowser without password. Now in emby I can't log in. I have tried emby,mediabrowser,admin, with password, without password. How to manually add admin account ?
  18. Hii all! The title is my question .... could that be possible? If we disable the access to the settings page, our users cant change the default password we generate. For any help i'll be very happy Kind regards, Fino
  19. RedStripe

    Cannot set password

    Just updated server to Version 3.0.5518.7 Attempted to set password on the Preferences->Profile screen and the Dashboard->Users<username>->Password screen. Password does not include any special characters Cannot set password. Receive message "Invalid user or password entered." Thanks, RedStripe
  20. Hello. Does anybody know why my forum password and username won't allow me to login to the website? I tried to register (just in case I had to), and it said the email and username already existed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  21. I'd like to redefine the meaning of local network to include one remote location/ip address so that the Roku at my cabin won't need to login with a password, but from other external locations a user/password would be necessary. How is the local network defined? Can I add the static ip of my cabin router somewhere in a config file? I understand how to set up a password for users not on the local network, and I'd like to apply that security, but I (and other users) really don't want to have to enter in a password every time I start up the Roku at the cabin/the channel updates... I suppose there are a couple of other options. but redefining local network to also include the remote ip is the best solution I can think of. I have set up a VPN from router to router, but then the big drawback all my non Media Browser traffic takes a performance hit going through the VPN. I suppose an equally satisfactory alternative would be to authenticate by device so the cabin Roku would not need to use a password. My network topology is roughly the following: Home router/local network --Living room: WMC main HTPC --Bedroom 1: Xbox running WMC/MB3 --Bedroom 2: Roku running MB3 channel Cabin router/static ip --Living room: Roku running MB3 channel I don't mind typing a password in on computers/tablets with good keyboards, but the Roku leaves much to be desired in that respect.
  22. gillmacca

    password not authorized

    Been using MBT for a while, with no major issues, but after a recent update, it asked for my password again, and gives the following message: The Remote Server returned an error (401): Unauthorized. My password is correct, I have even tried changing it. I am entering my password via keyboard
  23. Hedwig

    Password new user

    Version 3.0.5421.0 I am not able to create a new pasword for a new user --- please look at picture herewith
  24. Pirlo1966

    password not authorised

    I have a RECURRING authorisation problem: Login Failure. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. The HTPC-system is installed on a yacht, most of the time without internet connection. The solution to reinstall MBT from website works but after every shutdown of the HTPC-system the problem returns...? How can I permanently solve this without reinstalling MBT every day? Latest MBT System: Vista HTPC
  25. Hi, I am testing Media Browser 3 in a school network environment, it is working very well with over 50 users signed up, we need to find a way to restrict/disable the user from changing their password, username and profile details. Is there a way of implementing this, once we have this setup this will be used for over 1500 users, on laptops, tablets, phones, DNLA devices and computers, so this is a very good testing ground. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Many thanks Nathaniel
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