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  1. Setup: - Live TV m3u HDHR3-US network dual tuner - Live TV NextPVR plugin connected to a different computer on the network (1gbps link) - Emby Beta Problem: - Recordings start but end prematurely - Mostly with the NextPVR plugin -- I'm going to check the logs on on NextPVR to see if anything unusual happened - Recordings fail to start and the following error is thrown *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: C:\Users\media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True Processor count: 8 Program data path: C:\Users\media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server Application directory: C:\Users\media\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\System System.NotImplementedException: La méthode ou l'opération n'est pas implémentée. à Emby.Server.Implementations.LiveTv.EmbyTV.EmbyTV.<GetChannelStreamMediaSources>d__89.MoveNext() I have shared the full logs with @@Luke in private to hide potentially sensitive data from the general public.
  2. I wanted to share my experimentation with an old generation HDHR3-US (HDHomeRun) which is an NON DLNA device. My goal is to try and centralize all video related activities to emby as much as possible, and that includes better integration with "Live TV", auto-transcode, etc. Being stuck with an older gen HDHomeRun, I was previously relying on the good old NextPVR for the recording piece. It turns out that the more recent versions of NextPVR now has a feature which enables it to "proxy" the streams as DLNA! So here is what I did : 1- Point emby to new live tv tuner M3U source: http://nextpvr_server:8866/channels 2- Share the xmltv file which I had setup for the NextPRV server 3- Point the XMLTV provider in emby to this shared file 4- Map channels from the m3u tuner to the xmltv channels 5- Remove NextPVR Plugin 6- Cancel NextPVR Recordings 7- Schedule recordings in emby 8- Setup auto-transcode options, etc It's not the most efficient method to record, as the video stream had to be read by the NextPvr host, which streams it over to the emby server, but my 2 servers are on a 1gbps switch so this won't hurt internet browsing (even at 30mbps). I wonder if there are ways to setup VLC or some other software locally to avoid the 2 hops. Anyhow, I'll see how this works (or not) in the long run...!
  3. jordy

    NextPVR & EPG Collector

    Hi folks, I've been using EPG Collector to produce an xml file for NextPVR and Emby and it's been working a treat up until now. EPG Collector has had a recent update in response to another user and it now outputs xml files with Categories and Genre combined in the same field eg "Category <Movie - Drama>" and "Category <Series - Comedy>" etc This is causing Emby to not color the guide and probably other stuff as well which I haven't picked up yet. Is there any chance of Live TV & Guide recognising these "new" categories"? thanks
  4. jordy

    TV Guide and playback problems

    Hi, I have a number of issues with the TV Guide and Live TV playback on Chrome, Firefox and Android Mobile. Android Mobile - the guide is one hour out, eg at 16:30hrs the guide shows 15:30hrs. This is not apparent on the FF or Chrome WebUI - see screenshots. Firefox and Chrome: Selecting the play icon from the "Whats on" list results in a never ending spinning circle. In Firefox and Chrome, Live TV will not play. Choosing a program from the Guide and selecting Play, results in a black playback screen. Closing this screen using the X in the top RH corner sometimes will play audio and sometimes not. Checking the server dashboard there is no indication that anything is playing. Logs show a remux log every time. NextPVR app: 3.9.2 NextPVR plugin: 3.0.6143.20454 Dev: 3.1.6168.41403
  5. Is it possible, or will it be added, to have the ability to sync the channel groups in Emby with the channel groups i already have setup in nextPVR?
  6. bonifacefj

