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  1. I'm as green as you can be for a linux user but eager to learn. I'm also a general newbie regarding setting up media servers. I just upgraded my PC so I can finally start a home server setup. Requirements: +TV live streaming (ota) +Local/remote media streaming +..possible web hosting in the far future Hardware +AMD Phenom II x4 955 +...other leftover pieces I'm trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.... Should I use my Ubuntu server as a NAS with something like SAMBA or should I just grab my buddies QNAP NAS? Is there something better than SAMBA? What setups/apps should I be considering for backing up my drives on my NAS? My sense from reading is there's a preference for dockers over VMs since you can share OS resources. Assuming I'm using my Ubuntu server as a NAS...What would my docker setup look like? Would I have a separate container for NAS, emby server and web hosting. Which container would I keep apps like Sonarr? I'm still confused how all these pieces fit together let alone listing out everything I need. Any kind of information would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Guys. I'm hoping to buy a NAS to house all my media. The only issue is that I'm still new to storage, so I've been trying to research. I've narrowed it down to Synology and QNAP as those seem to have a direct package to download and setup. Which of the two brands do you recommend? Which model would be the best? I don't want something that breaks the bank. I've been looking at the QNAP TS-451, and haven't been able to pin down one for synology. Thanks
  3. Hi All, After being a long time user of emby/MB I am after a bit of advise please. I want to buy one of the standalone NAS devices for my parents to stream to their Samsung tv, which is the best of the brands please? Asusto, QNAP or Synlogy? Also do they have enough grunt to steam to a Samsung device, as I am unsure how much transcoding is required for that app. The only other things the server will be doing is DLNA music streaming and photo sharing. I personally run an i5 server to a Kodi HTPC so never have any problems with these things. Thank you.
  4. Hi All, Just needing a bit of help and not sure where to look. I recently did a reformat and reloaded emby server (version 3.0.5882.0) but when I go to add media locations server cant find my NAS. The NAS is working fine, ive got mapped drives to my PC etc. When I try to input the path location of these mapped drives or even the drive directly emby just resets the screen to a blank form and continues to ask me to input an address. I am at a loss as to what to do. To add to this, I really know flip all about a lot of this stuff so am not sure where to dig a little deeper to find the problem. oh, and prior to my reformat is was all working fine! Any help would be very greatly appreciated. happy to post log files etc.. if someone can tell me where to get them! (thats how unskilled i am!)
  5. I have a readynas nv+ with all my video files on it (approx 4gb), and have just brought myself a QNAP TS-415+. I have started to transfer the files across using rsync, but this is really slow. Could I take the hard drive from the readynas, place it in a hard drive enclosure/caddy, connect it to the QNAP USB port, and transfer that way? Would it be quicker?
  6. gillmacca

    New server advice

    It's time for me to upgrading my old server (readynas nv+) to something that can run emby and has more power. I've seen this one, and was wondering what you guys think of it: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015CDDIMQ/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3SBFIH4LPV5YW&coliid=I1TRVCOBXKN3IZ&psc=1 I have a couple questions about it, before I buy it. 1. Is it powerful enough to transcode 2 HD video files? 2. It will also be used for downloading as well, so would need to be able to handle downloading, files moving, as well as transcoding. 3. I have some windows programs I would like to install on it. It say it can run multiple Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android based virtual machines with the Virtualization Station. Would I be able to boot up the server directly into the virtualization station & would I see any serious performance losses by running emby and and a couple of small programs in this way. 3. Is there any other server you would recommend over this. Don't really want to go above the price of this server I want to make sure I get the right server for what I need, so I don't find myself having to upgrade it again in a few years. Thanks for any info/help you can give
  7. OpenSourceUser


    Is anyone working on a plugin for Rocktstor? (NAS OS based on CentOS with Btrfs) See: http://rockstor.com/
  8. Hi, I have NAS-ZyXel NSA310, which runs independent from firmware linux subsystem based on uClibc. Some sysinfo: It is headless device, so it doesn't has nor X Windows, neither browser. But seems like emby server, each time started, emmits error about trying to open start wizard in browser. This seems have some influence to another error, which is displayed continiously only in terminal window: Is there a way to disable this behaviour? I mean autoopen browser with startwizard page, when emby service starts?. Attaching output from terminal window, because emby logs doesn't contain error about bad hardware address length. Emby_running_output.txt
