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Found 9 results

  1. ffilou6

    Stuck at the PIN screen

    Edit.: Problem solved?!, but I don't know what was wrong, what went wrong. Hello Sir or Madam, I received an invitation for a private Emby server. On a laptop computer, easy , I go to https://app.emby.media then I enter my username and password, I click on the icon or logo of the private Emby server, and that's it. On the LG tv, I went to the app section, I typed emby in the search, found Emby app and installed it. When I launched the app, there are 2 options: 1)copy a PIN number to https://emby.media/pin or click a button to generate new PIN number. 2)second option is manual connection, asking for IP address or URL of host and port number is set at 8096. The owner or sender of the invitation to private Emby server won't give me IP address or URL, said I only need to copy the PIN number to https://emby.media/pin . I turned on the laptop computer, went to https://emby.media/pin then enter the PIN number. I exited the LG app then launched the LG app again. Still the same screen with the 2 options, PIN number or manual connection. I uninstalled the app then reinstalled and launched, same screen. I tried with the internal web browser of the LG tv, I typed https://app.emby.media , it redirected to https://tv.emby.media , and it had the same text as the app = 2 options, PIN number or manual connection. I typed https://emby.media/pin in the internal web browser of the LG tv, I entered the PIN number. I refreshed the https://tv.emby.media webpage, still the same text with the 2 options. I launched the app, also same text. What to do? Edit.: I uninstalled for the 2nd time the LG app then reinstalled it, launched it, copy the PIN number, opened the internal web browser of the LG tv, typed the PIN number on https://app.emby.media , then went back to the LG app, the screen of the app reloaded itself , a new screen appeared with the logo/icon of the private server, I could finally access the private server .
  2. DeeJaayMac

    Question about my wifi

    Hey fellas, I've had a working Emby setup for a long time. Just from my TV to my server, same LAN. Updated my Sony TV, and now emby does not work. No pin gets displayed, and entering the IP does nothing. Reset TV, reinstalled Emby, works fine on my windows devices. Reset Wifi, etc. My background is IT/Cybersecurity so hopefully I'm not being a huge goof and missing something. Cheers.
  3. Hi, I have just install the Microsoft Store app, and can not sign in using emby.media/pin. I get the error Invalid username or password even though both are correct, and can sign in to Apple TV app and web app, as well as from my organizr dashboard.
  4. Hi - I would like to setup user accounts for 'parents' and 'kids'. I want to have some control in place so that my kids can't select the 'parents' or default admin account and immediately get access to all of the content on the server. I have not been able to find a way to set a PIN for the users. Here is what I've done so far: - Installed the server and setup a default admin account. I've linked this account to Emby Connect - Subscribed to Emby Premier (again with my default email linked to Emby Connect and the default admin account) - Created a local user and attempted to associated with my Emby Connect account (this fails every time - I've sent an email mentioned in the error message and have received a response). - Installed the app on iOS and logged in with my Emby Connect account (which is also the local admin account) - When launching the app - I can select either user and I am not prompted to 'login', the content is available without any restriction I know I can restrict content via ratings or keywords, but neither option will prevent someone from launching an account that has access to all of the media. Here is what I would like to happen (if I have a step wrong, please set me on the right path): - Install the app (iOS, AppleTV, Roku, etc...) login to connect my Emby Connect & Premier account - launch the app and have the choice of which user to 'login' as - be prompted to enter a PIN for each user (or in the case of my Kids - no PIN) - get access to the content based on the users settings (either library access, keywords, or ratings restrictions) Any help is appreciated.
  5. Stuke00

    Roku beta password issues

    I am completely new to Emby, and I am checking it out with the new Roku beta client. I setup my account with a password and an easy access PIN. I could not get the PIN to work on the new Roku beta client, it kept prompting me for my password. Since that was such a pain to enter in my password each time, I went on the server and "reset it" and did not set a new one. The Roku beta client however keeps prompting me for a password. I am able to authenticate by leaving it blank and just hitting enter. It seems the Roku client does not realize I no longer have a password initially because it brings up the password prompt. So there are a couple follow up questions I have. One, how do I get the PIN to work? The Roku is on my local network. Two, what is stopping someone from manually entering in my server IP and logging in to any one of my users? I have 5 users created currently, do they all need passwords? Thanks!
  6. Hi, after receiving the Emby email I proceed to install the revamped Emby Theater app on the Microsoft Store; it installed ok and I started it, when it prompts you to select your automatically, it asks you to register the new PIN with your Emby Connect username and password; I entered by correct username and password, but the Emby does not accept them, I even used my email instead or the username, same thing! At this stage I can't access my Emby Server with Theater in any device, only via Embt Web app! ​Can you do something about this? ​
  7. Quick question: I've read the recent blog entry about the new Emby Theater (Windows and online client) and wanted to give the online client a try this morning. Per the blog instructions, I followed the first link, then hit "next," then noted the PIN it gave me on this web address and clicked the link on that page and entered it along with my username and password on this page and hit "submit" (successfully). Now what? There are no further instructions and nothing automatically logged me in. My understanding was that even though I won't be able to stream anything with Emby Theater's new online client (until I purchase Emby Premiere), I'd still be able to navigate it to appreciate the UI/features. Just want to take a test drive before I buy.
  8. allison.proudfoot

    password reset

    I cannot get my password to reset. I am able to get the page that comes up and gives you your link & pin. However, when I open the link I am redirected to the page where you enter the pin but only for a spilt second, it then redirects me to the log in page where it asks for user name and password. It won't let me stay on the pin page long enough to enter the pin. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't work. I think i have the latest version 3.05781.1. I have tired using firefox and chrome.
  9. We've been using MB Classic for years now (probably since your first launch) - it's great and I can't thank you enough!! But... our little girl is growing up - and now frequently using the computer. So I'd like to protect her from accessing age-inappropriate films/tv. User control is "ok" and very beneficial for access from remote computers - I often stream on my Windows Phone on the train, or to my laptop when away. On a local network you know who will be using the machines and so can now allow local access without a password (great addition, with caveats...). However, what many parents (I'm sure?) will want/use users for is to prevent their kids (of whatever age) accessing age-inappropriate material, therefore disabling passwords is not very helpful as they could simply select a different user. Would it be possible to add a basic, optional, "PIN entry" feature for content that is above an age-rating that you specify in the configuration? There could be a toggle for this in the top "options" (?) menu (that is shown in the top-right corner of all front-end pages)... e.g. by default a specified PIN must be entered to view any content rated above the set age rating. You can enter the PIN and enable all media until you then toggle the "parental access" back off again. Ideally, a time-out could be attached to this - so, once the kids have gone to bed, you enter the PIN once and have access to all content for the rest of the evening - but, after say 3 hours/overnight, the PIN times out and content is limited again. This would just be a much simpler (and much faster) option than logging out and in as a different user. It also means that you can simply leave your HTPC on and everything works - with no fear that your children can access 24, True Blood or a violent film for example.
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