    NPVR Jumbled EPG - Won't Play Stream

    Hello, I am quite new to Emby and am very impressed with what I have seen so far, I am running Emby Server 3.0.7300.0 on Windows 10 Pro, the same machine as NPVR 3.8.3. As far as I can tell there are no problems on the NPVR side of things as I can browse the guide and watch streams locally and through the HTTP server. The problems I am encountering are: a) My guide data is jumbled only in Emby, BBC ONE West shows guide data for Channel 4, Channel 4 shows guide data for Kerrang! Radio. BBC Two shows BBC 4 Data etc. When I click to play BBC One West, Channel 4 plays - matching the guide data. It appears that only the names are mixed. b ) I can no longer play any streams from Emby, I am still able to play them from NPVR. I have tried Web, iPad and Emby HT clients and no playing at all. I have made no changes since I could play channels about two days ago. I have attatched the log file, I have difficulty understanding it but have found this entry: Unknown Bitrate @ 2016-10-08 20:33:03 I have searched around for fixes but all I have found is a couple of other people with the issue but no fix. I would greatly appreciate any help as I am really enjoying my Emby and NPVR experience so far, If any more log files are needed let me know and I will post those. Many thanks, Fred Boniface. Edit: I have also found a transcode log for a live tv attempt, it is also attatched. server-63611514212.txt ffmpeg-transcode-e245424b-26fd-435c-958b-0909a0b2feb5.txt
  7. Hauppauge WinTV Dual-HD (WinTV8 and latest drivers) NextPVR v3.7.7 Server 3.1.6094.3363 - (recordings were done on previous dev version last night) I am experimenting with recording Live TV The recording is fine via Emby and the resulting .ts files are recorded fine and play well My problem is that they are saved to the directory location i set up in NextPVR rather than in the directory i specified in Emby server under LiveTv>settings The recordings were setup via Emby and the saved files appear in Emby>LiveTV>recordings page as you would expect - so Emby knows they exist Because they are not in the Emby recording directory they are not converted to mp4 So is this as its supposed to work or is there an issue here - i could point NextPVR to the same directory as Emby is expecting the recordings to be recorded to and would probably solve the issue (not tested yet). If thats the case why have the option to specify three different directory/sub directory locations under LiveTv > settings ? Anybody else seeing this? Have i missed the point? Doing it the wrong way? Thanks Tim
  8. I would like to submit a feature request for Emby with NextPVR as the live TV add-on. NextPVR has a conflict resolution feature where any program that has a scheduling conflict is stored with the option to resolve the conflict by choosing which program to record, similar to windows media centers conflict resolution options. This would be a very useful feature to access remotely from Emby.
  9. navanod

    Live TV Sports Category

    Use NextPVR with Emby, and works well. Under Suggestions and Upcoming Programs for live TV there are movies, sports and kids listed. While I get entries for movies, I have nothing appearing for sports and kids. Checked a game (NRL here is Australia) and it has "Sports" as the genre, would have expected it to appear under sports. Is there something else that is used to add entries to sports and kids?
  10. Hi I use a Leadtek DTV1000s tuner and NextPVR to provide my Live TV. It works fine except for the fact that every stream is interlaced no matter whether viewed in the Web UI (FF44.0), Emby Theater (new version)or the Win 8.1/10 app. This is very annoying to say the least. Is there anyway I can get a non-interlaced stream either via Next PVR settings or Emby settings? If not, can a de-interlacing filter be included in the transcode please. Thanks
  11. Sammy

    Installed Plugin. Now what?

    I installed the plug in but nothing's changed on Emby and there is no PVR. Do I need to also install NextPVR on my machine and configure it? Is there a Wiki someplace?
  12. fromthewoods