  9. Hi all I haven't been on the forums for a very long time and am back for a query. Since Media Browser and the rebranding to Emby I have seen Emby transform into a masterpiece and am very thankful for the teams that have put in the effort and time into this nifty set of software and different packages out there to suit peoples desires in terms of being compatible between Operating Systems and devices. This will most undoubtedly be mentioned throughout the forums but I just somewhat do not know what to search when it comes to this. I have looked among the different options for the NAS Servers but have not come to any conclusion as to what is better or for my needs. I also don't have much of an idea when it comes to hardware or OS and what's available. If any users that have experimented with more than one device or OS that can actually comment on what they found better in comparison would be much appreciated. I am still interested in what users have to say about one still if that is all they managed to use. 1 - People who have experience in the different NAS devices? (QNAP, Synology, WD, Seagates, etc.) What components benefit what and why? Possibly specs or a basic rule of thumb for when it comes to picking hardware The gist from what I've seen really is, if I am wanting the server to transcode, I will need a decent CPU to follow suite, but if I am direct streaming or direct playing, the hard work has been taken out of it and can go for something on the lighter end? 2 - The different OS and what each ones pro's and con's are? (ASUSTOR, FreeNAS, Open Media Vault, QNAP, Synology, etc.) Just an OS on the whole. Features and ease of use. Can I change OS regardless of the device I end up with and could I run into problems doing this? Mainly where Emby shines the most in terms of being easy to set up and close to error free as a package as this is my main purpose of wanting a NAS Server. (I am aware that none of them have been under development for long so expect bugs and fixes needed) 3 - Anyone who has built a NAS Device and/or decided against a NAS and decided to build another PC for a server? Would it be advisable to build my own NAS or PC in terms of getting more what I want for a better price?I currently use my PC as the server streaming to a Samsung TV with the App, from what I believe, I don't think in my scenario transcoding it taking place at all as the media plays almost instantly and my CPU/ram usage on my PC doesn't seem to increase while running the server. The TV naturally plays MP4's and the bitrate I imagine is within what the TV handles as the MP4's are around 2gig each with 1080p video and stereo output. I would potentially would want the server to do a few other things such as a monthly backup of mine and my GF's PC's and possibly have remote access. Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for anyone that can be of assistance and has some input on the subject. Cheers Strugglez/ Mike.
  10. A quick question - would there be any possibility for an Emby server plug-in for the Western Digital My Cloud series of NAS boxes? I have a MyCloud Mirror (Gen 1) which currently supports my Kodi MySQL database (and the media itself) and am seeing some good things about Emby. So I was wondering if there was any possibility/plan for that NAS series, or would it need something of greater power? If there is a better place to ask this question, please move the thread (new here so still finding my way around).
  11. I'm configuring Emby (Version 3.0.5641.4) and cannot add a media library from UNC shares that point to a NAS. On my Windows 8.1 NUC, I have UNC shares that point to folders on a Synology NAS. I have the UNC shares set up according to the Emby How to Make UNC Folder Shares article. In the Add media folder dialog, I can navigate to my UNC shares (see screenshot). However, when I select a particular UNC share (e.g., NAS_MUSIC) and click OK, I'm incorrectly taken to the main Emby logon screen. I tested adding a test media library from a folder local to my NUC and that worked successfully. For comparison, I use these same UNC shares for media libraries on my Plex server successfully (Plex running on the same NUC as the Emby server). So I believe they are configured correctly. Clicking on NAS_MUSIC takes me back to the logon screen:
  12. I just installed the latest Ubuntu 15.04 Emby Server install (using Ubuntu 15.04 files from 05/30/2015). I selected the default user 'emby' during the installation. Emby Server is running successfully. I added a media location (see screenshot) using a mounted NAS folder apparently without any error messages. However, it's not pulling up any movies. Looking at the permissions on the mounted NAS folder, they appear correct (see screenshot): Group: emby Access: Read & Write Am I missing some other permissions? Thanks.
