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  1. Greg Prz

    Android App needs some lovin

    Hello, I know the technical reasons for the following issues have already been discussed but I was wondering when will they be fixed? Emby on my android phone running Marshmallow is pretty much useless at this point I might as well uninstall it. I definitely would not have bought the premier version if I were looking at it today. The big issues I see are: 1) Lack of External SD Card support. Mega Huge, Monstrous even, in my book. I can't even use the old work around of syncing to the external card and then using a 3rd party player anymore. 2) HTTPS doesn't work over wlan - meh no biggie except - 3) No offline playback support I'd rather not have to move to Plex (assuming they can do it) as I've already paid for Emby but I do want to use the nice 128GB SD card in my phone. Any timeline at all? Are we talking days, weeks, months, years???? Please? Thanks
  2. AdilMahboob

    Offline Mode

    Hi all, I have just started to use the synchronisation functionality available within Emby and noted a couple of points that render it almost unusable as a solution for my scenario! I use the Android app on my tablet and, as expected, the items that have been marked for synchronisation do copy down to the device correctly. The first problem is that they can only be copied to internal storage which means there is a severe handicap on the space that can be used. I tried to change it to SD card; however, it would seem the app is not requesting the appropriate permission (an example of an app that does do this correctly is Solid Explorer). The next problem comes when trying to use the app in a location where there is no network connectivity available. I currently have to browse to the file using a file explorer app and also use a video player app. On top of all this, I am required to manually mark the item as watched the next time I use Emby with network connectivity. Please enable an offline mode which will queue the watched and resume statuses for local items to the server on the next available connection! Thanks, Adil
  3. My ISP is upgrading their backend, so for the last few days, my internet has been in and out. I discovered that if I try to use a feature requiring Emby Premiere while my internet is down (or once where just the emby.media webpage was down), it fails, and tells me I need to go buy premiere (I have a lifetime sub). Can you have the server cache premiere status, so if there is a transient internet outage, I can watch my local content through Emby Theater? Maybe have it validate Premiere membership status when the server starts, and then only re-check right before the subscription is about to end. Honestly, even if it would check every 24 hours, that would let me use it 90% of the time the internet is out. But having it only check on startup and then again before a subscription is about to expire would be even better.
  4. Nick's MCE

    Question about my library setup

    Hi I am just started to notice that my web client is showing everyhting as offline, I can select items and there is metadata but cannot play anything. The server is running and I can access my media on my local network through Emby Theatre. I have been having trouble with the server on start up and there has been absolutley no fanart showing. I can however play media. I have attached the screen shot of the web client and also the log I found for server startup. There seem to bbe multiple problems so not exactly which section this should be posted in. The whole system is completely unusable, this is all just 10 days after I dropped win 8 and Emby and changed to win 10 and Emby Theatre. Please help Nickserver-63603653753.txt
  5. Hey guys, The new theater refuses to open when my pc is offline. I simply get a big black screen. Looking at the logs it seems to be task connecting to github for updates and failing - which is halting the entire startup process? I tried messing around in the config files, turning some autoupdate directive to false. This did not help. But it also appears that the new theater doesn't clean up the remnants of the old theater very well, so maybe those configs are unused? Either way, log file is attached. I can confirm that theater opens without complications or hiccups when online. I have another folder "C:\Users\Tarn\AppData\Roaming\Emby Theater". Is this a remnant from the old theater? Can it be cleaned up? TIA Tarn theater-63593573973.txt
  6. When I try to access offline mode, the app is still asking me for the pin, even though I cleared the password and pin off my profile. Is there a way I should also reset this in the app? Thanks, CFC
  7. When i sign into media browser to view my movies and music videos,they keep showing offline?in kodi it shows everything synced, and that connecton to server is working but everything continues to show offline! any help with this guys,ive tried rebooting server and computer,even kodi,but still not showing that anything id online,help!
  8. Luke

    Sync Guide

  9. I've recently moved a bunch of my older content to a different NAS which I intend to leave switched off for the majority of the time. I performed a full scan with both NAS's on, and all content was showing correctly. But, today (whilst the secondary NAS is switched off) - the content doesn't show up at all. I was expecting to see an "offline" indicator overlaid on each poster. Is there an option somewhere to enable offline content? This is how I have my media folders defined (Movie Archive & TV Archive) - the server "Kiyone" is the one I intend to have usually switched off: Note: The TV Archive content type is "unset" because it also contains Music Videos and Stand-Up (which I have defined as "Movies").
  10. My "TV Shows" and "Stand-Up Comedy" (custom folder) are both showing up as "offline" and the files are not playable through MBC. Notably, these files are located on a specific drive (different than my "Movies," "Music," etc.). The files are visible in Windows Explorer and playable through VLC (i.e., the drive does not appear corrupted). I have tried doing library scans, but frankly I'm not sure what step to take next in diagnosing the issue. *I am running the most current MBC (I updated/installed over an old version re: the server crashing issue many have already discussed in these forums recently) and MBS* Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  11. I haven't understand how can i see fro a web browser my off line library of physcally DVD ROM , i put i file into test.dvd.disc in a library folder , but nothing , i can see only button "media info" no play button at all . I have write this xml into test.dvd.disc <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <DiscStub> <DiscTitle>filmdentro</DiscTitle> <DiscFmt>DVD</DiscFmt> </DiscStub> but nothing no play at all. I put DVD into the server , the dvd have only one folder named video_ts on the root of DVD PAth and it sounds like this : d:\video_ts\ i have try to bind as a folder in media library but no lucky Some one can help me ihave only installed server version of media browser server no plugin at all Thanks for attention
  12. I'd like to be able to flag Media Folders (in the Library section of MBS web client) as "Never offline" or some thing similar - so the content would never get flagged as offline. All my content is on a NAS, which I have scheduled to turn on at 3pm and off at 12:30am. If MBS runs a scan during it's "off time", then everything gets marked as "offline". I have removed the "wake from sleep" event for media scanning to hopefully prevent scanning whilst my NAS is off. But, it would be safer if there was no chance of this occurring by accident.
  13. BAS

    Offline Files

    Lost a movie drive on Sunday. I see the server reports these files as offline which is awesome. I was wondering if there is currently anyway to filter to show just offline files so I can easily scrape together what movies I need to re-do when I have the money for a new hard drive. Thanks.
  14. The issue is probably that the network is not waking up in time for the server to see it. I've seen this on my dev machine as well when it sleeps. @@Luke, Perhaps we should delay the library scan that is performed on a wake for a few seconds to give the network time to initialize.
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