    EPG data gone since Live TV changes

    I was happily using NextPVR on a remote server with EPG info working without any 3rd party EPG provider (Schedules Direct etc) and now since the integration of EmbyTV into Live TV, I'm having issues. 1. I had to reconfigure my NextPVR tuners - got that working.. at least I can see them as "Available" tuners in LiveTV. 2. I have no guide data in Emby anymore! When I hit http://remotenextpvrserver:8866 I see the "beautiful" NextPVR web interface complete with EPG data. Any ideas why the EPG data isn't showing up in Emby under Live TV?
  13. I'm trying to work out if Emby could work for me but currently cannot get the NextPVR plugin to work. When I first tried Emby I went for the Beta version, but could not get NextPVR to work there at all. I reasoned it might be something to do with the new TV capabilities in that version so I uninstalled it and installed the stable version. With the beta version I clicked on the Plugin and could configure it. When I do this on the stable version though I get a brief grey screen and then the whole interface dies and has to be refreshed. No popup to configure the plugin at all. Now when I right click the plugin and open in a new tab I get the same grey screen only this time with http:{hostname}:{port}). in the top left corner. This feels to me like the data for the plugin is not filled in and thus it is trying to access something that does not exist.. The only thing I could think to do is see if there was some way of manually inputing the configuration data. I just cannot find where it would be. Could someone possibly give me a hint?
  14. Hi Everyone Been using mediabrowser/emby for a few years now and very happy with this platform. Previously using win7 and WMC for live tv with serverwmc and it was flawless. I've upgraded to insider release of windows 10 build 10240. I have been using the web client using IE and Edge, with nextPVR installed for LiveTv LiveTv works fine using NextPVR client directly, it's fast and doesn't use a lot of resources. Emby works well too, it's fast and responsive. I needed to address loopback issues to localhost using netsh so Microsoft Edge and the Win10 client from illusions can access localhost http services. So far, this works a charm and I really like both the native win10 client and web client, great work!. My issues started when I setup the NextPVR plugin to work with Emby. Firstly, NextPVR was returning a 500 error, which I was able to resolve. The NextPVR web client used by Emby was failing due to authorisation issues attempting to access ASP.NET temporary files under .NET Framework folder - even though their website is not hosted in IIS and I didn't have a "ASP.NET temporary files" folder. Fixed by creating the appropriate folder and applying the correct security perms to the System account. I could then access the NextPvr client and it worked via emby. Second issue I've encountered now is when I start up a LiveTV stream in emby, after a 30sec + wait time (due to transcode I'm guessing?), the stream from NextPVR will stream for a very short time then it cuts off in IE. In Edge, no stream loads and says "There was an error playing the video. Please ensure there is an open tuner available." - even though in NextPVR I can see the stream start and transcode. When I looked in the emby server logs with LiveTv debugging enabled), I noticed the following error: 2015-07-22 21:30:46.2533 Error - HttpAsyncTaskHandler: Error occured while Processing Request: Unable to write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. *** Error Report *** Version: 3.0.5675.1 Command line: C:\Users\Home\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 Processor count: 4 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: False Program data path: C:\Users\Home\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server Application Path: C:\Users\Home\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\System\MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe Unable to write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. System.IO.IOException at System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size) at SocketHttpListener.Net.ResponseStream.InternalWrite(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count) at SocketHttpListener.Net.ResponseStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count) at ServiceStack.Formats.HtmlFormat.SerializeToStream(IRequest request, Object response, IResponse httpRes) at ServiceStack.HttpResponseExtensionsInternal.WriteErrorToResponse(IResponse httpRes, IRequest httpReq, String contentType, String operationName, String errorMessage, Exception ex, Int32 statusCode) at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost.OnUncaughtException(IRequest httpReq, IResponse httpRes, String operationName, Exception ex) at ServiceStack.HttpResponseExtensionsInternal.WriteToResponse(IResponse response, Object result, ResponseSerializerDelegate defaultAction, IRequest request, Byte[] bodyPrefix, Byte[] bodySuffix) at ServiceStack.HttpResponseExtensionsInternal.WriteToResponse(IResponse httpRes, IRequest httpReq, Object result, Byte[] bodyPrefix, Byte[] bodySuffix) at ServiceStack.HttpResponseExtensionsInternal.WriteToResponse(IResponse httpRes, IRequest httpReq, Object result) at ServiceStack.Host.RestHandler.<>c__DisplayClass5.<ProcessRequestAsync>b__0(Object response) at ServiceStack.Host.Handlers.ServiceStackHandlerBase.HandleResponse(Object response, Func`2 callback, Func`2 errorCallback) InnerException: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Send(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags) at System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size) NextPVR has forced a closure of the connection to emby, I'm not sure if this is related to windows 10 or not, but either way these products just don't work well together on windows 10. I've posted the full log file plus transcode logs to assist with diagnosis. I know Windows 10 is not RTM yet so I may get this is not supported, but it is only a week away and with people intending on upgrading and using NextPvr as their LiveTV solution with Emby, I'm hoping someone can provide direction to help sort this out. transcode-9951c7db-41f2-4868-a3ff-fa21a922812c.txt server-63573194482.txt transcode-0625bfc7-b1cc-4471-ae74-b20dbbc738c8.txt
  15. I have started to play around with the live TV element of MB using NextPVR as the back-end (I don't have Windows Media Centre so I understand this means I can't use ServerWMC?). Everything seems to work reasonably well, however I noticed that when using the MB Theatre application (streaming rate set as 15mbps) the content is always transcoded (both SD MPEG2 and HD h264) - Since we are streaming to a pretty powerful machine with all LAV filters installed, why do we have to transcode the file first? M
  16. kingy444