  13. breezytm

    Emby Server on QNap

    Forums: http://forum.cachem.fr/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1562&sid=fe2adaf885a2c6d9237d086b7d8caf03 http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=320&t=109476&p=477944#p477944 credit: QoolBox QNAP_Stephane
  14. Hi, I've got a weird one here and I wondered if anyone had encountered a similar issue. All of my media is stored on my NAS. These are mapped as follows in the server dashboard. \\NAS01\Music \\NAS01\Films \\NAS01\TV Shows I access these with a user that has read write pemissions on my NAS server for these locations and all is well. MB classic is happily seeing and playing all my media I also have a \\NAS01\Private\ImagesByName folder. The same user has full permssions for this folder structre as well. Using the advanced page in the Dashboard, for ImagesByName I enter :- \\NAS01\Private\ but the dashboard reports the address doesn't exist I have tried the following -: \\NAS01\Private\ \\NAS01\Private\ImagesByName I've mapped a drive and have tried Z:\ Z:\Private\ImagesByName I can access this location using the correct user from within Windows explorer but the server is refusing to "see it" even though it can see the NAS as evidenced by the media play back. I really don't want my IBM folder on my local drive because it should be with teh rest of my media and of course my HTPC has a relatively small system drive and no other drive at all. Anyone got any ideas?
  15. Hello All, I am sure that this is a common question so apologies in advance I am a bit of a novice at the moment. I have just started using mediabrowser and I have to say I am very impressed. At the moment I am using my laptop as a server and using the Ipad app and Chromecast to watch my content on a TV. The set up I want is a NAS drive such as the WD Mycloud to work as the server rather than my laptop so I can access all of my content on the ipad app without having to have my laptop switched on. 1. Is this possible 2. How does one go about setting it up 3. Is the WD MyCould the right bit of kit or should I be looking for something else? Anyone's assistance on this would be greatly appreciated
  16. I've always run my MB Server on a Windows 7/8 machine and had a separate unRAID NAS for my media. I would like to build a setup for my parents in a single box that they would be able to move from their summer cottage to their winter condo. I'm wondering what the best way would be to do this, specifically with the OS. The hardware I had priced out was this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fzBgzy Obviously that SanDisk and unRAID can be knocked off the bottom. What would you guys recommend for what I'm trying to do here? What reliable/low-maint OS for the storage pool (expandable to the hardware capacity of 8 drives) and MB? I intend to use primarily Roku boxes attached to any TVs at both locations which would be controlled by Windows/Apple Tablets/Phones.
  17. Hello, I'm not sure if i've missed something but I've been struggling with this and cannot get anywhere! I have 2x NAS devices that store all my media - lets call them NAS1 and NAS2. I've installed MB Server on OSX, and all seems to be working ok on the server operation. I couldn't load the NASes into the library either with the 'network' search or with directly typing in the NAS network locations - so I mounted these smb shares to /mnt, and could then add those local mount points to the library locally from these loactions: ie for my TV Series: /mnt/NAS1/Video/Series and /mnt/NAS2/Video/Series. Now this is where I found some really helpful information on this forum that I could use the path substitution so that the clients (I have loaded MB Theatre on a Win7 PC) would load the media file directly from the NAS rather than streaming or transcoding through the MB server (on OSX). So I set up 2 path substitutions: ie: /mnt/NAS1/Video \\NAS1\Video /mnt/NAS2/Video \\NAS2\Video So - this is where I am stuck. I can see all the media in the library on MB Theatre on the Windows 7 PC. However when looking in the Client logs to confirm the path substitutions is working rather than streaming/transcoding from the OSX MB Server I notice this: When I have the path substitutions set to: /mnt/NAS1/Video \\NAS1\Video /mnt/NAS2/Video \\NAS2\Video Anything from NAS1 is using path substitutions and coming direct from NAS1 correctly as I would expect - but any media on NAS2 is being streamed or transcoded from the OSX machine. If I have it set in path substitutions in this order: /mnt/NAS2/Video \\NAS2\Video /mnt/NAS1/Video \\NAS1\Video Anything from NAS2 is using path substitutions and coming direct from NAS2 - but any media on NAS1 is now being streamed or transcoded from the OSX machine. How do I get both path substitutions working so the client can get the files directly from both the NASes - or is this function with multiple path substitutions on OSX for the MB server not working? Many thanks in advance!
  18. My current MBS is version 3.0.5192.19560. My media library is on a ReadyNAS NVX and I use the ReadyNAS built-in backup engine to shoot the files to an external drive. Since I started using MB Server incremental backups take hours even when no new files have been added. The files that the backup has processed have time stamps from before the last backup so they don't appear to have changed. Does MBS periodically "touch" the files somehow in a way that might make the backup engine think they are altered? Partial ReadyNAS log file below. Any thoughts on this mystery appreciated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INCREMENTAL Backup started. Mon Apr 7 06:53:30 HKT 2014 Job: 004 Protocol: local Source: [Stuff]/Movies/Feature Films Destination: [USB_HDD_14]/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films `./Clueless/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Clueless/folder.jpg' `./Clueless/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Clueless/backdrop8.jpg' `./Clueless/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Clueless/backdrop4.jpg' `./Clueless/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Clueless/movie.xml' `./Fast Five/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Fast Five/backdrop10.jpg' `./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/disc.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/disc.png' `./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop8.jpg' `./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop3.jpg' `./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol/backdrop10.jpg' `./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows.avi' `./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop6.jpg' `./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop3.jpg' `./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows/backdrop7.jpg' `./Hellboy/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy/backdrop1.jpg' `./Hellboy/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy/backdrop6.jpg' `./Hellboy/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy/banner.jpg' `./Hellboy/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy/backdrop5.jpg' `./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/backdrop1.jpg' `./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/Hellboy II - The Golden Army.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/Hellboy II - The Golden Army.mkv' `./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Hellboy II - The Golden Army/backdrop9.jpg' `./Dodgeball/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/folder.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop5.jpg' `./Dodgeball/Dodgeball-trailer.mp4' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/Dodgeball-trailer.mp4' `./Dodgeball/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/logo.png' `./Dodgeball/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop8.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop4.jpg' `./Dodgeball/Thumbs.db' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/Thumbs.db' `./Dodgeball/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop3.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop10.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop9.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop11.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop11.jpg' `./Dodgeball/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Dodgeball/backdrop7.jpg' `./Zoolander/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/backdrop1.jpg' `./Zoolander/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/backdrop2.jpg' `./Zoolander/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/clearart.png' `./Zoolander/Zoolander.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/Zoolander.mkv' `./Zoolander/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Zoolander/movie.xml' `./Jerry Maguire/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Jerry Maguire/logo.png' `./John Carter/John Carter-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./John Carter/John Carter-trailer.mov' `./John Carter/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./John Carter/backdrop6.jpg' `./John Carter/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./John Carter/logo.png' `./John Carter/Thumbs.db' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./John Carter/Thumbs.db' `./Real Steel/backdrop12.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop12.jpg' `./Real Steel/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/banner.jpg' `./Real Steel/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/folder.jpg' `./Real Steel/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop.jpg' `./Real Steel/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop4.jpg' `./Real Steel/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop3.jpg' `./Real Steel/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop9.jpg' `./Real Steel/Real Steel.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/Real Steel.avi' `./Real Steel/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Real Steel/backdrop7.jpg' `./The Cannonball Run/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./The Cannonball Run/backdrop1.jpg' `./The Cannonball Run/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./The Cannonball Run/backdrop8.jpg' `./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop6.jpg' `./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop.jpg' `./Drillbit Taylor/Drillbit Taylor.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Drillbit Taylor/Drillbit Taylor.avi' `./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Drillbit Taylor/backdrop4.jpg' `./L.A. Story/L.A. Story.