    FR - Android - Live TV

    Would it be possible to add Live TV streaming into the android app ? I only have NextPVR configured. Wasnt sure if they have a joint api you can use or it would be seperate coding for each
  17. Hi, I have been running NextPVR for a couple of years and it's working perfectly. I have been tryign to get this plugin to work but I just can't. Everything is setup good except that Live TV stream doesn't wanna play. This works: Status: OK Update Guide Create recordings Watch recordings See all channels and icons and whats on When I try to play ny channel this is what the Media browser log looks like: 2014-04-12 15:58:08.3520 Info - App: Client connected from 2014-04-12 15:58:08.8824 Info - App: ScheduledTasksWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to 2014-04-12 15:58:09.2256 Warn - StringMapTypeDeserializer: Property 'id' does not exist on type 'MediaBrowser.WebDashboard.Api.GetDashboardResource' 2014-04-12 15:58:09.4284 Info - App: HttpClientManager POST: 2014-04-12 15:58:31.5337 Info - App: Opening channel stream from Next Pvr, external channel Id: 7164 2014-04-12 15:58:31.6117 Info - App: C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ffmpeg\20140304\ffmpeg.exe -fflags genpts -async 1 -vsync -1 -re -i "" -vcodec libvpx -force_key_frames expr:if(isnan(prev_forced_t),gte(t,.1),gte(t,prev_forced_t+5)) -vf "yadif=0:-1:0,scale=min(iw\,1280):-1" -speed 16 -quality good -profile:v 1 -slices 8 -crf 18 -maxrate:v 1372000 -bufsize:v (1372000*2) -b:v 1372000 -vsync vfr -map_metadata -1 -threads 2 -acodec libvorbis -ac 2 -ab 128000 -af "adelay=1,aresample=async=1000" "C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\transcoding-temp\3d219ca8-3db9-a8a9-3e45-2b1fe0183728.webm" 2014-04-12 15:58:35.6365 Info - App: HttpClientManager GET: http://bot.whatismyipaddress.com/ 2014-04-12 15:58:35.9173 Info - App: Closing live stream from Next Pvr, stream Id: 1 2014-04-12 15:58:35.9173 Info - App: FFMpeg exited with code 1 for C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\transcoding-temp\3d219ca8-3db9-a8a9-3e45-2b1fe0183728.webm 2014-04-12 15:58:41.1433 Info - App: Opening channel stream from Next Pvr, external channel Id: 7164 2014-04-12 15:58:41.1433 Info - App: C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\ffmpeg\20140304\ffmpeg.exe -fflags genpts -async 1 -vsync -1 -re -i "" -vcodec libx264 -force_key_frames expr:if(isnan(prev_forced_t),gte(t,.1),gte(t,prev_forced_t+5)) -vf "yadif=0:-1:0,scale=min(iw\,1280):trunc(ow/a/2)*2" -preset ultrafast -crf 23 -maxrate 1372000 -bufsize 2744000 -vsync vfr -map_metadata -1 -threads 0 -acodec aac -strict experimental -ac 2 -ab 128000 -af "adelay=1,aresample=async=1000" -f mp4 -movflags frag_keyframe+empty_moov "C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\transcoding-temp\01ba665e-b77a-b3db-62d2-abfb15d5db3b.mp4" 2014-04-12 15:58:42.1573 Info - App: Deleting partial stream file(s) C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\transcoding-temp\3d219ca8-3db9-a8a9-3e45-2b1fe0183728.webm 2014-04-12 15:58:51.7964 Info - App: Killing ffmpeg process for C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\transcoding-temp\01ba665e-b77a-b3db-62d2-abfb15d5db3b.mp4 2014-04-12 15:58:51.7964 Info - App: Closing live stream from Next Pvr, stream Id: 2 2014-04-12 15:58:51.7964 Info - App: FFMpeg exited with code -1 for C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\transcoding-temp\01ba665e-b77a-b3db-62d2-abfb15d5db3b.mp4 2014-04-12 15:58:51.7964 Info - App: Deleting partial stream file(s) C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\MediaBrowser-Server\transcoding-temp\01ba665e-b77a-b3db-62d2-abfb15d5db3b.mp4 Any ideas on what can be wrong? I will attach the full log also.You can also see the two ffmpeg logfiles created on each try. mb3_log.txt mb3_ffmpeg_log1.txt mb3_ffmpeg_log2.txt
  18. super67

    MB Nextpvr Roku

    I just wrote a nice long post then I hit the wrong button and lost it all, thus saving everyone the aggravation of reading it. Will the following attached document work? Want to have Live TV, Recorded TV and Netflix? Looking at Media Browser, NextPVR and Roku. Thanks MBNPVRROKU.xml
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