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/L.A. Story.mkv' `./L.A. Story/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/folder.jpg' `./L.A. Story/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/logo.png' `./L.A. Story/Thumbs.db' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/Thumbs.db' `./L.A. Story/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./L.A. Story/movie.xml' `./Black Rain/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/backdrop2.jpg' `./Black Rain/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/folder.jpg' `./Black Rain/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/backdrop.jpg' `./Black Rain/Thumbs.db' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/Thumbs.db' `./Black Rain/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Black Rain/movie.xml' `./Minority Report/Minority Report.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/Minority Report.avi' `./Minority Report/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop1.jpg' `./Minority Report/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop2.jpg' `./Minority Report/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/clearart.png' `./Minority Report/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/banner.jpg' `./Minority Report/thumb.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/thumb.jpg' `./Minority Report/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop5.jpg' `./Minority Report/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/logo.png' `./Minority Report/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop8.jpg' `./Minority Report/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop4.jpg' `./Minority Report/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/movie.xml' `./Minority Report/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop3.jpg' `./Minority Report/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Minority Report/backdrop7.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/backdrop6.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/backdrop2.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/Basic Instinct-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/Basic Instinct-trailer.mov' `./Basic Instinct/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/folder.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/backdrop.jpg' `./Basic Instinct/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Basic Instinct/backdrop3.jpg' `./Fatal Attraction/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Fatal Attraction/backdrop1.jpg' `./Fatal Attraction/Fatal Attraction.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Fatal Attraction/Fatal Attraction.mkv' `./Romancing the Stone/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Romancing the Stone/backdrop.jpg' `./Falling Down/Falling Down.mkv' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/Falling Down.mkv' `./Falling Down/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/backdrop.jpg' `./Falling Down/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/backdrop8.jpg' `./Falling Down/backdrop13.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/backdrop13.jpg' `./Falling Down/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Falling Down/backdrop7.jpg' `./G.I. Jane/G.I. Jane.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/G.I. Jane.avi' `./G.I. Jane/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/backdrop5.jpg' `./G.I. Jane/disc.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/disc.png' `./G.I. Jane/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/logo.png' `./G.I. Jane/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./G.I. Jane/backdrop3.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop1.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop2.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/clearart.png' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop4.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/movie.xml' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/movie.xml' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop3.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop3.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop11.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop11.jpg' `./A Time to Kill/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./A Time to Kill/backdrop7.jpg' `./American Reunion/backdrop12.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/backdrop12.jpg' `./American Reunion/American Reunion-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/American Reunion-trailer.mov' `./American Reunion/American Reunion.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/American Reunion.avi' `./American Reunion/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/clearart.png' `./American Reunion/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/banner.jpg' `./American Reunion/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/folder.jpg' `./American Reunion/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/backdrop5.jpg' `./American Reunion/disc.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/disc.png' `./American Reunion/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/logo.png' `./American Reunion/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/backdrop8.jpg' `./American Reunion/backdrop7.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./American Reunion/backdrop7.jpg' `./Chocolat/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/backdrop2.jpg' `./Chocolat/thumb.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/thumb.jpg' `./Chocolat/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/folder.jpg' `./Chocolat/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/backdrop5.jpg' `./Chocolat/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Chocolat/backdrop8.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/Edward Scissorhands-trailer.mp4' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/Edward Scissorhands-trailer.mp4' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop6.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop2.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/clearart.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/clearart.png' `./Edward Scissorhands/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/banner.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop5.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop4.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/Edward Scissorhands.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/Edward Scissorhands.avi' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop10.jpg' `./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Edward Scissorhands/backdrop9.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop6.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/folder.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/folder.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop5.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop5.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/logo.png' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop4.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop4.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/backdrop10.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/backdrop10.jpg' `./Donnie Brasco/Donnie Brasco.avi' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Donnie Brasco/Donnie Brasco.avi' `./Erin Brockovich/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Erin Brockovich/backdrop1.jpg' `./Erin Brockovich/backdrop2.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Erin Brockovich/backdrop2.jpg' `./Erin Brockovich/banner.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Erin Brockovich/banner.jpg' `./Erin Brockovich/Erin Brockovich-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Erin Brockovich/Erin Brockovich-trailer.mov' `./Titanic/backdrop1.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop1.jpg' `./Titanic/backdrop6.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop6.jpg' `./Titanic/logo.png' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/logo.png' `./Titanic/Titanic-trailer.mov' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/Titanic-trailer.mov' `./Titanic/backdrop8.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop8.jpg' `./Titanic/backdrop13.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop13.jpg' `./Titanic/backdrop9.jpg' -> `/USB_HDD_14/Stuff/Movies/Feature Films/./Titanic/backdrop9
  19. I've only just recently noticed that even the smallest files on my NAS are taking 256MB of space - this adds up to many, many gigabytes of wasted space. I'm sure this has something to do with the block size that is being used. I have a single volume consisting of 8 x 2TB drives in Raid 6 using EXT4. I can't remember if there was even a block size option when I set up the volume. 256MB seems way too large. Most of that data on the NAS is obviously video, but with all the associated metadata and images taking up 256MB each, I'm filling it up far quicker than I should be. Here's an example: I ripped and encoded the Freaks and Geeks DVDs and the main series folder contains a total of 84 files (18 video files, 46 images, 19 xml files and 1 mp3) - the total size is 9.48 GB but the size on disk is 30.0 GB ! I just performed a search for "backdrop2", "backdrop3", etc in one of my folders just to see how much data I could save my deleting these additional (nice to have) backdrops - I found 167 files which would give me back 41.7 GB ! (I wonder if this is actually just Windows reporting the wrong size on disk for an EXT4 volume over Samba)
  20. Read this today which I found interesting with the inclusion of XBMC on device and the ability to plug the NAS direct into the TV: http://www.trustedreviews.com/asustor-as-204te_Peripheral_review
  21. Hi Folks, I am a long time Windows Media Centre user (since XPMC) and have been running Media Browser as a paid supporter (awesome product) since version 2.x.x. I have a massive collection (well over 1000 movies) stored on 16TB of network connected NAS, and 6TB of USB connected storage. I also run my Blu-Rays and 3d Blu-Ray ISO's from this network storage. I installed Media Browser 3 server (3.0.5061) and classic client last night on my Windows 7 64Bit dedicated lounge room MC. I run all my DVD images on my NAS servers and connecting using the recommended UNC paths. I rip my DVD's using DVD Shrink and AnyDVD HD for decryption. I store my normal DVD collection in VOB format to maintain chapters, etc. For example: 1. Kids DVDs\Man of Steel (2013)\files 2. Dads DVDs\Ted (2012)\files Note, I don't always add the year in brackets unless I have to because their is a duplicate name. I do not store the ripped VOBs in the VIDEO_TS subfolder, but directly under the name of the movie as above (ie, Moviename folder and year in brackets). I have setup my libraries under the new web interface of MB3 as I use to have them in MB2.6.2. Except I haven't seen an option to span the library across multiple folders. Eg: I use to merge one library across multiple folders which was an awesome feature in 2.6.2 and earlier. Problem - For some reason, my libraries are picked up, but the VOB files within are not. That means I click on the item, and it is as if the files are not recognised at all. Have I missed something in the installation and setup? I've refreshed the library, searched the support forums, moved the files under a VIDEO_TS sub-folder, but none of these things have allowed me to play a normal DVD the way I use to with version 2.6.2. I'm sure it is something I have overlooked. Please respond if you can help out. Cheers Paul
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